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Encounter: Episode 13 Live Recap

Boyfriend Episode 13 Recap

We have the promise rings and a bouquet…hmm, are they hinting at something? In the last episode, Soo-hyun went to Jin-hyeoks house instead of her ex-in-law’s house. Talk about ballsy. The fall out from that should unravel today and maybe tomorrow culminating in a possibly stressful final two episodes. But it could just be lovely as all the episodes have been with So-hyun making the proper choices to define her life. Hopefully Woo-seok helps her out in one last valiant effort before he rides off into his company.

Can you believe that we only have one more week and then this show is over?

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Jin-hyeok brings Soo-hyun into his house, everyone is all like…woah! They all stand with their mouths wide open and staring. Appa finally tells them to welcome her, don’t just stare at her. Umma tells her that she did not prepare enough and that she shoud have come empty handed.

They are all dumbfounded and happy and dumbfounded

ILLUSTRATION: The boy and girl walk in an icy field, she walks ahead of him and lights a sparkler looking light for them to follow.

At the rich peoples house, Mijin gets out of the car and tells them all that Soo-hyun had a schedule and could not make it. The person outside says that he will let them know.

Back at Jin-hyeok’s house, the tea ajumma comes and compliments the food. SOo-hyun also compliments the food. Umma is so flustered and embarrassed and tells Soo-hyun that she can speak comfortably. They start to joke about everyone saying banmal to each other and then start to eat again.

Umma notices the promise rings on both their hands but does not mention anything about it. Te tea ajumma starts to talk about the food. Umma made all the food including the preservatives. She uses all the bad fruit and makes preservatives out of it.

Appa is pretty quiet, but is pretty happy. Jin-myung asks why he is pretending to be so cool. Appa laughs and says he isn’t pretending to be cool. They all continue smiling and eating. Jin-myung tells Soo-hyun to eat a lot.

Afterward, Soo-hyun and Jin-hyeok walk outside. She asks him if his house is always like that? So happy and comfortable. Jin-hyeok says that his parents are scary when they fight. Soohyun tells him that it does not seem like that.

SH – Did you tell me dinner was cancelled because I would be in trouble? If I was you I would have told you not to go to Taekyung and I would not have been considerate like this. Actually for you, it is a little uncomfortable right?

JH – For me, wherever you are and whoever you meet, I do not feel uncomfortable. All your life is meaningful and important. Whatever you do and where you do it, you have me in your heart, isn’t that right?

They hold hangs and start walking again.

SH – I was a little awkaward right? Did your parents feel uncomfortable?

JH – Eh, well, you don’t know what feeling awkward is. You fit in so well, I was so surprised.

SH – Really?

JH – “Omo, you make all of this by yourself”

SH – Don’t do it

JH – “It is so tasty Omonim”

SH – Stop, I wasn’t like that

JH – You were super cool

SH – Just stop

They keep walking and bantering about that.

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At the mansion,  Woo-seok stands alone in the house foyer. He turns around and looks at his mother sitting on the couch alone. He tells her to take a rest. She stands and tells him that his father would be sad. Then she slowly walks away.

Elsewhere, Jin-myung is at the snail cafe eating with Dae-chan. he wats so quickly so JM tells him to eat slower. But DC says that he ha not had home cooked food in a long time.

Jin-hyeok comes in so they start talking to him and sending Soo-hyun away well and how happy he must be. JM calls her his sister in law. he was a bit worried but their house and the CEO fit well together. She looked good with our family. Jin-hyeok tells him that he hopes their parents think the same. JM tells him to think about himself and his own dating. But JH says he worried a little bit, appa came to work once, he was a bit worried. I told him to trust me.

JM tells him that he did a good job, what about mom? JH does not know about mom. JM thinks that she was super surprised today. it is like the night before the storm. They keep talking about their umma and JM asks if he wants him to ask her about it. JH says no, he will do it. JM tells him not to think about other people like his friends, just worry about your self so…..when will you get married! Go to the courthouse!

Daechan comes back happily and asks JH if he will go to the Court house First! They all talk happily about the food they brought for Daechan and he starts eating saying that he hasn’t had home cooked food like this in awhile.

Soo-hyun gets home happily. She sits on her couch and happily lets out a breath as she looks around. There is a new painting of a girl who is alone in the painting, perhaps it is like she is in snow?


Miok starts to talk to appa about the news since Soo-hyun did not go to the memorial. Appa is actually happy that she did not.

In the mansion, Executive Director Choi (ED) meets with HJ. She asks if he was disappointed a lot before. He says that he was not, he understood her position. She tells him that the reason she wanted to see him is because of the reevaluation for So-hyun. You can work about removing her and making Woo-seok as the only CEO. He tells her that he needs a guarantee that they will win. She says that this was all taken care of.

