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Encounter: Episode 10 Live Recap

Boyfriend Live Recap Episode 10 Korean Drama Song Hye Kyo in Cuba

Loved yesterday’s episode! It was a bit bitter sweet in that they had to cool off a bit due to the concerns over his personal life about to go sideways. But it ended very much on the sweet side and I have a feeling this episode might continue that trend. Though Jin-hyeok still needs to get his butt back to Seoul somehow. He said he would work his way back so let’s see how he does it!

The Music List is Updated with BGM and OST’s. Ask away on that post if you have any music related questions. We plan on going back through a few episodes this week.

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The two love birds sit at the bench on the wave breaker and talk with the lighthouse behind them.

SH – What were you thinking over here?

JH – I was thinking about you

SH – It seemed like you were reading a book.

JH – *smiles and pulls it out* 

SH – If the wave is the work of the ocean, then thinking about you is my work….I think it is a blessing that we have an occupation called writer because with one sentence you can carry a big heart.

JH – I think it is about a mother thinking about a daughter. This mother and me, thinking about someone is the same.

ILLUSTRATION: The boy is sleeping with shooting stars flying above him.


The Seokcho employees tell their customers that they have an event going on so the customers cannot go inside. He suggests their Italian restaurant, it has good food and a good view. The customers leave.

Maid – The CEO told us to host customers

Boss – It will be noisy again, we should protect her with all of our abilities

Inside the restaurant in the hotel is super quiet, only SH and JH are there eating. He mentions that it is a bit awkwardly empty. She is all like, yeah, no one is around.

JH – Did you come directly from teacher Lee’s place?

SH – Yes, she talked about her past husband. Can I meet him when I die? Whenever you have a chance, you should see them, that is the winning life.

JH – Teacher says things casually, but it usually has big meanings

SH – Did you spend your time on the wave wall?

JH – *smiles* I went to the beach that we played at and I went to the bench were we drank coffee.

SH – i went to Hongjae neighborhood playground

JH- It will be gone soon.

SH – Why?

JH – The halmoni that owns the land died so her kids put it up for sale

SH – Are you sad?

JH – yes, I grew up witht hat playground but the world changes.

SH – You should go there one more time before it dissapears ad take pictures

JH – Yes, on my break when I have a day off, lets go there togehter

SH – *hesitant* Okay…weren’t you sad when I suggested we take time off?

JH – No, I was okay, something else made me sad

SH – What made you sad?

JH – I promised you that I would get over this time with good memories, but you worried that I couldn’t do it so that made me sad. A lot of text messages, I am also a news among my friends and my family worry about me. A lot of things wave toward me, maybe that is why I want to hide and am hesitant. I don’t actually want to hide or hesitate at all. I have no answer, but I am determined to solve the problem. Did I look weak? That is what I wondered and that is why I was sad.

SH – it is my fault, that is why I came here right away. Can you gie me a break once?

JH – If you tell me to give you a break with your pretty face, then I have to. So, I will buy this meal.

SH – Really?

JH – Eat a lot.

SH – Yes, I should eat a lot.

Later on Jin-hyeok calls someone inthe hallway.

JH – Hello, Nam, I am doing okay. Yes….well….hmm….the CEo came here. I worried about her driving back. I want to take her back but I have the night shift today…..thank you so much. Call me when you get here. Okay.

he hangs up and looks back toward the room, pleasantly.

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Cut to the mother waiting at Hwa-jin’s mansion. She stands when Hwa-in comes in. HJ tells her that she can sit and theys tart to talk.

HJ – It is good that I had a little time, you could have missed me by coming by without notice. 

MO – If you are not here, I would have just left the wine here, but since you are here, I wanted to say hi.

HJ – Well, we are greeting each other with all that media coverage of Soo-hyun.

MO – Chairman, I am really sorry. I yelled at the employee, I went all the way to Seokcho myself. He will realize what is going on.

HJ – it is no use if you torture someone elses precious son.

MO – What?

HJ – Your daughter is the problem, right?

MO – Yes…okay…it is. I will make her listen. Can you be understanding?

HJ – How long? Well, I don’t care about these thing anymore so we can stop.

MO – Chairman…

HJ – My son is dating wifes to be, one by one. So I don’t want to meet you like this anymore.

MO – *kneels*

HJ – Can you stand back up.

MO – Whatever is takes, I will put her back. Please. The election is not that far away.

HJ – You will be the wife of the president, you should not be like this. But, I dont’ guarantee that he will go to the blue house.

MO – it is all my fault…

HJ – it does not seem like you will stand up easily, so I will stand up first.

She stands up and leaves with her bag. Mi-ok is left on her knees by the couch.


Nam shows up smiling and waiting. Sh asks JH if he really called him for her. Jin-hyeok mentions that she shoud be tired. Nam speaks up and says that he enjoyed his tripon the express bus, he ate a lot of ojino and rested. 

JH – take a rest while driving back

SH – Bye.

Jin-hyeok opens her door for her and closes it happily. Then he looks at Nam.

Nam – *whispers* I come here often so it is like my hometown

JH – *whispers* If you come here on your day off, I will buy you nice things

Nam – Okay, lets have soju together.

JH – Safe driving.

Nam drives Soo-hyun off and Jin-hyeok watches them leave. 


Daechan is busy with a lot of guests in his restaurant when Mijin comes in. He asks why she is there and she says that he told her to come. They figyre out that Jim-myung called her because Dae-chan needed a part time worker. Are you really here for that? he had to go home. 

Mijin is all like, what in the world? But she starts to take orders for Daechan and actually looks like she is having a good time.

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Change scene to Nam and Soo-hyun driving back. He mentions that it is difficult right?

