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Encounter: Episode 1 Live Recap

Poster and recap for Encounter Episode 1
Sigh, I did not know I loved a short title until we recapped all the amazingly long titled dramas this year. Thank you for giving that to me Encounter, hopefully your drama will be just as tight. I know that is a lot to ask though, so let’s at least hope this drama will be pretty. *Cheers* To a pretty drama!

It is battle of the dramas on Wednesday and Thursday between one of the top female actresses, Song Hye-kyo (Encounter), and one of the top writers, Kim Sun-ok (The Last Empress) so this should be fun. We are recapping both, though we need to do a little bit of catchup for The Last Empress which will hopefully all happen today. But Encounter is first! Let’s get this (recap) party started!

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Shorthand Chart: Encounter Character Chart

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We open with Soo-hyun walking around and helping her fathers election to become mayor of Seoul. We see her from the back like an avatar. Then we cut to her meeting her father at his mayors office, he won. Then we cut right to her wedding day where she marries Woo-seok and became a cheobal daughter in law of a cheabol. The news is voicing over this entire thing. They had a divorce two years later and it became a huge issue. Then we cut to her avatar of her with short hair walking alone up a street.

Then the camera scrolls to show her side profle in front of a gallery with an alice in Wonderland or Cinderella princess stuck in a castle style painting. The door to the painting suddenly opens and the camera is sucked into the life of this painting with a King that arrogantly drinks his alcohol and pegasus flying outside. There are people who dance outside the castle and then we leave the castle gates and pass through a forest and then to a man reading a book peacefully. He stands when he sees a woman.

Then we leave the fantasy painting and are back in the avatar view with three people looking at Soo-hyun who is looking out the window at the sea. The man starts talking.

Man – Today is opening day, we have full reservations and it is off season but this kind of response is really good. I think we used the best in everything, even in tiny furniture pieces and it appealed to the consumers.

The camera cuts to show us Soo-hyun’s face. She looks sad. She tells them it is the best view. Cut to her being driven in the car with Nam Myung-sik and Jang Mi-jin. They stop at a rest stop. Soo0hyun wants to stay in the car. Jang asks if she can get a ramen, they had trauma last time. If they take hotos again then it will be troublesome. Soo-hyun tells her it is okay, she can get some.

The driver says he wills tay, but Soo-hyun tells him that he can go too. She stays in the car. But she sighs and says that rest stop ramen is the best.
They all get back into the car and drive back to Soo-hyun’s office. They pullup and she is let out and greeted by everyone as she walks in casually. Upstairs, she changes into another outfit but wonders how long she will have to live like this. Until I am 60? The dresser says that Hwa-jin (mother in law) will be 100 when Soo-hun is 60. Even though she eats healthy, that would be too much. Soo-hyun says that the mother in law enjoys those things, but he dresser just continues and says that HJ is an annoying person.

Soo-hyun tells her that her words make her uncomfortable, but they also make her feel good. The dresser thinks SH should not have those things in her contract to attend her ex mother in laws events. But SH says that she would not have been able to get a divorce if she did not agree to it. The dresser says that she thought it would end when her father in law died, but the even scarier mother in law became the chairman. It is all bad.

Outside, SH shows up at the mother in laws event to a flash of cameras. We are back to the avatar view as she walks through this cheabol event. She walks all the way to Her mother in law who is launging and wishes her a happy birthday. They small talk about her father the mayor who is now head of the political party (maybe he is not mayor anymore). The mother in law excuses herself but tells SH that her bag is too flashy even though her clothes look good on her.

She walks away and sees ehr ex husband who brightly walks up to her to say hello. SH tells him that they are not in that kind of relationship. He happily tells her that he thought she was stupid when she asked for the almost bankrupt hotel business in the divorce, but I heard that your hotel is #1 in the country. COngratulations.

SH tells him thanks you and asks if he is getting married again. He is happy that she is interesteed in him (sarcastically). She says that if there is a new daughter in law then she will not be called there anymore. But the ex says that his mother will put new and old daughter in law together. SH tells him that she is not joking. He laughs and tells her that she is still atractive with her serious face.

