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Encounter: Episode 14 Live Recap

Encounter Recap Episode 14

There will probably be tears galore today on both sides of this coupledom. Hopefully they can make it right, because I don’t really want to see a Romeo and Juliet ending in Cuba.

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Soo-hyun curls up on the couch and cries. Or maybe she is all cried out and is just curled up there, completely spent. The camera focuses on the painting of the girl alone and then we see Soo-hyun again. She is thinking about Jin-hyeoks mother.

VO – I just want my family to live like we are now, quietly and happily. I am worried that Jin-hyeok will be hurt and people will talk about him for a long time. I am really sorry, can you break up with Jin-hyeok?

ILLUSTRATION: The girl is sitting on a moon and holding the sun


Soohyun sits at work staring at nothing in particular. Mijin comes in with the flowers in a preservation container. 

MJ – As you asked

SH – How long do you think this will last without going bad?

MJ – I heard 5 years. WHo gave it to you? Another friend that I don’t know that got married.

SH – You are my only friend, thank you.

MJ – …okay.

Mijin slowly walks out.

In the advertisement team, everyone is working as normal. But Han Gil touches the former managers desk as if it might be his seat. He smiles. But Eunjin gives him a bad look so he sits. Jin-hyeok gets a call from Myungshik (nam) to meet.

Cut to Jin-hyeok sitting for tea and a meal with SOo-hyun’s father. He asks if he is nervous and tells him not to be nervous, I just want to eat together.

CJH – What is it like with my Soohyun?

JH – What do you mean?

CJH – You have a lot of hardships but you are still dating. he never says much so I want to ask you.

JH – I love her a lot. She is the first one to teach me what love is so I want to be responsible for that love.

CJH – I have homework that I hesitated to do for a long time. Well, not hesitating, but I could not do it because it was cowardly. I was worried that Soohyun would be left alone. I couldn’t do it. But now I will do that homework. I am glad, with you. Please take care of Soohyun well. Please be a nice reliable and stable wall for her.

JH – I will be next to her all the time so she will not be lonely.

Jin-hyeok goes home smiling as he puts on his clothes. he is living his best life. he sits on his bed and looks at all the things he collected that remind him of Soohyun. Then he pulls out his phone to search for leather work.

The next day, Daechan gets a wrinkle kit from Mijin. He wonders if he has to put these things under his eyes, she tells him that it is her gift to him. But then they start to talk about what was written on the note that Jin-heoks mother gave to SOohyun. DC says that you shouldn’t read those things. Mijin says that she think that is the cause but Soohyun is not saying anything so it is driving her crazy. She wasn’t even like this when Taekyung was giving her a hard time.

Jinmyung comes in happily and starts to talk to them. They ask how his family is. he says his mother is acting strange, she asked him how to shop online. Maybe she does not want to go grocery shopping anymore. Then he talks about going to a class reunion and wants to know if Mijin noona can work one day? That would be great! Mijin wonders why she should, that is a waste of talent! JM asks DC what is going on, you said she was a goddess of serving. DC says that she is, she was super great. So Mijin looks charmed and asks, when is it! Then smiles.

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Elsewhere, SH’s appa goes to see his friends resting place. 

CJH – Hey, I haven’t seen you for awhile Jung-pyo. Since I was a mayor election, I could not visit you. In the begining, I convinced myself that this was for the big deads. But a little change in angle ended up off the tracks, then I couldnt’ see you more because of it. For awhile, I could not come here. Wrap it up well, and be back again.

He leaves and runs into Nam and Sunjoo walking in. This must be the brothers memorial day. Sunjoo is startled and says she didn’t expect him. Nam tells him that it is nice to see him there, hyungnim.

They all go to eat. Nam thinks they should all go drink today and thinks they need a driver. SJ wants to know why CJH went there alone, secret from them. We always came together on my brothers memorial, but at some point you could not come. Nam tells her to just call him with one think, It feels like 4 people are eating, ajusshi, senator. 

CJH says that he won’t be a senator anymore soon. SJ thinks he will change his name when he goes to the Blue House. CJH is all like, shh, people might be listening. I came her to report to Jungpyo today. SJ asks what report. CJH calls for a mackgoli and starts to talk about how the soup is.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok goes to the leather store in order to make a case for his camera. He goes to the leather area to pick out one the might work.

