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Encounter: Episode 3 Live Recap

Encounter Live Recap Episode 3 starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum
Encounter made a splash last week and the ending had people talking all week about where the story goes now. To recap, the main couple got photographed by paparazzi and that photo went viral. His image was blurred out, so that kind of saves the situation a bit, but there is still a bit of stress involved concerning their relationship that hasn’t even really gotten going yet. No one knows where this story is going now so it will be nice to watch today’s episode to see what happens and kind of get a footing on where this story is headed.

Omara – Si Llego A Besarte
OST Part One is released!

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We open with Soo-hyun alone in an office. She thinks about what her mother in law said to her. It looks like we are sent into a flashback.

VO – I hope the girl my woo-seok dates is polite like you. You aren’t changing your mind?
SH – No.
HJ – You had the marage of the century and the divorce of the century but you only want this bankrupt hotel business?
SH- I am happy with that.
HJ – I kind of don’t like it because it sounds like I don’t contact your family anymore.
SH – Well, you have a contract that I have to attend your family gatherings so what I say does not matter. It is your misunderstaning.
HJ – I am thankful, you must have checked the contract well, do you have any questions?
SH – What do you mean in section 3.9.4 about an unfortunate event?
HJ – Just as it is, you must maintain your dignity even though you are divorced. DOn’t be an unfortunate even of our family, you understand?

SH signs the contract. Then we see a graphic of a priness in the fairylate. A butter fly lands on her face and her eyes are closed.

Now we are back in the present in her office, she is waiting for her mother in law to show up and she just hs. The mother in law tells her that they should not do their greetings. SH asks if she would like the regular tea? HJ says that she would like cold water, her heart is burning now. SH gives a signal to her secretary to leave.

HJ starts to talk about Section3.9.4, the unfortunate event. You used to be in our family registry but now you are in a tabloid like an entertainer with a super young guy. I try to choose better words but my words come out hard, do you know what you did? This matter is not an unfortunate event. I just had a meal together with someone I owe.

She pull sout photos of Jin-hyeok doing daily things as well as paperwork about his family history and everything. She lays it all on the coffee table. SH tells her that she did not do anything that she should be ashamed of. But HJ tells her that being in gossip is embarrassing. Sh reminds her that she is not in Taekoung group anymore, so SH does not have a reason to do this.

HJ – I did not know why you were doing this childish thing, but I think you misunderstand something. You two divorced, that does not mean our family ties end. You know how your father became like this now. You are part of our Taekyung group, even after you die. So don’t do anything stupid. Don’t you dare.

She stands up so SH stands up.

HJ – Did you pick him because he is handsome?
SH – You went too far.
Hj – I gave you a company to keep your dignity. But lets stop talking, or bad words will come out. So just fire him.

She starts to walk out while giving her further orders.

SH – Chairwoman…
HJ – Section 3.9.4, when an unfortunate event happens, all your rights will be gone. You need to calculate what is part of your rights.

She leaves the room. Soo-hyun exhales and sits. Her secretary, Mijin, looks to the floor and closes the door quietly.
Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok meets with Hye-in on the playground; she called him out and tells him that he is the one in that picture, right? he tells her that she knows it already. Hye-in mentions that he was wearing his favorite clothing.

HI – I really wonder what your relationship is.
JH – We met in Cuba
HI – You met her there?
JH – She was pickpocketed, she did not have anything. I did not know I would be accepted into the hotel.
HI – I still don’t understand, why did you eat ramen together at the rest stop?
JH – It just happened. it is a long story. But it just happened naturally. it is not like the article.
HI – So why do you worry so much?
JH – Because I worry.
HI – About who? Yourself? No.
JH – My CEO. I wonder if she is okay.
HI – Hey, she has a public life since she was little, she will be okay. Worry about yourself. You will be in more trouble if people know it was you.
JH – Yeah…my friend is the best.

He sighs and takes a deep breath as they sit on the playground swings. they both still look concerned.

Soo-hyun sits at home, she is just sitting. Someone calls but she doe snot pick up the phone. Cut to a car outside, the person calling is her mother in the car. She is angry and mutter that this ungrateful girl is causing a lot of trouble.

then the camera goes to the mother in law’s house. She is calling the chief of the newspaper company and tells him that seh read the article well. Yes, reporters should write a good report. It was better than I expected so I really enjoyed it. We will do our commercial with your newspaper comapany. Don’t worry, we will help each other. *knock knock* Lets talk again later.

