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Encounter: Episode 16 Live Recap

Encounter recap 16 final

I heard we have a happy ending which is all I truly want in any of my dramas. It has been a lot of fun recapping this show with everyone! See you on the next drama ^_^

Recap starts at 9am CST!

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Jin-hyeok walks to Soo-hyun’s office. Cuban music plays in the background. They stare at each other when he opens the door, then he walks to her desk.

SH – You didn’t go home yet? I am about to leave

JH – I understand you. I understands why you want to seperate

SH – Nam is waiting

JH – Listen to me. I can’t separate from you. You can go your own way, but, don’t expect the same thing from me. Ii am going to keep my promise. All the things I told you and promised you, I will keep it.

SH – That is a difficult decision

JH  – I know it is difficult. You can say farewell to me, but I am going to love. Lets bet on it again. To see if your goodbye wins or my love wins.

He sees that she is not wearing her ring.

JH – Be safe on your way home, see you tomorrow.

He turns and leaves. She takes a deep breath and sits. The painting in her office is of a girl alone on a bench.

On the way home, she thinks about what JH just told her.

ILLUSTRATION: The moon is by the girl and the sun is by the boy. They move closer to each other

JH goes to meet the tea ajumma at her studio. She tells him that he is having a bit of trouble since he wants to use the dark room. Did you finally break up with her.

JH – I thought about what is best for her, but I don’t think that is the answer. 

TA – Why do you look like that?

JH – I don’t know how it will go, so I am worried

TA – I will go to my garden so take your time.

JH goes to the dark room and starts to develop his photos.

The next day, Miok goes to the prosecutors office and is hounded by the press who ask her if she really recieved money from TaeKyung. She quietly goes inside and doesn’t answer any questions.

Hwajin is told that Miok is at the prosecutors office. Hwajin angrily hits all the chess pieces on the floor.

Miok leaves the prosecutors office that night. The news says that she went home after a long testimony. She recieved illegal donation money from Taekyung. Senator Cha is looking at this on the news. SH calls him to see if he is home and how he is doing. Appa tells her that everything is going the right way, dont’ worry.

They hang up. On the news it says that TaeKyung is denying all reports. But another hotel manager is a witness to the meeting. Cha jong Youngs arrest and Kim Hwa Jin’s testimony is imminent. Cha looks at the news for a moment, then leaves.

JH looks at the news and worries about SH. He calls her. She does not answer.

They both think in their rooms. JH holds a roll of film.

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Miok makes a meal at home. Possibly a last meal? Cha comes out, impressed and asks if she made it herself. She tells him to eat. They eat quietly yet pleasantly. But the doorbell rings. It is the prosecution team.

She starts to cry. He takes another bite of her food and then stands to comfort her a bit.

SH hurries to her fathers place. Nam drives her there. But then Nam gets word from a reporter Hubae who tells him that her appa is arrested. SH is understandable sad, she says that she didn’t even get to see his face.

At work, JH overhears people talking about how the CEO’s father is arrested.

SH cries in the car. She gets a text.

JH: Soo-hyeon, are you afraid? Don’t cry too much. Everyone who loves you are here. Remember that. Everything will go well.

Soo-hyeon gets home. Her mother is sitting on the couch.

SH – Did you eat?

MO – The prosecution team came, he was just starting to eat. It would be better if he had a chance to eat. It is the first time I made him brakfast. I really hate him. 

SH – You should be strong. When the courtcase starts, a lot of difficulty will come

MO – Do you hate me?

SH – I didn’t expect you to follow appa’s will and step up

MO – I thought I should at least be a mom. Dont’ be moved, I regret it already

SH – After the court case, lets take a trip.

MO – Do you think that king of thing is for our family at all? Just protect your hotel. Your appa says that it is his conscience as a politician, but he did it only to protect you from TaeKyung.

SH – Are you okay alone? I can give you a hotel room

MO – No, I don’t want to be in front of people. You know me, I won’t die

SH – In this kind of situation, even though it is difficult and hard for everyone. Just say that everything will be oka. Lets cheer up. I hope you say those things. It doens’t matter, it is nothing. Lets practice. I heard everyone lives like that. Even though you are not used to it. Lets practice it and live like that.

