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Encounter: Episode 12 Live Recap

Encounter Episode 12 recap Korean Drama

I hope the ex-husband is buying up all the stock in order to support Soo-hyun and not to sabotage her. Also, does anyone have any ideas as to what the wolf represents in the last episode? There were some good theories in the comments. I wonder if that will be further eluded to in this episode?

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Jin-hyeok walks up the street to his home when Woo-seok gets out of his car to see him. he tells him that he is in that neighborhood though he has no ties there. He wanted to see him. He wants to see him because the of the person he fell in love with at first sight and still loves.

JH – That person is worth anyone falling in love with her

WS – That person? *chuckles* 

JH – But, my girl is a one sided expression so I will take it like I didn’t hear it.

WS – If it is one sided or a fact, we will see

JH – What do you want to say?

WS – You won’t be able to take it. A normal person that turned 30 should meet someone that fits you better.

JH – CEO Jung, one person loving another person has nothing to do with right or wrong. In the world there is nothing like, I can love so love. Because it starts even before thinking whether I am good enough for that person or not. Whatever it takes to protect her, I will not run away.

WS – Those things are childish

JH – No, it is courage

WS – Well, fighting for your courage, I am also full of fight. Lets see what will happen because of your courage.

JH – DO I have to listen to you more?

WS – No, we can talk about it slowly, we will see each other often

JH – Excuse me.

he turns to leave.

WS – Ah, it’s cold…


Jin-hyeok’s dad visits Soo-hyun.

JS – Sorry to visit you unnanounced

SH – I am sorry, I thought you would be uncomfortable if I visited your table. I sent wine.

JS – I enjoyed the wine

SH – You’re welcome.


JS – I don’t know how to talk well and I am not good at speaking around.

SH – talk to me comfortably

JS – When Jin-hyeok was in the newspaper, I thught it was nothing so I did not ask him. But it seems like this is not light (he is not doing this lightly) so I wonder what to do.

SH – I am a little particular…

JS – it is difficult to say if your particularness is a problem or normal is a problem

SH – Jin-hyeok shi is thoughtful, so when I see you express it like that, I understand why he is thoughtful.

JS – My son is better than me. I asked Jin-hyeok if I should encourage you or worry. He told me to encourage him. I worry first as a parent. you know it is a difficult thing for Jin-hyeok and yourself. I wonder if this is a matter that you two worry about and not progress. Is it good to progress before your feelings grow deeper? I did not come here to giev you trouble

SH – Of course, you are the parent

JS – Loving each other is enough for two people, but progressing only with your feelings seems like big trouble is waiting for you two in the future. As Jin-hyeok said, should I encourage him

SH – I know that you said particularness is about me, I am not good enough. Even though it is difficult for you, I hope you can watch us.

JS – People in the ring have the difficult time, not the people watching.

ILLUSTRATION: She is flying to a door, but the wolf is there waiting. She starts flying towards it.

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At home, Jin-hyeok thinks about telling Soo-hyun that his coordinate is one meter in front of her. He also thinks about giving her the couple rings. He told her that he would be there all the time.

Then Soo-hyun calls. He picks up and tells her that he wants to see her.

They go to a chicken feet cafe. Jin-hyeok explains that she has to do her best to eat it all, you have so much meat left. He shows her how it is done. She tells him that he looks a bit like a pig and she is not going to eat like that. But it is playful.

JH – I am moved, I wanted to talk to you on the phone ina  video call.

SH – I wasn’t too good on the video

JH – I really missed you tonight

SH – Maybe we are connected, I really wanted to see you tonight

JH – Really? This is a safe relationship. We are not going to get shaken even though someone shows up in front of us

She looks at him intentl

SH – Did you have a blind date? I don’t think, even if you do 100 million blind dates that no one will show up.

JH – No.

SH – What? you really have someone?

JH – I am telling you that I have no plans for any blind date. Look, with chicken feet you have to have a rice bowl.

SH – I feel like we are just having chicken feet but it is like a full course meal

JH – Knock knock knock, here I am *feeds her*

They talk about eating well.

JH – Why do you like me, Soo-hyun shi?

SH – Did something happen, you look differnt

JH – DOn’t change the topic, I am serious, why do you like Kim Jin-hyeok?

SH – …Because you are Kim Jin-hyeok, the only one in the world, Kim Jin-hyeok

JH – *laughs* I could have just not slept all night, but now I can sleep.

SH – SOmething happened, you are strange

JH – I want to particularly be with you tonight. I should sleep at your place

SH – Ugh, I should not have come. Just go home, it is already late.

JH – No, no, I will put you to sleep.

They start using banmal to each other

SH – I can sleep well by myself

JH – With your sleping pills? I am the human sleeping pill. 

SH – You go to my place this late, how are you going to come back?

JH – CEO, what are you imagining?

SH – What are you imagining Kim Jin-hyeok?

