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Encounter: Episode 11 Live Recap

I love the cool tones and slow meandering build of this drama even though the romance is in high gear now (hello last episode!). Surprisingly, I like all the side characters more than the main couple, I love Cuba as an international location, and I love having a hotel as a drama location. I’m not sure where this drama is going for the next 6 episodes, but that is a small concern.

For music, we went through the first two episodes to find out some of the Cuban songs, but weren’t able to find out anything. It seems like these are common songs that are played by street performers so it is hard to find the actual song because there is a lot of variation with the street performances. If you know any of the songs, let us know!

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Omara – Si Llego A Besarte
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We open with our couple walking on a beautiful beach in Havana. The scenery is way larger than them as if they are engulfed in the beach. We also see them dancing with street performers and riding in an old school convertible around the city. They spend the time taking photos, laughing, and loving the day away.

They end the day with kisses on the balcony and then we scroll to a very sleepy Jin-hyeok at the airport. He is asleep in his seat as Soo-hyun walks up to him and sits.

SH – Now I remember, I told you to take business class, but this guy refused it in order to keep that promise to himself

JH – *wakes up* ahh….yeah….

SH- I bought you business class this time also, but if you….hmmm….I can just hope on the airplane.

he hops up and walks with her.

JH – take me with you.

They both laugh.

ILLUSTRATION: The couple is standing by a light post happily but then a huge big bad wolf walks by.

Cut to Soo-hyun sitting at her desk. She sees the Jin-hyeok got the best employee award and is relocated back to the main branch. Outside, we see Jin-hyeok walking back to the main building and smiling as he takes it all in before going inside again.

He heads to his group and is greeted by applause and welcome backs. They ask how he feels to be employeed twice. He says he likes it. Eun-jin mentions that she new he shouldn’t be a person that is kicked out like that. I cleaned your desk. They are all happy to see him except for the manager who just tells Jin-hyeok, thank you so much. But he does not look all that thrilled.

Jin-hyeok texts Soo-hyun.

JH: I came back here, so we should at least see each other

SH: Congratulations for your comeback

JH: Is that it? It makes me sad

SH: Well, what do you need more?

JH: Just show me yourself. 

SH: Come to my office

JH: That is too official. 

SH: Do you want to go out and play again?

He calls her. She picks up right away.

JH – You shuoldn’t do this as soon as I come back

SH – You say my office is too official and you don’t want to go out, so…

JH – Let’s see that place that the CEO does not know about (only the employees know), lets go there

SH – I know everywhere in DongHwa hotel, there is no where I dont’ know

JH: WOuld you like to be on it?

SH – What is the bet?

JH – Buy dinner

SH – Okay, where should I go?

JH – First, leave our office and go to the hotel section and take the elevator.

She leaves her office and starts to follow his direction. All the while he is walking to this location as well and passing through areas that only employees are privy to.

SH – Which floor?

JH – 2nd floor basement

SH – Are you talking about the storage area?

JH – Not that, your expectations are that low?

SH – This is the laundry room and restaurant way

JH – Ah, you know everything my CEO

SH – There are a lot of employees here, you want to see me here?

JH – If I want to do it then we need to see each other in the lobby. First, come in quickly!

SH keeps walking past several employees and says “Yes Executive Director”

JH – Ah, am I the executive director now?

SH – Executive director, if you took it that way then it is kind of embarrassing to me

JH – If you see a door in the hallway, then open that door…you will be pretty surprised….do you see executive director Kim Jin-hyeok?

She walks around the corner

SH – No….where….?

But then she sees him and he waves. She walks up to him, smiling.

JH – You didn’t know this right?

SH – They must have remodeled? The facitilites team manages this kind of space

JH – So the CEo does not know?

SH – it is quiet

JH – It’s good right? People use it for events

SH – You know the hotel better than me

JH – No, for the last event we stored our supplies here

SH – Oh, that’s right…

They are quiet for a moment. He looks at her in a puppy dog way that he often does.

SH – So….you won the bet. Lets go.

JH – What? You showed me your face this short and leave?

SH – Well, you should be busy now that youa re back

JH – Well, but still, only 3 seconds? It is not like we saw each other or not

SH – There is nothing to do here right?

JH – No…..while working….we can just see each other a little bit…..

he plays with her head playfully

JH – Internal dating….you know

SH – Internal dating…if someone sees then it will be more awkward

JH – No one comes here, there are no events

But then a woman says that she is going to take a break there to her colleague. Soo-hyun quickly pushes Jin-hyeok in a closet and greats the woman. She tells her that she was just checking to see if their employee path was okay……okay….goodbye.

The ajumma bows but still looks stunned and then walks off. Jin-hyeok gets a call from han-gil asking if he went back to Seokcho. Jin-yeok tells him that he will be back soon. he listens to the door and then starts to leave. But the ajumma is drinking coffee there and sees him come out. However, she just says that these are good times and keeps drinking.

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Elsewhere, The real Executive Director gets a text from Woo-seok showing the secret meeting that he had filmed. Choi calls him and asks to meet and talk about it.