SH tells himthat he said he met the woman in his fate and tried to get divorced by doing all those dirty things. So what are you talking about? The ex just smiles and tells her that they should eat, the food is good for the old ladies birthday. But it does not look like SH wants to join. She asks him if he han just go away, he makes her uncomfortable. he tells her that everyone in the house in uncomfortable. he leaves and the camera cuts out to show her standing alone.

Later on, we see her leaving in her car. Next to her is a tablet with a news article that says:

News: Divorce custom of cheabols, Chae Soo-hyun attends the birthday again this year.
Her driver and secretary talk to each other about going through the tunnel again. Nam says the tunnes is too stuffy. Soo-hyun asks Nam if he has been to Nam san tower? He says a long time ago with her father, they went to Namsan library. Your father was bugging me to go out, I told him that we should go out together. I heard it is better now, have you been there before?

SH – No.
MS – WOuld you like to go there to get fresh air?
SH – No, I had enough photos taken today.
MS – Do you think there are reporters there today?
MJ – Well, people have SNS now, that is faster than newspaper articles.

SH asks to open the windows. MJ tells her it is a cold day today and she has a long trip so she should not catch a cold. SH asks what time she will leave tomorrow. the driver tells her 9pm.

Cut directly to Soo-hyun on the airplane. We first see her reflection in the window and then the camera scrolls to show her in her seat, reading about Cuba. The image she looks at on the next page turns into the real life mural in person in Cuba. Suddenly we are filled with the sights and sounds of Cuba and we are introduced to our Hero, Kim Jin-hyeok who is in the middle of it all and taking photos happily with all the Cubans.

he walks around and gives us an introduction to Cuba through his lens as he takes photos of everything, rests along the shore, and walks around everywhere as he enjoys the vibrant life of Havana.

Then the music cuts and we cut to Jin-hyeok walking through a gate into a conservatory style house with plants all around and an old stone building. he continues taking photos. An old man comes out and asks if it is beautiful? In English.

JH – Yes it is beautiful
Man – Blegh, it is just an old garden
JH – This garden seems to have been loved by someone a long time ago
Man – It was a beautiful time, everything was pretty before
Jh – Everything seems to be as it was
Man – We had a difficult time keeping up with it. It was my wifes garden. Our love started here and we completed it here.

Cut to Soo-hyun driving around Havana and then back to Jin-hyeok enjoying a tea at a an outdoor table. A bird flys to his table so he takes a quick photo of it and smiles. Back in Soo-hyun’s car, the Havana driver texts and drives. Mi-jin tells him that it is dangerous to do that, you should not text and drive. But the driver ignores her and starts talking in Spanish to his person on the phone. Mi-ja apologizes to Soo-hyun, the driver was supposed to speak Englsih, she will find another driver that speaks English.

But then they are suddenly in an accident when a tourist steps intot he street. To avoid the tourist they swerve and hit Jin-hyeoks table. Everythone is fine, but Jin-hyeoks camera is broken. Soo-hyun sees it from the car and tells her secretary that they need to take care of that first. She hops out and starts talking to Jin-hyeok. She tells him that she can send him another camera if he gives her the model of it. He is a bit curious about that but tells her that it is okay. She wants to give him a new one but he says it was his birhtday gift, she can’t replace a memory, right?

She apologizes and says they can’t go back, she can give him a new one though. But there is pilled up traffic around so the secretary gives Jin-hyeok her business card that he puts in his back pocket with his wallet. They head out.
Soo-hyun is in town for the opening of the first Korean Hotel in Havana. She steps to the stage and speaks in English about all the wonderful things about Havana and why there are happy to be there. It is a short speak. Afterward, a man tells her that her speach was great. She thanks him but her attention is caught by a sunset on a screen. He then tells her that she should see the sunset at Malacon beach, she should spare some time to see it because the color of the sunset changes everyday. I proposed to my wife over there.

Scene change to Jin-hyeok who is reading a book (END OF THE WORLD GIRLFRIEND By Kim Yeon Soo). He happily reads but then his attention is brought to a lot of people in the street who are happily dancing with each other. A little girl goes up to Jin-hyeok and starts dansing with her. She is a tiny little adorable 5 year old so he can’t say no to her.