The camera fades away on the food that is still on the table.

At work, JH and HI talk in a sitting area. HI tells him to cheer up, I’m buying. He says that he is enjoying it.

HI – Can you tell me honestly?

JH – It’s nothing

HI – Hey, I know you.  As your friend, I don’t know anything that is going on around you.

JH – It’s just that I couldn’t help the CEO.

HI – Being next to her will be helpful for her

JH – I want to be next to her

HI – Something is going on between you right?

JH – She wants to break up because I will hav a hard time. So she cant continue it.

HI – It should hurt

JH – No, she is more in pain.

HI pulls out something, it is the red diary.

JH – What is this?

HI – You don’t remember it, you picked it for me.

JH – Ah, you still have it

HI – I will tell you a funny story. When I bought it, I didn’t like the color. But then you told me, what about this one? I dont’ like this color at all, that’s funny right? Sometimes I put my diary or a memo or something. Jin-hyeok, this is kind of embarrassing but, I used to like you. I wrote thing down here, when should I tell you, when will you notice my heart. Then you had a scandal with the CEO and got into a really good relationship with her.

JH – It must have been hard for you to come to work

HI – Of course, but then I had an idea. Did I really like you, or did I like the time that I liked you? When I saw you moving forward with the CEO with your standard I thought about it again. I just liked you, but I didn’t love you.

JH – I don’t know what to say

HI – Nothing, Jin-hyeok, you are a cool person. You are as cool as the CEO, so I support you.

JH – Hye-in, thank you for liking me.

HI – Its better than you saying, sorry, I didn’t know how you thought. That is a little less embarrassing.

JH –  was about to say that

HI – I don’t want you to end it with the CEo like that

JH – That will never happen

HI – Ah, this is all cold *the coffee*

JH – Because you confessed

HI – I didn’t confess, I turned myself in

JH _ It is not a crime to turn your self in

HI – Yeah…

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Elsewhere, Daechan meets with Mijin. They talk about JH and the CEo breaking up. But then she asks him why he wanted to see her. He says it is kind of strange with this mood. Then he hands over two pairs of earrings in a plastic bag.

She tells him that she has a metal allergy. He says it is 14 carat gold. Do you like this style? I noticed that you wear this style a lot. She pushes it back and says that she is not taking it.

MJ – You know, everyones situation is different right. I am sorry to say this sorry thing to you.

DC – Tell me, I am okay

MJ – I have standards, some people jump into different worlds and don’t care about condition, but I am not that kind of person. I am realistic. if it doesn’t meet my standards then it stops me. Meeting you is fun and a little soleda (heart fluttery) but I have a stopping break. 

DC – Yeah, it can happen. I can’t take this back, just take it and use it.

MJ – Just return it.

DC – Return? You can throw it away. My gift is a gift. I didn’t ask you to live with me. Just take it and think of it as a present from a friend and take it.

They start to laugh. He asks if she would like to have a beer. She asks if it is as a friend? he says yes and hops to get one.

Later on that night, Umma waits for Jin-hyeok at the bus stop. he asks how long she was waiting, she is all frozen. He tells her that they should go, but she wants to talk. They go somewhere to talk.

Umma – I want to tell you something

JH – I heard everything that you and appa said

Umma – You pretended like you did not know about it

JH – At first I didn’t know what to do, it hurt my heart, but I thought mom can do that

Umma – do you hate me?

JH- No, you can do that. Umma, you don’t know it yet, how much I love her and what kind of meaning she has in my life.

Umma – How much do you love her and what is the meaning

JH – I love her, Mom, Appa, and Jim-myung. She told me to break up. But when she told me that, she worried about you. Our house is simple and something that you cannot buy with money. She is afraid of breaking it. That is why she wants to break up with me.

Umma – I am really sorry

JH – Your heart is love and her heart is love, so umma, I am going to save this. Whatever it takes, I will protect both loves. Also, umma, until you understand and she is released from her guiltiness, I will wait where I am.