Later on after work, Soo-hyun and driver Nam talk in the car about whether she wants to go to hongjae neighborhood. She laughs and says that it looks like Nam will move there. he sys that he is thinking about it because living in the same neighborhood as Sunjoo, his life is so tired. It would be better to see Kim Jin-hyeok’s face and live. Would you like to go there together? What would you like to do if we don’t go?

She starts to talk about the Cuba hotel incident. Nam says that he wanted to talk to her about that too. Do you want to cover it up? SH says that she needs to catch who is behind it. She cannot make the police investigate it and she does not want the Cuba hotel in the media. I thought about it and, ajusshi, I need your help.

Nam – Tell me.

Cut to Executive Choi meeting with Woo-seok.

ED – I was surprised 

WS – I was surprised also. You have to go this far.

ED – I don’t think chairman Kim will be happy with this

WS – The results are more important. Tell me, you called me because you want something. You are so confident. You just say that you follow the chairmans order, that is what you mean I am not going to give you a hard time with the video, I need your favor, but I thought you would refuse it, that is why I showed that to you. 

ED – In the video, secretary Jo is there. 

WS – That secretary helping the chairman, he should not be in the country. The chairman already hid him. You don’t know my mother well. Lets do it this way. Lets make this video a secret for you and me. Ask the chairman if she wants to protect you or blame you for everything. I think the later is the answer. See her first and then we can talk about it later again. if you mention the video one more time. I will give the video to Cha Soo-hyun.


Jin-hyeok, Hye-in, and Dae-chan all drink to celebrate Jin-hyeoks return. Jim-myung is there not working as usual. Dae-chan ells him that he should be working. JM tells him that he is too moody, stop tortyring me, I am almost losing my hair due to all the stress you are giving me. JM is wearing the laser hair thing. They bicker back and forth and then start to talk about throwing a birthday party for Jin-myung and Jin-hyeoks mother.

Dae-chan lets it slip that he would be happy to have a son like Jin-hyeok so the group thinks he has someone he is dating. But Daechan quickly turns the conversation back to Jin-hyeoks mothers birthday.

The next day, Appa reads a rumor about Jin-hyeok and the CEO. He ends up going to the hotel to see Jin-hyeok.

JH – What about the store?

Appa – I just left, I was bored staying there all the time so I took a walk. Do you have to go back?

JH – No, I have 30 minutes for lunch.

Appa – mom is at home

JH – WHy don’t you tell me to go to the store?

Appa – I wanted to see where you worked. Jin-hyeok…

JH – Yes?

Appa – it is kind of awkward to pretend like I don’t know anything. Mom also worries. You and the CEO.

JH – I should have told you first but the timing wasn’t good.

Appa – I thought it was weird for you togo to Seokcho, but I shouldn’t ask. You know, all those songs are all about it being difficult. Do you think it is okay?

JH – What is?

SH – You know, your hotel is good so that means that there are many other hotels. She is a famous person, right? I trust you but….

JH – Abogi, I thought about it a lot. I decided to be with her. I don’t know what the end is. But I want to go as far as I can with her.

Appa – What if it does not work?

Jh – *doesn’t answer but smiles*

Appa – Okay, when someone loves someone, if you calculate how far it can go then it is not real love. I just wanted to ask you how you are so I can make up my mind as well to support you or not.

JH – Please support me abogi

Appa – Your lunch hour will end soon, you should go back.

Appa takes another drink of his tea and Jin-hyeok looks at him

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Nam meets with another old reporter friend over lunch and gives him something by sliding it across the table. The reporter is all like, hey, can’t you wait until I finish eating? Nam asks if he can find out who called that number. it should be secret. Then they talk about punching someone and if they will go to jail.

Meanwhile, Sunjoo eats with her daughter at home. They talk about how they are each too skinny and how poeple might give the daughter a hard time because her mother is divorced. But the daughter is fully on her mothers side and says that appa is strange for leaving a beautiful person like her mother and I am good at studying. I will go to a good company like you and be pretty like you.

Sun-joo thanks her and says that she is encouraged by her so don’t be discouraged, I raised you with organic food. The daughter is all like, why are you talking about organic food? They laugh and the daughter says that she will feed her mother organic food when she becomes a grandmother. They happily keep eating.


Soo-hyun remembers that Hong-jae neighborhood will dissapear soon. She calls Jin-hyeoks phone (her name is changed to “Soo-hyun shi” from “CEO”). She tells him that she said she would buy him dinner. He tells her that she is telling him baout this now? I am happy you remember it since I couldn’t bring it up.

They end up going to the park in Hongjae. They sit on the swings and talks about dinner. He chides her about buying dinner and keeping her promise and seeing her everyday. She tells him that she was thinking about his playground so she wanted to see it again before it dissapeared. I came here saying I would buy dinner but…well…I think Jin-hyeok shi does not know my heart.

he kneels in front of her swing and says it is his fault. She tells him that the Cuba hotel garden reminded her of this place. This playground is meaningful to you and I wondered how you will feel when it disappears. Jin-hyeok mentions that the halabogi in Cuba started loving his wife in that garden and completed his love there. I am sad this place is disappearing but it is a good place to start love. I am sad to say goodbye to it.

he pushes her knees softly making her swing a bit. She asks him how his legs are. But he just tells her that she is not romantic at all and stands up. He asks her where she would like to eat. She tells him the snail place but he says no, that won’t be good for your mental health. Lets go somewhere else.