Nam – Ajusshi will tell you a very sad story. A long time ago, I had a woman that I liked. 

SH – Really?

Nam – Yes, it’s true. That woman was kind of okay with me, but I didn’t confess to her.

SH – Why?

Nam – I didn’t dare, she was so pretty, so shiny and far away. Maybe only to me, but she was pretty.

SH – Ajusshi, what about you?

Nam – I have a big face…I went to jail also

SH – You didn’t steal of kill anyone, you went there because of your article.

Nam – But I am an ex convict, I can make a living becaue you are my boss. Otherwise, no onewill hire me.

SH – Ajusshi, don’t say it like that, it will make me cry.

Nam – I didn’t tell you this to make you cry.

SH – Without you I wouldn’t have any friends. You brought Mijin to me and kept the secret of the concert from Mom. And you let us have pajama parties when Mom and Dad weren’t around. 

Nam – It is because Mijin is a nice person. 

SH – Don’t say that you dont’ deserve things. that makes my fathers strike meaningless.

Nam – yeah, thats right

SH – So what happened with that woman?

Nam – I coldn’t confess to her that I really liked her. I thought I would have a chance some day, but then she broguht a man to get married so I congratulated her and became like this. It is so sad right?

SH – it makes me mad.

Nam – it is all in the past. But when I see you and Jin-hyeok, it reminds me of that. Think only of yourself. DOn’t think about the company or father or mother, it is your life so be selfish.

SH –  worry about him and that thing.

Nam – It is his life, he made that decision

SH – His family will have a hard time also, you know

Nam – That is the same, no parents can stop their own kids. The most important thing is the two of you.

SH – Thank you ajusshi, thank you for telling me sad stories.

Nam – You should keep the secret okay, don’t tell anyone.

SH – I won’t tell director Kim Sun-joo.

Nam – Huh? Why are you talking about Sun-joo?

SH – It reminds me of her.

Nam – You shouldnt do it!

SH – It is so clear, your big face looking at Sun-joo.

Nam – I have small eyes, so I can’t see well.

SH – *smiles* I will take a nap.


They finished up serving all the guests and are sitting in the cafe all alone. Mijin accepts a beer from Dae-chan and drinks it all in one go. She wonders how she can’t stop accepting a nice thing like this. Dae-chan tells her not to date a guy gives hr problems after drinking. She tells him whatever. he gives hr her money for today. She thinks its great and starts counting it. he says he gave her some more because he is thankful and she is admirable. But he isn’t sure if she understands his ocean like heart (jokingly). He starts to drink his beer.

She tells him that no man says she is admirable even though a lot of guys say she is attractive. He says that she will tell him to know himself if he says that she is attractive. She says she could not tell him this because there was not good timing, i am sorry about what I said to you. I went too far. DC tells her that if she does not want to date a high school graduate, just come by and we can drink and have a good time together. 

She tells him that he will increase his sales like this? He says he will not charge attractive women. She stops drinking and tells him not to hit on her, he is not her style. Then she gives him his money back and hurries out. But outside she happily hops away and is flattered as she thinks, how dare he hit on me.

inside, he tells his heart not to beat too much.

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Soo-hyun hops in bed but sees a video call from Jin-hyeok who is still at work. She does not answer right away but does when it is a regular call.  

JH – Did you get back okay?

SH – yes, because of Nam

JH – Where are you? Youa re at home? Why didn’t you pick up facetime? I thought you weren’t at home so you didn’t, I am sad.

SH – It is not like that, it is my first time doing a video call.

JH – Ah, it is like that…you are so cute.

SH – I had video conference calls with branches, but one on one….it’s a bit…ummm

JH – What is a little ummm….Hang up, I will call you on video.

SH – I am okay with this! hello?

She hops up and runs to put on a sweater and tries to fix her hair a little bit. He calls her on video call.

JH – Hello, it is good to see you face to face.

SH – yes, it is not bad.

JH- So, what is your impression of a first video call is not bad?

SH – It is just awkward

JH – Long distance has this kind of fun, it isn ot bad right?

SH – Yes, it is like “missing each other” things

JH – So from now on, lets go to bed doing a video call

SH – I will think about it.

JH -How can you think about it? Lots of other couples do it several times a day

SH – You should give me time to adapt, it is awkward

JH – I am not awkward at all, with this, I think I like you more than you like me

SH – With only vieo call? It is not a good measure. I don’t know about it…it is the first time in my life

JH – Your aAngry….I am in big trouble *smiles*

SH – No, not like that

JH – if you aren’t angry then put your face closer to the phone. I want to see you but your small face is a lot smaller that far away.

She moves her face closer so he jokes that her nose holes are big. They play with it a bit and he puts his phone at 45 degrees to look better. She tells him he is handsome so he says that is daebak and he has to write it in his journal. It is the first time she has said that. She wonders, really? I always think that way. He says he always tells her that she is cute, pretty and always tells her whenever he has a chance. it doesn’t matter how much she thinks it, she has to say it.

She is all like, really? He tells her not to shout. She says that he is super cool, super handsome, the handsomest in the world, I can’t even breath, Jin-hyeok is the handsomest guy in the world. he mentions that he feels heart pitter patter (soleda) when she says that. Then he asks if she is tired and if she still takes her sleeping pills? She thinks for a moment. he tells her that if he was next to her, he could put her to sleep right away. He is a human sleeping pill. If possible, don’t take the pill.

SH – Actually, I reduced it a lot, it is all because of you.

JH – Do you want me to sing you a song until you sleep? When I see you sleeping, i will stop. that is a good good Idea

SH – No, that is not a good idea, I don’t want to show you myself right before I go to sleep.

JH – I am seeing it now

SH – No! I was working!