Elsewhere, Soo-hyun is in her car again and makes sure that her secretary took care of the incident with the camera and that man. The secretary said that she gave her card to him but he refused it because he did not care about a new camera, his old one could not have been replaced. Soo-hyun is a bit stunned. The secretary says, if we offer him $100k then he will accept it right away.

they drive right by Jin-hyeok dancing with a little girl on the street. the secretary keeps complaining about JH but Soo-hyun sees him happily dancing and says that he might not accept that offer. She smiles and sits back in her seat but catches another look at JH.

Later on, the secretary tells Soo-hyun to rest, she will prepare dinner later. But Soo-hyun tells her that she will do something else today. They talk jongdaemal to each other but it is friendly jongdaemal. They talk back and forth about not eating dinner and SH taking a sleeping pill and sleeping all night. SH says yes, it is good to adjust to the time now. They talk back and forth about that for a bit but then SH tells her that she will have a good rest and then she will have a good breakfast in the morning. You know a good breakfast right? The secretary smiles and says yes.

Soo-hyun goes to her room and plops on the bed. She is about to take her sleeping pill but stops and looks at a post card of the sunset that the man talked about. Then she wonders for a moment and makes a decision. She gets up and asks what her secretary is doing. The secretary is in her regular clothing with her hair down, she tells her that she is relaxing outside, she wants to meet a guy. Soo-hyun asks her if she has been to Malacon beach? How about going with me?

The secretary playfully tells her that they should go there with their boyfriend, not with each other. I don’t want to spend my play time with you. They keep playfully talking. Soo-hyun asks her if she is ready to write her resignation letter? MJ tells her, YAY! You are starting this again? I wrote my resignation letter millions of times but you never accepted it. Why are you threatening me now? SH tells her it is because she is bored, play with me. But the secretary wants to have fun on her own this evening. Soo-hyun tells her to enjoy and take the economy flight back tomorrow. Click.
Soo-hyun takes a sip of water and then heads out. As she is walking through the hotel it returns to the avatar view as the hotel head tells her that he did not know she was headed out. Soo-hyun tells him that she wants to see the sunset on Malacon beach so he tells her that she needs to go to Morolacabaya, that is the perfect place to fall in love. He gets a taxi and tells them Morolacabaya (I need help with this name). He gets her safely into the taxi and tells good luck.

But the taxi breaks on the way out and starts smoking. The driver hops out right away and tells her not to worry. He pops the hood to fix it but then tells Soo-hyun that he is sorry, she will have to take a ferry. it will be faster.

Cut to Jin-hyeok wondering if his camera still takes pictures. He tries it out and we see it from the cameras broken angle. It still takes photos. he takes a few and then sees Soo-hyun walking in the backround along the waterfront as she heads tot he ferry. He is taken by her and looks at her walking, he does not even take photos of her, he just wathes her.

Soo-hyun takes the ferry Morocabana and asks the ferry captain how to get to Morocabana exactly. he tells her to go up. So she starts walking off in her high heels and red dress to this mysterious place. But it becomes a chore as her shoes dig into her heels. She takes a break to check out her heel but then two men suddenly sneak from the wall and sneak away her purse. She notices them too late. They tell her thank you senorita and happily walk off.

Back at the hotel, Mi-jin goes to Soo-hyun’s room and sees tha she is not there and did not take her pills.

On the beach area, we are back tot he avatar view of Soo-hyun walking around. She passes through various amazing areas , but when the camera scrolls around to her face we see that she is overwhelmed. But she does get to the spot that she is looking for. It is fille with couples. she is all alone and sits on the wall alone between all these couples.

But it looks like she is fainting? Did she take the pills? Her eyes start to close, she is about to fall off this wall, y’all. She tips over as her eyes close, her body goes limp. But she is caught by Jin-hyeok who looks at her as if she is crazy. She isn’e crazy though, just sleepy so she falls asleep right on his shoulder. Her heels falls off the wall but she does not notice. Jin-hyeok apologizes to the tourists hit by it.

In the hotel, Mi-jin asks the concierge if she saw the VIP from Korea. He says yes, beautiful woman, she went to see the sunset in Malacor beach~. The secretary thanks him and runs off. But the concierge says that actually she went to Malacorbana.
At Malacorbana, Soo-hyun wakes from her very nice nap on Jin-hyeoks shoulder. But she is stunned and wonders why she is there. He tells her that she was about to fall off the wall an hour ago. She looks down at her feet and wonders where her shoe is. He tells her that he did not do it, it just fell off.

he tells her, just in case she has a misunderstanding, I will explain it all. You were about to fall, I caught you so don’t worry. He tells her goodbye but she tells him to help her. Can you get my high heels? He looks at it then smiles and says it is a little dangerous so wait here a little bit. But then she sees the sunset and is taken by it. She says something about it not being that color and then says, it’s pretty.

