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Encounter: Episode 2 Live Recap

Encounter Live Recap Episode 2 starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum
The first episode of Encounter was so well done that I was literally open mouth shocked. First off, the music was amazing. But most importantly, the storytelling method the director used really captured the spotlight and isolation that our heroine feels in her current situation. I loved all the camera tricks they used. But they won’t be able to sustain the entire drama with camera tricks (though I would be happy if they tried) so the story really needs to take off this episode.

I loved the meet-cute in the first episode and was very surprised that ol girl got that boy a job at her company. Y’all, that was so player; it caught me completely off guard and I loved it. I also really enjoyed the last shot where our heroine was walking toward our hero, but they were divided by the airport glass so she did not notice him, but he noticed her. I thought it was symbolic in that she wants to get closer to him and will literally be close to him at times but will have to avoid him knowingly or not. He will notice her all the time but cannot get close to her as well. I have a feeling that theme might continue on in todays episode.

Also, very unrelated, but I just upgraded to Mojave on Apple so my computer suddenly feels super sleek and fast. I love it.

Omara – Si Llego A Besarte
OST Part One is released!

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We open with Jin-hyeok developing his photos from his trip. He is in a dark room and inspecting the photos in the liquid as well as the film that is hanging on a string.

Cut to an interview voice over, we see images of Jin-hyeok doing all the things he is talking about.

VO – Do you have any reason you like NamSan library?
JH – (I like the way to Namsan Library, because every season it looks different.
VO – Right now, VR and mobile games are popular, but you like poems? Why did you write that books are a thankful thing?
JH – For games, we have to run it without stopping, but books – if you pause a little bit, they wait for you. That is why I like books.
VO – You had a lot of part time jobs, what kind of things did you do?
JH – Delivery, restaurant server, and construction.
VO – I think it would be easier to be a tutor so why?
JH – My father said that money stays longer if you use your body, I wanted to know what it meant.
VO – Your major is hotelier, but it seems like you are more interested in literature.
JH- I think that the economy and management are better if we know literature, because it is the work of people.
VO – Why did you apply to Donghwa hotel? (oh, maybe she didn’t get him the job?)
JH – The word, hotel, makes me excited. I am sure the inside of a kid story book will be more exciting (Donghwa means children’s story book in Korean so he was playing with words a bit. He basically said he is sure a childrens story book inside a children’s story book will be exciting to see come to life).
On the bus on the way back, Jin-hyeok ponders about Soo-hyun being the hotel CEO. He walks up on his father talking to someone about why their apples are more expensive. Jin-hyeok happily explains why to the ajumma. She thinks he is great so she happily buys some. JH tells her that if she does not like the taste, she can bring it back, and he also gives her a couple extra apples. She loves it and tells him that he is a good business man.

His mother runs up right then and gives Jin-hyeok a huge hug. They playfully talk back and forth about home meals and how traveling makes you miss home cooked food. Jin-hyeok says he wanted to see them so much so he came there first. (The interview might have been a flashback). Jin-hyeok tells his parents that he has good news. His appa asks if he got a girl in Cuba. JH says that would be a good thing, but actually I got a job! Donghwa hotel!

His parents congratulate him and says that he was worried because the competition was high. he tells them that they need to plan on taking a trip to Cuba with his money. They are all like sure! We will go wherever you send us! Lets have a meat party today!

Umma runs out and tells all the neighbors that her son got a job! He got a job! They all smile and clap as she runs around telling everyone.

Cut to the friends restaurant “Chan’s Snail Restaurant”. Jin-hyeok goes there to toast to his return and getting a job. It is a small affair with only Dae-chan and Hye-in there. Hye-in will buy today but she also asks for a present from Cuba. Jin-hyeok says he does not have any, he had pocket money to buy presents but he had to spend it on something. They start to chastise himabout having a woman that he spent all his money on. He takes it as a joke. Hyein jokes that they should talk about their marriage since he got a job. But the other friend says that there is no marriage between friends.

Hye-in just says that she wants to get married to Oppa, do you want me to die old? They tell her to go on blind dates and Dae-chan talks about how they aren’t that old yet. Hye-in also works at Daehwa hotel so they joke about her being his superior now and they all toast. Gunbae!
later on, JH and HI sit on swings on a playground and talk about life. Jin-hyeok says he is nervous to start work but the friend says that it is nothing to be nervous about and tells him good job. She asks him his department, he looks like he does not know it yet. But he jokes that he hops it is not advertisement or she will give him a hard time. She jokes as well and says of course, I pray that you will be put on the advertisement team.