Later on that night, SOohyun eats and drinks with Mijin at an outdoor drinking place. 

MJ – Cha Soohyun, when you said we should have a drink, I thought we should drink wine but….gizzard. Oh, you eat gizzard so naturally. Did you come here often to the street bar?

SH- Yes it is attractive.

MJ – Yes, it is attractive, during the day, snail, at night, street bar. Good combination. Tell me what happened.

She starts to aks what happened, tell me. SH says nothing but she has a headache.

MJ – You met Kim Jin-hyeoks mom

SH – No

MJ – I know, you should not lie, what happened. Did she tell you to break up?

SH – No, not like that

MJ – Then what is it?

SH – I wonder if I should keep dating him?

MJ – Hey, honestly, I worried a lot when you and Jin-hyeok got close to each other. When I saw you two, I acknowledged it, you had good times. Why do you worry now?

SH – I think I am not a good fit with him.

MJ – With whom? Jin-hyeok?

SH – The family.

MJ – This isyour disease, you think about others too much. Just think about yourself, not the family.

SH – This is the first time for Jin-hyeok, I married once and everyone knows me. I think what we can dream about has limitations.

MJ – Jin-hyeok does not care about those things.

SH – It bothers me. It drives me crazy.

MJ – Hey, it is the first time for you. *tears up*. You, it is first love for you.

SH – *Cries* I really don’t want to break up Mijin.

MJ – Just think about yourself!

SH – I can’t, I want to ignore it, but my heart drops.

MJ – Think about what you endured. You went through more difficult times then this. This is not the first. I thought you would just die so many times. But you went through all those times. DOn’t think abotu it. 

SH – I worry about it a lot. Jin-hyeok already made his choice. Regardless of commonsense, he made his choice to endure everything with me. But what about the family? Becaue of me.

MJ – I understand, but nothing has happened yet, why are you alraed afraid?

SH – This kind of life, when it starts, it storms. There is no time to look back. I can’t just ignore it.

MJ – SOohyun, you should talk to Kim Jin-hyeok

SH – You know what kind of person he is. He will tell me not to worry and will just suffer by himself. Moving forward or not, I am the only one thta can decide.

MJ – You remember this one thing, Kim Jin-hyeok is better than me. I only watched you but he embraced you and carried you and will go to the end with you. There is no other person like him.

Tears all around as theysit there.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok is in bliss as he learns how to make a leather case at the leather studio.

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Soohyun is at home sitting at her boudoir getting ready. Jin-hyeok calls. She answers. He tells her that it is her day off right? She says yes.

JH – Aw, you didn’t call me?

SH – I have a business trip

JH – With Nam?

SH – No, personal

Jh – Ah…

Cut to them riding together. JH is driving and tells her that she should have called him. She needs to use her boyfriend more. You are too independent. She says that she wanted to give him a day off, but he retorts that not seeing his girlfriend is not resting.

They go to a museum. Soo0hyun looks at the paintings in a stoic and distant way. Jin-hyeok watches her and realizes that something is probably wrong. He goes up to her and tells her that he is sorry his phone call was toolong, do you like this painting?

SH- I like the color

JH – Nice weather, do you want to walk a little bit?

they start walking off. Also in the room is a woman. The curator comes to her and says, hello creator. The woman turns around and also looks at Soohyun who is walking out.

Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun walk around outside. he says that he is calculating his vacation days. he has a lot, including summer vacation. Our comapny is good to its employees so if I use it all at one time, no one gives me a hard time. She smiles and says that company is like that.

JH – Why don’t we go on a Santiago pilgrimage for 10 days this summer? Would it be troublesome for the company if you take too many days off? Think about it. I will find the best walking course.

SH – I heard a lot of friends go there and fight. it is difficult when youwal.

JH – It shouldn’t be for us. If it is difficult then I will carry you. In June it will be hot with a lot of people, right?

Cut to them driving back. She is quiet so he looks at her on occassion. Then he answers a call from Teacher Lee. He says that he is with CEO and he will tell her.

JH – Teacher Lee wants to see you alone. 

SH – Why?