JH – Weeeeell, to me, I will just put you to sleep well after watching you sleeeeeep.

SH – If you go to my place this late then how will you get back?

Cut to the two of them at her place, he is tucking her in.

SH – Leave now, I cannot sleep more…

JH – Move..move…

he hops in bed with her after pushing her over.

JH -You ahve a very good mattress.

SH – I can’t sleep, you bother me

JH – I am just behaving well. What is bothering you?

SH – Just drink tea and leave

he flips her around to the bed and looks at her kind of half on and off.

JH – I have enough tea at my house, should I drink it here also?

SH – I am really tired but you are doing this now and wake me up more…and your are heavy, get off.

She pushes him off and he rolls over.

JH – It is cold, I came all the way here, but I could not put you to sleep and lost my title as human sleeping pill….by the way, this is really comfortable, just like my place (like he belongs there)

SH – Even secretary jang comes and we don’t sleep in the same bed. I am the only one sleeping here.

JH – Now, it has it’s rightful owner. It’s comfortable, maybe I will fall to sleep first

SH – Wake up before you fall asleep and leave

JH – *He curls up to her* DOn’t be soleda (pitter patter) and just sleep.

She kind of plays with him to leave but ends up curling up on his shoulder comfortably. He pats her shoulder

JH – I want to sleep every night like this, will we have those days?….why don’t you answer?

SH – Because I feel happy just thinking about it.

She starts to fall asleep. Time passes and they both fall asleep. their music starts to play. Jin-hyeok wakes up and tries to get his arm from under her head lightly. He looks at her lovingly, but his arm is asleep so it just kind of hangs by his side as he tries to wake it up a little. But he looks like it was all worth it as he very quietly leaves and closes her door.

But we see that Soo-hyun actually was not fully asleep. She wakes up with a smile and looks at her door.

SH – Is he really a human sleeping pill…*she smiles and curls back in bed* . He is a human wake up pill.

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ED meets with the Uncle at the hotel

ED – I thought you didn’t care about the hotel business, why are you attending today? 

Uncle – Well, it is important, we are talking about important matters so I should come.

ED – I did not expect you to make that kind of decision

Uncle – Well, we have to save the hotel…excuse me.


Sunjoo and everyone works. They wonder who the co-CEO is. Eun-joo says that she heard it is Jung Woo-seok. hangil thinks that is nonsense. Then who is the Taekyung Electronics CEO? Eun-jin says that he will do both.

Jin-hyeok thinks back to his talk with Woo-seok. He asked him what he thinks will happen with his courage and fighting spirit. They can talk slowly, they will see each other often.

In her office, Soo-hyun looks worried. Mijin asks if she is really okay? Soo-hyun says she is actually not okay.

MJ – I don’t know about running the company, but it is not proper to hav an urgent meeting and put a co-CEO. Who made the hotel like this! Co-CEO?

Soo-hyun goes home and is surrounded by paintings of a little prince sittng alone. She looks at a book (Reading a book that changes your life, the cover has a woman that is looking away). She thinks about calling Woo-seok but decides against it and just sits in worry.


Nam meets with Sunjoo and gives her headache medicine. SJ asks how the CEo is doing. nam says she is quieter when she has a harder time. SJ think that she might stay like that and go to the hospital later. Nam wonders what is going on, she was doing so well. SJ thinks that is the problem, she was doing too well. 

SJ – Ah, Chairman Kim

Nam – I heard this is not by Kim because ED was meeting all the TaeKyung executives. But who convinced the Donghwa side executives?

SJ – Those people didn’t even give up their share when Chairman Kim wanted to buy it. But this time, why did they abandon our CEO”

Nam – People with no loyalty

SH – I heard Wooseok is coming as Co-CEO

Nam – Why is he coming? How dare he!


Hye-in and Jin-hyeok walks to the company together. But they see a lot of big timers coming out. Hye-in wonders, this might be for the new CEO arriving?

A car drives up, all the important looking people bow to Woo-seok as he walks in. Woo-seok smiles at Jin-hyeok and walks in.

Everyone inside is brooding about this new task. Woo-seok has a meeting with all the executives and says that he thanks them for bringing him on, he does not know much about running the hotel and will work together with Soo-hyun.

Man – You won with a majority vote, but a lot of people still opposed it, why do you have to do it?

WS – For a stable hotel

Man – Cha Soo-hyun did everything to make this hotel to this level now.

WS – I acknowledge that

Man – it is rude that you are just stepping into this hotel that is running so well.

Man – We already decided this and this is the first meeting, why are you talking about it?

Man – Not everyone agreed

WS – Not that long ago, the hotel was in trouble because of Cuba, who solved that problem? Cha Soo-hyun? I heard a rookie did it. Do you really think this hotel is running fine? I believe both CEO’s business knowhow will have a synergistic effect.

he gets up and leaves. All the executives look at him with trepidation. 

Cut to Woo-seok meeting with Soo-hyun in her office. Mijin gives him a drink and leaves.