Jin-hyeok stops leaving and keeps sitting with her. he looks at her instead of the sunset. She says it is prettier than the postcard in the hotel right? Was it in your hotel room? They keep looking at the sunset together. He pulls out his cell phone.

SH – Malacon beach sunset will be better enjoyed with this music, 200% more.

He motions for her to try it. So she puts the earbuds in and he plays Omara, which is the same mural that was in her book. She listens to Omara and looks at all the lovely seens of Cuba with people talking and couples and the gorgeous sunset.

But she starts to think of her life as everything turns to grey with her life helping her father and marriage and the divorce. When it goes back to Malacon beach, it is all colorful again and we see that she has a few tears falling. Then a violin starts to play and the trumpets kick in. She is transported to this happy lala land place where everyone is dancing around her as if choreographed. She smiles, possibly the first smile in a long time, then the music stops.

Jin-hyeok left when he saw that she was tearing up and went to get the high heel. he smiles at her from the bottom as he waves the heel. Then he starts to walk back up and wonders to himself that he has seen her before.

Meanwhile, the secretary has arrived at the beach, but it is the wrong beach.

Back to the sunset beach, Soo-hyun says that she will pay for all the Jin-hyeok did for her. He says he did not do too much and it was an honor for his shoulder as well. It happened on his last night in Cuba so it was an honor. He is about to tell her good bye, but she stops him and asks if he has any money. He asks how much money? She looks around at the people drinking and asks for one bottle of beer. He starts to laugh and says, beer int his situation? You are cute. Wait here, I will get some.

He walks off to fetch it happily. She thinks to herself, I am cute? That sounds like a good thing, but~.

Jin-hyeok checks his pockets, he has some money so he tells himself it is good to be stingy.

Soo-hyun looks at Jin-hyeok and wonders how old he is. She comments that he is like a green grape. he gets back to the wall and they drink their beer together. She drinks quickly so he tells her that she will get drunk quickly. But she says that she is sronger than him.

Jh – How come you have no money and dozed off here? That was pretty dangerous.
SH – It is a business trip. I took my sleeping pill to steel early, but I saw the picture of the sunset. It is a bad day, robbers took everything.
JH – Ah, it is a bad day for you. Do you remember what hotel you stay at? We can go to the bottom of the motocabana and take a taxi. I can take you there. Let’s go?
SH – yes.

He gives her his arm and takes her drink. She is hesitant at first, but takes it to hop off the wall. But her heels still hurts so he tells her to go barefoot. A few people walk barefoot here. And my neighborhood halmoni and halabogi walk barefoot in to excercise in the mountain.

But she says that she cannot do that. He takes off his shoes and tells her that it is easier to do things together. Then you can be brave and not lonely. She asks him if he is sure that his neighborhood halmoni and halabogi walk barefoot in the mountain? He tells her that it is 100% real. She tells him that she will take it as if she is under a magic spell.

They walk off barefoot and are giggled at by some people, but shake it off. They keep talking to each other instead. he tells her that he sells fruits so she asks if he is a fruit merchant? he is all like, well, yeah, I guess that is true. She asks him if his carma is old. he says it is, 28 years old. She is surprised that it is still working. He says yes, he has fixed it a few times. It is still good but today it is injured a little bit.

She asks if he liked that model a lot? Aren’t there any more of that model? He says yes, they still produce it, but he does not like it due to the model. His father’s friend used to have a photo studio, but he closed the business and gave that camera to his father as a present. I was born at that time. He gave it to his father to take a lot of pictures of him when he was born.

JH – Actually, my father cares about this camera a lot even though he did not take too many photos of me. According to him, he was too busy making a living. So as soon as I went to primary school I took a lot of photos of my parents.