JH – She wants to talk bad about me. It is difficult to talk bad about me, there are only good stories. So don’t go there alone. She knows all my bad history. you can visit her at another time, like when you are having a hard time. She will listen well. But her solution is weak, almost non existent.

Soohyun smiles and looks out the window again. Jin-hyeok definitely feels like something is up.

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Soohyun gets home and plops on her couch. She looks at her collection of Jin-hyeok’s things and sighs. Then she goes to her room that has paintings all around, and falls on her bed. She thinks about Jin-hyeok in her bed plopping on the sheets happily and cuddling with her. She starts to tear up a little bit and then gets up.

She walks to her dresser and opens a drawer, maybe for a sleeping pill? But she closes it and sits at her desk. Then we see her sitting on the couch again. She sighs.

Elsewhere, Umma and Jin-hyeok sit to eat together at a cafe. She wonders if she should call Appa? He says no, do you like appa more than me? They both smile and he says that he likes eating chicken with her. They joke a bit about that and then Jin-hyeok gets a little serious.

Jh – Umma, when CEO came to our place, how did you like it?

Umma – She was just a guest to treat well

JH – You know she is not just a guest

Umma – To me, I worry about you and her more.

JH – Yes, you worry a lot because we are so different.

Umma – Jin-hyeok, will it be difficult when your class is so different?

JH – *thinks* I never knew I would like someone this much. First, I thought it was a coincidence. But after time passes, I don’t feel like she is just a coincidence passing by. I hope you like her also, she is a good person. I think she makes me a good man. 

Umma – Jin-hyeok

JH – She is that kind of person, umma.

Umma – Honestly, to me, you are still young. So I dont’ want you to decide one way. You will hve a lot of time and the world is big.

JH – There are only two women I love inthis big world. My mother and her. Are you ging to ask me who I love more? I love both the same, just different. Loving you and her.

Umma – Yes, it is different. Umma doens’t change becaue I am umma, she is ~

Jh – She won’t change. I think we have passed all that time. *grabs his moms chicken* Give this to me, I will do it for you.

He starts to peel the chicken and we fade out to Soo-hyun and the tea ajumma teacher.

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TA – It is good that you are quick, I asked you to come by to talk bad about him and you came right away. How was it after eating at the house. WHy do you look like that, did something happen?

SH -Teacher, today, can you be my bamboo tree forest (Korean old story)?

TA – Of course, don’t worry about anything, the Kings ears are donkey ears (based on the Korean story). It will be a secret from Jin-hyeok.

SH – I have a lot more smiling days after meeting him. I never have been this happy.

TA – Yes, Jin-hyeok is that kind of person.

SH – Jin-hyeoks mother visited me

TA – *deep breath* you were surprised?

SH – No, I thought, it finally came. My first worry was about his parents. One day, Jin-hyeok told me to have “some” it is a happy think to hear, right? But I was worried while I was happy. Should I do this? What about his parents? Will they welcome me? Why do I have those ideas first? It is not worrying about the hotel or those things that suffocate me. Will Jin-hyeoks parents like me? That was the first thing. Actually, I feared this the most. Jin-hyeok’s family and normal happiness, if that was disturbed by me, then there is no answer. Should I just argue? Should I ask them, beg them to understand me? Should I do that? *tears*. I already know how difficult public life is and how uncomfortable it is. I know it, so, I know I should quit. *cries*

Tea ajumma listens to her and thinks. But Soo-hyun left without us hearing what she said, if anything.

Soohyun sits at home.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok makes the leather case for the camera.

Umma sits at home with soju and cries.

The next day, Wooseok reads thepaper. Int he paper it says that Cha Jong-hyun supports the other political party and supports them, he is not running for the presidency. it is big news.

Sun-joo and Jin-hyeok also read this paper at work.

Woo-seok puts the paper down in concern and thinks about his mother saying that they need to take care of the hotel now. He looks at the share percentages at the hotel

Hwa-Jin – 17.6

Soo-hyun – 26.42

Woo-seok – 37.29

Etc – Everyone else

Woo-seok looks like he is thinking hard about this. Flashback to a conversation with his mother.

HJ – Can I trust that you will do this the way I expect of you? If you do it another way then I will not forgive you even though you are my son.

In the present, Hwajin thinks that she is betrayed. How dare Cha Jong-hyun throw away TaeKyung before we can throw you away. How dare you. She stands up with a headache.