JH – You are, you were wearing your pajamas and hurried to put on a sweater backwards, you can focus well when you work.

She checks her sweater and it is on backwards.

SH – Ah, I am not good witht his video call

JH – I like it the most, it is my favorite

SH – I will hang up.

JH – NO! Stop!…….thank you for coming all the way over here to see me. Thank you.

SH – You shouldn’t thank me, you did it all the time.

JH – So to celebrate it, lets talk on video call everyday.

SH – Well see.

JH – Noooo, this information technology IT world, I can’t even talk to you via video

SH – Are you this style? I am so embarrassed, I have goose bumps see *shows her arm*

JH –  I don’t see them, what kind of style is this style? Obsession is a good thing

SH – Ah, you are so sleezy now….*jokes*

JH – Do you think video calls are more comfortable now

SH – Yes, I take it a bit more comfortably, do I look more comfortable now?

Jh – *He sits on the steps* yes, It is more comfortable

They continue talking and then we cut to Soo-hyun sleeping. 

JH – Goodnight, sweet dreams.

he hops up very happy and goes back to work. Soo-hyun is super knocked out.


The advertisement team sees the magazine article of their hotel in Seokcho, it is the must visit hotel in Asia and shows a photo of Jin-hyeok. it is the photo that the woman took of Jin-hyeok. 

Everyone cannot believe this because that magazine never posts hotels unless they love them. Jin-ho tries to say it isn’t a big deal, but Sun-joo says it is every hoteliers dream to be inthis magazine. Eun-jin holds the photo of Jin-hyeok a but close to hr bossom. Hye-in smiles and sends Jin-hyeok a photo of it.

Jin-hyeok checks it right away and then recieves her call. She tells him that she will be her boss soon. he tells her that it was a coincidence and asks if she can send it to his mother and father, it would be embarrassing if he did it.

But he has to hang up quickly becuase his manager is coming. He looks serious, but then he giggles like a boy and says that he has a super lucy guy in the hotel. Jin-hyeok mentions that he did nto know that person was that kind of person. The manager says that he knows know why the CEO adores him. But the manager has to run off because his cellphone is blowing up with congratulation phone calls.

Soo-hyun is also happy at her desk. She tells Sun-joo to send him a bouquet. Sun-joo says that they always do this. But even the advertisement team cannot even do this if they spend one year trying to do it. Soo-hyun says that they have no other thing to give him. Sun-joo mentions that she should send him back to their department. With the end of the year party and this thing, he would be good here. 

Soo-hyun looks at her for a while but then says that they should make it prize money and hotel coupons and vacation. Sun-joo mentions that this is the best way she can bring him back tot he main branch. Soo-hyun does not think that he wants it, his good dead will lose its value if he is. Sun-joo understands and leaves.

Soo-hyun smiles at the article one more time.

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Jin-hyeok get a text while outside. 

SH: You are cool.

He smiles and happily walks back to work.

Meanwhile, Woo-seok wonders what he should write to impress Cha Soo-hyun when he gets a knock on the door. his secretary says that he prepared the bouquet and asks what he should do with the flowers just in case she returns it. WS says that he is ready to be refused 100 times. But maybe he should excercise in stead of drink, just in case.

then he asks his secretary if he is good at writing. the secretary asks what kind of writing so WS tells him he needs something that would go well with a bouquet. 

Secretary – I am writing with my heart that I cannot distinguish if you are the flower or the flower is you. 

WS – Okay…go back to work. …. You flower…or flower is you…sending my heart that cannot distinguish…..*sits back in chair*

Elsewhere, Mijin takes a photo of the bouquet that WS sent. Soo-hyun tells her that she should have returned it. She has a lot of flowers in her room actually. She reads the bouquet.

Note – i am sending you kids that look like you

Soo-hyun asks for Mijin to take care of the flowers. take them to your house. Mijin is all like, where do I sleep if I take them? Then Woo-seok called.

WS – i am congrtulating you for having an article in Tourist Magazine. I heard it is a very picky magazine. I am at Sky lounge, lets meet.

SH – I have a lot of meetings, dont wait for me and don’t do this anymore.

WS – I will wait here, take care of your business.

he waits. The waitress brings him another drink.

3 hours passes, Mijin tells SOo-hyun know that she thinks he is still waiting. Soo-hyun tells her that she needs the over seas team to check the document from Cuba. Mijin changes to friendly talk and asks if she can go there to tell him that you cannot make it? But Soo-hyun becomes formal and asks for the over seas planning team.

Woo-seok finally leaves.

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In Hongjae, Jin-hyeoks appa reads the article. Hye-in sees him. he tells her that he thought she left Korea because seh only eats snail and leaves. She smiles and says that this is why she came to get fruit. She then sits with him and tells him that the magazine is very important. Appa is so happy to see it and says that his son is lucky to stumble upon this. He offers Hye-in persomon and head inside.

But sinister things are brewing in the next scene! All the evil guys are talking at a cafe about something that will put Donghwa hotel in danger and CEO cha in danger. She might break. They are trying to convince another employee of something.

JH – It can be your best opportunity

Guy – But it could put our company in danger

ED Choi – CEO Cha will break. Lets say that you get luck y and stay in the company until you retire, that means you are an executive director. I calculated all those salaries, this is the offer. Do you refuse it? 

Guy – But I can be legally responsible.

Lawyer – Taekyung will give you the best law firm.

JH – If I was you then I would say yes already, I cannot do it because it is out of my area.

ED – After you do it, quit the company. Take one month vacation with you family members and everything will be taken care of. Legal problem? We have to have someone ask you about the legal problem. When CEO Cha is kicked out, who will ask you? Will I ask you to be responsible legally?