WS – I thought you would come to the executive meeting, do you still feel uncomfortable?

SH – What are you going to do with Taekyung electronics?

WS – Well, I am a multitasker more than you think. Adding this hotel business won’t disturb anything

SH – What do you want?

WS – My purpose is to protect Cha Soo-hyun close by

SH – Why do I need your protection?

WS – Well, you will just fly away with this little wind coming. Lets talk about the healthy future of DOnghwa hotel

SH – It is a shameful thing to have your mother behind you and do this.

WS – *smiles* I did not get here for free, I thought about it a lot in order to be here. Can you take that word out that I have my mom at my back? She will be super upset.

SH – What do you want?

WS – I want to help yo

SH – Do you think you are helping me now?

WS – Give me some time

SH – From now on, if you want to talk to me then you need to make an appointment through my secretary.

WS – Okay, lets do that. It is the first day, do you want to eat lunch together.

SH – Jung Woo Seok CEO, can you be excused if you are done talking

WS – If I have a question i will ask you.

SH – Ask the related department

WS – So, should I go to that department?

He leaves and she sighs, we see Woo-seok showing up at the Advertising department. Everyone stands. Woo-seok tells them that advertising is the most important in any building and then tells Jin-hyeok that he heard he was a very talented rookie that solved the Cuba issue.

JH – DOn’t mention it, I was juts lucky.

WS – You have more titles, a rookie with ability and modesty.

JH – Thank you so much, I am flattered.

Everyone is awkward

WS – I don’t know abou the hotel business too much, but I will do my best. he leaves. Everyone in the room lets out a collective breath. Jin-hyeok sits, particularly stressed.

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he ends up going to a flower shop to buy something that is comforting and not to big. The owner picks out something nice for him. She tells him that it smells nice when you touch it like this.

he sends the flowers with a letter to Soo-hyun.

Note: this plant has a lot of phytoncide (fragrance?). It will make you feel good. Think about it as my round round head. Pat it and it will smell good. – From Your Boyfriend

She smells the tree happily and sends him a text.

SH: It really smells good and comfots me. i am moved.

JH: Think of it as a miniature Jin-hyeok and adore it.

SJ – Are you done with the report?

Hye-in gives her the report so SJ leaves for a meating with the CEO. Then EUn-jin tells the team that they need to talk about this frankly without the director. hangil tells her to stop.

EJ – Stop what?….Jiin-hyeok.

JH – Yes?

EJ – Jung Woo-seok is so petty. If he thinks like this does he think you will give up?

HI – Jung Woo-seok becoming the CEO has nothing to do with Jin-hyeok. It is not the first time Taekyung has tried to take over the hotel

Trip.com ad as Sun-joo explains Trip.com to Soo-hyun and how they will do an event for White day. She wants to test it and see if her ad is good. They start to talk about this ad and what to do to make it better, could they put cooking (or booking?) on the banner? It could be better to show them that. SJ says that they have a schedule with the patiserie team.

But then SJ asks if SH is okay. SH says she is okay. When I touch this, my not feeling heart becomes okay again. SJ touches it and is all like, um…I don’t know.

nam comes in so Sun-joo ignores him and leaves. Nam is all like, what the? But Soo-hyun tells him that is part of Sun-joo’s charm. Then they start to talk about the core list of assistant manager Kim. There is one number that he called very frequently before the incident and three more after he is in hiding. that number belongs to someone else now, we have to find out the original owner.

Soo-hyun thanks him. Nam looks at the tree and thinks it looks like him. It is round and cute. Soo-hyun laughs.

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HI and JH end up going to a cafe to talk about the situation. Jh thinks it is all his fault. But HI says that Taekyung group always wants the hotel, so it is not your fault. But JH tells her that the CEO came to see him and told him that they would see what happened. But I did not know what he meant, now I know that this is what would happen.

HI wonders why he is like this? They divorced a long time ago. JH says he worried about the CEO.

JM and Dae-chan come in with oranges but one of them knocks HI’s diary out of her purse. She picks it up and remembers when she got it. JH actually picked it out for her. JM plays with her about being angry. HI just holds on to her purse that is now housing her diary safely once again. The fellas start to talk playfully about JM working and not working and how he would have been fired a long time ago somewhere else. They keep jocking and tells Hye-in to be happy again.

In the office, SH’s father and Nam meet to talk about whether SOo-hyun has problems now that Woo-seok is there. Nam says that she is actually doing a lot better. 

CJH thinks that SOo-hyun is a lot different, stronger now. Nam jokes him that he does not know his own daughter, Soo-hyun is #1 in tenacity. Taekyung is so obvious in their cards, I worry about it hyung-nim. if they eat Soo-hyun again. Appa says that they have appa to contend with so they cannot do that. The election is important, but it is not as important as my own daughter.

At work, Woo-seok runs into Jin-hyeok in the halway, they are all alone. Woo-seok reminds him that they will see each other often. 