They head off.

Elsewhere, Woo-seok gets in his car with yet another gift for Soo-hyun. he texts her to see her, he has something to give her.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun are hanging out at a street cafe outside. They talk about being drinking a lot and how they have never seen each other drunk. So they agree to eat and drink a lot tonight.

SH – Why don’t you drink?

JH – I am your driver today

SH – IT is no fun being drunk by myself

JH – Well, still….

SH – *drunk?*Jin-hyeok shi…do you know that I am very happy recently

JH – I am also happy

SH – *drunk* I am more more more happy, we eat ramen together and snail together and gizzard. it was the first time eating gizzard. 

JH – Did you like it? It is daebak right?

SH – Yeah, it’s daebak

Jh – You are cuter when you are drunk

SH – Yes, I am the cute style…but…people don’t know about it

JH – it does not matter if people don’t know about it. The important thing is that I know about it.

SH – I……am very happy

JH – I know

SH – Because Jin-hyeok is next to me….I am really happy.

Jh – I am also happy

SH – *drunk sad* But, you know….

JH – What is it?

SH – Because it is all a dream….*sigh* ….. when I open my eyes in the morning I think, is Kim Jin-hyeok still here? Was it not a dream? I feel relieved and afraid….in case you disappear.

JH – …Why should I disappear, i am here now.

SH – In case someone takes you. Like my friends. All my friends are taken away.

Jin-hyeok thinks about it fo a moment.

JH – Soo-hyun shi

SH – Yes…

JH – I have coordinates

SH – Coordinates?

JH – Yes, coordinates. One meter in front of Cha Soo-hyun is my coordinate. I will be there all the time.

SH – I like that. *smiles* But isn’t one meter too far away.

JH – Is that so?

he moves a lot closer.

JH – What about this…10 centimeters

SH – That is just right, 10 centemeters. I like it

JH – Good, good.

He runs his fingers along her cheek and they both look at each other longingly.

Jin-hyeok drives Soo-hyun home and of course Woo-seok sees them from his car.

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Jin-hyeok takes the very drunk Soo-hyun all the way up to her condo and lays her in bed. He manages to tuck her in as well. She passes out right away, though she was practically already passed out.

he sits on the bed next to her and looks at her for a moment. Then he moves a strand of hair off of her face and kisses her forehead. Then her cheek. He takes another long look at her, tucks her in a bit more and then stands up to leave. But he is a bit reluctant. After a moment, he slowly and reluctantly walks out of her room and quietly shuts the door behind him.

Outside, Woo-seok is still in the car.

WS – Come out quickly, you stayed there too long.

Woo-seok sees Jin-hyeok coming out of Soo-hyuns condo and looks over at his gift of flowers and wine for her.


Soo-hyun wakes with a bit of a hang over and has to think for a moment to remember the night before. She starts to remember being a very cute drunk that gave Jin-hyeok lots of kisses. When he put her in the car she even told Nam to drive her to the company even though Nam was no where near.

Then she gets a call from jin-hyeok. She is a bit embarrassed to answer.

SH – Jin-hyeok shi, did you get home okay?

he starts singing to her right away. (the song is Drunken Truth)

JH – *singing* Yes, maybe I was drunk, maybe it was a mistake. In the morning, I completely wont remember or maybe I will be a little nervous, but tonight I have something to tell you. Even though I am sorry for my weakness, don’t take it as I am saying it because I was drunk…

SH – Stop, I remember everything

JH – *singing* Whenever I am in front of you I say the opposite of what I have prepared and later I regret it. I will confess to you. I Loved you from the beginning. I love you this much. My clumsy confession is old fashioned and not trustworthy but I am not just saying this.

His brother comes in and starts singing, lol!

Jh – I will tell you the second verse later.

He hangs up and Soo-hyun smiles as she starts signing the song as she gets ready.

JM – Wow, you were dating laaaaate! 

JH – Why did you wake up so early

JM – You are singing like that, who would not wake up? 

JM starts yelling for umma and appa until Jin-hyeok tells him that he will give him 100 bucks.  Appa comes in so the two have to make up something about auditioning as Jin-myung leaves.

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ED Choi meets with hwa-jin to talk about the Cuba hotel. he says he is a little bit nervous with CEo Cha’s temper. But the chairman does not look like she is falling for it. She asks if he did that and why is he here, but she says it in a confused way. However she turns on her normal cut throat look. he thinks back to what Woo-seok told him.

ED – You should not do this to me. I did everything for you

HJ – I don’t know what you are talking about. You should discus this with Cha Soo-hyun, why are you talking about this with Taekyung Group?

(So it looks like she cut Executive Director Choi off just like Woo-seok said she would).

Choi goes to talk to Woo-seok and asks what he wants from him.