HJ – I will kill you all.

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Elsewhere, Miok meets with her husband Cha Jong-hyun in his office.

CJH – Where you very surprised? I am sorry I did not tell you.

MO – How can you do this to me? My dream is nothing? The dream of my entire life can be trashed? I did all of this, endured everything, why!

She starts to cry.

CJH – SOo-hyun’s mom, you did a good job. Lets just dream about something else.

MO – No, there is no other dream, it is all done.

CJH- You should finish this up

MO – What are you talking about? Get real.

CJH – This is just the begining, I need your help.

At work, Sun-joo looks at the news article and thinks about what CJH told her about how he will not be a senator anymore. He came there to tell Jungpyo.

Hye-in wonders if TaeKyung’s pressure will be bigger? Hangil thinks that a war is starting. Eunjin thinks it might be better, the CEo does not have to care about her fathers image anymore. Jin-hyeok has a flashback to CJH telling him about hesitating on one of his dreams, but the biggest thing is that he worries about SOo-hyun being left alone. But she is with you so I am happy.

Eunjoo says, it is not? hangil tells her to shut it.

Meanwhile, Soohyun meets with her father in her office. She tells him that he tried hard, why are you doing this?

Appa – Soohyun, this is just the beginning. (he says an old CHinese saying “It is not like you have power in a position, you should do good things while in that position, something no one can do and you have to do it. That is good politics right? So appa feels really good. Dont’ worry. Why does my daughter looklike this? I was able to be courageous because of my daughter. Taekyung will give you a harder time, you should be strong and it will all be taken care of.

SH – DOn’t worry about me, I am not afraid anymore.

Appa – Ah, my daughter is cooler now, that is good. *phone rings* Okay, I should recieve phone calls now.

he goes outside and meets Nam. Nam is all like, what happened Hyung-nim?

CJH – Lets have mackgoli

Nam – You have time but I am at work now!

CJH – You can get fired again.

Nam – What are you talking about?

Scene change to Soohyun and Jin-hyeok. Jin-hyeok says that he can drive her, Nam called becuase he was super drunk. But SOohyun is driving and says that she will take him home so he should just go there comfortable.

JH – Were you surprised?

SH – Yes I was, I was surprised because my father was so cool. It shouldn’t be an easy decision, but I think he thought about it alot. 

JH – He worried that you would be left alone. I couldn’t help. This kind of time,do you know what you have to do? Be happier. Your father cares about you a lot and the hotel employees all support you. Whatever happens, I will protect you so think about bieng happy.

SH – Okay.

JH – But your smile looks a bit ambiguous.

The phone rings, it is Mijin. She says that she forgot to tell her that the data she asked about overseas business was sent to her personal mail, not the company mail. She is at the Snail Bar and they hear noises in the background. JH realizes that she is there and says that they should go there. But Soohyun wants to go home.

JH tells her to pick one, play with me or eat Golbaengi (snail)? Which one?

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Elsewhere, Jinmyung is at his class reunion. His class is looking at their phone at the news about SOohyun and his brother. They tell him that his family will be rich. JM tells them that their family was doing fine already, it was just him that wasn’t. They tell him to tell his hyung to get a position for him. JM says that his brother is not the CEO, he is just an emplyee. But they say that he seduced the CEO so he is like the CEO. 

JM says that he did nto seduce her, they met in Cuba. They ask about his fathers business, why not ask to open a grocery store? Jm tells them to stop asking about his brother since this is there class reunion. But this one guy keeps talking about looking like Jin-hyeok so he can seduce someone rich. One of the girls tells him to stop becuase Jin-myung is uncomfortable.

But the guy keeps talking. Finally he says Jin-hyeok loosk like a good guy but he has a sexy thing…Jin-myung stands  up and punches him. It is a huge row. The classmates try to break it up, but that isnt’ really happening. Daechan gets a call from JM and runs away. He tells Mijin not to accept any more customers, he is in a hurry.

he runs off to the police station and asks where Jinmyung is. He is actually right behind him so DC sighs when he sees him.

However, right at that moment, Jin-hyeok and Soohyun show up to the snail bar. Mijin is hesitant to say what is going on. JH ends up calling to find out. Mijin tells SH that she talked DC about it and that Jin-myung’s friend talked bad about Jin-hyeok. SOo-hyun looks like all her fears are confirmed.