WS – i can do a lot, you will realize it even if you don’t want to

JH – Who is this for? It seems like this only make you happy

WS – Yes, this is for me

JH – That day, you said you still loved her. 

WS – Ah, you remember that

JH – Is this really for someone you love?

WS – It is a move of desperation. You know, I can’t just let this happen so I have to do anything to protect her. Lets see, your courage vs my desperation, we sill see the result.

JH – This is not right. This hotel is Cha Soo-hyun’s life

WS – *chuckles* Cha Soo-hyun is my life. Is that a good answer?

JH – I don’t know your past time or your past heart, and I won’t just guess. But hurting someone is not welcomed. I don’t have money or power or honor like you. I am just a normal guy that just turned 30. i am going to protect her my own way.

WS – Kim Jin-hyeok, It is the same but different. I hope you realize the difference after time passes. 

Jh – Hopefully I can be convinced of your heart in the future

Jin-hyeok walks away. Woo-seok leaves as well.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is in her office signing something. Woo-seok already signed it. She thinks back to telling Jin-hyeok that the hotel is everything to her, she put everything into it. She pushes the documents aside and stands by the wondow. She turns and looks at the CEO on her name plate and then sits with her hand on her head.

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HI and Jin-myung go out to eat. He asks her if she is okay? She asks why? He says it is because she likes his brother. She denies it. But he just says she does and mentions high school and college and the army. She stands up to make a phone call in order to get away. Jin-myung scratches his head.

HI goes outside to sniff her tears away. Jin-myung gives her a tissue and playfully tells her not to sniff her tears away. He jokes with her a bit more and tells her that they should go back inside, the chicken is getting cold. She goes back in with him.

At work, Jin-hyeok brings Subway to Soo-hyun because he knew that she would work to hard and starve herself. He sits partially on her desk and asks her if she is petting his tree a lot? She says she is but he asks why she is still sad? She says she isn’t.

JH – If I say sorry, will you be angry?

SH – Why say sorry?

JH – Me to you, this happened because I stay next to you.

SH – I am still having a war with Taekyung, did you make that happen?

JH – I am sorry because you are in a war now. My heart puts you in a corner

SH – Jin-hyeok, your heart is healing to me. Without you, I could have been so scared and not know what to do. You said, because of you I know that love became clear. Because of you, the scared feeling faded away.

Flashbacks of their memories together falling in love.

He sits on the desk and hugs Soo-hyun who is standing in front of him. 

JH – I love you so much.

SH – I love you.

That might be the first time she said it? Jin-hyeok is especially touched. They both smile.


Jin-hyeok sits out somewhere with a lunchbox and smiles. Then he calls SH to ask where she is at, home? She says she is at work. He asks, on the weekend? Someone is not playing with me, you should have told me, I can be your white horse.

SH – Where are you?

JH – Waiting for the bus, I am going to teacher Lee’s place. She hurt her leg a little bit.

SH – Can you say hi for me?

JH – I will, do you want me tocome there and play with you? How else can I show you my 100 thousand plans? Well, I can show it to you until you become a grandma.

SH – I ned to live for a long long time, then.

JH – My bus came, I will call you later.

He hops on the bus.

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We cut directly to Mijin and Dae-chan eating at a nice place. DC looks pretty happy about it. Mijin tells him she is sorry that she just left like thta last time He says he understands her. Then he gives her a flower wrapped ina  newspaper and asks to start dating.

Note: Jang Mijin, when I went to the morning market, i bought a rose that looks just like you. – Lee Dae Chan

(Jang Mi = rose and her name is Jang Mi-jin so it is a play on words)

MJ – Okay, but dont expect too much between you and me

DC – Your clothes look like you expect somthing.

She tells him, what are you talking about? I always dress like this. I am dressed in a relaxing way due to work being so stuffy. he tells her she looks very pretty and she fans herself and smiles.

But when they go outside for valet, his little Snail Cafe car pulls up. Mijin is all like, oh hell no…she runs away.  She runs all the way to the bathroom. He calls her on the phone so she feigns that she has diariagh and he should leave.

She comes back out a little later, but he is still thee waiting for her and honks his horn. She smiles politely but looks like she really does not want to get in.

However, she gets in and he gives her some medicine. he starts to talk abotu how he did not know her stomach was like that. you must be nervous because of the date with me. Take two pills, you a re just like a little kid I have to feed medicine too.


Jin-heyok gets to the tea ajumma’s place and Soo-hyun is there as well. Jin-hyeok brought a lot of food for her from his mother so they look at it all and talk about her leg. tea ajumma tells then that she should be on a diet with her small stomach, maybe I fell from the roof because she was too heavy. Then she tells Jin-hyeok to invite the CEO someday. She would love your mothers food. Jin-hyeok thinks it is a good idea and asks to set a date. Tea ajumma tells him not to think to much, just tell her that they can do it. 