Umma – I was a little scared. I told your appa that I did it to protect you, but maybe I was afraid. It is okay if you hate me.

JH – I love you.

They hold hands and sit together.

SH gets home and thinks about JH. 

VO – I cannot break up with you.

VO  – Lets bet on it again. If your break up wins, or if my love wins.

Soohyeon sighs as she sis at home.

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At work, the advertisement team wonders if the senator Cha thing will affect their hotels image. But actually they have more customers now. They think it should be difficult for her since her father is arrested. Sunjoo tells them that they should just work hard so they start to talk about the wedding things. hangil edited the video so JH will add the music. They ask him if he did a good job editing it. Hangil tells them ofcourse.

Later on, Nam meets with JH for lunch. They eat ramen and laugh about food and what to eat next time. Nam tells the ajumma that she should have put a little dduk there, then he starts to eat. 

JH asks about the CEO’s father. He tells Nam, if you see him, tell him not to worry about the CEO, whatever he hears, it is only the process. Nam asks if this is about SH telling him to break up? Jinhyeok nods. Nam tell shim that SH is always like that. Others changed and she just endured. If it makes you sad…Jinhyeok says that it is only the process for everything to go well.

Nam –  honestly, are you having a hard time because SH is so cold?

JH – I am okay, because I am going to win

Nam – *chuckles* I don’t know what you aer going to win, but lets be happy.

JH – There is no sadness in my life. So, Nam…

Cut to Jin-hyeok replacing Nam to drive Soohyeon home. he tells her that he does not want to give her a hard time, he just wants to take her home safely and comfortable, so lets go.

They drive off quietly. He sneaks peaks at her.

JH – Sitting here, I understand Nam.

he drives her all the way home. She thanks him and gets out. He also gets out and gives her the film that he had at home.

JH – This is not a ring or anything, it is just film. These are the pictures I want to give you.

SH – Sorry, take it back

JH – Just take them. This is the Cha Soohyun that only you dont’ know about.

he puts it in her hands and then walks off. She looks at the film.

JH gets home in a contemplative mood. he looks at an old photo of Soohyun and mutters that she became the same. Then he looks at a page of film negatives.

At home, Soohyun holds the film cartridge and thinks.

In the morning, Umma makes a ton of sidedishes. Jin-myung wakes up and says that he hasn’t seen her make this much in a long time. He eat a little of it and then goes to wash up while wondering if something happened.

Cut to Umma meeting Soo-hyun in her office with all the side dishes.

Umma – It should be a difficult time for you. Are you uncomfortable because I also want to see yo?

SH – I am okay, you came all the way here

Umma – I think I made a mistake, I am love for JH and you are love for JH so he wants to protect all the love. I was worried at first

SH – It is not your fault

Umma – It is my fault

SH – Omonim, if I broke up with him because of what you said then I would beg you every day to let us date. the reason I decided is because the thing you worry about is also what I worry about. I like jinhyeok a lot. I dont want him to suffer all the hardships that I suffered. We broke up because I thought that was my way of loving him. So dont’ worry.

Umma – Well, I thought that you liked my food. It seems like you are having a hard time so I at least want you to have a nice meal. I hope you come to our house again to have dinner together sometime. Goodbye.

SH – Thank you so much.

Umma leaves.

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Soohyun sits with the side dishes at home. She looks at them still in the lunch bag. Then she gets a text.

JH: Did you eat dinner? I saw the moon on the way back, the moon is very pretty.

(He has sent her a lot of unanswered texts)

She does not answer this one either, but she goes to her window and looks at the moon. Holga split screen of both of them looking at it.


Wooseok tells his mother that she should eat something.

HJ – Her eyes always made me uncomfortable. Her behavior and what she says was obedient. But, her eyes bothered me. Something like, TaeKyungs power value and dignity, she did not look for any of that. So that always bothered me. I hated it.