ED leaves. HJ calls the law team and tells them to execute the Donghwa hotel issue. Do not care about Cha Jong-hyun (SH’s appa), just take the hotel back.

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Soo-hyun talks to Mijin about the camera. She says that she found the same year camera, it took her some time. Soo-hyun thanks her. MJ asks if she thinks her father is okay? HJ will give you both a hard time and try to take back the hotel. Soo-hyun says that that is their joy, so don’t worry about it. Mijin tells her okay and then heads out.

In the advertisement team, they talk about their work. it looks like there will be a wedding at the hotel or that they need wedding planners or something. They need to find a place with the most wedding planners. Eunjin mentions that they will have so many weddings in the spring, her wallet will be empty. Hyein asks if she is going to all her friends weddings? She says that she is for when she ever gets married, they will need to come.

Sunjoo asks who took care of the model agency, to Manager Lee. But he is in his own thoughts. She tells him that assistant manager Park should take care of it since he does not look like his mind is all there right now. But he says that he can do it.

Later on, we see Jin-hyeok working hard at his desk.

At home, Soo-hyun thinks on the couch. She thinks about meeting with her father and how she made a big mistake and she is so sorry about it. But he is happy with her decisions and tells her that he is learning a lot from her. He tells her that she should not be surprised with what he does as a politician. They can sleep properly, he has a happy life and she also has a happy life.

At home, Soo-hyn goes to the corner and grabs the camera. She compares the new camera with the old camera and then takes a picture of it

At work, Jin-hyeok is looking up wedding related things when he gets a text from Soo-hyun.

SH: *picture of camera*

he calls her.

JH – Is something wrong with the camera?

SH – This is from Junjoo, it was difficult to find the same model and same year. Do you know that? I am super happy.

JH – The professional shuold check it, so don’t go anywhere, I will go there in person.

SH – I will show it to you tomorrow.

JH – This is like my dad bought me a git but I can only play with it tomorrow. I won’tbe able to sleep.

SH – I did not say it was for you.

JH – *confused* what are you going to do with two of the same cameras.

SH – It is fun to tease you, I get a quick response. Do you want to see the camera quickly?

JH – Do you think I want to see you more or the camera more?

SH – Where are you

JH – Work

SH – Still? You work late…your boss should go there to cheer you up

JH – Then I have to wait *smiles*

Cut to the two of them eating at a barbecue place. SH says that she is learning a lot of nice things from dating him. One of them is learning a peculiar experience like Chicken feet and chicken intestines and pig intestines. JH says that it is mysterious, but after eating it, it is a bit familiar.

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She says that he should know one thing. Actually I have a lot of prejudice toward food. I just don’t tell you no and eat what you want to eat. He tells her that he accepts that and that she is super cute and pretty, now, eat a lot!

He gives her a lot of food and asks if she will show it to him afterward? She asks if they will have another round? A second round. He is all like, but this is a lot of food. You should show me before we eat fried rice. It shouldn’t have any oil on it.

She pulls out the camera and Jin-hyeok grins like a school boy. he tells her that it is super amazing. The same model, it looks the same, but I feel strange. Soo-hyun says that it is because it has her effort in it. He says that it must have been difficult to get, where did you get it? SH says that she will tell him the details later, but it did require effort. 

JH says that he will ask Secretary Jang (the person who got it, lol). SH looks caught. She tells him that the said he wanted to see her more than the camera, shouldn’t you prepare the fried rice? he happily prepares it and tells her to eat up.

Cut to the next morning. SH asks whose phone number it was? Manager Lee Jin-ho? SH is in her office as Mijin tells her that she checked it. It was manager Lee Jin-ho’s phone number, should I call him? We have the evidence.

SH – No, we aren’t in a hurry. Thank you

Mijin leaves.

Soohyun thinks but then we cut to her sitting with Jin-hyeok after texting him to see if he wanted a cup of tea. They are sitting in a large conference room. he pulls out green tea candy and feeds it to her. She asked him if assistant manager park gave it to him? He says no, he has the taste of a little kid so he doesn’t like green tea.

Soo-hyun tells him that she is there to talk about something very serious, but with candy it does not feel serious at all. He tells her to tell him so that he can work, otherwise he won’t be able to work. they playfully talk about that for a little bit.

SH finally decides to tell him, she says that someone did something wrong to her and she suffered a lot, now she knows who that person is, so what should I do?

JH – To me, if that person apologized, then I would give one break at least. Because anyone can be shaken at least once.

SH – Well, of course I have the expected answer from Kim Jin-hyeok with your nice heart.

JH- It is better to accept an apology when they apologize. If you forgive them, from that point, the other person’s heart will be in hell.

SH- I was worried about it all morning

JH – Why were you? Do I have something I have to apologize to you about? is this a strange mood? Ah…….! Is this that difficult question where I have to find out what I did wrong? 