Soo-hyun keeps walking ahead which is when Jin-hyeok gets a good look at her red heels. He takes her to a market and tells her that they should not walk on the next street because it is dirtier. he pulls her to the shoe seller and tells her to pick one. But they both feel a bit awkward with the touch. Jin-hyeok apologizes she tells him it isn’t about that. Then she walks up to the merchant. He guesses her shoe size and tells her that this will be his present to her.
She says she will repay him for everything. he jokes and says that he needs to write all of this down then. he asks which design she likes. She says it is just to the hotel so anything is fine. he says, anything? That is the most difficult order….anything. He looks aorund and picks a pare of braided sandals. He asks her if it is a funny design? She says that is anything so she likes it.

he sets them on the ground for her to step into. This is a moment as she puts them on. He tells her that it looks good and they smile at each other happily.

Meanwhile, the secretary is going crazy running around the beach front. But she does not see Soo-hyun walking along the street right behind her with Jin-hyeok.

Soo-hyun touches her stomach, she is pretty hungry. He tells her that he has enough money to fill up her empty stomach just a little bit. Cut to them eating at a little cafe. She says this is better than the hotel food. He thinks it is because she is so hungry, but she says her tastebuds are not one dimensional. he is all like, if you say so. They eat a bit but then she asks if he has enough money to watch a salsa dance for two? he thinks for a money and then looks at his emerency money in a fim case. She laughs a bit.

He puts the money back and says he is mad becuse he is not a funny guy but she laughed at him. She tells him that he laughed at her too because she is cute, but he is cute too so he laughed. is this the secret pocket money that I have just heard of? he says it is little kids booger money.

SH – If you say that then it makes me like a thug (like bullys taking little kids money)
JH – hey, little kid booger money is funnier than pocket money. Youa re too serious.
SH – It is not funny to me.
JH – DOn’t you want to see the salsa?
SH – Keep all your reciepts.
JH – Yes, you have to pay everything back.

She grabs the tiny cute coffee and tells him that she would like one more coffee.

They leave and go to a hole in the wall place. She is a bit taken aback, salsa dance here? he smiles knowingly and pulls her inside. it looks shady as they pass guards at the door. But then they arrive at the inside area which looks magical.

They sit at a table to watch and happily toast to a mojito style drink as they watch the dancers. Soo-hyun smiles brightly again and looks around at all the people going out to dance. Jin-hyeok tells her that they sould too and leads the way. She is nervous at first, but takes a huge swig of her drink to gain a bit of liquid confidence and then heads out to dance with him.

They cutely dance in the middle of all the other people dancing. They are horrible and they know it which adds to the fun. Then everyone claps as the song ends.
Later on, they both walk back. She happily asks for his contact information back in Korea. He tells her it is okay, lets just take it as same country comraderie while traveling. She laughs and says that he sounds like an old person from another era. My father uses that word, comradship. he laughs and says that he heard that he is like a little boy. She tells him to give her his contact information but he says that it would feel like he had a personal purpose. Like he did all of this to get a contact number from a pretty woman. it was a joke but it lead to awkward happy smiles.

They finally get to a taxi, but neither one wants to say good bye. They arer both a bit awkward at the moment as they wonder what to say to each other. Finally Jin-hyeok asks her when she is leaving? If you have time tomorrow morning, bye me breakfast ant that cafe.

She smiles and agrees. He tells her that tomorrow breakfast is everything that you can pay back and I also have questions for you. She tells him to ask them now. He says no, he will ask them tomorrow so he can polish them up. She thinks and says she might not be able to make it because she does not know her schedule tomorror.

He says he will wait for 30 minutes so no pressure if you cannot make it. He opens her taxi door and they say their goodbyes and meet you tomorrows. She happily rides away and looks at her new shoes. He remebers that he has her shoes on his bag, but think that it is good, they will meet together tomorrow morning. He walks away happily as well.

She gets back to her place and is let inside, She looks calmer and as peace. But her friend is there and screams insanities at her but in a friendly way. She yells, why didn’t you pick up the phone! I came back to hang out with you but I saw that your pill was gone and you were gone! hey, I can play Secretary jang well but I never knew that I would run around everywhere. What happened to your shoes?

SH smiles as she realizes that her heels are gone. She tells her friend that she is like Cinderella. But her friend tells her to get real! She is still upset.