JH and SH drive off. SH asks him if his mother is good at cooking? The food looked very good. JH says that he and his brother did not know how good their mothers food was until they ate outside the house when they were older. She cooks quickly, but it is really good.

SH says that she was so sad that teacher Lee closed all the side dishes, she does not know if I have a big or small stomach, she should suggest first. Tasting does not need that much of a stomach. JH says she is cute, like a middle school student. She says she is weak with home cooked food and he tells her that she is cute again.

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The teacher gets a all from JH’s appa. He asks how her leg is. She says that she is just pretending, she can take off the cast tomorrow. I want to return the side dishes and give you a nice tea. Can I go to your place to eat dinner? Appa says that she does not come so they don’t say anything but of course she can come. tea Ajumma wonders if it would be too much if “she” came. I told her that Jin-hyeoks mother cooked so well. She comes around sometime and she also came when you gave me a side dish. I heard that you know everything, Jin-hyeok told me.

Elsewhere, WS meets with his mother at their company. he tells her that he wanted to clear this up. if the lawyers deal with it then the war will never end. Hwa-jin does not know how he convinced the executives, but if he goes agains her will then she will never forgive him. But lets make sure of the things we need to make sure about.

HJ – Cha soo hyun – I will never let her come to my place.

WS – You don’t know what might happen

HJ – I will not let her in here all ruined. It will make taeKyung look bad. 

WS – I will take care of the hotel

HJ – I will trust you.

She gets a phone call and tells them that they had business for a long time so she does not need to check, just send it to the company.

WS – What did you send?

HJ – The clothing that she will wear for your fathers memorial day

WS – Umma? 

HJ – Tis happens every year

WS – You won’t let her in the family so you should not let her in the house for fathers memorial day

Hj – I have to do it this year

WS – Can you just stop?

HJ – Strangely, I feel like your fathers memorial day will be a symbolic day. Whether she shows up or not will be a big issue.

WS – What are you talking about?

HJ – If she does not come, it means she has really turned her back on us and I will not forgive her or her father. She is a smart girl, so she has to come. It will be interesting


The family eats together at home. It looks like they are all eating take out fish, one for everyone but there is one left over so he wants to cut it. Umma says they don’t have to cut her a piece, appa just ends up taking it and eating it all.

Then they start to talk about the tea ajumma visiting and her leg healing well and what umma will cook and all those things. Appa also tells Jin-hyeok that he should invite his CEO as well. They enjoyed the wine so they should at least say thank you. Jin-hyeok is happy-surprised. Umma is a little embarrassed, she thinks the hoel has a lot of good restaurants. But Appa thinks they are great as well. Jin-myung tells them that they don’t know if she will come or not. Jin-hyeok shoves the fish in his mouth and tells him that he is the best brother right. Jin-myung is all like, hey you were eating this….but yes I will enjoy it.

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Jin-hyeok texts Soo-hyun to see if she will have time to come to his house to eat with teacher Lee. Soo-hyun thinks about this a lot. She sends him another text agreeing to it and saying that he is happy to finally have a home cooked meal. Jin-hyeok is happy and asys he is nervous for her to come. She is also nervous.

She calls Mijin to come in and asks what kind of clothing is good that is not formal but is not too much. But Mijin tells her that tomorrow is Chairman Jung’s memorial day, why don’t you attend it this time? You shuold be careful.

Soo-hyun thinks about it and tells Mijin to go back to work. She sighs.

Nam runs into Jin-hyeok as he heads to recycling. They joke together. But then Woo-seok drives up. Nam tells him hello but he is not that happy to see him. He tells them that tomorrow is his fathers memorial day, please drive her there safely. he gets back in his car and leaves.

Jin-hyeok thinks about courage vs desperation and which one works. He asks Nam if he can drive the CEO tonight? He smiles and says of course.

Soo-hyun gets in the car with Jin-hyeok acting as her driver. She smiles as he asks her where they shuold go. They drive off, he tells her that he has sad news, teacher Lee has an emergency so tomorrow is cancelled. But they can set another day. They both smile, but it looks like she feels what is going on.

She gets home and walks in looking crestfallen at the day she has had. She sits on her couch and stares at nothing. Jin-hyeok does the same at his home. He thinks about Soo-hyun, loving her, and Woo-seok challenging it and his courage.

They both are deep in thought all night. The screen turns to the Holga split screen as they both worry.


Soo-hyun gets something from Mijin. She also has a call but does not take it. She tells her that Dae-chan wants her to help him with the snail because Jin-hyeoks brother cannot come to work. Soo-hyun looks up, there is a guest coming to their house today? Mijin says that is what he said. Then she leaves.

Soo-hyun thinks back to what Jin-hyeok told her in the car about cancelling the dinner and also about being sad for giving her a difficult time. Then her mother calls her.

She answers. 

MO – Soo-hyun, can you go there today? Just think about your father. Go there for the election okay? Soo-hyun….