Jin-hyeok thinks a moment and then asks about the CEO, is she a curious kind of person? HI says that description is too broad. Jin-hyeok asks if she is adventurous? Does she go here and there without her secretary? Hyein does not think she is that type of person. She is more like a frozen ice princess, for her to go here and there out of curiosity? I don’t’ think so. She never smiles. She has no personal life. (Why?) well, you don’t care about other people so you might not know about her life. DO you know her father is Cha Jong-hyun?

What? Cha Jong-hyun? The ex mayor?

She was the face of his campaign and then became a chaebol daughter in law but her husband had an affair so she got divorced and the divorce money was Donghwa hotel. A few days ago she had an article written about her because she attended her divorce in-law family party. I think living is not that good because it is so embarrassing. It is not like she is divorced or not divorced, chaebols are strange. But lets stop talking about a princess living in a different world that we will never face, lets talk about me!

Hmm, my hyein, when will she be pretty?

Yay! She starts to run around the playground strying to hit him. Yay! Yay!

Soo-hyun walks around the hotel and talks to her secretary and another person about the smell of the hotel and the towel and everything, She is very detailed. She wants the smell changed and she wants the towels thinner. She also tests out how much the towel can absorb. they go to the kitchen next. Soo-hyun tells them that she picked up something at another hotel. She shows it to the secretary and says that the embroidery is very pretty, it looks good and classy. I think you can make this, it is easy enough. She gives it to him.

Then her and her main secretary leave and start talking about the speech to the new employees. But they stop and talk to a eprson who works for the hotel She asks him how his mothers event went. He is happy about the event and thankful that she sent flowers. They start to talk about the business in this part of the hotel Soo-hyun asks if he lowered the hotel price? The price includes the hotel space and room, but you made the room smaller so the price should change. Don’t become a merchant, we need to build our brand power.

he employee understands and says he will change everything. It looks like she is a strict but good boss. Sun-joo, a hotel employee, comes up to her and says that it looks like he gave him a hard time, but she is more professional than even the professionals so we are always nervous. Then she gives her the VIP guideline.
Later on that evening, Soo-hyun gets to work in her office. She looks at a blue print but the camera scrolls up to all the world clocks she has on her wall. It might be a time zone clock for every hotel they have around the world? The camera stops on the Havana clock and we see a caption that says “One month later” we see an image of her in Havana sleeping on the wall with Jin-hyeok.

The image changes seamlessly to Jin-hyeok taking a photo of his building, he is sporting a new very clean cut look. But then he sees Soo-hyun and turns around so she does not see him. But he thinks, you saved her life, why are you avoiding her? So he turns around and walks in.

But as he walks in, the secretary sees him and thinks, wha? Daebak.

Cut to the new hire introduction speech that Soo-hyun gives to all the new hires. She asks them to all increase the value to their hotel, Donghwa. He looks up at her for a moment and smiles but then looks down again. She talks and is about to say more about the company, but then stop when she sees him in the audience. She stops for a long time which makes Jin-hyeok look around as he wonders what is going on. So he looks up again and sees Soo-hyun looking at him.

he does not know what to do for a moment, but then he decides to smile. She continues and says, out company really really welcomes you. (But in this case it is more like she is welcoming him). everyone claps and all the new hires head out. They all bow as Soo-hyun walks by them. He kind of looks at Soo-hyun but she avoids him as she walks by with her team.

We see her pacing in her office afterwards. Then she calls someone and asks to see them. Secretary Jang comes in right away. Soo-hyun asks if she can have all the resumes and self descriptions of all the new employees. Jang asks if she is going to read them all? Soo-hyun says yes. Jang asks…well….I wonder if you saw that same person that I saw? Soo-hyun does not really answer but asks for her to bring it to them.

Scene change to Jin-hyeok being assigned to the advertising department. he is described as the best visual and is introduced as Hye-in’s friend. It looks like a friendly environment as they all casually welcome him and then get back to work. Jin-hyeok sits at his desk and smiles when he sees a welcome letter.

In her office, Soo-hyun sees that Jin-hyeok is 29. She smiles and says that he is young. She continues looking at his resume and we hear a voice over Jin-hyeok.

VO – I am a son of a fruit seller, since I was born he has sold fruits. Everyone thinks I ate a lot of fruit but actually the son of the fruit seller won’t be able to eat any good fruit. I am even busy enough to eat all the bad ones.

Flashback – Ah, you are a fruit merchant? (yes, I am a fruit merchant)

SH – He really is a fruit merchant.

In the employee offices, Eun-jin (another employee) introduces her self to Jin-hyeok. Then Han-gil comes up and says that the director did not introduce her on purpose so there is no need to know her name. Eun-jin gives HG the side eye and throws her hair back.
VO – In my neighborhood, the hamoni’s and halabogi’s are like my real grandparents. They know everything about me. I was thinking about their healthy body and strong memory.