But then we see that someone is recording this entire conversation in a booth over.


She is meeting with two people.

SH – it is all cancelled?

Man – Yes, we explained to them tat the blue print is wrong, but they are not listening. I don’t know what to do with this one email mistake. The employee sent the email, wrote a resignation letter and dissapeared. No cell phone and no one is at home.

Man2 – I got the mail back from Cuba, he wrote it with bad intentions. It says that DongHwa never wants to maintain the garden. The garden shows Cubas economic fall, we want to make a nice pool instead. If you refuse then we will rething the hotel

SH – Tell them this is not the companies opinion, we will get an apology letter from the employee.

Man2 – I told them, but the deal is ruined. It is a pride thing. The only deal was saving the garden, but that is ruined.

SH – Can you find out how to contact him? I will go there.

Man – Before I gave you a report like this, I found out everything. I tried to get his contact so I could fly into Cuba. It seems like the Cuba hotel people are blocking us. A lot of other hotels are contacting him now. It is land with the best view so no one will leave it alone.

Soo-hyun takes a deep breath. Then Mijin comes in announcing and emergency board meeting. She thinks she should attend.

Cut to the board meeting.

ED – Our stock price halfenned, this makes no sense. 

Man – This is temporary, don’t say it like that.

ED – Are you sure? Can you say this is temporary, it is critical damage. That is why we need a professional CEO. The CEO majored in media and does not know business. Our hotel is getting bigger. Actually, TaeKyung started a lawsuit against DongHwa for ownership.

SH – *shows up* Taeikyung lawsuit is not even reported to the law team. You have good information ED Choi. Are you all surprised? This is from malicious intention by one employee. Our international team is trying hard to correct this.

man – It is big damage Our overseas stock is also negative. 

SH – It can all be taken care of if the CUba hotel thing is taken care of. I trust all of you executive directors. With waiting and not to be unrested. Please support us.

She starts to walk off.

ED – The CEo is busy with her personal life, that is why we have this kind of mistake.

SH – I majored in media so when I am curious I look at things from a reporters eyes. Assistant manager Kim and who is behind him, I will definitely find out who is behind it. Please wait for that. 

She leaves.

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In Seokcho, Jin-hyeok is on the phone outside. 

JH – Hey, Hye-in can you talk?

HI – Did you see the article? There is huge trouble here. We are all on alert.

JH – What happened?

HI – One of our employees sent an email to Cuba breaking the promise about the garden. he changed the blueprint and showed a pool. The owner of the land only sold it due to the condition that we would keep the garden It was his wifes will. maybe something important was touched.

Jin-hyeok thinks about the garden….garden…..

he remembers back to the huge garden.

Man – it was a beautiful time. Everything here, all of that was here. It was a difficult time to keep it all together. it was my wifes garden.

VO – But the owners biggest deal was keeping the garden, it was his wifes will.

Jin-hyeok walks with determination to his manager and tells him that he is taking a few days off. It is urgent. The manager tells him that he has vacation time from the main branch, so lets just say you are using that.

Jin-hyeok goes to Trip.com to buy an airplane ticket and hurries off.

Meanwhile, The person who recorded the secret sabotage meeting is showing the video to Woo-seok. Or actually the secretary is showing it to him. They can hear the voices and see who is talking as well. Woo-seok tells him to continue following ED.

Soo-hyun’s appa also looks at the news article about the deal breaking in Cuba. he calls Nam and says that he wanted to check on her. he thinks this matter is getting bigger. Nam says that Secretary Jung will soo her with the divorce and all that nonsense about the hotel. Appa hangs up and walks to this window to brood.

Elsewhere, Jin-hyeok writes something while riding on the bus. 

he gets home extra early in the morning and tries not to wake up his family, but his father goes to his room and asks him why he is picking out all his summer clothes. JH says he is going to Cuba and he did nto want to wake them up. Appa thinks his son is leaving as soon as he sees him. He isn’t that happy about it, but he knows his son is working hard and tells him to pack well and mentions that his picture looked good. Jin-hyeok jokes it is because he is handsome, Appa jokes it is because he takes after his father.

In the company, Soo-hyun still in unable to contact the Cuba owner. No one can find him. Soo-hyun thinks that she shuold go to Cuba, she does not want a European hotel to get that spot. She will call them when she gets there.


Jin-hyeok waits in a seat and holds his plane ticket. He sends Soo-hyun a text as he is about to board.

JH: If the waves is the oceans work, then thinking about you is my work.

Soo-hyun calls Secretary jang and asks for her to buy a ticket to Cuba, then she sees her message.

VO – If the waves is the work of the ocean, then thinking about you is my work, so I will do what I can do. Cheer up.

She calls him right away, but the phone is off. There is a knock on her door, Mijin comes in and says that she checked. Even with the earliest ticket, they will be a day off so they cannot arrange a meeting. It will be the weekend. Soo-hyun tells her, even so, please reserve the ticket.

She tries calling Jin-hyeok again, but he is on the plane and his phone is off.


The music of Cuba fills the screen once again as we see all the fun sites of Cuba and scroll into the airport. Jin-hyeok arrives and hops directly into a taxi.

Lots more scenes and sights of Cuba.

Jin-hyeok gets to a hotel and meet with someone. This person says that he is just a hotel company so it is difficult to convince the owner of the land. He has already made up his mind. JH asks if he can at least have his contact details. But the consierge says that is not possible. Jin-hyeok asks if he can pass a letter on to him? But the man says that this man is so upset, he is angry at us also. What is so important about that old garden? I am sorry but this is all that I can do.

Jin-hyeok walks out, sullen.

In Seol, Soo-hyun finds out from Nam that Jin-hyeok took a few days off. He should have scene the news, is he not contacting you?