She opens the door, a nerdy man is standing there and tells her that employees are not shocked by this, they think it is gossip. It looks like the CEO takes care of her employees well so they are not shaken by this. She also got the Cuba hotel deal so her position as CEO will not be damaged by this. Do you think she will resign easily?

HJ – We will prepare things one at a time. She will step down because she is a smart woman. She should rest and help my son, you know. If she is outside too much and works in the field too long then she will be a little blemished. It is not that far away. I think you are the best person to run Donghwa hotel.

Man – Thank you so much!

He bows happily and leaves.
At home, Jin-hyeok reads all the newspaper articles at home and mutters that they went too far. he crumples it up. But he looks at her photo for a moment and then puts it away. it is 11:53 pm.

Soo-hyun is also awake staring out her window from her seat.

It is 1:47am and they are still both awake.

Scene change to Soo-hyun staring in her office in the same way that she was staring at home. But then her mother comes in even though she is told that the CEO is not there. Umma says that this is a matter that she cannot ignore, what happened. SH tells her that she is saying the same thing over and over again. He is just a guy that I know, it is nothing.

Umma(MO) – We cleared up everything.

Cut to a flashback with MO and HJ. MO thanks HJ for clearing everything up and for fixing everything. HJ thinks that they can make Jin-hyeok a stalker. Umma is on that side.

In the present, MO must have told SH because she asks frantically how they can make a good guy into a stalker? MO tell sher that SH is the one that did it not her. If you run this business quietly then of course she will take you back.

SH tells her that no one is taking her back. What are you talking about?

But MO does not listen and just says that she is done talking to her mother in law, so meet you son in law and tell him that nothing happened. It was nothing. He is a good guy but it will ruin his feelings.

SH gets up and walks back to her desk, but she tells her mother that she will do it one time. Holding hr hand and getting sold. She will only do that one time, not twice. Umma asks what she thinks of her father. Do you pity him and his political life as head of the party? His dream is the Blue House (to be president). SH tells her that this is her umma’s dream. the Blue House is not a place that you can go if you want. People have to send you there.

MO – I will send him there, so don’t make any trouble. We cannot go ther without Taekyung Group.

Umma leaves. SH has to exhale again for the day and takes a pill to calm her stress.

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok gets a call from his team leader about work, he says that he is right in front of the building an will report to her when he gets there. Then he tries to count to the 11th floor which is the CEOs office. He counts the floors and sees an open window. then he tells the CEO to not read any of the replys and says, fighting. he puts his hands in his jacket and walks inside quietly.

Meanwhile, SH is meeting her ex husband for drinks. She is less than thrilled to meet with him. He tells her that it was fun, she was first in search for two days. SH does not smile but tells him thank you. Your mother is trying to fire that employee and make him into a stalker, can you stop her?

WS – Are you afraid? I haven’t seen you afraid in awhile.
SH – Why don’t you get married again?
WS – i have unnexpected collateral damage.
SH – You said I should divorce you becasue you wanted to marry her. So why are you still alone?
WS – Does that bother you, that I am alone?
SH – No, I don’t care that you are alone or whatever. Just make sure that I don’t hear about that getting together nonsense anymore.
WS – you are angry now.
SH – Don’t act like you know me, you don’t know me.
WS – I didn’t know that Cha soo-hyun could be this reckless. I never imagined a rest stop ramen date.
SH – watch what you say.
WS – Okay, I will try to do the first one. The poor guy tried to get into the hotel, that must have been hard. But the only deal is that he has nothing to do with you. The second thing is not under my authority (getting married).
SH – It is your life!
WS – You and me, have we ever lived our own life, ever.

Soo-hyun silently agrees with that.

SH – If they talk about getting together, just tell them what you really want in your heart. I trust you.

She gets up and leaves.

WS – When can I be someone that makes sense to you. If I tell you my real heart, then it will make your life harder.
Sun-joo and driver Myung-sik meet again at the cafe. She tells him that he should not eat like that as an old man, he will lose his health very quickly (he’s eating ramen). He tell sher that it is just a snack and then asks what is happening with our senator Cha. MS is worried about the father. But Sun-joo says that reporter Cha ajusshi sold his daughter to get into politics. MS tells her not to call him reporter Cha ajusshi. She is all like, whatever, I liked him when he was reporter Cha ajusshi, you were a reporter, my brother was a reporter, back then you were like The Avengers.