Cut to photos of the grandparents feet walking up the mountain and the camera cuts to Soo-hyun.

SH – It was true.

Flashback to her asking him if it was true that they hiked barefoot. He told her it was 100% true.

VO – In my neighborhood, there is an old playground. When my mother yells at me when I was little, I would hide there until they looked for me. I still go there when my mind is full or on a nice day. I spend my time there sitting on the swing. (all voice overs have clips and scenes attached to visually show them).

In the office Jin-hyeok learns how to use the copy machine.

VO – The comfort and relaxing time and time for accepting pain and all my experience in the playground where I stayed my entire life (it has been there longer than my life?). I am sure that all those things will create a synergy with Dongwha hotel.

SH thinks about this in her office as the soundtrack continues to play.

SH – Hong-jae Dong playground

She looks out the window.

Later on, Soo-hyun walks around and notices Jin-hyeok talking outside on the phone. He looks so happy.

SH – Who do you think wouldgive him that kind of facial expression?
JH – With my measurement, it seems like it is his girlfriend.
SH – Your measurement is always wrong!
JH – *side eye* Well, I am always correct in the dating department, it seems like he dated for 35 days……

Soo-hyun keeps walking.

SH – hey, secretary Jang, what if I ask him who he was talking to, is that bad?
JH – Well, can I tell you in banmal?
SH – Don’t do it.
JH – *sigh*

In the employee offices, the director tells everyone it is time to go home. They empoyees ask for a welcome party for the new employee, but Sun-joo says she has something today, we can do it next time.

Jin-hyeok goes somewhere and looks at the negatives happily. He looks at Soo-hyuns for a long time and smiles. Then he goes home on the bus and listens to Omara again while riding.

Soo-hyun also rides home. She asks her driver if he has been to Hong-jae. Myung-sik says that he has, his friend lived there for a long time. Soo-hyun says that she head the playground has been there for more than 30 years. Do you think that neighborhood does not get developed? MS says yes, it sounds romantic.
SH – In Cuba, there is an impressive garden. The owners wife liked the garden. I saw that time in that garden. I wonder if it is true for Korea to have that kind of old playground.
MS – Did you see a newspaper article or something?
SH – No, someone told me.
MS – Would you like to stop by?
SH – We don’t have to.

But we cut to her standing in the playground (adorable). She looks around and then sits in the swing set and takes in the playground. But hen Jin-hyeok walks by and sees her there. He is stunned and calls her name. She turns her head and then immediately thinks this was a mistake. It shows all over her face. But she quickly puts on her pleasant boss face and stands up as Jin-hyeok walks to her.

She tells him hat the story of his playground was nice so she thought she would stop by. Especially when she has something on her mind. he tells her that he really likes that playground so he spent a lot of time writing that part.

Soo-hyun nods but they both don’t know what else to say and just stand there awkwardly fidgeting with their hands. But then Jin-hyeok spoke first.

JH – I worried about you a lot. I traveled the world and met a friend. But after realizing you were the owner of the company, I was surprised.
SH – I was also surprised.
JH – Maybe you helped me because you already knew about me? I thought that was a good memory but then it felt all planned just in case you misunderstood everything. I worried about that a lot.
SH – Don’t worry about those things, I know that you are not that kind of person at least.

He smiles and kind of chuckles but she is still a bit stiff. She asks if he is going home now and then says her goodbyes. But he tells her that he developed some photos in Cuba and took a photo of her. Would you like to see it? But then he remembers that he does not have a view box. however he realizes that he has one just over there, lets go!

he grabs her arm, but then he has to apologize right away because he was too excited and was thinking about Cuba too much. She takes it in stride and then asks where they would need to go. they start walking there and walk right past the driver who immediately wonders who that guy is. He starts following them in the car.

They walk to a neighborhood photo studio where Jin-hyeok shows her how to use the view box. She happily watches him looking at the film and their music starts to play. He gives it to her to look at so she has a look. It is a negative image so she tells him that it is not as good as the real one. He tells her that he will develop it and show it to her later. If it isn’t as good as the real one then he will be in trouble because he will be horrible at taking photos.

She smiles and then asks if he has any money. He says he does and then asks if she wanted to get a toy? They are using a toy box to view the image. He tells her that he is good at it so he can try and get one. He tells her that the head is big and the body sleeps so you have to grab it. He tries but he misses and then tries but misses. He spends a lot of money.

Soo-hyun asks if she can give it a try and steps up to the machine. the driver is all like, what is going on? She gives it a try and gets a top on the first try. She tries not to smile but it is impossible, so she laughs and says that she found another talent. He tells her that he is usually 100% but he was nervous with her net to him. he pouts a little. She asks if he was nervous because she is his boss. He says no, it is because you are a pretty woman.