Jin-hyeok runs into the police station. Soo-hyun dropped him off and waits outside. Jin-hyeok sits with his brother and holds his hand. Soo-hyun looks through the window at them both.

VO – Jim Yung’s friend talked bad about Jin-hyeok.

Jin-hyeok and Jin-myung sit together but don’t speak. Soo-hyun walks away, thinking.

VO – The neighbor said that JH got a job because of the CEO. You and Jin-hyeok are very different, you know. Jin-hyeok will get hurt. I worry that people will talk about him for a long time.

Soohyun gets in her car and thinks.

VO – Don’t be afraid….

VO – The closer I am to you, I hesitate because your normal life is disturbed

VO – Your past is not improtant, because I love Cha soohyun and want to be with her everyday. Will you do that with me?

She rests her head on the steering wheel and lightly cries.

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Later that night, JM and JH sit ont he playground jungle jim and talk. 

JH – Did it hurt?

JM – I didn’t get hit too much. Sorry, I did not want to make trouble after the army.

JH – Good job. 

JM – What? I just fought

JH – Hey, just listening to someone talking bad about their family is a bad thing. Good job.

JM – I should have just hit him anyway becasue he was bothing me every since school. It is not about you so don’t mistaken it

JH – You are all grown up now.

JM – I am not, I am still fighting like this.

JH – Later, be friends with him again, he is your long term friend.

JM – Maybe not, think of something else.

JH – If you are friends again then I will think of something else.

JM – How much was it? A lot?

JH – I took care of it, It is our secret. Mom and Dad will worry about it.

JM – You are not angry?

JH – Jin-myung, Hyung is sorry.

JM – Why? It is not about you.

JH – But why do you say you to me (not hyung)

Jm – Ah, I don’t know, my chin hurts more.

JH – Let me look at your cute face. I should give you popo popo.

JM – That is why I called you, “you”

JH – Be careful (hopping down) Lets go.

They walk back to their home. Jin-hyeok goes to his room and sits with a sigh on his bed. He thinks about Soo-hyun at the musem

VO – Whatever happens, I will protect you and think about you being happy

VO – Really?

VO – Your smile is ambiguous

Jin-hyeuk calls SOo-hyun. She answers right away.

SH – How is Jin-myung?

Jh – They just argued while drinking, Guys do that, it is really nothing. Don’t worry. Ah, I shouldn’t have told you to come to my neighborhood, it made you worry more. I called you because you will keep worrying about it.

SH – I feel better ater getting your phone call.

JH- SO sleep well, you can work tomorrow.

SH – Okay

JH – Good night

The image changes to the Holga spit screen of the two of them, worrying.


the advertisement team has a meeting about the wedding photos. The images are good so they all like them. Eunjin complains about the model being too tall. Her and Hangil start to bicker a bit, Everyone else looks on and smiles.

Meanwhile, Mijin meets with Soohyun.

Mj – CEO, well, I don’t know if I should tell you this but Jang Sooah contacted you. Jung Wooseoks ex. She wants to see you.

Cut to their meeting.

Ex – I wanted to see you at least once, but I was not courageous enough.

SH –  Well, we shouldnt’ see each other.

Ex – Yes, that is true, but today, I wanted to give you this painting as a present. You went to that gallery right? You looked at my painting for a long time.

SH – that painting was impressice, I did not know it was yours.

Ex – My name is Jung Sooah.

SH – Why?

Ex – I am going to NewYork, before I go there, I wanted to say that I am sorry.

SH – It is in the past between you two, you don’t have to apologize…

Ex – Because it was nothing. Me and CEo Jung, nothing happened and there is no relationship.

SH – It is not important for me.

Ex – He said that I can just have dinner with her or watch a play, that is it. I could finish my study and open a small hogwan becasue of him.

SH – What are you talking about?

Ex – I am telling you that I was fake. it was all acting. I have a condition to keep it secret, but I could not keep it. I wanted to apologize. At first I was just playing with him, but as time passed, i had hope. But that was all my own mirage. Jung Wooseok CEO never gave me a warm eye gaze. I envied you Cha Soohyun, I envied you all the time. I could finish my studies, even though it would be pain for you. I wanted to give it to you as an apology. Goodbye.