SH – You did something?

JH – I did not do anything wrong, so i am scared.

SH – hey, you are nervous because you did something.

JH – Noooooo. Well, honestly, I thought about you more than work. If that is wrong, then I will apologize to you. You can tell the manager *sits back*

SH – You are a good employee *leans forward*

JH – Hey *scoots closer to her* is there a reward for a good employee?

SH – Good job *pat pat*

Jh -Not like this

SH – What else

JH – *kiss Kiss*

SH – *kiss kiss*

They smile and cuddle.

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Elsewhere, Daechan waits for Mijin in the lobby of the company. He looks so awkward to be there. She comes to the lobby awkwardly. he waves at her, she tells him he does not have to wave like that, so he waves a bit differently. 

he tells her that they should eat together, coffee? She kind of looks around and then walks out, he follows her.

They go to a local cafe and talk. He tells her that he just wanted to see where she worked. She came to his place all the time. She tells him that it is a hotel, hotel. he laughs and says that it is his mistake, but it is the same service business. I came because I missed you, you don’t visit me often enough. Did your heart drop?

He gives her a smoothy that looks so pretty so she gets flustered and says it is so pretty, she can’t eat it! (Coffee Bae ad). She says it tastes good, she usually does not eat lunch. He tells her this is not good for her stomach, I will bring you a lunch box next time. She jokes that he is a player.

Later on, Soo-hun drives off with driver Nam. he asks if she found out what to do. SH says she will see what he decides. Nam wonders if she wants him to go there with her? Some people are dangerous when they are in a corner. She smiles.

Cut to Soohyun and Manager Lee Jinho meeting.

LJH – What do you want, CEO?

SH – I do not care about you too much, I am interested in who is behind you.

LJH – So what do you want me to do?

SH – Of course you should tell me everything that happened. I am not going to asks our law team or fire you. But, I want you to reveal everything that happened. Say everything at the board meeting. And, go to Cuba.

He looks up.

SH – I am going to send you to Cuba hotel.

LJH – Why me?

SH – Go there and learn how important that place is for Donghwa’s future.

LJH – Why don’t you turn me in to the police?

SH – People can be swayed at least once.


The advertisement team works on the wedding things with a couplee that is dressed like they are getting married. They might be models though. However the camera man is not there. They wonder if this shoot should be posponed. Hyein says that they need to take photos today so they can put it in the magazine. And the photographer will go to Jeju island.

She suggests that Jinhyeok take the photos. he is really good at photography. He has taken photos since primary school. He also worked on the concept of the pictures so it could be possible.

Cut to Jin-hyeok taking photos of the models, he looks like a professional.

Mijin comes in to the area with Soohyun and thinks that they have a photoshoot so they might have a famous person there. She walks around the corner to see and sees jin-hyeok taking photos. She walks back and pulls SOo-hyun to have a look. Soo-hyun looks at it and thinks about then sleeping in bed together. He told her that he really wanted to be like this everyday. She told him that she is so happy thinking about that.

In the present, Jin-hyeok turns around and sees SOo-hyun standing there with Mijin. They smile at each other and then SOo-hyun leaves. Mijin wonders why Jin-hyok is taking photos. Perhaps it is becuase brides look the prettiest? My Cha Soo-hyun’s wedding photos were ~ …..I’m sorry. I wanted to say that you were super pretty.

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The advertisement team looks at the photos and think that the photos look great. Jin-hyeok smiles and says that photographer has very good equipment. They joke about how he should just accept a compliment. But then Jin-hyeok sees one of the bouquets and asks about it.

Later on, Soo-hyun works at home when her bell rings. She goes to open it and sees Jin-hyeok in the screen showing a gift bag. She smiles and opens the door. They go to the couch, he tells her that he wanted to show her one thing. he pulls out a bouquet, *jang* and tells her about the photo shoot. He had to take photos becuase the photographer went to the emergency room.

She tells him that he was so good, he says that he sweat a lot. But he thought the bouquet was pretty so he asked them to give it to him. She asks why. He tells her to hold it, he just wants to see her holding it. He thought Cha Soo-hyun would be prettier than the models. if I take you there and take photos, will I get fired? But now, I still want to take a photo of you. I was thinking about it a lot. I brought it all the away here….

She takes the bouquet softly and sits as if posing. He stands to look at her and smiles.

JH – Wow, you are really pretty.

SH – People have their subjective views.

He kneels in front of her and takes a long look at her. Then he holds her hands with his as she holds the bouquet.

Jh – Just like this. Come to me like this. Now I can’t even imagine a time without you that is not my time anymore. Can you live with me for a long long long time?

She thinks about it as he smiles at her like a beautiful puppy. 

JH – Why don’t you answer…what…are you saying now?