Back in Cuba we see Jin-hyeok walk into the huge plot of land where the hotel is going. he walks in but it is empty, it is a huge empty house. he walks ot eh garden in the back, no one is there (but the garden is stil lgorgeous). Not deterred, Jin-hyeok just sits and starts reading. 

Later on at night, he turns on the lights in the garden and sits on the steps again. it is quiet all around, he puts his book away and then decides to sleep using his bag as his pillow. (this is the intro to the episode).

he lays back and looks at all the stars.

VO – Among all those stars, one star is looking at me. …. among so many people looking at that star…..this lovely you and me….where will we meet again and as what?

Jin-hyeok starts to think about his first meeting of Soo-hyun in Cuba and how she asked him if he has money. he laughed. She asked why he is laughing, she is serious. He tells her that she is cute asking for beer. Then she asks if he has money? She laughed so he says he is not funny but she laughed. She tells him that he laughed at her too, I am laughing because you are cute….the memory ends with them dance at the salsa event.

he falls asleep thinking about this.

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he wakes to the owner taking Jin-yeok’s book and looking at him curiously. Jin-hyeok pops up. The man asks if they met before?

Cut to Jin-hyeok and the man sitting inside and talking, he gives him his letter. 

Letter – I understand why this garden is important for you. in my neighborhood we have an old playground. That playground, sadly, will dissapear soon. My youth, my friends, my family, and my memory of the woman I love. The playground with all those important memories will dissapear. So I understand your anger. I am visiting you to ask you for forgiveness for the misunderstanding. DongHwa hotel and the CEO have a true intention to save and protect the garden.

Man – you are good at writing Spanish….you should be glad that I was an English teacher.

JH – Glad to hear that.

Man – Did you sleep here?

JH – Yes

Man – I have a question for you, but you should think very carefully before answering. Becuase it might change my mind.

Jh – Go ahead.

Man – Your point in this letter is because you love the CEO?

JH – Well, there is a personal reason for why this hotel should go on and DOnghwa appreaciate this grden.

Man – So you say no? You don’t love her?

JH – I miss her more than anything.

Man – Well, it is time for breakfast, I wil think about it. This is you right? *shows magazine*

JH – how did you know?

Man – After my wife passed away, traveling is no fun anymore. But oneof my hobbies is reading this magazine. You look better in person than in the picture.

Jin-hyeok smiles and they both stand

Man – DOn’t wait here anymore. I will give you an answer tomorrow morning. Take this. *he gives the letter back* Goodbye.

He leaves. Jin-hyeok sits back on the bench and lets out a big breath and then mutters that he is so hungry. He eats something from his bag and then turns on his cell phone. But he has no battery so he has to pull out a portable charger.

Meanwhile, SOo-hyun arrived to Cuba

VO – Soo-hyun, I heard this from Dae-chan. Jin-hyeok went to Cuba for a business trip. I don’t know what he is doing here but I think you should know.

Soo-hyun calls Jin-hyeok from her hotel, but his phone is still off. She wonders where he is and heads out. The song everyone loves starts to play.

Soo-hyun looks around for Jin-hyeok everywhere. Meanwhile, Jin-hyeok is sitting on the wall next to the waves. Soo-hyun keeps looking for him and checks her phone again. She goes to a cafe but he is n ot there so she heads out. But she looks back in at the couples happily, and remembers Jin-hyeok telling her something.

VO – If you have time in the morning, can you buy me a coffee in that cafe?

SH – I don’t k now tomorrows schedule

JH – I will wait for 30 minutes, if you don’t come then I will leave. DOn’t feel pressure.

Jin-hyeok gets up from the wall and heads out.

Soo-hyun goes to that cafe that they were supposed to meet at. He is not there. She is about to leave but sees something on the wall of messages. She pulls it out, it is Korean.

Letter – If we see each other again, I wanted to ask you if you have a boyfriend. – From the fruit merchant

Flashback to him posting his message there.

In the present, he comes in and sees Soo-hyun looking at his message. She is so happy to see it and gets a touch emotional. 

JH – Do you have money?

She turns around and sees him standing there smiling.

JH – Do you have money?

SH – How much money is enough?

JH – Hmm, enough to buy bread and coffee

SH – Are you going to pay me back?

JH – Yes, I will have my salary soon.

they both laugh and then head out to enjoy Cuba together. They get to a famous castle, but it is closed.

SH – I am sad, but we can just go.

JH – Wait *hops gate* Come here, Quickly.

SH – *goes in through break in the gate* Lets go.

Jin-hyeok looks so stunned and then walks to catch up with her. 

Time passes in Cua as it gets dark on the island. Security walks around he castle. Jin-hyeok and SOo-hyun hide from him and then go up the steps to have a beer at the very top.

SH – So, did you really see that guy?

JH – Yes, I don’t know about the results, he will give me an answer tomorrow morning. It should be okay.

SH – Because you did your best.

JH – I hope our true heart is delivered to him.

SH – Yes, me too.

They both sigh and look around. 

JH – Because of this, we meet each other again here.

SH – Yes, it is really like magic.

JH – You saw the note…

SH – yes

JH – Now I feel good, because I proved that I liked you before you liked me.

She smiles and they both smile as they look at each other. But then her phone rings so she picks it up and he takes another drink of his beer. Soo-hyun gets off the phone and tells Jin-hyeok that the halabogi gave them a big present.

Jh – Really???

SH – How did you turn his heart back? You are an alchemist.

He celebrates and claps


SH – shhhhhhhhh…quiet! 

She puts her finger to her lips to shh him to be a bit quieter. they both looks around to see if they are caught. But then Jin-hyeok walks to where she is gives her a big hug.