WS – it is better not to ask you the result of your meeting with Chairman Kim. Get all the shares from the share holders and give them to me. I cannot do anything with my share amount. It should at least be more than Cha Soo-hyun’s shares. DOn’t worry about the price, just pay a good price. I want you to hurry because I am going to have a share holder meeting.

ED – Share holder meeting?

WS – I have an important thing to talk about. The hotel is too big for her to take care of alone. I think she needs another professional.

ED – Are you going to fire her?

WS – We will see. First of all, I want to get in.

ED – Will you be the Co CEO?

WS – That is good right?

ED – As you know, even if you get the shares, you will not be able to be co CEo because all the directors that favor Soo-hyun will block it.

WS – I will take care of it, just give Taekyung’s shares for the hotel to me. If you can keep it from Chairman Kim, then that would be better.


Mijin goes to the snail bar but does not go inside. Dae-chan comes out and asks what sh has been doing for 30 minutes out there? She tries to play it off and says that she was just walking by. He playfully says that she just walked by this shop in this huge city of Seoul? Okay, lets say that is what happened, come inside.

They sit at the same table inside. A group of older men ask him if she is his girlfriend but she says that she is just a cunstomer. The older men says that they did not think she was a good match. Mijin mutters, not a good match because of you….

Jin-myung comes out and tells Mijin that it is nice to see her often secretary noona. She tells him to stop calling her secretary, it makes it feel like seh is going to work. He says he does not know her name so Dae-chan tells him it is jang Mijin. Mijin is suprised that he remembers her name. he explains that he should remember it, she gave him a lot from the dating app. She says that she apologized for that, that is why she is buying this food from him. You don’t charge attractive women.

he looks around and jokes where the attractive women are. She stand so he stops her by grabbing her wrist. She tells him not to grab her wrist so he asks if he can grab her hand? She blushes and says his full name, he smiles and says he hasn’t heard his full name in awhile.

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Soo-hyun meets with her father in her office. He is happy to be there and says that he actually has not been there in a while. She asks if anything happened, you need a room but you never ask for one. he says that he needs to meet an important person and does not want any eyes of reporters on him. She wonders if it is something improtant. He says it is improtant, but he does not want her to worry about it. She grants his wish and then he leaves.

Cut straight to the meeting with the important person. The man asks Jong-hyun if the owner of the hotel is his daughter? If you want to meet with me hear then it feels like we will talk abotu something sensitive. 

CJH – WHy don’t we merge?

Man – You talk about this…what is the reason?

CJH – Your party and my party can’t guarantee the win.

Man – So do you want my party to support you?

CJH – No, lets do it together

Man – Well….

CJH – I won’t be in the primary.

Man – *shocked*

CJH- What I am telling you is top secret until we merge. i am not going to be in the primary and I am going to declare that I support you.

Man – Why are you telling me this?

CJH – Well, anyway, I will not be in this election so I want you to protect my party.

Man – What are you talking about?

CJH – My only condition for this merger is to not taint our political ways (beliefs?)

Elsewhere, Woo-seok meets with another man. The man asks him what this nonsense is.

WS – Can you convince CEO Cha’s line of executives to make me Co CEO?

man – You are really the son of chairman Kim

WS – Uncle….

man (Uncle) – I don’t desreve to be an executive of this company. Do you know why I am here? Guiltiness. The guilt that I made Soo-hyun marry you. At least I can protect Soo-hyun from your mother, that is the least I can do.

WS – it is not your fault uncle. 

Uncle – Senator Cha trusted me and sent Soo-hyun to you. I told him you were different from my brother and sister in law and would take care of her. You would care for Soo-hyun and love her. But what did you do? I not only avoid our family meetings, I also can’t see sentor Cha because I am so ashamed. 

WS – I have to go to Donghwa hotel, help me.

Uncle – I have not been to executive meetings, but I have to be there this time. Don’t dream about it, don’t you know how meaningful this hotel is to Secretary Cha?

Cut to Nam and Jong-hyun about to go out to eat something. They joke about Nam’s face being big so he does not want to eat something particular (sashimi?). Th esenator says that he should not blame the sashimi. But then Jin-hyeok walks up on them so Nam tells Jin-hyeok to introduce himself.

JH – Hello, I am Jin-hyeok, I work in the advertisement team.

Nam asks if he wants to join them? Jin-hyeok tells him that he has to work right now. The father pats him on the shoulder and tells him that they can eat another time. Jin-hyeok mentions that he will be there when he calls him. Woo-seok sees all of this and looks jealous.

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In the advertisement team, everyone talks about eating together after work. Jin-hyeok says he has to buy a gift for his mother’s birthday. Han Gil and Eun-jin bicker a little. Sun-joo asks the manager, Jin-ho, if he is okay because he does not look good. he says he is fine.

Cut to Jin-hyeok buying jewelry for his mother. But then he starts to think about Soo-hyun’s drunken confession about always worrying about if Jin-hyeok will be there when she opens her eyes and how she is afraid that he will disappear.

meanwhile, SOo-hyun applies some perfume or lotion or something and then looks at her camera that Jin-hyeok gave her. Jin-hyeok tells her to bring ehr camera with them on their excusrion and he will check to see if she practiced.

they end up going to a woody area of Seoul to take photos. he helps her with her exposure and tells her that she is so pretty when she takes photos. he starts to take her photo and tells her that she is so pretty from any angle. he tells her that they should take a photo of their feet and snaps a clip.

then they start to talk about when they met in Cuba when her car broke his camera. he asks her if she remembers what he was reading? She says she remembers him reading something in the airport.