SJ – There is a scandal going on , are you really eating that tamen?
MS – I am just trying out how delicious it woul dbe to go all the way to a rest stop and eat ramen.

They both chuckle. But thne SJ sighs. MS asks why she sighs so much. She says that she caused trouble. She paid those “bad” prvate detectives, the kids father has a girlfriend. MS asks what she is talking about. SJ says that he has a woman. MS says that is nonsense, he has a middle school daughter. But SJ says that having a daughter does not matter. You don’t know things.

MS asks if she is sure, she says that she is not sure, that is why she paid those private detectives. She is not sure, he will have to act first and then she will get the evidence. MS stands up in anger and says he is not eating. She tells him to eat or his ramen will get bloated. She wonders why he is so angry at someone elses life. He tells her that she is not someone else! And leaves in a huff.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun drives home, her house is covered in paparazzi. Sh goes inside and closes all her windows so the paparazzi will not photograph her. Then she takes hr medicine and looks at a lonely painting of a girl alone on the canvas.

Jin-hyeok, Umma, and Appa sit to eat breakfast when another guy in army attire comes in happily and sits at the table. He is so happy that they made his favorite food to eat! But they are all like, wow, are you here? It looks like they forgot that their son was getting discharged from the army, lol. Umma is all like, um….what should we do….you shoul dhave told me, I don’t even have soup for you….

Jim-myung is all like, you made rice cakes for Hyung, but you dont’ have any for me? Umma is all like….haha…..sorry. Jim-myung asks Jin-hyeok if he got a job and to give him money. JH tlel shim that he hasn’t gotten paid yet. Appa tells him to eat and then they can go to the shop. Minimum wage increased.

JM says that he will be better to his second son when he has one. Umma is all like, yes, you should have a second son just like you. I had to go to the school several times becuase you caused so much trouble. You are grown up now right?

JM tells her that he did not make any trouble, he is a righteous man now. then he asks for the ramen. Umma tells him that they don’t have any ramen and tell us when you are discharged from the army next time. JM is all like, that does not make sense, do you want me to go to the army twice? They keep chattering and eating happily about this.
Mijin meets with Soo-hyun in her office and tells her about the painting by painting Jung for the hotel. Soo-hyun interupts and asks if it is still coming tomorrow, right? MJ says that he contacted them and said that they will not provide the painting. I tried to contact him but I could not. We already have this on the location as a painting tour, should I tell them that Sokjo hotel is not part of the tout? We only have two weeks left.

SH – No, we need to get that picture.
MJ – We spent two years trying to get it, I don’t think that will work. You know that chairman Kim HJ worked on it behind the scenes. I don’t know why she is blocking her e daughting in law’s future. I think she is getting her revenge on you becasue of that scandal.
SH – That is not the first time. I have to go to his studio.
MJ – Right now? I will call Myung-sik.
SH – No, I will drive there. I also want to clear up my mind.

She heads out and sees Jin-hyeok as she is walking out. He is holding a lot of pamphlets along with Hye-jin and Han-gil. They look at the CEo for a moment and then go upstairs to their office.

Myung-sik goes to Jin-hyeok’s office and sees Jin-hyeok there. JH greets him and says that he recognizes him. Mhung-sik tells him that everyone calls him Executive secretary Nam (not driver). JH is all like, okay, I will call you executive director Nam. MS asks, did you eat lunch?

Cut to the two of them eating lunch together. driver Nam is pretty happy to see Jin-hyeok. He asks him if it is a nice place, right? JH says that he likes the price because he heard that the price is expensive around there so he eats at the cafeteria. Nam tells him that the cafeteria is also good because the CEo cares about what the employees eat. JH tells him that she is pretty cool.

Later on they walk out. Nam gives him a tea as a gift (product placement ad, lol). Jin-hyeok drinks it perfectly, it is an after eating secret.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun goes to the artist studio but he is not there. His assistant says that he went on a spontaneous trip and will not come back. Maybe the weekend? But she looks like she really knows what is going on and feels bad about it.