JH – Cha soo-hyun shi….Soo-hyun shi….

SH – Did you decide to call me like that? It’s not bad.

He turns her around and runs his hands down her arm to hold her hands.

Jh – I love you.

then he soflty holds her face and looks at her for a moment until he kisses her.

the Cuban music starts to play.

Caption – people think my hand can’t reach you….also people think your lovely arms won’t be able to hug me……..last night I had a dream that you loved me…..even if I die, I want to kiss you…..Kiss and forget about it…..if you want, I will give my life to you……But, if I really can kiss you like I dreamed…..you will never forget about me.

They keep kissing on the wall. Cut to an image of her sleeping on the wall when they first met. 

Then we cut to them kissing on her balcony at the hotel. A very nice long and longing kiss.

VO – I wanted to ask if we see each other again…do you have a boyfriend?

The camera cuts to the note that Jin-hyeok wrote that has the same thing on it.

Fade Out

ILLUSTRATION: the boy is still sleeping among the stars. She flies down as if she is among the stars and kisses him.

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Caption: Epilogue

We are in the cafe, Jin-hyeok’s letter is behind all the other letters. The manager of the hotel from before puts his letter on the surface.

Caption – what kind of letter is this? It looks strange

Jin-hyeok yells at the caste

Caption – Thank you Samul Halabogi!

The security guard sees them kissing, shakes his head and chuckles

Caption – Good times. (good moments or good age or young people or youth)


Cut to Jin-hyeok singing a song called Drunken Truth

text – Congratuations on you comeback

SH – What happened in Cuba, I think you hsould help us ajusshi.

ED – What do you really want?

WS – I don’t know about hotels, but I will do my best

JH – I am going to go with this person


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  1. Rose
    January 3, 2019 / 9:00 am

    Yez! Cant wait for your recap V! Im sooooo excited for this episode! 😍

    • Aymy
      January 3, 2019 / 9:54 am

      Me too because I saw there would be kissing again! Hahaha!

      • Rose
        January 3, 2019 / 10:09 am

        Yup yup! I want to know what transpired that lead to that scene…..gad! I was supposed to take a nap…but after seeing that clip, it woke me up! 10 cups of coffee wont do that to me 😂😂😂😂

        • Aymy
          January 3, 2019 / 10:49 am

          Saw several scenes on TvN’s youtube channel. OMG they even have a balcony scene at the ending! Can’t wait to watch the entire episode! I so love this drama that I don’t mind spoilers at this point, haha!

          • Rose
            January 3, 2019 / 11:30 am

            Me too! Me too! I dont mind spoilers for this. 😍😍

            Im surprised though because usually the Enounter clips in youtube are blocked here. They will only show it maybe after a day or two.

            Happy 2019! First the hilarious Emperor and his catching technique….now the long ass kiss…..what a way to start the year! 😍😍😍

            • V
              January 3, 2019 / 1:18 pm

              It was a suuuuuuuuuuper long kiss. Wow.

              • Rose
                January 3, 2019 / 1:22 pm

                Btw…they are not kissing…..they are eating each other! 😄😂😍

              • V
                January 3, 2019 / 1:25 pm

                It really looks like his body language is engulfing her in the best way possible.

      • V
        January 3, 2019 / 1:20 pm

        And goodness, what a kiss it was!

        • Rose
          January 4, 2019 / 4:48 am

          “It really looks like his body language is engulfing her in the best way possible.”

          V….you sure do know the right words to describe it perfectly 😅…. ENGULFING is way much better than the word i thought… DEVOURING 😂

  2. Kathy
    January 3, 2019 / 9:01 am

    I have seen the wonderful couple in the best drama of the Year end!
    “Encounter ”
    SHK is very beautiful, attractive charming and professional as younger CEO look like.
    PBK is now handsome man and always be natural Best acting in this drama without age comparison.
    PBK is growing up in the way we love him to be and he could act with elder edge actors as fully appreciation to him.
    I realized that it is the most wonderful time in all appisodes they played together.
    Other actors also act very good too.
    Love is all around us,
    Thanks for this Korea Series from Thai experience fan.

  3. Rose
    January 3, 2019 / 10:12 am

    I feel bad for the ex husband. He’s fighting a losing fight, and at the same time it worries me that he might snap. He might do something crazier than the 2 mothers, i hope im wrong.

    • Anonymous
      January 3, 2019 / 10:37 am

      honestly though, seeing what a weak man he has been, i think he’ll need to grow some balls before he does anything.

      • Rose
        January 3, 2019 / 10:54 am

        Yup. He need to ask JH where he grew his balls! 😂

        Kidding aside, weak people for me are the dangerous ones coz they tend to make stupid decissions that can affact someone else’s life. Im fine if its just goin to affect him, bit if it will affect JH and SH, well thats another thing…..and will affect my well being too….i dont want to be stressed-out because of his lack of balls. 😂😂😂

        • Anonymous
          January 3, 2019 / 11:13 am

          HAHAHA. let’s hope writer-nim doesn’t write that kind of melodrama.

          • Rose
            January 3, 2019 / 11:26 am

            Oh i hope and pray to God that this will not sway on a melodrama direction….its almost perfect the way it is 🙏

            • V
              January 3, 2019 / 1:18 pm

              Yes, stay steadfast, show!

        • Aymy
          January 4, 2019 / 12:29 am

          SooHyun saw WooSeok as a weak man, that is why she balked at the controversies hitting JinHyuk. Remember that JinHyuk said that he was upset not because of the cool-off period but because he felt that SooHyun saw him as a weak person who would not be able to withstand the criticisms against him. That was what hurt him most.