JH – Yes, that one. This tree was in that book. A poet wrote a letter to his lover and buried it by the tree. Later the poets teacher knew about it and dug up the letter under the tree to give to her. He wanted to deliver it but the book ends there. Whenever I read it, I wonder, what did he write?

SH – Hmm….I learned love from books….Now everything is clear…those things? *laughs* But why didn’t he just give it to her and buried it instead. Did they seperate?

JH – He had a limited life.

SH – That is a sad ending! You ruined the mood.

JH – It is not sad, when people disappear it does not mean that love disappears (oh no, is this foreshadowing?).

SH – I don’t feel good. You ruined my mood. You said you would confirm it but now you talked about a sad story.

She walks ahead. he catches up.

JH – I should make you happy again.

He puts her hand in his pocket so she takes out something and shakes it. Then she opens it and two rings fall out. Couples rings.

She smiles and looks at him.

JH – Do you feel better all of a sudden?

SH – Yes, a lot.

She holds her hand out for him to put the ring on her finger and says that it is pretty.

JH – I will upgrade it every year.

SH – You change couples rings every year?

JH – Well, the class difference between this one and your regular jewelry is a big difference

SH – yeah, it is a big difference. This one is the prettiest.

Jh – To me, you are full and everywhere inside of me. A a friend that Cha Soohyun likes, I wont disappear or leave because I am all Cha Soo-hyun. I will protect you until you sleep (but he might mean for the rest of her life) *hugs* . I will do everything slowly.

SH – Good.

They have a cute huggy moment and then she puts his ring on his finger. he takes a photo of their hands with their rings and they continue walking up the wooded path.

later on, Soo-hyun looks at her ring in the mirror and Jin-hyeok writes in his calendar that he gave her the couple ring. Their images turn to Holga split screens as they both look at their couple rings happily.

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Umma sits at the kitchen table thinking that her son should know about her birthday, he never misses these things. Appa comes home and tells her that he closed early. Jin-hyeok told us to come to his hotel, lets eat lunch together.


Maybe he will buy miyukguk (basically like saying he will buy a birthday cake)

Umma is so happy. Appa tells her to pack clothing, we won’t come home tonight, he has his hotel coupon so he will use it. Umma is so happy but thinks that he shuold use it on himself (I think). Jin-myung comes out of his room so Umma asks him if he knows what today is. Jin-myung says he knows, it is appas birthda! he gives appa a hug on the couch. 

Umma mutters that there is no use to raise sons. Jm signs happy birthday to appa and appa gets up and chases him away. I-nom jashik!


At work, everyone talks about eating lunch together. Jin-hyeok tells them that he will eat with his family and heads out.

Cut to his parents riding the elevator upstairs. Umma is so amazed and happy to see it. APpa tries to act cool about it because he says that people will notice that it is their first time. 

But then Cha Soo-hyun hops in the elevator. Appa recognizes her but he does not say anything. Umma starts to talk about the restaurant so Soo-hyun gives them good directions in a pleasant way. umma thanks her but then remembers her from Jin-myung’s phone.

They all get off the elevator at the same floor. Soo-hyun goes to her location and the parents meet Jin-hyeok. He calls their name which gets SOo-hyun’s attention so she knows that these are his parents now, but she does not stop to turn around and introduce herself. It looks like she might have wanted to though.

Jin-Myung shows up too, so the entire family is together having a lovely dinner. They give Umma the jewelry, that she loves, but Umma knows that Jiin-hyeok is the one to buy it for them even though Jin-hyeok says they did it together.

Two waiters come by and say that the CEO is giving them a gift of wine and supports them to use the Sky Lounge if they want. But the parents are a bit reluctant. Umma thinks it will ruin the hotel image if they walk around too much. But the wiater and Jin-hyeok tell her that it would be a pleasure for the hotel.  he also asks them if they want to taste the wine? Umma does not really know but thinks so.

The waiter goes back to tell Soo-hyun that it went well but they refused all the things except the wine. They are staying here, do you want me to upgrade their room? Soo-hyun thinks they might be uncomfortable, just make sure yuo tak care of the room they have well. She smiles when the waiter leaves.

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Meanwhile, Woo-seok is in a broody mood as he thinks about Jin-hyeok leaving Soo-hyun’s home. He also thinks about Jin-hyeok meeting Soo-hyun’s father and telling him that they should eat together. His secretary comes in and asks if he will really progress with it? Woo-seok says that he will, but he will buy the stock with his own money, not Taekyung’s money. Also, follow Executive Director Choi. The secretary says yes and leaves.

back at the hotel, the mother is amazed at this lovely hotel room. But the father is deep in thought as he sits on the bed. She wonders what he is thinking about. he says it is nothing. The umma starts to talk abotu how it seems like Jin-hyeok and the CEO might be together. Appa tries to say that it is no big deal, they are both handsome. Umma says she is CEO of this huge hotel. But Appa says he is CEO of their fruit store. he decides to take a little walk and asks if she needs anything. She tells him no, just come back quickly.