WS – Mom, that is why you hated her. that is why I felt sorry for her

HJ – Finally she drags us

WS – The investigation can be longer, I will be close…

HJ – Whatever, do you think I did all that law suit to only get Donghwa hotel? The Cha Soohyun who barely breathed, changed. Sometimes she even looked cool. Who made Cha Soohyun like that wasn’t TaeKyung’s heir. It was the son of a fruit merchant. That bothers me. Lawsuit? I did worse than that before.

WS – Mom, just think about yourself, everyone will go back to their own position.

HJ – What about you, where do you belong?

WS – I will protect you and TaeKyung, dont’ worry.

Their lawyer or secretary comes ina nd says that people are there from the prosecution office. Wooseok tells him to tell them that he will bring her out soon.

Woo-seok rides with his mother to the prosecutors office. She gets out adn is surrounded by reporters. But her people make sure they dont’ get too close as she walks in. Wooseok stays in the car.

Soohyun and Mijin watch this from the news. Mijin feels good about it. But Soohyn turns off the TV.

Cut to her meeting her father in jail. He asks how her mother is. She says she visites her often with Nam, she does not want to leave the house, it is a bit difficult. Appa tells her that he is doing well, he has three meals a day and reads his book. She tells him to give her a list of books and she will bring them. he asks her about why she broke up. You are starting to lose your smile. SH just mentions that she does not want JH or his family to become like that.

Appa – Do you know what I think about the most here? I thought I did my best, but no one is happy. You, your mom, me. I know you care about others, but when you were asked a fundamental question, you have to think about yourself first. Do you think you can live like this your entire life?

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Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok calls tea ajumma to see if she went to the dark room yet. She says that she did not. Do you want me to call when she does? He says no, she doesn’t have to. They get off the phone.

Jin-hyeok looks at his collection of Soohyeon’s things and thinks about her high heels. He pulls out a pen and paper and starts to write something.

At home, Soohyun sits in bed looking at the film cartridge.


Soohyun gets to her office and asks Mijin what this thing is on her desk. Mijin says that Jin-hyeok wanted her to give it to her. Mijin leaves. On her desk is a red box.

Soohyeon opens the box and sees her shoes that she had in Cuba. She starts to cry softly but tries to hold it in. Then she sees the note.

Note: These are the shoes that brought you to me. I believe these shoes will bring you back to me again. Now, you walk on a difficult road only. Remember, while looking at these shoes, our happy steps….

Flashback to Cuba

…Cha Soohyun, you are my only love. DOnt’ forget. Everything I told you. And all my promises. I am going to keep them. You break up with me. I will continue loving you. I will love.

SOohyun gets up and runs off. 

At home, Jin-hyeok looks at all the happy photos of Soohyun smiling brightly that he took of her. he smiles while looking at them and then sits back and thinks. But he also sees that it is snowing outside, so he hops up and looks at the snow. he decides to leave.

Nam drives Soohyeon to a certain location. She says she will hope out here.

Nam – Ah, it is even snowing *chuckles*

Possible flashback to Soohyun going to the tea ajummas to develop the film. The teacher tells her that se looks so happy in these photos. Soohyun remembers that these are the photos that he wanted her to see. The Cha Soohyun is here that only she does not know about.

Nam asks her if she should go home, she says that they should go to Hongjaedong. Nam is so exuberantly happy.

In the present, Soohyun walks up the street and sees Jin-hyeok at the playground. He is sitting with his back to her on the swings. She smiles when she sees him and kind of tears up. Then she wants to him.

SH – What should you do when the playground disappears?

He is shocked to see her standing behind him, smiling. he stands up and stands in front of her.

SH – I saw the heart that only I did not know about. The time I spent with you, I am smiling all the time. I never knew I smiled that much.

JH – Live your life smiling like that, Soo-hyeon.

SH – Without you, Jin-hyeok, I cant smile. Let me stay next to you. I want to live my life smiling next to you. I am sorry to tell you to break up. I am sorry.

They hug warmly.

JH – Don’t be sorry. Thank you for being brave.

he holds her face and tells her that he loves her. She also tells him that she loves him. They kiss under the snow.

Nam is super happy in the car. He thinks this is a good mood and wonders why she isn’t coming back.