Soo-hyun thinks about it all.

VO – I am not Taekyung’s person anymore, you shuold not do this…even though you are divorced, you think our relationship ends? You are taekyung group until you die. Once you come to my family, you are part of this family untilyou die….just today, think about your father….the guest comes today?

Soo-hyun think sabout all of this at home. Her outfit is laid out in front of her.

Cut to the event. There are a lot of reporters waiting to see if Soo-hyun will come or not. Either way it is big news.

At the house, Jin-myung wonders if Soo-hyun is coming? He talks about how she has to go to the ex-inlaws event right? He knows from Dae-chan. But Jin-hyeok says it is nothing like that. She has work that she has to do. Umma asks to call and see if teacher Lee is coming.

SOo-hyun gets ready at her place. She is wearing something red, casual, and lovely. She tells Nam that she is coming down. She looks at the black clothing on her bed.

Then we see Nam drive up to the memorial event. Someone comes outside and says that Cha Soo-hyun’s car has come. Hwa-jin nods.

Cut to Jin-hyeoks house, they wonder why teacher Lee is so late. Then there is a knock on the door. Jin-hyeok goes out. 

JH – Doctor Lee, was there a lot of traffic – .

But then he sees Soo-hyun standing there. He is shocked and a bit alarmed. But also touched

SH – Um..my schedule was cancelled.

He walks to the street and tries to think of something to say

Jh – Uh…I am in big trouble

SH – Why?

JH – There is no exit…from you. There is no exit that I can leave from you.

They both smile and embrace. The image changes to a Holga spit screen where they are in both images hugging.

ILLUSTRATION: The wolf disappears and the girl goes to the top of the steps and knocks on the door. The boy opens it.

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I love how both men say that they will protect Soo-hyun, but actually Soo-hyun is the one making the decisions to protect herself.


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  1. Rose
    January 10, 2019 / 9:29 am

    Oh crap…..thay wolf again….

  2. Rose
    January 10, 2019 / 9:56 am

    I dont understand…..the ex husband is a smart man….he knows he cant win SH by doing stupid things like this, what is he really up to?

    • V
      January 10, 2019 / 12:40 pm

      He is all desperation now.

      • Chona
        January 12, 2019 / 9:40 pm


    • Miranda
      January 10, 2019 / 4:52 pm

      He’s spent his entire life passively waiting for things to come to him, and they generally have – he’s rich, he’s handsome, he’s well-mannered, and his dragon-like mother has probably cleared every roadblock in his way. For some people who are born into a world like that, they don’t know anything else. They think it’s just natural that good things happen to them and what they wish is what they get.

      So now… He’s putting in effort. But he’s never had to do that and so has absolutely no idea how. He never put himself in Soo Hyun’s shoes when she was married to him, and right now he’s also not able to put himself in Jin Hyuk’s shoes. He’s misfiring in every possible way. Jin Hyuk goes to Cuba to try and talk to a personal connection and salvage Soo Hyun’s deal, but stays under the radar; the ex co-opts her authority in a coup that he’s made crystal-clear is all about getting access to her.

      I do admire the actor in the role of the ex, though. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but his actual skin seems paper-thin; his microexpressions are just slightly off. It’s like he’s never actually inhabited his own body, and now he’s trying but not getting it quite right. I think he genuinely doesn’t understand anything outside his own highly elevated, very coddled environment, and maybe he’s been mild and well-mannered all this time not because it’s his personality, but because he’s been conditioned into passivity.

      • Chona
        January 12, 2019 / 9:41 pm


  3. Rose
    January 10, 2019 / 10:19 am

    Ok….i just read #5 so my rant will be base on recap #5………………£u€k u ex-husband!!!!!……there….im sorry for the bad word V……i was hoping for the best for him……but now…..GAD DANG IT!! Desperate people really do desperate and stupid and annoying and fist clenching and mindbogling things! Ggrr…..i need to relax….(inhale….exhale….) 😤😤😤😤

    • V
      January 10, 2019 / 12:41 pm

      Let it out! He is definitely in desperate mode. I kind of think this is the only way that he see her everyday.

      • V
        January 10, 2019 / 12:55 pm

        Also, thank you for the censorship! I try to keep the site PG-13 to make it more friendly to all kinds of readers, but I understand when a curse word just has to come out! I have let a few slide as well.

        I feel like we are more like a Marvel movie over here, not Netflix 😉

        • Rose
          January 10, 2019 / 2:56 pm

          So sorry about that, my emotion got the best of me, next time i’ll just use asterisk and you’ll know what it means 😂……its just that i have a bad feeling about the ex snapping and i was hoping i was wrong 😣

      • Chona
        January 12, 2019 / 9:41 pm


  4. Exo
    January 10, 2019 / 10:39 am

    It is the same but different. I hope you realize the difference after time passes, WS said.
    I understand him now, Both WS and JH alway love SH.
    But they solved for SH survival by the different solution, apart from her or stand with her.
    The Best drama of the Year, Congrats to TvN and Key Actors!