Appa goes to the elevator, the manager sees him and asks if he needs any help.

Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok walks home and thanks Soo-hyun for the help today. Soo-hyun wonders if they like the wine? Jin-hyeok tells her that his appa loved it and drank most of it. SH is happy with that and says that his family atmosphere is very nice. he has something that she does not hve. he tells her not to think that way all of a sudden. She says that his mtoher looks like a nice person. Jin-hyeok asks about his father. SH mentions that she did not get a good look at him but he seams like a quiet guy. Are you going home?

JH – Yes, it has been awhile that I went home with no one there. SOo-hyun, you always go home to an empty house right? It should be lonely. Should I be there?

there is a knock on her door so she tells him that someone came and she will talk to him later.

he hangs up and then we see that Woo-seok gets out of his car to talk to him. He walks right up to him.

WS – Wow, I came to this neighborhood. I have no ties here. I wanted to see you. I wanted to call you to see you a little bit, but we bumped into each other here.

JH – Why are you…

WS – The person I fell in love with at first sight and who I still love…about my woman.

In the office, Soo-hyun asks the manager what’s up. Jin-hyeoks father comes in, he looks serious.

Jin-hyeok looks at Woo-seok seriously

Soo-hyun looks at Jin-hyeoks appa seriously

Fade Out

ILLUSTRAION: the wolfe comes back and faces the couple. They are both looking at it. Soo-hyun puts out her hand to the wolfs nose and the wolf looks like it might yield a little bit.

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Right now I wonder who the wolf represents: Jin-hyeok’s appa or Woo-seok, or all the bad forces together? It looks like the wolf was kind of tamed by the end of the episode. Maybe it represents all the bad forces about to come after them but those bad forces are now on their side which could definitely refer to Woo-seok. Perhaps it could also refer to Executive Director Choi though?

That was complete word vomit so it might not make too much sense 🙂


JH – If I have to do something to save her, whatever it takes, I won’t run away.

HJ – This happened so we can take care of the hotel well, that is all we need to do.

SH – Because of you Jin-hyeok, fear is fading away from me.

JH – I am behaving well over here, so what are you worried about?

WS – Your courage and my struggle, we will see which one will be decided

JH – I am going to save her my own way.

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  1. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 9:00 am

    Here we go! Its wedensday again….and also we’re getting close to the ending. I hope it ends in a good note. Cant wait for your recap. Thanks in advance! 😊

  2. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 9:59 am

    Oh god ex-husband….stop now!! Im hurting for you….

  3. Aymy
    January 9, 2019 / 10:09 am

    OMG saw the videos on naver and even if I couldn’t understand korean i was like crazy alternately laughing or squealing or saying “no no no what are they saying why are they so serious” or “no no no what is WS saying if JH’s face is turning mad?” LOL And then I though if BoGum uses his sinister face in Hello Monster then WS would probably run away fast. 😂

    Gah what is taking the show so long to appear with the subs? Thank you DramaMilk for being here.

    • Rose
      January 9, 2019 / 10:36 am

      I have VIKI and i watched it without sub, just relying on the recap here….i think my worst fear about ex-husband is about to come true…..i hope im still wrong, he really seems like a good guy…but man!….urgh….i hope im still wrong…. 😣

      • Aymy
        January 9, 2019 / 10:54 am

        I read somewhere that WS was dissing JH’s neighborhood and laying claim on CSH. He is getting desperate! He is wondering what CSH sees in JH who seems to be a nobody when he himself is a CEO.

        • Rose
          January 9, 2019 / 11:27 am

          Desperate people do desparate measures….but like V, i was also wondering about that moving painting thing at the end of this episode…who is or are the wolf represents? It can be JH dad? Or the ex husband? But when i first saw it, my first interpretation was literally JH was behind SH and SH was protecting JH from the wolf coz the wolf seem to become tame when facing SH….so im not really sure how to read this one….who is the wolf or are the wolves?

          And by the way….i love how Mijin and DCs story is developing….ahh…love! 😍

          Regarding the preview, it seems that ex husband still want to compete with JH for SH heart but doing it the fair way (i salute him for that….but he needs to know when to give up!)..and it seem JH is not backing-out even if he’s facing a goliath for SHs heart….wow! 😍

          And i am glad that i didnt see much of the EMILFH and didnt see the mother on this episode….IM SOOOOOO GLAD! 😁

          • V
            January 9, 2019 / 12:35 pm

            that is a good catch with the illustration! It did seem like Soo-hyun was protecting Jin-hyeok from the wolf.

          • Revsparklyandroid
            January 10, 2019 / 7:56 am

            Yes, our prickly little Minjin can’t help herself. She’s fallen for DC, but you can see her kicking and screaming all the way. 😂😂😂

            I’m looking forward to today’s episode. A Lot.