SH – I will put the flowers in a vase

♫ Right now, I belong to you, I wish the dream never ends, my heart is growing deeper and deeper ♫

She stands and walks to the kitchen to get a vase for the flowers. He looks at her with concern.

Later on, Jin-hyeok goes to help his father at the fruit store. Appa asks if her CEo said anything after dinner? JH tells him that she really liked it. She asked if their home environment was always so happy? She was envious. Appa tells him that she was so courageous. He was a bit worried with the rumors and his son going to Seokcho. he was angry about that, my precious son goes to Seokcho as soon as you get a job. JH says that the CEo did not do it. Appa says that whoever did it, he was relieved to see that she came to their house.

There are a lot of news articles about SOo-hyun not showing up for the memorial. She should have gone there, but she came to visit us. JH tells him that is why he is more thankful and a little bit sad as well. Appa says that, when JH told him to support them, he was not convince, but now he wants to support them 100%.

JH thanks his appa and says that he likes her so much, he can’t even imagine a time without her. He was worried that his mother and father would say no. thank you so much. Appa tells him to organize all the fruit now. JH tells him okay! I will do it all!

But then outside we see that Umma was there listening to it all. She had a mug to give to her husband but decides to turn around instead. She has a lot of thoughts as she sits on the couch and sighs. Then Jin-hyeok comes in and sits.

Umma – What is it? Are you hungry?

JH – No

Umma – You should be tired, go sleep

JH – I want to tell you something

Umma – Is it in a hurry? I am tired today

JH – Well, umma, do you trust me?

Umma – Wy do you ask that? I am a bit tired *chuckles*

JH – D you want a massage?

Umma – You should be more tired. Just wash and go to bed, i am going to bed early.

She heads to her room. JH sighs.

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Woo-seok and ED choi walk the hall at the company, talking.

ED – What do you think about the reevaluation?

WS – I shouldn’t know. if I know it then it is corruption right?

ED – We have exectations right?

They go into the meeting, everyone is there.

ED – thank you for coming, today is Cha Soo-hyun’s reevaluation, I have an announcement.

But then Soohyun comes in and says that she has an important matter. ED tells her that they can do extra things after the vote. SH tells him that it will not take too long. Then Mijin tells Lee Jinho to come in.

LJH – First of all, I want to say sorry. I was blinded for a while and made a big mistake. The Cuba mail scandal, I told him to send it in order to break the deal with the Cuba hotel.

Uncle – Why did you do that?

LJH – It was ordered by Exuecutive director Choi

Everyone starts wispering.

SH – I want an apology from ED Choi, if you are sincere, then I will end this matter here.

ED – Do you think I did it myself?

SH – I am giving you a chance

ED – If I gave the order, who do you think gave the order to me?

SH – Is it that difficult to give a sincere apology?

ED – *grits teeth* I…am just an employee

SH – Who hired you?

he looks away and kind of toward Wooseok.

SH – I will follow up on what to do with you with Jung Woo-seok CEo and other board members. Give me the answer for the rest.

Woo-seok kind of smiles but then looks at ED and really smiles.

WS – This happened before I came here so all the executives should take care of it.

He stands.

WS – I think it is best to postpone the reevaluation of the CEO.

He leaves.

Everyone whispers and glares at ED Choi, he looks very uncomfortable.

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Soohyun and Hyein talk about this. Hyein says that everyone tries to keep quiet but there are rumors everywhere. What should we do with manager Lee?

JH – I saw him this morning, he looked very skinny. It should be difficult for him also.

HI – Our CEO is great, I would have fired him right away. But she is making him a Cuba team leader?

JH thinks about his conversation with SH about how someone did something wrong to her and she knows who it is now. What should I do?

They end up going back to work, but they run tinto ED on the way.

ED – I thought I would be here longer than you but, you can’t expect the future. Don’t think that this war will end because I am stepping down.

He keeps walking on.

HI – Ugh, he is an a-hole till the end.

In Soo-hyun’s office, SH asks to see Mijin and asks if she can spare some time. Mijin playfully asks why she thinks she does not already have something going on tonight? SH asks if she does, Mijin says no, nothing, so SH invites her over to her house to eat. Don’t prepare anything, I will make something. Invite Nam also. He did a lot of work for the Executive Chae case. Mijin asks why they don’t just eat out? SH tells her 8pm.

Meanwhile, Umma entertains a neighborhood ajumma in her house. They both eat pumpkin. But then the other ajumma gets a bit serious and tells JH’s umma something.

Ajumma – Can you hire my son to that hotel?

Umma – Why are you asking me?

Ajumma – Actually, your son is with the hotel CEO so you should have some line.

Umma talks to someone on the phone and asks how she can call the CEO. The person on the line tells her that they cannot connect to the CEO. Do you have any other questions? Umma says no and hangs up.