    • Naomi
      January 10, 2019 / 10:45 am

      Just curious if you mean what I think you mean: Because WooSeok is taking the co-CEO spot, this is how he protects SooHyun from his mother’s lawsuit?

      • V
        January 10, 2019 / 12:42 pm

        I think this could be an option!

        • RevSparklyAndroid
          January 11, 2019 / 5:43 am

          I actually think he’s been both obvious and cryptic about his reasons for taking the Co-CEO position. In one regard, he’s desperate to have SH back in his life and hopes this will further his cause.

          On the other hand, his earlier conversation with his ‘uncle’ was telling. The uncle blankly refused to help coerce the SH-friendly directors only to suddenly change his mind. I suspect WS wants to act as a buffer from further interference by his mother and hopefully, this means that even if he doesn’t win SH back, she at least gets to keep the hotel.

          • Aymy
            January 13, 2019 / 3:21 am

            Let’s not forget his expressions, refusal and objections to what his mom wants regarding the hotel. His answers to her were obscure at best, making me think that he’s cooking something or is really desperate.

  5. Anonymous
    January 10, 2019 / 10:43 am

    It is the same but different. I hope you realize the difference after time passes, WS said.
    I understand him now, Both WS and JH alway love SH.
    But they solved for SH survival by the different solution, apart from her or stand with her.
    The Best drama of the Year, Congrats to TvN and Key Actors!

  6. Revsparklyandroid
    January 10, 2019 / 10:57 am

    Well, that ending made me smile. On to subbed episode. Thanks, V.

    • Rose
      January 10, 2019 / 11:05 am

      I saw the ending too at VIKI (skipped almost all of it and went straight to the final minutes 😄) his face….the look on his face like all the worries that keeps rolling in his head just disappears when she showed up outside their house….like he was sooooo relieved….but…..no previews….that sucks 😅😣😅😣

  7. Aymy
    January 10, 2019 / 11:01 am

    JH’s love is so unselfish. He gave SH an out from the family dinner because he understood about the memorial. OMG. What a guy.

  8. Rose
    January 10, 2019 / 11:13 am

    At the end…..we see what kind of a weakling the ex husband was….i know he wants to repect her mothers will (its his mother anyways) but he still cant do anything once his mother decided to do something even if he doesnt want to, how can he can protect SH like that? Can someone enlighten me? Do you guys have any theories on what the heck is he really planning to do? If thats the protection he was talking about, its an half-a$$ protection.

    • V
      January 10, 2019 / 12:45 pm

      I think he will give his shares to Soo-hyun or do something along those lines.

      • Rose
        January 10, 2019 / 2:48 pm

        I hope you’re right V. Coz no matter how i think about all his actions, it doesnt make sense. First he let go of SH because he want her to be free from his mothers grasp, 2nd he was helping her secretly by solving the issues that Director Choi and his mother created for SH, 3rd he doesnt want his mothers way to get SH back coz its not right (and i applaud him for that, thats why i think he’s a decent human being)….so why all of a sudden he was doing all of this w/c is against all that he believes what right? Was he planning something that no one knows not even his mother? Is it true what he said that he is desperate coz he’s not getting SH back even though he does the right thing so he’s goin to force things now?

        And before i forget (coz i was ranting earlier 😂)…..thanks for the recap V! 😊

  9. Jeff
    January 10, 2019 / 6:43 pm

    The ex-husband is reacting that way for hs own selfish ways. He is still in love with his ex-wife and thinks that by working at the hotel, he can be close to her and protect her as well. That is his own way, he knows, of doing both of that.

    What will the 4 episode brings, I wonder. A happy ending?

  10. Exo
    January 10, 2019 / 8:05 pm

    I really love SH and JH very,..very much.
    I also love and laugh for MJ and DC too.
    I also love and like JM-PO and HI.
    I mostly love and like Nam and SJ.
    Many Thanks for WS, slow action but strong support SH.

    I appreciate and love all actors, especially father and mother actors.
    Thanks for Encounter Director and Team for all appisodes, all beautiful scene and love songs, very impressive and special one in my life.

    Finally I guess!?
    WS has his strategy in mind to transfer Co-CEO to JH as JH is so smart and JH can help SH in the future.
    WS has to test JH more and more for true Love.
    How can we help SH and JH to be Happy Ending?

    Lastly, Thanks to Author and Recaps.

  11. Ruth
    January 11, 2019 / 4:15 am

    I’m enjoying Encounter, but I have mixed emotions because when Encounter ends, Touch your heart will premiere and as a Goblin fan, I’m so excited about it.
    Could you translate Touch Your Heart new teaser? I’d be most thankful to you.

    • Ruth
      January 11, 2019 / 4:16 am

      Here’s Touch Your Heart teaser, sorry 🙂

  12. JoJo
    January 11, 2019 / 6:00 am

    I wonder what happen to the preview for ep 13?