      • V
        January 9, 2019 / 12:33 pm

        I have a feeling that he is doing all of this for Soo-hyun. I am holding out hope that he will give all his shares to Soo-hyun so that she will not have to worry about Taekyung group at all because she will be the majority share holder.

        • Rose
          January 9, 2019 / 12:41 pm

          Oh i really hope so too….if thats correct, i’ll feel sorry and thankful for him.

        • Revsparklyandroid
          January 10, 2019 / 8:03 am

          I wonder if the illustration is showing us that SH doesn’t need saving. With the two men fighting over her in the preview, I suddenly twigged that this is a Korean woman who took a failing hotel to global status in Cuba of all places. Just because she didn’t fight her awful in laws doesn’t mean she has no backbone.

  4. Rose
    January 9, 2019 / 10:40 am

    “JH – It is not sad, when people disappear it does not mean that love disappears (oh no, is this foreshadowing?).”

    —-gad dang it! (Sorry V…just emotionally invested on this drama 😅)

    • Aymy
      January 9, 2019 / 10:56 am

      Nooo pls don’t let it be one. Let it refer to WS instead, that WS loves CSH but has conceded to JH. Heheh.. wishful thinking.

    • V
      January 9, 2019 / 12:33 pm

      I hope it isn’t foreshadowing! It felt a lot like it though.

      • Rose
        January 9, 2019 / 12:43 pm

        I have the same feeling….we only have 16 episodes right?

      • Aymy
        January 9, 2019 / 1:11 pm

        Now that I’ve watched the episode with subs, I am very very scared of what will happen. Their conversation at the forest was sweet yet sounded like a scary foreboding, I even got chills. And they are so happy (and so are we) … I remember the saying of having something go wrong when you are too happy. And remember JH’s line, that when they encounter pain, the good memories will see them through. Plus JinHyuk’s dad’s face is so serious… Oh no, please let us be wrong. Please don’t burst our bubble. ☹

        I am still wondering as to the significance of Sunjoo. Is it only because of Mr. Nam?

  5. Aymy
    January 9, 2019 / 11:36 am

    Is it too much to think that WS is buying shares to disable ED Choi and stop him (ED) from furthering his attempts to destroy CSH?

    • Rose
      January 9, 2019 / 11:59 am

      I hope thats the case…if it is, he should have his own monument outside that hotel for the best martyr ex-husband that ever exsisted 😄

    • V
      January 9, 2019 / 12:35 pm

      I think this is happening!

  6. Anonymous
    January 9, 2019 / 12:46 pm

    Don’t worry about any Rating on Watching any apisodes, we can watch anytime we prefer with dramamilk recaps. Many Thanks.

    Encounter present something different between the two, but it can be mixed and matched by sweetest love moment in beautiful Town.
    We appreciate both PBG and SHK being in this drama as they are the best together.
    We love them and hope everyone have time watching again and again, it need your love moment indepth without bias, listening love songs.
    Please Cross the line and find the Best drama one.

  7. JoJo Yeoo
    January 9, 2019 / 1:53 pm

    Just watch the raw version after reading the recap.I love the opening!!! It’s everything I’ve been waiting for. Just two of them away from everything, enjoying their time together, free to be themselves and to love each other openly And OMG the balcony kiss, this one tops the one from ep10. WOW! So romantic (blushing here). The chemistry between the 2 of them is starting to become believable. JH and SY are sugar and spice and everything nice. They’re so sweet together it’s giving me a major toothache! LOL
    WS, 꺼져 (get lost)! ;D

    Just watch the raw version. Thanks so much for recap in English!

  8. Camille
    January 9, 2019 / 2:23 pm

    OMG ROSSSSEEEEE! Here comes the WS snap you’ve been worried about this whole time!!! I’m tensed on WS’s next move.

    I think the Big Bad Wolf represents the corporate evils that SH would have to fend off. I think it’ll be a good representation of her part in this relationship on how she will defend them. Dang it feels like ‘you and me against the world’ but not literally… I think the SH encounter with Appa is not going to be a bad one. Appa might just be curious exactly what kind of woman made his precious JH fall head over heels and Appa just wants to understand.

    I love how JH held his own though in his confrontation with WS. Love that he is confident in himself and his confidence in his relationship with SH he was able to ‘talk’ to WS in THAT face. There wasn’t a trace of intimidation and he did not at all look small compared vs WS.

    Lastly, the rings in the film bottle.. omo I’ll take that as a marriage proposal any day and bawl happily! This happy bubble for our OTP is too good to be true hence I’m super scared now of forces that will want to burst it! 😱

    • Rose
      January 9, 2019 / 4:53 pm

      @CAMILLE, yup, it looks like he did snap because of what he has seen so far, from JH taking SH home from SH father talking to JH. But AYMY and Vs theories still giving me hope that its goin to be a minor snap and he’ll come back to his senses 😂….

      And at the same time that foreshadowing….its giving me bad juju girl….THE WINTER IS COMING 😣

  9. JoJ
    January 9, 2019 / 2:30 pm

    Everyone is worrying if something bad with happen. Let’s me confident for them! Love will pave the way!