That night, Jin-hyeok helps SOo-hyun prepare the table at her house. She tells him to rest at the table. he says he just helped, she is the one that did all the work. Cooking together and setting the table feels very special. You are good at cooking, when did you learn all this?

She says that they should be here soon and then the bell rings. Cut to everyone sitting around the full and small table as Soo-hyun thanks Ajusshi and accepts that he was a reporter. They joke about finally accepting that.

They ask if Jin-hyeok helped? He says that he just helped with little thing so they joke about that as well. Thank you’s go all around. Mijin has her typical salty yet playful mood as she tells them all to live well. Nam tells her that she should get married if she is jealous.

They start to eat and are kind of apprehensive whether is will taste good. But it does. Mijin says that Soohyun’s wish is too small. (her wish was to eat at home). Soohyun says that it is difficult for her to do it. It is difficult to eat dinner at this table with the people she cares about, so it can be a wish, okay.

Mijin tears up and tries to hide it. Jin-hyeok smiles brightly. Nam clears his throat and says that he was a bit dissapointed, it is his first time coming here after she moved in, but this is the first time she asked him to eat dinner. Jin-hyeok says it did not take that long for him. Mijin says she shouldnt’ have asked him, she should have asked me! Soohyun says that Nam should be dissapointed, I should have asked earlier. enjoy dinner and give me a break.

Nam says that Soohyun changed a lot. Mijin says that Soo-hyun is back, not that she changed. They all happily keep talking and eating. 

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Meanwhile, Umma ponders all the clues about Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun that she missed. She goes to the living room and makes citrus preserves. But she also finds a little letter? Or maybe she made this letter? she heads out with the citrus preserves and tells APpa that she is going next door.

She goes to the Snail Cafe to see Daechan and gives him something to give to the secretary. He asks what this is? Umma tells him to ask secretary Jang to give itto the CEO. It is secret from Jin-hyeok and Jin-myung. He says he understands and she leaves. But he looks a bit questioningly worried.

At Soo-hyun’s place, Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun sit on the couch. She says she is so tired. He pats his thigh so she lays her head on it. He mentions that her place feels like his place now, it is so comfy. She says his place is comfy. He mentions that it is so narrow that they have to stick to each other. But she says that they are not that far apart right now.

JH – You know that I have a hard time staying 10 cm away from you.

She says something back but then he mentions her not answering even though she feels that she relies on him. 

JH – I told you to live next to me for a long long time, but you avoided answering.

She looks at the flower bouquet as he runs his fingers over her hair. She sits up.

SH – I am good at Italian cuisine.

JH – See, you are avoiding it again

SH – I can cook Chinese and also Japanese…when I was in Taekyung, I learned it all.

He holds her hand and scoots closer to her

♫ The more I like you and the more I rely on you I don’t want to lost you….♫

JH – So what, that is a good thing. It is good to cook well.

SH – Jin-hyeok shi, after I went to your house, I had a dream. I want to be happy in that house.

JH – You will be.

SH – My memories keep holding me back. My past…With that pretty bouquet and standing in front of you – I also have those dreams. But I am not sure if it is really something I can dream about. I feel like I am being too greedy.

He lightly touches her cheek and they look at each other for a long moment. Then he kneels again.

Jh – When I was in Cuba. I met a woman. I did not know her name or who she was. But, the first day I met her I wondered, does this person have a boyfriend? I hope she doesn’t. the person Cha Soo-hyun, is that person at that moment who came in to my heart with a big impression. To me, you past is not important. Because I love the person, Cha Soohyun, I want to spend every day with that person. I wish it every day.

SH – Do you think we can do it?

JH – Will you do it?

SH – Yes, lets do it.

♫ So take me on down the river, I will go wherever it leas to you. take me on into your arms, I will go wherever world your on. ♫

They hug and she tears up with joy.

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Cut directly to the next morning, SOohyun is looking at her bouquet that is now on her desk in a clear vase (previously it was a dark vase). Mijin comes in so SOohyun asks something about the flower. What special treatment can preserve it forever? Mijin says she will look into it. Then she gives Soohyun the gift that Jin-hyeoks mother gave to her and leaves.

Soo-hyun takes out the preserves and smiles. Then she reads the letter.

Letter – I am sorry to contact you like this. I want to see you but I don’t have a way to contact you. Can you call me at this number? I am sorry to bother you.

Soohyun meets Umma at a nice location open tea location

Umma – I am sorry, where you surprised that I contacted you like this?

SH – No, thank you so much for the preserves

Soohyun pours Umma a cup of tea.

Umma – Well, I don’t know how to say this indirectly.