But he closes his eyes in embarrassment. She smiles. then he corrects himself and says it is because she is his boss and is very high up there.

She gives him the stuffed toy and says that she will give it to him as a present because it is the first toy that this pretty woman picked in her life.

Then she glances at the driver. he grumbles like a papa and looks at his watch. So she smiles to Jin-hyeok and says that she will leave. he thanks her for the toy and walks her to the car. the driver puts on his polite face and nods to Jin-hyeok. But right before Soo-hyun gets in, she thinks for a moment and then gets her bravery up and asks who jun-hyeok talked to at 12:42 pm? he thinks for a moment and says that he talked to the woman he loves (or the woman he likes?).

She nods and then gets in. he makes sure her door closes well and watches them drive off. But he laughs and says, 12:42?…daebak. It is strange, when I am with her I fee strange. Then he walks off.

In the car the driver asks who that guy is. Soo-hyun says it is the new employee. The driver is all like, new employee? Okay….*smiles*
Cut to Sun-joo drinking with driver Myung-sik at an outdoor seat outside a tiny cafe. they talk about water filters and water purifiers and how old guys make things dirty and young guys make things clean. Sun-joo says that they have a new employee that makes their entire office shiny. MS is all like, I was shiny when I was young! But Sun-joo tells him that she knows everything and knows thta he was always gloomy. I am the living proof. How do you look gloomy all the time?

he tells her of course, as a reporter I had to sleep outside and stay up all night and write reports. She tells him that it has been 30 years since he quit that job, so why is he still gloomy? He tells her that he is leaving and stands up, but she tells him that she is not done yet! if I drink alone then it looks like I have a story to tell. So he sits back at the table.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun has gotten home by now. She walks to her closet and notices the bright red dress she wore in Cuba. It makes her smile. She pulls out the braided sandals and looks at them pleasantly.

SH – My heels, where are they?

A soundtrack starts to play as we see Jin-hyeok with her shoes and now he has the stuffed bear. he puts them next to each other and smiles. Then he goes to his desk and works. It looks like he might be drawing something? Not sure.

She is at home working, (clearly a workaholic) but stops, looks at a half painting half window, and sighs.

In the break room, Eun-jin asks Hyein how long she has been friends with Jin-hyeok? She says since middle school. EJ asks if he is a bad guy with that face? HI says that he never fought with anyone (she never saw it) but he is a stubborn guy and when he is into something then that is the answer. EJ smiles and mutters, so I am the answer….hmm. Hi is all like, what? Um…

Elsewhre, Soo-hyun is being driven to work by Myung-sik. they talk about how she is going to see her parents soon. The driver says that her mother probably misses her. SH thinks of course not. But MS just smiles and says she has not seen her in awhile because of the Cuba project. Your father is at home too so have a good time. But SH just says, ajussi, our house has never been a happy family.

Cut to Soo-hyun sitting at home with her father. He asks her about Cuba. She says she went there for an event. He pleasantly tells her that he will be busy and to take care of her health. She tells him that she is eating well and taking care of herself. It looks like they have a pleasant relationship. But then the mother comes in talking sarcastically and ruins the mood. She immediately asks about the chairmans birthday. SH says nothing happens but the mother tells her to think about why she might want to see her again.

SH tells her that she has been divorced for a long time so we need to clear up what to call her ex mother in law. Her mother (Miok) just keeps talking about her son in law and how she still has “Jung (kind of like feelings)” to them because she is not cold like Soo-hyun. the mood us fully ruined. The mother asks her if she really did not do anything wrong?

Soo-hyun explodes and asks if she has ever done anything wrong in her entire life? After appa became a politician I was always proper even after you sold me to that family, I could not even yawn! i am still ~! But she catches her temper and takes a breath. Her appa looks weighted as well. She apologizes to her father and says that she is not blaming him as a politician.

She heads out.

Umma keeps arguing and says that they can’t blame the son in law, how can he love her! Appa tells her to just stop.

Soo-hyun goes outside and falls on the steps to catch her anger. She breaths deeply on the steps and then is driven back by her driver.
Hwa-jin goes to see her son in his office. She asks him when he is going to get married again. He says he is dating someone but the mother cuts him off and says, that girl? No, not her, her family is not good enough. Cha soo-hyun is better because the appa is the next presidential candidate. But Woo-seok does not want that. His umma tells him that they can talk about it later because she has an important meeting. She leaves right away.

She meets with Miok next and talks to her about their children getting back together. Mi-ok is happy to hear it and says that they are on the same page. They both take a sip of their teas, knowingly.