          Oh the expression on BoGum’s face whenever he shows his hurt… You really want to hug him and say “I’m sorry”.. never mind if you’re not as pretty as SooHyun. Such good acting. I really love how they express sadness and pain, like when there are tears in their eyes. The cute moments are given because they are so visually appealing!

          • Rose
            January 4, 2019 / 4:43 am

            Talking about those tears in their eyes…..when they met again in Cuba, when SH was in that coffee shop and looking at JH….her eyes…..i dont k ow how she do that as an actress, she has tears there but its just there, not flowing down her face…its like telling you how happy she was seeing him there bit at the same time trying to he strong emotionally by fighting the tears. For some reaso. Im singing Smokey Robinsons song “Tracks Of My Tears” while watching that scene, the chorus part was perfect for that scene:
            “So take a good look at my face
            You know my smile looks out of place
            If you look closer it’s easy to trace
            The tracks of my tears”

            Sigh…..this drama…..sigh…..❤ ❤ ❤

            • Aymy
              January 4, 2019 / 8:09 am

              Yes I was so touched by that scene and how her tears pooled in her eyes. It was like she felt relief and happiness at seeing JinHyuk after failing to contact him – and then she saw that note. At first I thought how does she know it’s from JH? But then I realized the “from” part meant “fruit vendor”. Cuba is really a special place for them. Remember what Samuel said in the beginning about love and his wife – it started and ended there. We know now that it started there for JH and SH, and we hope it doesn’t end. But i guess it meant it’s where their love grew and deepened because there they can be themselves as anonymous people somehow.
              And despite saying that previews mislead us, I am still curious about the ring! (Is it what we all wish it means?) and JH telling his dad that he wants to go through everything for SH.

  4. Rose
    January 3, 2019 / 11:33 am

    Hahahaha! V, thank you for the recap and Thank you for posting the last 5 mins clip of this episode 😂😍😅

    • V
      January 3, 2019 / 1:17 pm

      Had to post it 🙂

  5. Camille
    January 3, 2019 / 4:42 pm

    I am lost for words in this episode. My wish had been granted of seeing more SH and JH. And that marathon kiss and in the balcony… omo. What age difference?! PBG has now grown up *tears up like a proud noona*

    I do kinda feel bad about WS and how clueless he still is. My take on his moves are of a guy who literally had burst his bubble because of competition but is still delusional he can have SH back. His flowers stunt is so moot. A man who understands that he fckd up knows a bunch of flowers is not going to cut it. So going back to his words to SH that goes somewhere along the lines of “when did we ever live lives of our own” is just downright sad for me coz he had obviously been sheltered too much with a very sparkly silver spoon that he has zero knowledge of what a relationship is let alone how a marriage should work.

    Ep9&10 were pleasantly nice fan service who ships the OTP but now I’m scared of what EMILFH would do. And yes, I am still with you, Rose on the fear that WS may suddenly snap out of his somewhat good guy wavelength. I fear the sudden change of game plan from forcing SH back to the household to she’s no longer allowed in your bedroom may mean just downright destruction for SH regardless of who gets in the way for they will all be taken down with her. I’m worried about JH omma; she seems to be so good and kind that I’d hate to see her cry!

    Given the ep11 preview with the surveillance video in SH’s hands, let’s pray WS will still be in his right senses and doesn’t add up to the negativity pile.

    —rant section, may skip—
    Am I the only one super annoyed of die hard song song fans. so many comments about how icky and uncomfortable the marathon kiss was for them that some even said they’ll stop watching the drama since the kisses are so wrong. I’m like wtf, grow up people, they are ACTORS. For me, the passion showed in the kisses making their pairing believable only proves PBG & SHK are true professionals who are doing great AS ACTORS.

    • V
      January 3, 2019 / 5:29 pm

      I fully agree with you! I am in the boat that I really feel Song Joong-ki probably didn’t want some random guy to kiss his wife and would rather have a person he knew would keep it professional & respectful, kiss her. Park Bo Gum fits that bill on all levels. Being Joong-ki’s friend is a bonus.

    • Rose
      January 3, 2019 / 5:41 pm

      Really? There are people who got mad because of that marathon kiss? They do realized “ITS A TV DRAMA” right? They also realize that THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL ACTORS right? Goodness! 😒

      Where is a gif when i need one… 😅

      anyways, about the EMILFH….i can feel a little bit of hope (just a little like 1% or maybe 2%) that she has given-up hope about SH since that she was pushing her son to look for another wife. I guess her company/group is more important than politics…but then again, we may never know. This is kdrama people, its not The Last Empress level but anything still can happen. 😁

      • JoJo Yeoo
        January 3, 2019 / 11:32 pm

        Exactly. It’s just acting! I must admit I felt a bit weird about the marathon kiss due to their history. But if you want to enjoy this drama, you just gotta put real life aside and watch this for it is. A melodrama love story!

    • Aymy
      January 4, 2019 / 8:11 am

      Diehard songsong fans should not watch this if they can’t accept the kissing scenes. It would be unrealistic if two lovers would just kiss on the forehead all throughout the series. Grow up 😁

  6. Revsparklyandroid
    January 3, 2019 / 9:10 pm

    Ah. This episode nearly broke my smile-o-meter from beginning to end. I loved the measured steps JH took once again to deal with the Cuba situation once he realised he could possibly influence haraboji Samuel (that was wonderfully sweet and respectful).

    At one point it struck me that JH could easily be sitting in a CEO’s seat sometime in the future. He gets things done wherever and in the most effective way.

    Finally, I have to echo everyone’s thoughts about WS. Those flowers were just OTT (I felt for poor secretary Jang being booted out of her house to make room for them 😂😂). Not sure what WS is going to do next, but I’m going to keep trusting our writing/directorial team to handle future episodes with the flair we’ve seen so far.