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They end up going to the Snail bar to eat Snail happily. DC tells them to enjoy it. Jin-myung is about to join them but DC drags him out. Soohyun tells JH that his mother made her a lot of side dishes, she didnt’ eat them because she felt sorry to her, but now she can hear it. He asks where she put the couple ring? She shows it to him in a case in her purse and says that she had it with me all the time, so dont’ give me a hard time about it. he jokes that she is loyal, she says it is love, not loyalty.

he tells her to give it to him. She does so he puts it back on her finger.

JH – Never take it off again. Promise me.

SH – Okay, I will never take it off again and I will take a lot of pictures with the camera. 

JH – How is the camera case?

SH – It is okay

JH – DO you know why I gave it to you?

SH – I know, you want to be my house

JH – See, you are so smart and know everything but want to have a sad ending

She says it was her temper tantrum because she was mad, but they can make a pretty house together. It might take a year. But it doesn’t matter if it takes long, you will be next to me for a long lon time. They keep talking back and forth about this. Then eat and drink into the night.

The camera scrolls to the sign that says “Closed Today”

Soohyun put the letter in a glass that JH wrote in Cuba “I wanted to ask you if I see you again, do you have a boyfriend?”


A new employee is in the advertisement team. hangil is the manager and asks him if he can drink. The new employee says that prejudice with drinking is a bad thing. HG asks him if he is a mamas boy? He says yes, he kind of is.

HG asks Jinhyeok how he educates the new employees. Jinhyeok says that he will start with the beer, spoon by spoon. Eunjin tells him that they drink beer with spoons. Do you like Ojino? We are a good match. The new employee says he does not think so.

They keep up this playful banter until sunjoo tells them all to work. Jh then tells the new employee that he will teach him how to make faxes and copies.


Wooseok sits in the seat his mother usually sits in at home. the secretary comes in and says that his mother refused a meeting request. he tells him to try again next week.

Cut to Daechan and Mijin meeting again. They are meeting for lunch and drinking the sweet drink that she likes. MJ tells him that he has hope, but he shouldn’t. He tells her of course he has hope. Just look at your heart carefully and figure out why you keep meeting me. He smiles and keeps drinking his drink.

Now we see Miok in her small art gallery. She actually smiles.

Soohyun meets her appa. He looks good and tells her that she looks good. They talk about Jin-hyeok coming to visit him often. But he is boring, he always talks about books, is it the same with you? Soohyeon says that he always talks about good restaurants with her.

Appa and Umma talk about Jin-hyeok at the fruit store. Umma jokes that she hates Jin-hyeok for giving her a hard time becuase he brings Soohyun to eat all the time and she can’t curculate the menu that often. Appa says to charge them. umma is all like, yeah.

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Elsewhere, Nam meets with Sunjoo over a meal. It looks like they just went hiking? nam complains about it. he says that they were supposed to hike to the mackgoli house. If you go any higher than it is like rock climbing. Then he starts to talk about how he has a big head so it is harder to climb a mountain due to gravity. People like you with small heads dont know anything. Sunjoo tells him that he puts his head size everywhere.

he mentions that you dont’ get fat with acorn jelly. She is all like, what if I eat this and become like you. He is all like, what are you talking about? They toast and keep eating.

At the snail bar, we see Hye-in and Jin-myung working. JM shows her a picture of his army friend that is the same age as her. he has a nice personality, do you want me to set you up? She says no. JM is all like, why not? Do you still like Jin-myung? She pushes him away like a little brother. he is all like, why not meet him?

Somewhere in the city, JH and SH walk around and comfortably talk in banmal to each other. She asks if he saw her appa. Then she says her appa says he is so boring because he only talk about books. JH says that he started with music but they had no common intersts, so he changed to books. They keep walking. he asks her if they had ham in the fridge, maybe they can make fried rice. they playfully talk about that for a while. Kimchi and ham friend rice, will it taste good? It should taste good.

They keep walking and talking. She says the Cuba Hotel is done so she shouldn’t be too busy soon. He asks to spare time. She asks him if they can go to Santiago? He tells her that they can go there – after getting married.