SH – Please speak comfortably

Umma – CEO, I am sorry, I am sorry. With my Jin-hyeok, please break up. My next door neighbor came to see me and asked me to hire he son at DongHwa hotel. I told her it was nonsense several times. But our neighbors think that Jin-hyeok did not get hired normally, that he has something with the CEO, that is why he got the job. He did not get the job like that right? That is a fact, but now I have to explain it to others. CEO…you also have a hard time right? I want our family to live quietly and happily, just like now. But someone like you in a high position with my Jin-hyeok. You are not going to marry him right? Not everyone is getting married because they are dating. But you and my Jin-hyeok are very different.

Soohyun listens to all of this, a single tear falls.

Umma – I am not good enough so my heart is burning. What if my son gets hurt and is in rumors all the time (in someone elses mouth all the time). I am super scared. CEO, I am really sorry. I am really sorry. *starts crying*. Please break up with my Jin-hyeok.

Soohyun silently cries as well.

Cut to Jin-hyeok working on something. It looks like he is cutting wood or maybe carving wood?

VO – I cannot even imagine tme without you, lets live together forever, Soohyun. 

Fade Out

ILLUSTRATION: The boy and girls are still walking in the ice, but then her light turns off and Jin-hyeok turns to dust and blows away. She is left alone.

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Every episode is great. I am a bit bummed that the mother isn’t giving her blessing, but at least she wasn’t mean about it.


JH – I care about the CEO a lot

SH – How long do you think this flower will blossom?

VO – I am just envious

JM – It is not about you, so don’t worry

SH – There is no answer, if Jin-hyeok’s families normal happy life is disturbed by me. 

SH – Because of you, Woo-seok, I learned how to break up.

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  1. Rose
    January 16, 2019 / 9:11 am

    Yup….one more week and its done….😞

    • V
      January 16, 2019 / 11:09 am

      Hard to believe!

  2. Rose
    January 16, 2019 / 10:23 am

    The unsubbed episode is in VIKI now…..i dont like what i saw in the ending….what the heck is going on….im stressing out now….. 😳😳😳😳

    • V
      January 16, 2019 / 11:12 am

      The ending is pretty bitter…but I am still hopefull!

      • Rose
        January 16, 2019 / 11:21 am

        Ok….now i understabd what they talked about….i think i can swallow that much better than all the scenarios thats running through my brain earlier (this is what happens when i watch the video and dont wait for your recaps 😄). I felt that his mom has some inferiority issues but did not expect that she’ll do that.

  3. Rose
    January 16, 2019 / 10:28 am

    Did i got worried on a wrong mothers all these time??!! 😳😳😳😳

    • V
      January 16, 2019 / 11:13 am

      Right, 😂we were worried about the wrong mother all along.

      • Rose
        January 16, 2019 / 11:27 am

        She was off my radar coz she seem to be timid and shy and akward that i never thought that she will act reckless like that….who knew shes the dark horse here to give problems to JH and SH?….WHO KNEW?? 😳😳😣😣😵😵

      • larelle79
        January 16, 2019 / 5:00 pm

        I am surprised by people saying that. Mom has spoken up and has asked about extent of the relationship and for some reason Jin hyuk and others that knew downplayed her questions and concerns. This has been stewing since his transfer. The rings were her confirmation that they are very serious after being told that they were not. Mom has never shown not to speak up. She is polite, yes, but she is not dormant.

        • Rose
          January 17, 2019 / 1:15 pm

          Yup, i sensed with her that she wont like it if JH and SH are together. But i was hoping that she talked to JH first before talking to SH on whats in her mind…and the reason why she did that was shes scared that JH will hate her, that if it comes from her the idea that they must not be together, JH might resent her, thats why she went straight to SH so atleast SH will be the one to do the breaking-up….and thats the reason i kinda not liking JH mom right now. I know shes just being a mother who wants the best for their kid (just like EMILFH in her own twisted mind)….in a way, it makes me also think that somehow shes not thinking of whats best for JH at that point, but whats best for her masked as whats best for her family or JH. If only she talked to JH first and hear his side, i can understand that. Go to the proper channels first.

  4. Exo
    January 16, 2019 / 10:55 am

    Soo-hyun went to Jin-hyeoks house instead of her ex-in-law’s house. It’s a challenge(moon grin)(smile)

    Umma notices the promise rings on both their hands but does not mention anything about it. So Sorry Umma (cry)(rings)(engagement ring)

    SJ stands and tells WS that his father would be sad…, just take the hotel back. (angry)(angry)

    Jh – Just like this. Come to me like this. Now I can’t even imagine a time without you that is not my time anymore. Can you live with me for a long long long time?(bouquet)(romantic date)
    No answer yet!

    Drama is coming Soon!
    I am waiting.
    (Moon exhausted)(shocked)

    • V
      January 16, 2019 / 11:14 am

      Lots of things happen this episode. Everything rolls out as I would expect it to even though that ending left a bitter taste!