Elsewhere, Soo-hyun gets to work. She tells Myung-sik that he can go home early> he says that he can wait. But she says that he can go home otherwise she will feel rushed. he tells her okay, i will leave the car here.

Meanwhile, the team is having a welcome party for Jin-hyeok as the new employee. Eun-jin is coming on strong with Jin-hyeok and pours him a soju and beer cocktail. han-gil is all like, what? She doesn’t even make it for the director but makes it for this young guy? Eun-jin tells him to look int he mirror and he will understand. She gives Jin-hyeok the drink. Hyein says that he is not good at drinking but Jin-hyeok takes he entire drink as if he does not want people to know that and drinks it all.

More drinks get made.

Han Gil says they should try mans version of the soju cocktail and pours half of it as soju. Kim Sun-joo makes the same cocktail for Park. He is all like, hold up, that is too much. But Director Kim tells him that he should do the same so he has to drink it. They all toast for the new guy and star drinking. Jin-hyeoks friend tells him to to drink too much, but Jin-hyeok just tells her not to touch him.

Cut to a very drunk jin-hyeok with a cherry red face and walking around the table as he claps and laughs happily. The team is all like, we should take a picture of this. Han-gil is also very drunk so they are very drunk together. The rest of the team looks at them enjoying their very drunk selves. The director smiles.

At the hotel, the other secretary walks in and basically says Soo-hyun should go home. So soo-hyun agrees and starts to pack up.

At the bar, everyone is getting in their taxi’s to go home. Hye-in wants to go home with Jin-hyeok but Jin-hyeok pushes her in the taxi to go home herself. Then he drunkenly walks to the bus stop and tries not to fall asleep against a post.

Soo-hyun drives right by him and wonders if he is drunk.

Jin-hyeok heeps walking to the bus stop, it starts raining on him, but he gets to the bus stop before getting fully soaked.

Soo-hyun turns her car around and stops at the bus stop. She honks her horn at him to wake up. he startles awake and then drunkenly walks up to the car. He is drunk and happy. She tells him that she has a bit of a grudge since he did not take her plane seat offer, so get in.

he hops in and they talk about nonsense things since he is drunk. he says that they drunk a lot and starts to talk about his necktie and how it is so convenient, it goes up and down. then he tries to take it off. She asks if he only has one suit, he says no, she only sees him inthat suit. He got it from his mtohers friends store, he has a cooler grey suit, but this one is naaaaaavy. I look good in both, of course! men is suits!

They keep driving until they get to the playground neighborhood. Jin-hyeok wakes up and sees the playground, then he thanks her drunkenly for the ride. She tells him it was for the Cuba thing. however, Jin-hyeok starts to drunkenly say that the rain stops. Maybe you will fall asleep.
he pulls out a dried squid from his pants pocket? And tells her to eat it, it is the best for waking up. He is actually glad it stopped raining since she has to drive back. He tells her to eat it! He usually eats it before going to bed but he is especially giving it to her because she is the CEO! Eat it….aaaaaaaaaaaa.

She is all like, um, no, just give it to me in my hand and I will eat it when I drive back. Give it to me, here.

He looks at her for a moment and then drunkenly says, do you think it is dirty? My hand it dirty? My pocket is dirty. My hand is dirty again. It shredded this ojino.

Um…well….I don’t like Ojino.

Well, I aw salsa dancing 3 times in that place but to show it to you, I saw it again. Ah, we are about to dance and we danced and…

Give it to me…I will eat it.

Noooo, if you touch this then your steering wheel will have ojino smell. I will put it in your mouth. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

he manages to get it just in her mouth. She is a bit taken aback. But he is happy.

Okay! Bye-bye! You have a good car! Your will have a good ride. Daebak. Lalalala. Leave!

He hops out and she drives off to him bowing her away. Then he drunkenly walks home.

She eats the ojino stunned, and drives off. But she starts laughing as she takes it from her mouth and shakes her head. Once home, she takes off her watch to put it up, but she sees another watch and picks it up. She holds the other watch as a song plays and then puts it back and smiles. (Maybe that is the one she wore in Cuba?)

Jin-hyeok has a hangover. He sits at the table as his parents ask him if he took a bus home? He says he took a taxi but then remembers the CEO taking him home. Uh Oh. He runs away from the table in embarrassment and continues that embarrassment as he rides the bus to work while wondering if today is his last word day.

When he gets to work, we see that almost everyone is hung over. Han-gil asks Jin-hyeok if he is okay because it looks like he is worried about something. They all tell him that he made no mistake last night, but if he stays like that then he will not be able to attend the meeting with the CEO.