Soo-hyun goes outside and talks to her secretary, Mijin, about what is going on. SH wants to stay in this area and stop in on the shop suddenly off and on until she sees him. MJ is a bit worried about her because she did not pack anything and the hotel is not ready, it does not open for two weeks. But SH says it is okay, just call our hotel out here and tell them to make a room for me.

WS talks to his mother about whether he met SH. He says that he did and it is cute that she has a bit of craziness in her. HJ tells him that it is not craziness, it is cheapness/low-class (she said a word that does not translate well). I told her in a way that she should understand, but she met you?

WS – Can you leave the new employee alone? It will be noisier if you fire him right after he is hired.
HJ – That kind of guy is like dust, I don’t care. It has shaken Soo-hyun, that is all I need.
WS – My mom is too busy, why do you care about this kind of thing?
HJ – I met soo-hyun’s mother so lets process it.
WS – I will not.
HJ – I know why you are not marrying again. You are waiting for Cha soo-hyun. Why did you release that thing?
WS – She is not a thing. (very seriously)
HJ – Did she say she is getting back together?
WS – It does not matter. Dragging her back does not mean anything.
HJ – We should not do it forcefully. We need to make her come back. How can I see her go bad? She thinks she is something because she raised the hotel. I need to take her energy back so she will focus on raising you. After she goes bankrupt, she will go back to you.
WS – Don’t touch the hotel.
HJ – It sounds like you are saying I should not touch Soo-hyun.
WS – I hope I do not go against you. Excuse me.

He leaves and is serious for the first time in this entire drama. It seams like he has been a good son his entire life. His mother looks at him, a bit concerned.

SH goes to the hotel but it is not open yet. SH says that is okay, just make the room comfortable for me. She likes it nice and quiet.

Cut to her going to the room. She looks around and then turns on the TV. But he news is all about CEO Cha Soo-hyun dating someone. She is #1 in portal search. It is like she is a celebrity. Her life is like that! She has a star life for her entire life! She is divorced but people care about this! She is Koreas girlfriend.

Caption: From a chaebol daughter in law to everyones girlfriend.

Soo-hyun turns off the TV and walks to the window. She sighs and then calls her father. he is watching TV, it is all about politics and how they did not pass a law so it is a bit embarrassing to the citizens. The news is quoting Jong-hyun (the father).

Soo-hyun apologizes for causing a bit ruckus because it will be hard for him and the political party. He tells her not to worry, it is not her fault. Be sure to not skip your meals. They get off the phone amicably.

Mijin gives a suitcase to Myung-sik to take to Soo-hyun. She is sorry that she cannot make it there but she has to take her mother to the hospital. SH said she can buy all the things hse needs, but she won’t be able to do it because of this big scandal. MS tells her not to worry, he will deliver it.

While in the car, MS calls Jin-hyeok and says that it is Nam. He tells him that they have to go on a business trip and then smiles. Jin-hyeok is all like, huh?

But we see him waiting outside for Myung-sik. MS shows up and greets JH, he tells him that he should drive there, they should go because the CEO is pretty bored. MS smiles as he walks to the passenger side. JH smiles as he hops into the driver side.
Elsewhere, Jim-myung hangs out with Dae-chan at his restaurant. they playfully talk like friends about expanding his place and starting a second branch. Then they also talk about his snail recipe. DC wants him to leave but JM basiclaly bugs him about giving him a job.

Jin-hyeok and MS go to the hotel to deliver the bag, but the concierge says that SH is not there, she went out for a walk. MS is all like, JH you wait here, I will be back…um…downtown…for something for my friend….okay. But MS and the conciere have a knowing appa kind of smile.

MS takes off and JH waits for SH. He goes outside and starts to take photos of the lighthouse on the coast. SH is still walking around out there as well. An OST plays as we see her walking down the steps and see JH taking photos. She pauses for a moment and then looks appraoches him.

SH – Kim Jin-hyok shi? Why are you here?

He turns around.

JH – I am on a business trip following Nam Shil jang (Nam Executive Secrtary)

They go sit on the steps, she asks him if he was surprised? He says that he was more surprised at all the bad comments. She apologizes for not contacting him. He tells her that he is fine (like he is in the military). then he gives her a poetry book.

Book title: I see you are if I see a flower

Her photos are also inside. He apologizes and says that she is not as pretty as she is in real life. She smiles and says it is okay. he tell sher to read the book also, it is my favorite poetry book. She flips to a page so he tells her that this is his favorite poem in the book.