We cut to scenes of Jin-hyeok and Soo-hyun in their different hotels. He is in a tiny hostel like place and she is in her luxury hotel, but they are both smiling. Spit screen to a holga style image of the two of them looking at it. Then the holga image zooms out to a fantasy like image that moves to the dark twinkling night sky that turns into a bright blue morning cloud scape.
In the morning Soo-hyun asks Mijin if there is any trouble. Mijin says there is a little trouble because they want to add one thing in the countract, they want to keep the garden as is (OMG maybe it is that conservatory looking place). They would like to keep this in the contract, it will not take long, their people will come here and we will still have enough time for the plane.

But Soo-hyun looks like she might miss the meeting with Jin-hyeok. Cut to Jin-hyeok getting to the cafe, it is closed until 9am so he thinks he should wait. He waits for it to open and Soo-hyun waits for the contract people to show up.

A gorgeos soundtrack starts to play as we see Jin-hyeok waiting in this adorable eclectic cafe. The contract people get to meeting, so soo-hyun signs the paperwork. Jin-hyeok keeps waiting, but then he thinks he should leave and starts to write a letter for her.

Soo-hyun gets finished with the contract and heads out to the cafe.

Letter: I am leaving, princess in Rome (they show an image of Audrey Hepburn so they might be refrencing Roman Holiday).

Jin-hyeok runs off to catch an old train. he hops into the un-airconditioned train and heads off as the soundtrack plays. he gets to the airport and hands over his ticket. But then he looks to his left and sees her standing in line as well! he also sees the secretary and wonders, what is this?

She looks sad, but then she looks to her right and sees him. She also looks like she is happy and yet sad to see him but smiles when he smiles. He nods at her to say goodbye and she slightly nods back. Then he walks off.

But she finds him as he sits in the airport and apologizes for not keeping the promise, she had an urgent business matter. he says it is okay, he is happy that they met there. She also says that she is sorry, she knew about his camera but could not tell him. he says, ah, you were there? It is okay, it didn’t break that much.

SH tells him that her secretary is finding a seat for him, think of it as me returning the favor. He says it is okay, he can sit in his seat, but she says that she did not buy him breakfast to return the favor, so he should give her the chance.

JH – I am really raelly okay, also I did not help you that much for you to pay anything back.
SH – From the worst moment yesterday I could come here thanks to your help. So I just want you to accept my kindness.

He thinks about it and smiles.

JH – I took a part time job to prepare for this trip. I saved up money for one year and came here. I was thinking about how much I can travel within my budget and spent more than one month to plan it. Becuase of you I am finishing up the last trip in my twenties happily. It is a difficult thing to sit in an economy seat for more than 18 hours. But that is part of my travel plan. I want to finish up my back packing trip nicely without vearing from my plan that is not complete yet. Is that a good answer to you?

She also thinks for a moment and smiles.

SH – Yes, okay, I will take it as if I have paid you back in my heart.

She walks off happily and smiles. he looks at her as if he would like to follow her, but he sits back in his seat.

SH looks at her watch and we see another split screen Holga image of her watch on the lft and scenery on the right. The watch rewinds two hours and the scenery also rewinds to the street of the cafe.
SH actually ran to the cafe! She steps inside but does not see him there. She is sad and walks out. We see her reflection of her leaving in the clock on the wall and then we start to see all the memories of last night in the reflection as well as the clock rewinds.

Back int he airport, we are now in Seoul and Jin-hyeok is getting his bag. he looks different and sees Soo-hyun walking with her secretary. But he does not approach them and kind of avoids them instead. But he does get the business card out and sees that it is Dong-hwa hotel. He looks up Dong-hwa hotel on his phone and reads an article about Soo-hyun starting a hotel in Cuba and going there personally. He is stunned.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Soo-hyun tells Mijin to prepare the camera. Also, do not be rude to him because 28 years is improtant for him. The secretary asks how she knows it is that old. Soo-hyun says it is just her feeling.

Jin-hyeok sees them walking again and checks the image on his phone with Soo-hyun. It looks like the same person. But he gets a call and aswers. It is Dong-hwa hotel. he has passed the new employee interview. he is all like, what? He looks in the direction of Soo-hyun walking away and sees her awlking on the other side of the airport window, toward him. The phone falls away from his ear, the person on the other end says, hello? hello?