This is news to Jin-hyeok. What? We are meeting the CEO? Jin-hyeok missed that explanation last night since he didn’t continue drinking at the next location last night. But right now he has to go meet the CEO in a one on one meeting.

he straightens his suit and goes to the office nervously. Soo-hyun gets a call that he is there and tells them to let him in, then she looks at her watch.

Cut to him sitting across from her. He looks so uncomfortable as he talks to her and tells her that he was too drunk yesterday. She tells him that he did not do anything wrong. She asks him if his stomach hurts and gives him an expensive looking hangover medicine. She is also sporting the watch she looked at last night. She tells him that he gave her a mysterious ojino that came from somewhere and she is giving him a traditional hangover medicine. We became friends like this.

But he says they can’t be friends, how dare he be friends with the CEO? She asks if she should open it, he says that he can open it and quickly does just that and drinks it all. She takes this moment to ask him if that is the greeeeeeeeey suit that he was talking about. Jin-hyeok who is good in any clothes. Does that necktie have a zipper?

Jin-hyeok embarrassingly says yes. Then he says he does not know the best way to apologize. She tells him he does not have to but wants to ask him a favor. (Yes, anything!) would you like to eat ramen with me? I want to eat ramen at a rest stop. How about this weekend? Also, you can drive my car…the how much are you Daebak car. That is good right?

She smiles and tries not to chuckle.

Later on, Jin-hyeok drinks a tea outside with Hye-in as she asks him how his meeting went. he says he does not know and wonders how he can get his cool points back.

Elsewhere, Woo-seok eats lunch with his new boo. She says that it has been 4 years since they met. He smiles. She wonders if she needs to do more for him. Like doing this? he just smiles. (their conversation is weird).

Jin-hyeok waits outside and wonders if he is dressed enough for this ramen date? Soo-hyun drives up soon after in a red Hyundai and tells him to hope in. In the car, she tells him that people drive with ojino in the movies right? Do you have ojino in your pocket now?

he thinks thta he wants to say this even though he might be fired, CEO, you have a super grudge! he is serious, but she takes it as a joke and laughs. he starts laughing as well.

They get to the rest stop and go inside, she is a bit incognito.
he buys the food and brings it back, they happily eat it. he shows her how to eat it but she thinks he looks like a pig. They both laugh then he does it one more time. She laughs some more.

Afterward, he tells her that he can drive so she can rest on the way back. He hops in the driver seat and she gets his door (lol). then she walks around and gets in and starts to show him how to operate the car and which buttons to ress and all those things. But in doing so she has to reach across him which is a bit too close for comfort. They are both a bit awkward but then he presses the button and his seat moves downward which lightens the mood a bit.

They get back to his place. She tells him that he must think she is strange since his CEO begged him to eat ramen with her. He looks at her a moment.

JH – I was thinking about his on the way back, what if I worked somehwere else and we did not have any social ties, what would be like? Just like in Cuba, I could show you a good time without any internal intension. I was thinking about htat.
SH – So it bothers you because I am your boss?
JH – Do you feel awkward becaue I am your employee
SH – Not so much
JH – Not at all….wait a second please.

he grabs something and then asks for her cell phone. He takes a photo of his number writen on his hand and tells that she wont be nervous to know his number but might be nervous if he had her number. DOn’t give my numner to a voice fishing company.

SH – Your girlfriend would not like this.
JH – I don’t have a girlfriend
SH – But last time you said you talked to a woman that you liked.
JH – Ah, that, i was talking to my mom.
SH – No one talks to their mother like that with soleda (heart pitter patter). Ar you a momas boy?
JH – My mother says she was making ribs so she told me to come home early. Korea back ribs, that part is pretty soleda.
SH – Ah, so you are being a soleda person with Korean cow back ribs…okay.
Jh – *lauhgs* you are so cute, CEO……sorry.
SH – it is better than looking old, bye.
JH – Okay, bye.

They change seats and she drives off with him watching her leave.

But she stops her car somewhere and looks at her photo of his hand. Smiling, she thinks, not an important number?

The next day we see Woo-seok looking upset in his office as he checked his cell phone.

Elsewhere, we see that Soo-hyun won the bid for the Cuba hotel. Her secretary calls her but she hangs up, however she calls again so she takes it and excuses herself. Jang tells her to lok at the link and then call her back, hurry.

She looks at the link and gasps silently.

Int he offices, we see that the rest stop date is all over the news. His face is blurred, but Hye-in knows that it is Jin-hyeok.

Everyone is shocked.

Cut to all the photos that the papparazzi people took. They are all very happy photos of SH and JH eating and laughing happily.

In the epilogue the fantasy story shows a shoe maker boy presenting a golden shoe to the queen.