Poem Title: Missing Someone
There is a way that I want to go, but everyone says don’t
There is someone that I want to see, even though I tell myself that I shouldn’t
There is something that I want to do more, when everyone says no

That is life and longing for someone
That is you.

Sh smiles and tell shim that he is like a literature person. JH tells her that he had to spend a lot of time alone when he was little. All his friends went home to eat but his parents where working. He would go to the arcade but grew tired of it, so he went to the library to waste time….

She gets a phone call so they have to stop talking. Nam calls her and tells her that he is running a bit late. She tells him that it is okay. They hang up. SH tells JH that Nam has to take care of something with his friend.

JH smiles and asks her if she would like to go ona drive? It is a little boring to just stay there. They are in Seokcho after all, the city next to the ocean. She says that she has to work on something. JH mentions that Nam told her that her work is just waiting for the painter. He tells her that he really wants to drive her super cool car.

they start to drive along the coast. She asks if she can open her window. he smiles and says that it is her car so the owner can decide. Then he says that it is cold so if she gets a cold this time of the year, the medicine won’t even work. She smiles and says that she thinks he has a special colelction of sentences, is it because you read a lot of books? He says to just tell him that he has special sensitivity.

She looks out the window. He asks if Seokcho has nice pang (bread). Should I look for some? We might have time. She tells him that it was good becuase it was Cuba. But he is like, no, that wasn’t it.

they keep driving and she keeps looking out the window. Cut to him getting food and taking it to the car. She tells him that her father like potato dduk. He says tat it is his fathers favorite, too. He mutters that they share a lot of common ground. She tells him that it is only dduk, they aren’t connecting. He smiles and nods then says okay, maybe we don’t. Do you like it?

She says that she ate it in primary school but has not eaten it since then. he tells her to try it and gives her first dibs. She takes a bite and says tha she knows why her father likes it. It has an attractive taste that I did not appreciate when I was little. he tastes it and is all like…yeah…the taste is intersting.

It is his first time eating it. But she mentions that he said he knows the food. He says, did I? I thought it was Gangwando signature food. She mentions that he said it was his fathers favorite.

JH – From today, we are day one.
SH – …who…?
JH – *smiling* …..well….me and this potato dduk.

She clears her throat and wonders if Nam is late. JH tells her that she looks very comfortable with Nam.
She says that Nam was a reporter with her father. Her father trusts him the most. And he is just like a friend to me. She takes a drink.

Cut to Nam who is sleeping and snoring at a cafe. The owners are all like, should we wake him up? He didn’t even drink but he is sleeping? the male owner wakes him up. Nam is all like, where am I?….Oh, sorry sorry, thank you. he pays for his food and says they can use the change to buy MSG or anchovies. It look slike he gave them a lot of money.

then he goes to the sea and calls SH. He asks, did you play a lot….no no, are you waiting for me?

SH – We are at the fish restaurant, I see you.
MS – You see me?

He turns his head and sees SH standing there with JH. She is all like, did you take care of things with your frieeeeend? Ajusshi!

He is busted. He says that he is at the sea so he wanted to be lonely as a man. Then he smiles and says that the fish soup is really good here.

Elsewhere, Woo-seok looks at clothes at a woman’s clothing store. It looks like a high fashion shop. He picks out a lot of clothing. But he tells the staff person that it will all be for her so she should pick out her size. But he says that one of them is for him, so tell hem that a crazy guy stole it. He smiles and gives her his card.

Then we see him putting the bag with the dress in his car. He calls Mijin. Minjin is at the bookstore reading comics and eating tons of junk food. She answers the phone and tells Woo-seok that Soo-hyun is not there, she is at the coast looking for the painter that canceled. It looks like your mother may have done it. But if it wasnt’ her then I am sorry. WS asks where she is. MJ tells him that she is staying alone at an unopened hotel.

Woo-seok looks concerned.

But, we cut to the coast and see that SH is having a fun time with Nam and Jin-hyeok. They decide to go to the beach to play games. Nam is so excited to let them play together.

Cut to the beach where we see JH and SH playing a game on the sand that deals with knocking over a stick. Nam calls her father and says that she is doing well. Appa mentions that SH used to look for Nam more than him when she cried. Nam looks at SH and smiles while he talks to his friend. He tells him that he is about to graduate from comforting her when she cries.