    • Anonymous
      January 11, 2019 / 7:57 am

      I think they are probably in live shoot mode now (due to the nature of the Kdrama industry, where they nearly always film when drama is airing, in case you don’t know already). which means they are shooting the scenes for the next episodes now, so no footage to cut a preview.

      • Rose
        January 11, 2019 / 12:59 pm

        When they do that, it scares me coz it may go in to an ending appropriate to the drama or go downhill coz they overthink it too much…i hope they do good with this one, it will be a shame to end it in a very low note after all the things they’ve done to make this a really good quality drama.

        • Aymy
          January 11, 2019 / 10:10 pm

          I read somewhere that it’s a big no-no in kdrama production to shift storylines or change actors (unless something bad happens) no matter the ratings or feedback from watchers. So I am banking on this as the reason why they won’t “overthink” it. But we all do hope for a happy ending! This is one of the most memorable kdramas for me. Not only because of the actors, cinematography etc but also that there’s not mich frills or special effects but it just focuses on the story development with maximum impact.

          • Anonymous
            January 12, 2019 / 12:27 am

            This script seem to have been well thought out because we see a lot of reveals in later episodes. I do feel the writer already had the ending in mind, or it has already been written out. I don’t think we are going to get some kind of mental whiplash with a runaway ending. Here’s hoping the writer isn’t sadistic and wrote a horrible ending for CSH x KJH and us viewers.

            • JoJo Yeoo
              January 15, 2019 / 10:13 am

              Thanks for the info. I always thought they wrapped shooting before they air the series. I hope it will be a satisfying and happy ending.

  13. JoJo Yeoo
    January 11, 2019 / 6:06 am

    JH has practically proposed to SH. Rings, wanting to be with her every night. Just get married already! 🙂

  14. Anonymous
    January 11, 2019 / 8:09 am

    I cannot get past how much I love this drama for its cinematography, script, characterisation and acting. All the characters – even the secondary ones and the evil ones – are pretty well-written and logical. yes, even the chaebol in law and the weakling of a husband. given the bubble they live in, they probably thing the world and its people revolves around them so their actions while bizarre are not impossible.

    In lesser hands, this drama would have gone totally makjang on us, and end up with terminal illness and accidents. But I doubt it will happen. The synopsis of ‘Encounter’ is ‘a love story of a woman who seem to have everything and a man who seems ordinary, and how they throw away wealth, authority and an ordinary life to be together.’ I’m holding out for an ending where CSH x KJH live happily ever after, and I’m ok even if it were to be an ordinary life – a happy home, surrounded by people who love and care for them, no fame, no glory, no more hotel…. but it’s ok, ‘cos they have each other.

    4 more episodes. i’m not setting a high bar, so please be good, drama!

    • Rose
      January 11, 2019 / 12:55 pm

      Oh i hope so too that it will not turn into a tragedy that someone will die….may gad! I dont know how will i react to that! But for some reason those foreshodowing keeps creeping at the back of my neck…😣😣😣😣

      • Anonymous
        January 12, 2019 / 12:41 pm

        I feel it too somehow!

        • Anonymous
          January 14, 2019 / 2:18 am

          Think we have been scarred by other (bad, sadistic) dramas

  15. Rose
    January 11, 2019 / 12:25 pm

    Im just watching the latest episode right now in sub……there is something in the sub that i dont know if they subbed it right or not (i have to go back 3x just tp confirm what i read)….the scene where the EMILFH talking to her son about why he did what he did (about being co-CEO) then she said something that confused me, she said “Bring an illegitimate messed-up child to my house? Then Taegyeaong will be a laughing stock”…..who’s the illegitimate child? SH? Or they are just using that as a term for SH being the ex daughter in-law? Was mu theory before right about SH mom wasnt really her mom thats why that evil mother is like that to her? Did i missed something? Im now confused…. 😳

    • Anonymous
      January 12, 2019 / 12:32 am

      Hi Rose, I’m watching on Viu and went back to check on the translation. the EMIL said she wanted to make it clear to her son that Cha Soo Hyun won’t step into her household again because she has a messy private life. Taegyeong would be a laughing stock if she was allowed to return (ie. remarry JWS). Nothing about illegitimate child. 🙂

      • Rose
        January 14, 2019 / 11:05 am

        I see, maybe its just a bad translation. My jaw almost dropped when i was watching and the sub said “illegitimate”, i was like “when did that happened? Did i missed an episode?” 😂

  16. Rohan
    January 13, 2019 / 6:30 am

    Hey guys do you know what is that song in the end of episode 12 of encounter

    • Anonymous
      January 14, 2019 / 11:43 pm

      It’s the latest OST – ‘Always be with you’ by Baek A Yeon

      • JoJo Yeoo
        January 15, 2019 / 10:24 am

        Thank you! I love the entire OST. Every single song is just beautiful.

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