We also see different collage shots until it gets to the welcome talk. Everyone in the audience disappears and we only see Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok sitting there.

Fade Out
Wow, this show is moving along quickly almost as if it is a 4 episode drama. It looks like office politics are not going to be the main storyline deterrent but that politics are? Bit it could be office shenanigans. We are going to try and translate all the character information to get a better understanding of where this show is headed because so far I really like it.

The soundtrack is amazing so far so we will try and put a music list together for this drama.


JH – I am not that happy because I saw a different world.
SH – I am not going to let Mom drag me and sell me again.
JH – CEO, lets go to the sea!
SH – Are you a monster? Why are you making a good hardworking guy a stalker?
JH – Do you have to finish up meeting as friends also?
SH – It still hurts to keep my distance again. So, that is why I want to quit now.

The top Image is by tvN and edited using PicMonkey.

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  1. Rose
    November 29, 2018 / 9:56 am

    Thanks V for the recap. I can finally understand what i just watched. Its funny that i cant understand what i was watching but im giggling and smiling while watching it. But i do know what was my reaction on the ending of this episode…..oh my god and wtf?! We are only on episode 2 and we already have that dilema? And i have to wait until next week to find out whats next?! 😮😮😮

    • V
      November 29, 2018 / 11:41 am

      Right! This dilemma on episode 2!!! I guess we can say that his face was blurred so maybe it won’t be as bad as I think it could be. But it migh make her take a step back? However they do go to the beach together…

      • Rose
        November 29, 2018 / 11:54 am

        Yup, im glad they showed that preview, atleast i’ll be looking forward on next weeks episode as somehow not too bad coz i think they might resolve that issue.

        Girl! Next time wear a wig not just a hat! 😂

        • V
          November 29, 2018 / 1:12 pm

          How about, get the ramen to go!

          • Rose
            November 29, 2018 / 1:39 pm

            Yup! Yup! That too! Take it to go then just eat it in the car…preferably rented car too and not use a car that the media knows its your car 😅

  2. Rose
    November 29, 2018 / 11:37 am

    Im starting to worry about 2 things after reading your recap V and watching the ep:

    1. That conflict this early? (People finding out that they went out to eat)
    2. The evil mother again….brings back bad memories of something in the rain 😂

    • V
      November 29, 2018 / 1:11 pm

      Yes, the conflict makes me think that this show is either going to push the couple to date very secretly (ie at work where there are no cameras).

      I am with you with the evil mother. Hopefully the father will step in, he seems nice.

      • Rose
        November 29, 2018 / 1:24 pm

        Yup, i hope so too. I hope the dad is not some sort of a spineless politician and father…and husband…..thats going to be bad news for our lovebirds.

  3. Shayri
    November 29, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Omg yes. The public reveal this early…. This kind of conflict, that mom, the cheat ex…. It’s all very reminiscent of Something in the Rain ☔. Let’s hope this one does much better & no band-aid ending.
    On a different note, I wonder what exactly they have in store for us since the predictable things are happening so early.

    • Rose
      November 29, 2018 / 12:33 pm

      Ikr? When i saw her mom being all bitchy…..omg! Something in the rain all over again? I hope not 😂

      • V
        November 29, 2018 / 1:13 pm

        I love how this show is giving everyone Something In the Rain flashbacks.

        • Rose
          November 29, 2018 / 1:41 pm

          Cant help it, that mother gave me nightmares 😂

          • sashaa
            December 1, 2018 / 7:47 am

            ha ha. I just don’t get it. What do these mothers gain from this?
            especially when your daughter is successful and making money by herself.
            Why are they still writing these plots. can’t stand these.

            • Rose
              December 1, 2018 / 12:12 pm

              I think i understand why, the mother here must want some financial support from the ex-husbands family, and the ex-husbands family needs the political connection maybe for business purposes thats why both mothers want to re-marry their kids. Both families can gain something with this re-marrying plan.

    November 29, 2018 / 12:28 pm

    Yes, it is too early to reveal so much which also means that there will be a lot MORE heart aches? I also hope that this doesn’t turn out to like something in the rain. I had to drop it ep 10, it was too much for me with her mom and everything. Everyone wants everything but not think about the person who is getting hurt…

    • Rose
      November 29, 2018 / 12:37 pm

      First of all, i just need to get this out of my system…is it JAMMMM or JAMMMMM….im not sure if im just seeing too much Ms 😂

      Anyways, i was also surprise about the reveals this early (like reeeeealy early). I dont mind it as long as the storyline goes smooth and they stick to the beauty of this drama 😊

      • Jammmm
        November 29, 2018 / 1:03 pm

        Haha, it’s JAMMMM (4 Ms) that represents my 4 most important Ms. But my fat finger issue with typing too fast and not seeing how many Ms I’ve put in…

        I really hope that too! Don’t make me drop this drama. I cannot stand mean mother (I had a mean mother, not drama way but not nice). I wanted to see the fluffiness of them for awhile but maybe we won’t get it. We can only hope for the best???