She alks away and the camera scrolls tot he wrapped painting. Soohyun stays there thinking.

Then we also see her thinking at her desk.

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But then we cut in on Wooseok who is talking to someone and says he was surprised that she came to his office. it is SOohyun. She tells him that she knows everything now, her ex came to see her. Why did you do that?

WS – Well, I, it was my plan. I wanted you to breath a little at least.


SH – You should have suffered a lot.

WS – Compared to what you suffered in my house…

SH – But Wooseok, I am thankful for your consideration, but it hurt.

WS – It was my best

SH- I know. Wooseok, I think you cared about me in your own way. But, I got divorced with a lot of people laughter and finger pointing. There are many ways to separate, but separating still needs consideration.

WS – I thought about the wrong answer again. I didn’t know it was the wrong answer when I took you to Taekyung. I thought I could make you happy. But after sending you like that, I thought you would be happy. I was wrong again.

SH- I am not telling you that it is your fault. You should have had a hard time, you couldn’t tell anyone and no one acknowledged it.

WS – I feel good that you know now.

SH – Be happy, don’t worry about me anymore. I learned because of you, how to properly break up.

She leaves.

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok is at home putting the carrying case on the camera. He thinks it is a great fit and smiles, then he polishes it a bit more and grabs his phone.

Soohyun is looking out her window when her phone rings. She alks to see it and looks at it. It is Jin-hyeok. She does not answer at first butthen she does.

SH – Jin-hyeok shi

JH – WOuld you like to go tot he bookstore and read books tomorrow?

SH – Okay, I wanted to do it.

JH – Really? I thught you wouldn’t want to go there.

SH – We can go to the restaurant you picked as well.

JH – Wow, what happened, I can’t sleeptonight because i am so soleda (pitter patter) I need to pick a good place. See you tomorrow.

He hangs up happily. Then he looks up a good restaurant.

Soohyun is less than happy as she sits at home.

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The next day, Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok walk arm in arm around a crowed street. This time everyone recognizes them and looks at them. They don’t care. They go get something to eat at a cafe.

JH – Jung will be angry, you will have a lot of photos taken.

SH – Theyare taking photos so I should look pretty at least

JH -Wow, you are cooler now

SH – I saw a lot of photos of you and me. I was stiff because I was thinking about people. I hope I am happier in the photos.

He says good job and feeds her some food. They end up going to a bookstore. Everyone is still looking at them and pointing. But they say that it is fun to go to the bookstore, Soohyun hasn’t been there in awhile. JH says it is better to go with her. They happily look at a lot of books.

Finally poeple get used to them being there and stop looking. Jin-hyeok gives her a coffe and they spend all day there. Some people come by to look at them and others ignore them. They have a fun time reading all the photos.

One of the books is “Girlfriend End of the world” Soohyun asks if that is the book? He says yes. He starts reading it to her a little bit. She tells him that she should read it from the begining. He points to a line and asks if she thinks it is like them

VO – Who is the girlfriend in this poem?

VO – A good person.

SH- How did you meet her, did you love her so much?

JH- Yes. It is, I even want to take her to the end of the world.

Soohyun looks at Jin-hyeok with deep thoughts as they stay at the bookstore. Then Jin-hyeok buys the book a little while later. Soohyun looks at him with sad eyes but tries to smile.

He smiles at her as well.

JH_VO – Soo-hyun, where is your end of the world? The sure thing is that I am there

SH_VO – Jin-hyeok, I am breaking up with you now.

Jin-hyeok is happy as he looks at her. She is crying as she looks at him.

Fade away to the flowers he gave her that she preserved.

Fade Out

ILLUSTRATION: The sun leaves the girl and floats away

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Definitely a teary episode, but not as bad as I was expecting. Possibly because Soo-hyun did all the crying. Also, I really want to take a leather working/forming/molding class now.


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  1. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 8:28 am

    Im already sad and you havent even started your recap yet….. 😣😣😣😞😞😞😭😭😭

  2. EXO
    January 17, 2019 / 9:55 am

    JH – There are only two women I love inthis big world. My mother and her. Are you ging to ask me who I love more? I love both the same, just different. Loving you and her.