SH and JH laugh on the beach as SH loses to JH. She wants to play one more time! Jut one more time! So they put the stick in one more time. But the person that loses has to jump into the water. She loses so he tries to pull her to the water. But she says, one more time! One more time!
Dae-chan tells Jim-myung that he needs to do some work. He is super annoyed. JM tries to tell DC about his menu but DC is all like, just clean the dishes. Kitchen work starts with cleaning. JM is all like, fine, I will leave. He gets up to leave but then sees Hye-in who walked in right at that time. They talk in the kitchen about him beng disharged from the army and Hye-in working at the same company with him. But he in on a business trip now.

Hye-in wonders, on the weekend? They all start to think that he might have a girlfriend, especially since he likes books and dates the library. They playfully talk a bit but Hye-in says that she will leave and says goodbye. DC thinks that Hy-in should buy a drink at least. JM says that noona should should buy him a drink at least. I think noona is prettier. DC is all like, just leave. JM tells him he can do the dishes.

SH tells MS that she does not think that this painter went on a business trip. She will try and run into him at his studio. But it looks like MS wants SH to leave. JH says that he can stay here too. MS looks at him like an appa thta does not want a man with his daughter so JH says, yes, I shouldn’t.

MS takes SH’s sleeping pills and tells her that this should not be habitual. She tells him that she needs it. But MS just takes a few with him and starts prepare his things. MS wonders where the radio is. JH tells her to put a radio app on her cell phone. But SH says that she is pretty busy, they both can head out. So the two of them leave.

JH and Nam drive back, JH looks pretty bummed. Nam is driving and tells JH that he can take a nap on the way back. He also tells him that SH is okay, she is used to spening time alone. JH wonders, is she spening time, or is she surviving? then he looks out the window and mutters that it is so dark.

WS gets home and thinks about what Mijin told him about his mother. She hopes that WS does not ask how Mijin is when he is not going to protect her. He lies back in his bed and closes his eyes, deep in thought.

Elsewhere, Jm gets home and tells Jh that they should eat ramen. But JH tells him that he should go to sleep. He lays back in his bed and turns on the radio.

Radio – This story is from 3-9 to 7. Yeah, you feel lonelier after being with your friend. 3-9 to 7 who says that it is awkward to send stories. This is that person’s song request. Comfort your loneliness with missing feeling, Omora Portuondo (maybe Si Lego a Besarte).

JH sits up in his bed and looks at his radio.

JH – It must be CEO….

Flashes of Cuba dance in front of us as we cut to Soo-hyun. She is also listening to this song over the radio and is reading the poem that Jin-hyeok likes.

VO -There is a way that I want to go, but everyone says don’t. There is someone that I want to see, even though I tell myself that I shouldn’t. There is something that I want to do more, when everyone says no…

SH – That is life and longing for someone. That is you.

She sits at her window and holds the book in her hand as she thinks.

There is a sudden bang bang bang at a gate as JH knocks on his friends door. But DC sleep talks that he wants to sleep more, mom, I want to sleep more. But JH just keeps hitting the door over and over again. DC wakes up and opens his door to JH. JH immediately asks him if he can use his car. DC is all like, this early in the morning? Where is you dads car?

Jh just tells him that he has somewhere to go and grabs the keys.

Cut to him smiling as he drives the worker truck to the coast.

Soo-hyun is still sleeping but she is on the couch. Soo-hyun rings the doorbell to her room. Soo-hyun wakes up and goes to it sleepily. JH wonders, nervously, will she be surprised?

She gets to the door and looks at the pinhole. She sees Jin-hyeok nervously standing there so she opens the door.

SH – Jin-hyeok shi, what….
JH – I heard there is a good hangover soup restaurant, but we didn’t go there.
SH- You should be tired, you drove all the way back to go there now?
JH – You should try it, I heard it is really good.

The camera cuts to their feet, he looks a bit nervous and scratches the back of his head. She looks at him but then smiles and says that she will give it a try to see if she knows his heart (how he thinks). he smiles and tells her that it is super good.

He runs to the worker car to grab his things so that they can take her car. But she says that the can just take that car. He thinks that it might be uncomfortable but she wants to take it. So he runs over to let himself in and then he has to open her door from the inside. He gives her his arm to help her in and they drive off together.