    • Aymy
      January 9, 2019 / 5:05 pm

      Yes. I am hoping in the similarity to the poet’s story – JH said the book did not say what happened to the letter, if it reached the intended recipient or not. It was open ended. It could have ended positively despite the grim premise that the poet was ill. We don’t even know yet what was in the letter. It may not have been necessary at all to have it reach the intended recipient. Here’s hoping for a happy ending!

  10. Jusinhaxxl
    January 9, 2019 / 6:44 pm

    I love soo hyun drunk 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Rose
      January 9, 2019 / 9:53 pm

      Me too! I think im having a girl crush on her! 😂

  11. Mil
    January 9, 2019 / 8:41 pm

    I feel like Jin hyeok is going to die. I don’t know why I get this vibe that one of them is going to die or that he’s going to die. The title is the encounter and I feel like their relationship isn’t permanent which makes me sad.

    • Rose
      January 9, 2019 / 9:27 pm

      Oh my god @MIL…..i thought im the only one thinking of that! I just watched the eng sub just now. I just noticed something…actually i noticed two things:
      1. The ex husbands roses that he was supposed to give SH, they are yellow roses, if i remeber it right it signifies jealousy.
      2. When JH was sitting on the bed looking at sleeping drunk beauty SH, for some reason the camera lost its focus in JH for a second or two and the focus shifted to the big painting on the right with a girl or boy, its hard to tell coznof the short hair, sitting alone on a bench looking somewhere. Then that painting showed up again while SH was putting her make-up, the painting was behind her.

      I cant help but remember Vs thoughts about foreshadowing when they are walking and now the yellow roses then the person in the painting sitting alone…will one of them going to die? Or be left alone? The yellow flower, will jealousy eats up ex husbands senses and do something crazy? Or Director Choi will be fired and do something crazy because he is blaming SH and JH? Or am i just overthinking all of these? 😄

      I dont know….there are just too many foreshadowing its just kinda hard to ignore.

      • Rose
        January 9, 2019 / 9:35 pm

        Oh…before i forget, did Super Nam purposely brought SH dad to the restaurant to eat sashimi so he can finally meet JH? Coz it feels like it because on how Super Nam was looking at SH dad when they are walking away from JH 😄

        The best wingman…..EVER! 😂

        • JoJo Yeoo
          January 9, 2019 / 11:30 pm

          I saw that look too! There are the ones trying to pull them apart but there are also those who help bring them together. Super Nam is one of them.

        • Revsparklyandroid
          January 10, 2019 / 7:46 am

          ‘Best Wingman Ever!’ That he is. I think he’s doing everything in his power to make sure SH doesn’t miss out on her HEA like he did.

      • V
        January 10, 2019 / 12:50 pm

        Ack! I hope not! But I do feel like they ae giving us clues to something. I love the yellow flower catch! I didnt know that meant jealousy. But now I will look out for it. I wonder if he also wears a lot of yellow? I can’t think of noticing anything in particular. I also wonder if the yellow symbol will change to something else when he has either moved completely to the dark side or completely accepted that he has lost.

        • Rose
          January 10, 2019 / 3:40 pm

          Yellow means jealousy; white for purity; red for love; pink for elegance…..thats all i know 😂

          Thats why i kinda chuckled when i saw he was carrying yellow roses, i wonder if the director did that in purpose or a concidence. Since the ex is not carrying red roses does that mean that he is not really inlove with SH but inlove with the idea that he loves her? Or again, im just over-thinking this? Me and my theories 😂

    • V
      January 10, 2019 / 12:51 pm

      I definitely get this vibe as well. Hopefully not, but now that you mention the title it definitely moves it as more of a possibility. But I hope that is just a coincidence?

  12. Revsparklyandroid
    January 10, 2019 / 7:43 am

    A little late to the party, but I must add my voice to the chorus: this is such a fabulously presented romance. Our OTP is wonderful. Please let there be no last minute tropey terminal illness or killing madness, jebal, WriterNim.

    When SH realised JH’S parents were there for lunch, I remember thinking, ‘Ah, she looks sad. Did she want to be invited to join them?’ But the show didn’t go there at all (not that they should have). Instead, SH tries to treat the family to the best the hotel has to offer.

    PBG’s song (and voice) was the stuff feels are made of. I beamed continuously and then burst out laughing when his brother butted in!

    My jury is still out on WS’s intentions, but I think he’s crept into stalker territory by lurking outside SH’s house so often. I actually expected her to find the roses and gift beside her when she woke up.

    Finally, when EXMILFH asked ‘who’s secretary Jo?’ I almost clapped. Director Choi and his PR team leader lackey are a few steps shy of being thrown under the bus!!!👏👏👏

    • Rose
      January 10, 2019 / 3:47 pm

      “When SH realised JH’S parents were there for lunch, I remember thinking, ‘Ah, she looks sad. Did she want to be invited to join them?’ But the show didn’t go there at all (not that they should have). Instead, SH tries to treat the family to the best the hotel has to offer.”

      im gald that she didnt walked back there to his parents and introduced herself coz its not her personality. Maybe she want JH to do the initiative on that aspect, and the best way she can honor JH moms birthday was offering what can the hotel offer her as a gift. 😊

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