      • Rose
        January 16, 2019 / 11:24 am

        Yup, bitter than how i make my coffee 😣

  5. Anonymous
    January 16, 2019 / 11:31 am

    JH’s mom is a simple minded woman who just wants her family to live quiet and happy lives so I can understand where she is coming from. Not that it is the right thing to do. I hope she will come around in tomorrow’s episode and accept SH. Sigh, so difficult to watch SH thinking her dream of happy ever after with JH is teetering on the edge. I only understand a little of what they said since no subs yet but that tender conversation after the meal at SH’s place was so heartbreaking and beautiful. I felt it right in my heart SH’s fear and pain. I teared when the both of them cried. this show is so good. :'(

    • Miranda
      January 16, 2019 / 10:27 pm

      Yeah, Mom made herself crystal-clear early on when the family was watching the very first CEO scandal report and she basically said she doesn’t like that sort of woman and that she had very traditional views of marriage. This was always going to be a problem, but whoa – Mom clearly has never had to work through a real issue with Jin Hyuk if she thinks THIS sort of workaround is going to fly with him.

      I’m kind of wondering if Jim Hyuk is about to get really, really mad. He’s worked so hard to make Soo Hyun comfortable around him and his family, for his mom to go straight to the source and basically say “I’m scared of what you would do to my family”? OUCH.

  6. Anonymous
    January 16, 2019 / 12:00 pm

    I am a foreigner, just waiting for recaps after kseries coming every Wed and Thurs.

    I love this drama because I can touch their actions without words.
    After I read, it make me understand it all, I realized that All actors did their roles the best.

    I love all Mother actors in this apposite because I am a mother too. Mother alway did the same.

    Thanks tvN again.
    SH and JH acts very very good in their eyes, their faces, all words.

    • Rose
      January 16, 2019 / 12:42 pm

      I know how you feel, its hard to wait for subbed episodes if you’re a foreigner. Glad there is a site like this that helps usnunderstand it.

      I do also understand about JHs moms worry about her son, his life and their life in general. I just hope tomorrows episode someone enlightens her about how beautiful JHs and SHs relationship is. It just so heartbreaking how painful it is for SHs to hear from JHs own mother to break-up with JHs, coz its already stressful enough with SHs mom and the ex-inlaws and some people in her company who are already making SHs and JHs relationship hard, now you add JHs mom who maybe SH thought all this time that will be more considerate than her own mother.

      • larelle79
        January 16, 2019 / 4:48 pm

        I am not counting out Jin hyuk’s Mom just yet because that neighbor’s request and response just threw her for a loop. The fact that the neighbor thought that was acceptable and within Mom’s character upset her. And I really don’t blame her. I think Dad and she are finally gonna talk about it together and she will come around. She did not come from a place of malace. But man, my heart broke for both of them in those last 10 minutes.

  7. Camille
    January 16, 2019 / 1:16 pm

    Sorry I’ve been quiet the past episode (work gets in the way of kdrama, so annoying)

    I agree with you all. I can understand where JH Omma is coming from. I think it’s not that we focused on the wrong Mother however… I think she became the catalyst in SH’s internal debate.

    Was it just me or did you also feel SH’s somewhat hesitation in this episode? Yeah they still had their light, honeymooning couple moments but since that wedding photoshoot, I kinda felt uneasy with SH.

    And then, with the talk with JH Omma, she said something that somehow made me think of a theory. I’m watching it in Viu so the translation might be somewhat off but it hit me hard home and somehow made it click as to why SH was hesitant… Omma said “…someone like you wouldn’t marry my son anyway, right?” OUCH.

    Episode 5 flashed back to me when SH and MJ was in the car and she said about the wrong timing. SH said something like “I don’t know if my life/world would allow it”…. Omg I am hoping I am just paranoid but does that mean she may be dreaming of forever but practically speaking may not do so with JH? Yeah, she may have said in this episode “Let’s do it” but could it be she may had only been brought along by the moment? Omoooooo… is that why our kdrama is entitled “Boyfriend” coz it won’t go past that? “Encounter” because she is meant to just meet him but move along? This line of thought is now making me cry… 😭 (well, I was crying already with SH and Omma) I surely hope the end game would be a happy one, I don’t care if it’s a monster roller coaster ride, my eyes and tears need some exercise.

    • Rose
      January 16, 2019 / 1:30 pm

      I havent watched this episode yet, just scrolled on VIKI, but i did notice that hesitation you were talking about @CAMILLE, for some reason she looks like she has the hesitation in her eyes, maybe after all they’ve been through she is still worried about how their life would be if they are together since the inlaws wont stop bugging her and i think shes worried for JH. Then the talk with JHs mom might trigger more worries and hesitation.

      I can conludr more maybe tomorrow or later after i watch the subbed episode. I also read something about The Little Prince story? People in twitch are worried that it seems like its turning into that direction…i have no clue whats the story of THE LITTLE PRINCE…does anyone can fill me up here? Thanks!