They pass right by Woo-seok who is driving to the hotel. The employees inside tell him that she left. He asks, is that so? then he looks outside the hotel for her.
Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun are the only ones at the restaurant early in the morning. Soo-hyun tells him that this is not the taste for her to know his heart. He tells her that it is her first time eating it, right? She says that she has tasted it before on a street in Seoul and there is no comparison. He tells her that this hurts her pride about restaurant evaluations. That place had chewier sooyuk than this place? She says that it is better than there. He is all like, really? He eats a bit more.

She looks up and thanks him but wants to know, why are you here? he looks at her for a moment and tells her that the music was so good, it woke him up. He heard the same song they listened to together on the radio.

She avoids it a bit.

SH – the soup is better here.

But he is still looking at her seriously.

Jh – CEO, what kind of relationship should we have?

SH – We should be employee and boss.

JH – I was thinking about it all the way here. Should I do this to the CEO of my company? I am responsible as the first son of my family and I went to the military also, I am not a little boy. So why don’t I just go forward. Our relationship is a little bit uncertain.

SH – Kim Jin-hyeok, you shouldn’t say “our” (or “us”).

JH – I came here because I miss you. Because I missed you.

She looks at him.

then we cut to her in the hotel.

VO – There is a way that I want to go, but everyone says don’t. That is life and longing and that is you.

Window caption in restaurant:
There is a way that I want to go, but everyone says don’t
There is someone that I want to see, even though I tell myself that I shouldn’t
There is something that I want to do more, when everyone says no

That is life and longing for someone
That is you.

JH – That is why I came.

Sooo-hyun is speechless and her face is blank but filled with emotions.

JH tries to bravely smile.

Restaurant window: Daro (In Isolation or separately)
Daro guk bap means that things are separate but you put them together and it becomes Gukbap. SO it is a metaphor for their relationship. If someone says you are “Daro guk bap” then that means you should be together, not separate.

In the epilogue picture, we see the butterflies flying over the princess, they land on her face and fly away.

Wow, I love where this is going. I love how it is a slow build that was made a bit slower due to this scandal. The scandal introduced teh stakes which are basically that SH could lose her hotel if she is involved in a scandal. We also see that the mother is actively trying to get Sh involved in a scandal in order for her to quit her CEO job and date Woo-seok again.

But on top of that, it looks like Woo-soek is not a jerk, he is a noble idiot! He split from Soo-hyun to protect her from his family. Only that isn’t working out. Now that conversation he had with that woman in the restaurant makes sense. It was a confusing conversation because they are basically contract dating or “fake” dating. he has no real interest in marrying her. At least, that is what it seems like from this episode. His mama even knows that he wants Soo-hyun back, y’all.

So far this drama is keeping me guessing, I like it!


SH – It is actually a little stressful for me because I am not use to these kinds of things.
JH – I think someone putting another person in their heart is a meaninglful thing
SH – Honestly, I do not want to be involved with you.
SH – It is nothing.
JH – It is not like childish curiosity.
SH – Hey, Kim Jin-hyeok shi.
SH – Don’t come close to me from there anymore.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey.

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    December 5, 2018 / 8:51 am

    I’m here! Ready for your recap on this cute but I know it’s going to be stressful show..

  2. Casserole
    December 5, 2018 / 9:16 am

    I’m so excited!!!! I wasn’t a big fan of the first episode, but the second one hooked me. Thanks so much for the quick recaps (as I stealthfully refresh my browser at work haha)

    • V
      December 5, 2018 / 11:01 am

      Work reading is the best! 😁

    December 5, 2018 / 9:30 am

    Oh BOY! This is not heading to right direction. Again, MOTHERS!!! I hate them so much~ Poor SH & JH

    • Casserole
      December 5, 2018 / 9:34 am

      I know!!!! Poor Soo-Hyun. That contract sounds like a nightmare. I didn’t expect the show to go this way at all.

      • Rose
        December 5, 2018 / 9:52 am

        Shes like a hostage of 2 families who are power hungry. I hope she’ll have enough backbone to fight back. Since shes a ceo, im expecting that shes not easily get bullied or pushed. Lets wait and see. But what im more worried about is JH, if people finds out its him in the picture, im not sure how he can handle it since he’s not use to that kind of attention.