They both look at each other and smile.

Then they start walking again. She tells him that today is a good day, so let’s eat something that is really good. How about chungook chang (super smelly dwenjang chigae).

They sit by a murial and try to pose exactly like it. Then they go to a leather craft shop. He asks her when she will make his camera case. She asys he is thinking about it. 

He takes her photo as they walk around and we see a lot of flashbacks of the two of them together.

JH – From all those many stars, only one star is looking at me.

SH – Among these many people looking at that star, this lovely you and me.

JH – Where? Will become what?

Both – We will meet again.

ILLUSTRATION: The sun and moon meet along with the girl and boy. They become a star and go into the sky.


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This show ended very nicely. I love how we had story left to tell all the way to the end.

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    Love that JH Omma came to her senses well and that she was humble about her mistake. I also love that SH was honest of her feelings towards JH with Omma. And boy I got hungry with Omma’s box full of home cooked food.

    Love that SH Omma also at least redeemed herself though it may be very very small when she said something within the lines of being a proper mother at least once to SH.

    SH had to run to tea ajumma’s place to see what JH meant about the side of herself only she doesn’t know about. It was a revelation for her that she does deserve to smile a lot more and not to suffer for everyone else’s sake. And the way JH is sensitive to what SH needs and went with his guts of sending her the film, taking her home, basically telling her I won’t give up on you even if you choose to walk away. Aigoooo, he IS the perfect boyfriend. And yes, I agree with MJ when she said (at least one or two episodes back) that one would not easily find another JH who matches well and loves her. (my boyfriend just had his celebratory HA! as I typed that last sentence, he was snooping in on my comment draft)

    MJ and DC had a nice, positive open-ended thing. I liked how DC did not force MJ when he presented the earrings. Guess that’s why he and JH are friends. They do not impose. They are patient with the women and let things run its course. Very very rare nowadays to find such men.

    As for HI, though her confession was late if she had wished more with JH, I gladly welcomed it. It went to show that she was a true friend.

    For some reason, I felt sad for WS. He had little screen time yet I vastly ached and felt sorry for him as his mother was to go to prison and in that scene where he was looking around in a big, cold, empty house. I feel sorry that him being sheltered and dependent of his mother all these years now left him looking lost on what to do next. sigh.

    Thank you oh so much V for recapping this whole drama. I’m glad to read you’re feeling better. I hope you fully recover asap. I will always check in here for other stuff for sure. Thank you for entertaining one who is truly obsessed. I admit, this habit of checking Encounter recap’s comment section wouldn’t wear off soon.

    Rose, your comments are one of those I looked forward to every Wednesdays and Thursdays. I hope to see you around in the other threads. ❤️

    Thanks eveyone for putting up with my episode rants. I appreciated our interactions, though tiny in a sense it’s through words in this big web.

    • Rose
      January 24, 2019 / 5:29 pm

      Wow girl! You are most definitely happy about the ending and i dont think anyone will mind a happy kind of rant 😄

      And im touched that someone was looking forward on my comments coz i think sometimes all i do was rant or share my thoughts and wasnt expecting anyone will like it, just me venting out everything whats on my head and heart….thank you @CAMILLE 😍

      I guess our imaginary soju session will go on a different route since that this drama has a happy ending…and i dont mind that at all! See you too on other kdramas no matter what day might that be. And thank you V for all the hard work recaping this one! 😘

  10. Rose
    January 24, 2019 / 5:38 pm

    Btw, sub episode is not yet complete at VIKI but i watched the unsubbed one earlier……and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Aesthetically beautiful and well made ending! Im so happy how they end this drama. Dont know if they change anything during the making of this drama (coz kdrama tends to do that most of the time)…whatever they did making this, they made it right. I will make my happy rant later once i watched the subbed version. 😁

  11. Jeff
    January 24, 2019 / 7:01 pm

    Thank you all for the effort in coming up with the great recaps. So happy to read thsi inteh morning before I actually watch the final episode tonight! Looking forward to the next great drama.