But it is slow motion time as Jin-hyeok watches Soo-hyeun walking toward him and yet away.

Fade Out

It is black and white and the style is that of an old fashioned silent film. Jin-hyeok sits in one seat at the outdoor cafe. But another man comes out and says that he always sits there, can you sit in another seat please? Jin-hyeok says of course. he gets up and moves to another table then he settles in and grabs his camera. it is the same table that the car almost swerved into on accident.

Wow, the director is amazing! This first episode can really just be a movie by itself. It has a beginning, middle, and end to the story with you begging for more and hoping that their love life continues in Seoul. I really enjoyed it a lot. It really had a lot of magical beats and special camera tricks that enhanced the magic instead of taking it away. So impressed. So so so impressed.


SH – Umma is calling mea ll of a sudden
MS – Well, your mom wants to see you a lot
SH – Of course not
JH – I have good news
HI – Do you really have a woman?
VO – The frozen princess (or Ice Princess?)
VO – Doesn’t smile.
JH – I worried about you a lot.
SH – Does this bother you because I am your boss?
JH – Not at all to me.

Shorthand Character Chart
Encounter Shorthand Character Chart

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      November 28, 2018 / 11:15 am

      You’re welcome anonymous!

  3. Rose
    November 28, 2018 / 10:26 am

    Here we go!

  4. Rose
    November 28, 2018 / 10:49 am

    Btw V, thank you for providing the initials of the characters at the end of the recap. It helps a lot! And thanks for the recap! Now back to reading…..next is #9 😄

    • V
      November 28, 2018 / 11:14 am

      You’re welcome, Rose! We try to give that for every drama at the very top where it says “Character Chart” but it is also always great to show it at the bottom of the page. How did you like this episode? I loved it!

  5. Rose
    November 28, 2018 / 11:14 am

    I love the phasing of this drama: fast but doesnt miss a beat. Cant wait to watch the sub later so i can also enjoy what V is enjoying right now hahaha! 😄

    I hope the beauty of this drama continues up to the end (lord please!) 😄

    • V
      November 28, 2018 / 11:15 am

      Oh my goodness, right! Please keep the prettiness up to the end!

      • Rose
        November 28, 2018 / 11:29 am

        …..and dont give us Third Charm 2.0 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Jammmm
    November 28, 2018 / 11:21 am

    OMG!!! I’m hooked! I can’t wait to watch it tonight… I LOVE PBG!!! I couldn’t even breath while I was reading the recap, so romantic… thanks V for the recap, you are the best!!! 👍🏻😘

    • Rose
      November 28, 2018 / 11:37 am

      Im not a fan of PBG but i do love the flow of this drama so far. Cant react yet about the cinematography coz cinematography has a big impact on how i judge the drama sometimes. But on how V reacted and described it, it seems the director really put a lot of effort to make this a high quality drama. 😍

      • Sam(gyupsal)
        November 28, 2018 / 3:40 pm

        The camera storytelling is great. The dialogue is a little stiff, but the cinematography is amazing.

  7. BG
    November 28, 2018 / 11:25 am

    If they edit the first episode into a movie, it will be a big hit!

  8. Bubbletrouble
    November 28, 2018 / 11:40 am

    I loved those Holga split screens and the opening avatar like camera view. It really showed us her life in a condensed and lonely way.

  9. Rose
    November 28, 2018 / 11:42 am

    Dang! It seems youtube doesnt want to show clips of this episode (party pooper! 😤)

    • TradeWinds44
      November 28, 2018 / 3:42 pm

      Aw man, maybe they are trying to get people to watch it before posting clips

      • Rose
        November 28, 2018 / 7:15 pm

        Most probably. I also went to tvn website earlier and i cant even see it there. Anyways, i just finished watching the sub….damn! First of all, i thought i was watching a movie. The quality of filming is not for tv drama at all! 2nd, how much is their budget for this drama? the film they used was expensive just for tv drama. I really hope that this quality of drama continues up to the end. Cant wait for the next episode. Thanks again V! 😊

        • V
          November 29, 2018 / 6:30 am

          The film they used did look expensive! Hopefully they can keep it up, but if they can’t then hopefully the story goes well. 🤞🏽

  10. Miss H
    December 1, 2018 / 12:31 pm

    what is song played in 57′ ?

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