        • JAMMMM
          December 5, 2018 / 10:26 am

          I’m already freaking out about JH, him and his family will be torture by 2 families for sure. I’m sure SH will do everything she can to protect him but it will be a long fight for both of them…

        • V
          December 5, 2018 / 11:04 am

          Im worried about her father and his political goals. It seems like she can resist so long as her father is not running for anything, but that she will have to fall in line if her father runs for president.

  4. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 9:32 am

    Ok….so its not only the evil mother……its also the eviler (if there is such a word) ex mother-in-law i should be annoyed at 😤….seriously, whats wrong with this family? 😤

    • JAMMMM
      December 5, 2018 / 9:43 am

      Then here is her EX-husband who cheated on her and seems like he wants her back??? Makes me so angry. JH is going to go through HELL for SH…

    • V
      December 5, 2018 / 11:02 am

      Yeeeees, the ex-mother in law is the one that is the most evil. Or the smartest evil? 😅

      • Rose
        December 5, 2018 / 11:17 am

        Yup…shes a smart evil…and shes also an annoying evil mother to her son…..i need to calm myself down, i was so excited about the last few scene of this episode but at the same time my blood is boiling because of the ex mother in law….not sure what emoji should i put here…. 😂😂😤😤😤😪😪😁😁

  5. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 9:44 am

    Im fine for these two mothers being the villain, as long as our lead knows how to fight back, especially SH

  6. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 10:22 am

    JH – From today, we are day one.
    SH – …who…?
    JH – *smiling* …..well….me and this potato dduk


    Why am i giggling here like a crazy person? 😍😅

    • JAMMMM
      December 5, 2018 / 10:35 am

      My heart skipped a beat from excitement~~~ JH is so cute!

      • Rose
        December 5, 2018 / 11:02 am

        Im still grinning here……. 😂😂😂

    • V
      December 5, 2018 / 11:05 am

      that part was pretty cute.

  7. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 10:56 am

    Dang! This drama keeps giving me surprises every episodes…..cant believe he actually said what he felt….ON EPISODE 3!…..wow! Boy….you’re one brave motherf€ck€r 😂

    • V
      December 5, 2018 / 11:06 am

      I was surprised, too! You know she just wants to keep is casual and not go too far. But he wants HER.

      • Rose
        December 5, 2018 / 11:12 am

        Yup….i was like “holy shit! Did he just said that?” I have to read that part of your recap 3x to make sure im reading it right 😂

  8. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 11:10 am

    Thanks V for the recap! You’re right, it seems that the ex-husband, like her is also a victim and a hostage of these families that are power hungry, and it seems he’s not really a jerk after all (i hope)….SH and JH needs all the help they can get (calling appa of SH!)

    Even though most probably there are a lot a troubles and problems along the way with whatever they have right now (in fb terms…..their status is complicated 😅), im still liking and digging it…..still cant believe he flat-out ask her about their current status…..dang! Really…dang! He got balls! 😁

    • Jleigh
      December 5, 2018 / 11:33 am

      I agree that him having the DTR talk took guts. Particularly since he knows that there is alot that is stacked up against them right from the get go. But at the same time, it is good that he is so brave, because SH is not going to be at the beginning. She is more beaten down than him, so she will be more hesitant until he wins her over and convinces her that what they have is worth while.
      I think the ex-husband will be on the fence with the couple, he really likes SH but he will realize that she likes someone else. So I think that he personally will make things a bit hard for them, but at the same time he will protect her from his family. As was stated indirectly, he wants her heart, but he knows from first hand experience that dragging her in will not give him her heart. As that is appears what happened the first time.
      Also, I do see that the father may eventually step in to protect his daughter as well. He seems to feel regretful and worried that she is so unhappy. So I can see him giving up a career that he never really wanted in the first place for her sake….but we will have to see.

      • Rose
        December 5, 2018 / 12:04 pm

        Yup….you’ll never know with kdrama 😄

  9. Rose
    December 5, 2018 / 9:15 pm

    I just watched the eng sub…..im still giggling 😁. And may i say…..i like Manager Nam a lot! He’s my new favorite wingman 😂….cant wait for the episode tomorrow.

    • V
      December 12, 2018 / 6:53 pm

      I love Manager/Driver Nam!

  10. December 10, 2018 / 6:00 am

    What is the title of the song played while they were in the sand playing with a stick?

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