    Make me cry, I always love him JH!
    Jh is PBK.

  3. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 10:30 am

    “In the present, Hwajin thinks that she is betrayed. How dare Cha Jong-hyun throw away TaeKyung before we can throw you away. How dare you. She stands up with a headache.

    HJ – I will kill you all.”

    I hope she didnt literally mean that….right?? 😳😳😳😳

  4. Anonymous
    January 17, 2019 / 10:57 am

    I think that

    ” Encounter is the Best Drama Romance of this Year”
    This serie presents how can we love each other.

    Couple, friends, family.

    Boss, employees, company,

    Happiness is in our family life
    or Money
    or Power.
    What is the fact of Life and Living?

    How can we meet Jh and Sh in real Life?

    Hope we can see and get it all together in the completed episodes.

    Thank You.

  5. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 11:14 am

    This episode…..i cant believe that a director can actually make a drama that can give you all this information without the feeling of cramming it all in one episode. Like, yup its a lot to take because of all the thing that happened, but it doesnt feel like its forced:

    -SH dad revealing that he’s no longer running
    -Ex husbands ex gf finally telling SH what really happened about the divorce
    -JH finally telling his mom hiw much he loves SH
    -JH and SH going on a date in public

    I mean…all this in an hour of episode….not to mention the agony and pain that SH is going through and about to go through if she breaks-up with JH…..and i think she wants to do what ex husband did to her in the name of love…. LETTING JH GO….but what SH seem to forget to put in the consideration was that unlike her ex husband, her relationship with JH is that both of them love each other. Its not going to be fair for JH if she breaks-up with him because both of them will be in agony and pain, unlike when ex husban and SH divorced, the ex husband was the only one in pain, as for SH, shes relieved. Thats the difference that i hope SH will consider.

    Argh….this episode…..they really saved all the pain in one go! 😭😭😭😭

  6. Exo
    January 17, 2019 / 11:37 am

    Rose, I love your comment.

    If I did not mentioned about her, I can’t sleep well.

    I lreally ove SH and SHK. They are natural act as the same person.

    I realized why SHK is the Best actor who are suitable for SH role.
    She is very beautiful, smart boss and attractive, unsuccessful marriage and family.

    SH – *Cries* I really don’t want to break up.
    I am the only one that can decide.

    I also cry Too!

    It is too long for waiting for the closing episodes.
    Hopefully it is Happy End!

    • Rose
      January 17, 2019 / 12:06 pm

      Thank you! I want to put it as short as possible (just imagine if i typed everything thats in my head right now, you’ll be reading a novel 😂)

      Another thing thats kinda worried me was what the EMILFH said….i hope its just a figure of speech 😳

  7. Rose
    January 17, 2019 / 6:55 pm

    Im finally watching the subbed episode….im only halfway through, and my goodness! seeing SH cry like that, i cant help but cry too! Didnt realize this episode was this sad! V, how can you endure doing recap while watching this? I salute you!

    Ok…i’ll continue crying while watching this….. 😭😭😭

  8. Revsparklyandroid
    January 18, 2019 / 12:31 am

    Was I the only one who thought ‘she’s been there and done that’ when SH was crying to Teacher Lee about JH’s mum? Hahaha. Pretty Noona feels…

    I just wish JH’s mum had come to SH AFTER the fight (which I know the kids kept secret, but it didn’t have to play out that way). The angst levels might be more justifiable and we wouldn’t all be hating so much on yet another mother in dramaland.

    A 👏👏👏 goes to Appa in this episode. He obviously endured the political ties to that family for all those years just to protect his daughter. His wife? Not so much, and seriously, that EMILFH is like a 😈.

    I love how our feisty Secretary Jang caved in 5 secs flat when Jin Myeong called her the best servee 😂😂😂.

    The actors are really superb in this show. The way Secretary Jang has turned around in her relationship with Dae Chan and her support for the main OTP has been so subtly done. Appa also looked visibly relieved to have cut the shackles with HJ. His smile during the scene with his daughter was telling, and the gentle way he spoke to his wife was just lovely. Plus, I felt so sorry for Wang Seok (again, kudos to the actor). He just couldn’t do right for doing wrong with SH. I guess we should be glad he doesn’t have his mother’s excellent Machiavellian skills. Excellent acting and directing all round.