    This show is just awesome.

    • Aymy
      January 4, 2019 / 8:47 am

      It is entirely possible for JinHyuk to be a CEO. He took up hotel management, remember? 😉 And he is effective in what he does because of his interest in humanities, which he said in his job interview would help business and economics prosper since they are all made by humand.

  7. JoJo Yeoo
    January 3, 2019 / 11:28 pm

    Arrgghhh how is this going to end? It’s torturous to have to wait a week to watch 2 episodes. From next week’s trailer it seems that Woo Sook is helping Soo Hyun uncover the conspiracy. I hope Soo Hyun doesn’t have a change of heart. Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun must end up together otherwise it will be SO anti climax… Sigh sigh sigh.

    • Aymy
      January 4, 2019 / 12:23 am

      If there’s one thing I learned from watching kdramas, is not to believe so much in previews because they are meant to mislead viewers to heighten their curiosity and watch some more! But then this drama is so good they don’t need that trick anymore 😊 but I understand they don’t want spoilers.

      • JoJo Yeoo
        January 4, 2019 / 4:05 am

        My poor brain is stressed out trying to think of all the possible endings. LOLL! All 10 fingers and toes are crossed for a happy ending for the love birds! 🙂

        • Rose
          January 4, 2019 / 4:31 am

          I feel you @JOJO YEOO! its goin to be the longest 1 week of our lives! 😂

          I already watched episode 10 3x (first w/o sub, second w/ 81% sub third with full sub) and it still feels like i watched it the first time 😍.

          I agree with AYMY, usually kdramas previews are misleading, they are just there to get you hooked-up for the next episode 😄 .

          I read somewhere here, i forgot who posted it about Secretary Jang and DC, i also hope that that their story developes nicely that will blend to the story and not just like a filler (you know what i mean?). I really want to see how their story progess in the remaining 6 episode (omg! I just realize we only have 6 episodes left! 😳…).

          • Aymy
            January 4, 2019 / 8:51 am

            Yes it makes me sad too that there are 6 episodes left. I watched both episodes 9 and 10 3x too. And, I watch music videos on YouTube, and clips from the TvN channels or sites on YouTube, IG and Twitter. OMG i think something’s already wrong with me. If I’m not crazy now I will be after this series ends because I’ll probably be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, LOL!

        • Aymy
          January 4, 2019 / 8:53 am

          I’m confident that she won’t have a change of heart. She’d probably forgive WooSeok, but not enough to give up JinHyuk. 😊

  8. Aymy
    January 5, 2019 / 12:03 pm

    OMG. I just watched episode 1 again and wow… I just realized that 2 things in this episode were answered or clarified in episode 10!
    1. Before JinHyuk and SooHyun parted ways at Morro Cabana, after talking about possibly meeting at the cafe the next day, and JinHyuk said that he wanted to ask a question but when Soo Hyun said he could ask it then, he insisted that he would ask his question the next day so he could refine it first.
    2. What he wrote on the note. I thought it was what he said or thought as he left (I have to go now. Goodbye my princess from Roman Holiday.)
    OMG i squealed at the details when I realized the answer to both (“I wanted to ask you if we met again, do you have a boyfriend?”)
    And my niece, who was the reason i was watching it again, looked at her crazy aunt.
    Sorry if it sounded stupid or delayed reaction but it was really a eureka moment for me, lol.

    And so since I watched episode 1 again I clarify that Samuel’s words were “love began and was completed here.” Yey! Providential words for our two lovebirds.

    Finally, let me say that I am curious as to the next epis. I hope this ends well or has a good ending, unlike some kdramas which ended lousily. Anyway, do you think EMILFH (let me borrow this term) has had it with SH and has given up on her because she was “tainted” already with scandals in being with? Or is she just trying to play it differently with SH’s mom and manipulate SH? So that now, Mr Choi will be exposed as working on his own?

    • RevSparklyAndroid
      January 5, 2019 / 4:08 pm

      That note was a sweet touch on WriterNim’s part. I remember sighing with delight when JH said ‘now we have proof that I liked you first.’

      EMILFH is probably fed up with SH, but I don’t think she’s likely to bury the hatchet. She seems to have zero respect for SH (or her family) and considers them beneath her and herself their benefactor. I think she’ll still try to rip SH’s life apart for escaping her clutches while terminating hopes of future familial ties at the same time.

      Is it terrible that I want Director Choi’s smirky expression permanently wiped from his face in a public and humiliating showdown? The actor has done a brilliant job of making his character really despicable.

      • Rose
        January 5, 2019 / 5:24 pm

        Yup, thats what i fear from EMILFH, that even though she had enough of SH, she’ll not let it go so easily, she’ll do something to make SH and her familys life miserable…or worst, JH and his family too. And you are right, the actor playing as Director Choi, he’s doing a brilliant job coz now i despise him a lot 😂

  9. Aymy
    January 7, 2019 / 9:43 am

    Sorry for the numerous questions. I just can’t help thinking about this drama between show days 😊 I was thinking, Donghwa Hotel actually means Fairy Tale Hotel right? Then this story has shown elements of different fairy tales already like Cinderella (when Mr Nam “escorted” Jinhyuk to the masquerade), Sleeping Beauty (which SooHyun was in a way before she met JinHyuk) and Rapunzel (again, with SooHyun up in the tower, aloof from everyone else and just “going through time” instead of “spending time” as JinHyuk correctly saw). Can’t say Snow White because I can’t seen any dwarves, LOL.

  10. Ye
    January 9, 2019 / 2:56 am

    I love reading all your comments! Thank you for sharing your thoughts

    • V
      January 9, 2019 / 5:18 am

      So happy to share!

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