      And thanks again V! 😊

      • Anonymous
        January 16, 2019 / 5:54 pm

        I feel her hesitation stems from her bad experience in her previous marriage and the fact that she feels she isn’t good enough for JH because she was divorced. And of course that fear of rocking JH’s life (as we have seen in Ep 9), and by extension his family and those around him. It’s understandable given the society they live in. She wants to be with JH so badly but keeps asking herself: is it really possible?

        Ooo. my heart can’t take it. And I’m not even SH. no wonder Sec Jang said she would never be able to live a day of SH’s life. The poor girl!

  8. JoJo Yeoo
    January 16, 2019 / 1:17 pm

    Why must his mother bring up all he drama now?! Noooooooooo! I guess there’s not story if there’s no drama. They have to have a happy ending! Or I’ll be depressed!

  9. Anonymous
    January 16, 2019 / 6:43 pm

    i hope it doesn’t become one of those thing that she pretend she fell for someone else. This is from the statement she make from the preview of next episode about learning from her ex-husband. That’s what he did for her to get the divorce….. ughhhh

    • JoJo Yeoo
      January 16, 2019 / 10:32 pm

      I’m so upset with the ending of this episode and the uncertainty of the preview I didnt watch the whole thing. Just skimmed through. I couldn’t bear to watch the end. I’m letting my emotion get the better of me but I can’t help it. Tonight’s episode better be salvation. Aarrrgggh

  10. Revsparklyandroid
    January 17, 2019 / 3:42 am

    I’ve just watched this episode and my first response is: I really hope we’re being trolled by the preview.

    The drama has been great at letting two adults navigate their relationship despite the obstacles in their path. I think what we have here is a reverse candy trope as someone mentioned above, but hopefully they’ll work their way through this as well.

    Mum’s intentions are well meant, but I feel she really underestimates her son’s character. She wants a quiet life, but the same can’t be said for JH. He’s been to places and done things she’s probably never even dreamt of and might not even see the need for in her serene existence.

    Another thing I felt during the episode was the depth of SH’s pain at not being able to live the life she might have been able to choose if she hadn’t ended up in that toxic household. She oozed heartache the entire episode only to then be crushed by Ooma’s request to give up the only source of joy she’s had in years. Oof.

    • JoJo Yeoo
      January 17, 2019 / 5:25 am

      I totally agree with you. What mum wants is probably not what JH wants.

      I’m psychoanalysing here do please forgive the rambling. Firstly she’s not different from SH mom who went to Sokcheo to tell JH to leave SH. Only omma did it in a nicer and more pitiful way. She’s witty enough to go through DC and MJ to secretly get her message to SH. She knew she would be blocked out by JH if she spoke with him. I find this all very underhanded. She’s no different from SH ex mother in law as she’s trying to control and decide what is best for her family. Perhaps not in tyrannical conglomerate style but still! Selfish selfish.

      We might see JH finding out about the talk since he already sensed a calm before storm. Also I hope SH will not back down as she told JH she wouldn’t have be so thoughtful it he was the one who had to attend the Taeyong family event. I hope she will do what she preaches and won’t be thoughtful to omma for this! Fight for what you want gal. Beside you say JH gives you strength in life now, the courage to be CSH!

      • Revsparklyandroid
        January 17, 2019 / 8:10 am

        Now that you mention it, ther are definitely similarities between the two mums, whatever their motives. She was just stealthier in her approach.

        I really hope we see this being dealt with in a non-tropey way. Noble idiocy is not welcome here.

        • Rose
          January 17, 2019 / 1:25 pm

          Thats what i thought so too. Shes no different from the two mothers, the only difference was that she did it in a nicer way, but the outcome is still the same: SELFISHNESS

          I thought she will be different. I knew she doesnt like the idea of JH and SH to be a couple, but did not expect her to act the harsh just because a neighbor bothers her…thats just so lame. I wished she taked to JH first about her worries and not to a person that she just met.

          I hope the remaining episode someone will enlighten her.

  11. Live free
    January 17, 2019 / 3:49 am

    The mother’s attitude is pathetic. Why can’t she keep her thoughts to herself. Let the two decide wd their lives. They r grown up and matured. I understand the path 8d full of thorns but together they they can fight and reach their goal of love. Have some patience. Now separation ll start. I request director to be brave and show them fighting and nt going down to dpcisl pressures.

  12. Anonymous
    January 17, 2019 / 4:05 am

    New OST is live! https://youtu.be/3jXHq0oQfLM

    BTW, it’s called ‘Fairytale’. which is what we hope for Jinsoo couple! (and, trivia: Fairytale = Dong Hwa, which is also the name of SH’s hotel chain). I sense a happy ending for our OTP 🙂

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