  9. Kiiomse
    January 18, 2019 / 2:05 am

    this drama is a theatrical piece, magnificent. The actors are all exceptional, but I would like to mention one above all: Park Bo Gum, his Jin Hyeok is the best boyfriend that can be there, and makes everything look so natural.

  10. Carol
    January 18, 2019 / 6:01 am

    I can think of the perfect solution. SH is smart; she will figure out that she must give up her old life, not JH. Cash in everything, quit her job, go to Cuba with JH & run a cute Bed & Breakfast there with him while raising an adorable family!

    • RevSparklyAndroid
      January 18, 2019 / 6:46 am

      Agreed. You can almost feel her yearning for the ordinary after her time with JH’s family. With SH and JH’s intelligence and ability, I’m sure it won’t remain a cute B&B for long either!

      • Aymy
        January 18, 2019 / 5:06 pm

        So true! They can actually combine their skills since JH majored in hotel mgmt.

    • Aymy
      January 18, 2019 / 5:05 pm

      What a nice idea!! Or she can not give up Dongwa but they can both be based in Cuba.

  11. Samlia
    January 18, 2019 / 6:02 am

    I cried again and again in this episode.beautiful crying from SH.

    • Aymy
      January 18, 2019 / 5:08 pm

      Yes. Especially that last scene. How do you cry or hold back like that? My eyes go red and puffy and my noes goes all runny hahahaha

  12. Anonymous
    January 18, 2019 / 7:53 am

    My top list Korean drama in my heart
    1 Encounter (Boyfriend)
    2 Love in the Moonlight
    3 Descendants of the sun
    4 The moon embracing the sun
    5. Boys Over Flowers
    6. Coffee Prince
    My boyfriend-PBK.

    Do drama link plan to translate other five?

  13. Aymy
    January 18, 2019 / 5:02 pm

    I think SH agreed to go out in public because she was planning to part ways with JH. She wanted to create beautiful memories with him to sustain them both while they were apart, to the point of looking good so that whatever pictures would come out would make them look happy with each other. Still…Is it wrong for me to hope that after their public date, there won’t be any pictures?
    People looked at them then ignored them. I hope she realizes that any gossip just dies a natural death especially if people get used to it. But in reality, if she doesn’t give up the hotel (I think she is contemplating this), then JH can actually quit and work elsewhere, he has the skills anyway. Staying means JH won’t get promoted because if he does there will always be the stigma of his relationship with the CEO and his skills will be doubted.
    I hope Wooseok has finally realized that everything is over with SH. Again, if SH gives up Dongwa, this will preeempt any plans the EMILFH has.
    Oh Mijin, why did you have to tell SH about the reason for why JinMyung got into a fight? SH had already told you about why she was hesitating in her relationship with JH. Why did you have to give that info then?
    Everything looks sad, but I am still hoping for a happy ending, and I think we WILL get it in the last two episodes. I just hope the ending won’t feel rushed or cramped.
    I will really miss this drama and everything in it from the cinematography to the characters, the fun times between SH and JH and to the OST – still hoping PBG’s version of Drunken Truth will be included. The BTS behind that was funny, by the way – especially when they were shooting SH and someone was singing in a funny way, I was surprised SHK lasted that long before finally “fainting” with laughter.
    I hope these two get another project soon. They were very effective in this. Thanks PDnim for having the vision to star these two, and having this drama as their come-back vehicles.
    Sorry for the long commentary! 😊

  14. Anonymous
    January 19, 2019 / 4:53 am

    Elsewhere, SH’s appa goes to see his friends resting place.

    CJH – Hey, I haven’t seen you for awhile Jung-pyo. Since I was a mayor election, I could not visit you. In the begining, I convinced myself that this was for the big deads. But a little change in angle ended up off the tracks, then I couldnt’ see you more because of it. For awhile, I could not come here. Wrap it up well, and be back again.

    Let’s me ask, Who is Jung-pyo?
    What is the meaning of this Statement?!?
    Why did CJH quit from his Position?
    What does he plan to do?

    • V
      January 22, 2019 / 3:59 pm

      We’ll try and get to this today!

  15. Exo
    January 21, 2019 / 3:52 am

    I am waiting, what does it Mean?


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