  12. Rose
    January 24, 2019 / 10:15 pm

    Atlast i watched the subbed one….i was crying and smiling at the same time while watching it. Its a good thing my daughter and husband are already asleep or else they might think i lost my mind 😂

    -i cant remember what episode was it, but it said before that JH is a stubborn person and when he wants something he will not stop. I guess he used it well on this episode. He never gave-up on SH, he tried, and tried, and tried, and paid off.
    – i guess i can live with it that Mijin and DC didnt end up together but seems its still headed that way.
    -the conversation of JH and his mom was what really brought me to tears. That scene alone can win both of those actors an acting award…it was heartfelt scene that. JH showed her that he doesnt need to choose w/c one he loves most. (And again, my sentiments, if she only talked to her son first before SH, she wont act that harsh…but this is kdrama…so… 😅)
    -As time passed, i guess people doesnt seem to look at them like celebrity while walking around on a date. I guess they got used to seeing JH and SH being together. Thats how people are in reality, we are only interested on whats new and when we get used to its, we move on to a different news. SH has learned that she can get used to people looking at her and JH and at the same time be happy.
    -ah…Super Nam….love…love…love his reactions when JH said that he will win…when SH asked him to drive her to that playground area…and his “lunch date” with SJ.
    -the songs on the important parts of this episode…it was mesmerizing. Of all the kdrama i watched, this is the one with the best selection of songs to use.
    -I wish ex-husband will find the one he will love and love him back. He deserves that (and i apologize for my harsh words about him..im just too emotional at that time 😅)

    Now….need to find a new drama that will fill-up my Encounter addictions…i dont care what day will it be, i hope the new ones that are about to come will be as good as this one or much better. 😁

    Now i need to contimplate if im going to buy their OST at Amazon 😁

    • Anonymous
      January 30, 2019 / 7:25 pm

      OST is on Spotify now 🙂

  13. Carol
    January 26, 2019 / 5:10 am

    Lovely ending. Some just end with a getting-back-together kiss, but we had a wonderful peek into their regular lives after that kiss! Was hoping to see some beautiful babies, though!

  14. Anonymous
    January 26, 2019 / 11:21 am

    I will be one voice to vote for Encounter part2-to be continued.
    I feel very happy with JH and beauty SH, Love most,
    But I still have many questions in my head. the final is the Best but it’s too shot such as,
    What is the final for
    1. Cha JH and MO, final Judgment?
    Cha JH will be back to politics or Not?
    2 WS and HJ, after court Decision?
    3 Donghwa shares future and CO-CEO
    4. MJ and DC, lovely couple
    5 lovely PO and friendly HI
    6 Nam and HE if she knew now?
    7. Cuba Hotel?
    Thank you for your answer.

  15. Aymy
    January 28, 2019 / 2:04 am

    I must confess that I really searched for spoilers while waiting for the subbed version to come out, on different SNS and tv channels. I also kept coming back here. I agree with one tweet that this episode was probably when she abused the refresh button. I experienced the same thing just to keep updated.

    That was really one satisfying ending, it didn’t feel rushed at all, consistent with the entire series. They tried to have closure on all loose ends. I really loved the proposal by JH “can we go as newlyweds” and SH was smiling happily, unlike when JH asked her previously and she was so hesitant and even changed the subject.

    Kudos to the two leads and all support who really acted out their characters so well. And the two – oh how I loved their facial expressions! Definitely wishing they will be up for awards.

    I will also have a hard time moving on because I have downloaded the entire OST. Too bad Drunken Truth was not in it LOL.

    One of the most romantic series EVER, hands down. Too bad some people are too close-minded and can’t move on from the fact that SHK is married to SJK, and that SHK is more than a decade older than PBG. Well, I respect their opiniom but watchers like those will find it very hard to enjoy shows even if purely for entertainment value.

    Again, thanks so much for your recaps, V! Looking forward to the next one. And to all other commenters, see you in the next drama! 😉

    • V
      January 28, 2019 / 10:56 am

      So happy to have you with us on this show, Aymy!

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