        • V
          November 29, 2018 / 1:15 pm

          The mean mother/mother-in-law trope has got to go! They should just make all the parents indifferent and absent like in US TV shows 😁

          • Rose
            November 29, 2018 / 1:20 pm

            Yup! Yup! They need to go! Bad juju! 😂😂

        • Rose
          November 29, 2018 / 1:27 pm

          Hahaha! Been there JAMMMM with typing too fast. Ending up posting a lot of typo errors 😅

          • JAMMMM
            November 29, 2018 / 1:52 pm

            PLEASE NO MORE MEAN EVIL MOMS!!! They are so selfish, always saying they are doing that for the kids but we all know they want that for themselves.!!!!! Should we protest? Haha… Glad we all have a same perspective on this issue~

  5. Rose
    November 29, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    I finally watched the sub episode (even if the sub was just 93% complete, i have dramamilk to help me with the rest 😂)….i think his bestfriend know its him even though the picture was blurred. Cant wait for next week! 😁

    • V
      November 29, 2018 / 5:22 pm

      I think the best friend knew, too. Maybe she will confront him about it next week. 🤔

      • Rose
        November 29, 2018 / 6:19 pm

        I think so too. Its funny when she said that they should stop talking about a princess from another world…and there he is, eating ramen with the ice princess 😄

        I suddenly remember inviting to eat ramen has another meaning right? Or it just has another meaning if you invite someone to eat ramen in your house? I just remembered the ramen thing because of Beauty Inside and Secretary Kim 😄

  6. RevSparklyAndroid
    November 30, 2018 / 8:06 am

    Hi guys, a little late to the party. I wasn’t considering watching this one, but the two dramas I’ve been watching let me down this week, so I needed a palate cleanser.

    I’ve enjoyed the two episodes so far, but I have a concern… Neither ‘Encounter nor ‘Boyfriend’ fills me with confidence about our leads living HEA. Add the Females Who Shall Not Be Named into the mix and I’m going to have to tread carefully.

    That said, the characters are very engaging and the actress playing Gu Eun-jin is one of my favourites, so this drama is firmly on my currently watching list. I’m looking forward to the discussions here.

    p.s. why do Kdrama characters who want to avoid being recognised choose window seats where THE WORLD can see them when dining out?

    • Rose
      November 30, 2018 / 1:31 pm

      Ikr? I was like “idiots! Why would you choose an area to eat where everyone can see you? Duh!” 😂

    • sashaa
      December 1, 2018 / 7:50 am

      ha ha. I was like you are driving in your fancy car and of course people will notice! whats the point wearing a cap if you are driving such an expensive car!
      And then you go sit in a window seat.

  7. Hannah
    November 30, 2018 / 10:04 am

    Is everyone know the english song on ep 2? The song goes like this :”you’re my flower and i’m your bee…” it’s a woman voice. I’ve been googling but can’t find it. Please tell me if you know. Thanks ❤

    • V
      December 1, 2018 / 2:28 pm

      I’ll put a music post together for Boyfriend so we can combine our forces to find all these songs 🙂

  8. sashaa
    December 1, 2018 / 7:57 am

    Firstly, I can’t, I just CANT stand her hairdo. Of all the possible bob haircuts (I get it that she is playing stiff on the outside) they had to choose this. It looks like a helmet is stuck to her head all the time. sorry, had to get it off my chest ; )

    And this whole mother/mother in law trope. I mean, i don’t get it. You are divorced but you still want your son to remarry the same woman? are there no other rich/political families in Korea? If you are such a rich chaebol family you should have more options in life. duh.
    And the mother character – what the f*** is with the writers writing such characters. Your husband is a political bigwig (apparently) and daughter is successful and rich. But still you want to kiss someone else’s butt? for WHAT?
    Sorry, this single trope is pissing me off so much I might drop this drama. But I want to see people gushing over ParkBu Gum (i like him ok, but he is too baby faced for my liking!!) so I might stick to it for a few more episodes.

    • V
      December 1, 2018 / 2:30 pm

      Right! These mamas are so power hungry! Your daughter is very impressive, just let her be impressive on her own. Goodness.

  9. Ryz
    December 14, 2018 / 10:59 pm

    Looking forward to the OST thread of Encounter!

    • V
      December 19, 2018 / 5:00 am

      Thank you for the reminder! I am so behind.

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