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Encounter Character Descriptions: Soo-hyun’s People

Character Translations for Korean Drama Encounter

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CEO of DongHwa hotel

The daughter of a politician father who does not have much freedom. She greeted people and sang during her fathers political campaign. Because of that, smart and pretty Soo-hyun became just as famous as an entertainer. She went from the daughter of a congressman to the daughter of Seoul city’s mayor and now she is the daughter of the head of a political party.

Her mothers big goal is to send her father to the blue house, so after college Soo-hyun married TaeKyung groups son. But now she is an ex-wife to a cheabol and a divorced woman. 

After her divorce, perhaps Soo-hyun smiled because she could breath again. With her divorce settlement, she got the almost bankrupt DongHwa hotel and worked very hard to save it. DongHwa grew to become the #1 hotel in the industry after 4 years.

Soo-hyun wants to live as DongHwa hotel’s CEO, not as an ex Taekyung group daughter-in-law. But even after divorcing, her in-laws shadow is still choking her. “If an unfortunate event happens that ruins TaeKyung Groups image, then DongHwa Hotel revert to TaeKyung Group ownership. All of these decisions are made by board meetings.”

What is that unfortunate event? What ever is it, that unfortunate event did not happen yet.

Soo-hyun’s Father

He did not know that he would step into politics. He was happy with his life as a news anchor but he was married to a woman with different ideals who made him wear clothes that don’t fit and live his life like that. But he does not blame his wife; ultimately, it was his decision.

But one day, he kept noticing his daughter; poor Soo-hyun’s life makes him sad. The Soo-hyun he remembers was always pretty and cute and brought him joy as she grew up smart and beautiful. 

If she wasn’t constrained in her life, due to his wife and her ambitions, then Soo-hyun would be happy and smile more. He does not remember the last time his daughter smiled.

“I started politics, so I want to be the top. But is that more important than my daughters smile?”

Soo-hyun’s Mother

She is very greedy. She previously worked at the same broadcast company as her husband, Cha Jong-hyung. After getting married, she worked tirelessly to make him a politician. Because of her support, her husband became the mayor of Seoul. Now she dreams of becoming the first lady.

She sacrificed her own daughter Soo-hyun’s life for her dream. Soo-hyun is divorced now, but Mi-ok still serves the Taekyung Group like a dog.

Her husband does not like it, but Mi-ok does not care. It does not matter that she has to make herself lower because she will gain more. She thinks Soo-hyun should already enjoy her rich life and everyones envy. She is sure Soo-hyun will not be able to leave that life style because humans are like that.

Her husband said he would never do politics, but now he is the head of a political party. Therefore, Mi-ok thinks her husband and Soo-hyun should thank her.

Soo-hyun’s Driver

He is Soo-hyun’s father’s college hubae and old friend. They became reporters together. From Cha Jong-hyun’s request, he took care of little Soo-hyun and became her driver. He followed Soo-hyun when she moved to Tae-kyung group which was also Cha Jong-hyun’s request. He wanted Na Myung-sik to protect his daughter and stay next to her.

Na Myung-sik is Soo-hyun’s very important friend. Whenever Soo-hyun has had enough, he quietly drives her to the sea. When Soo-hyun can’t get an answer anywhere, she asks him for his wisdom. For example, “Ajusshi, would it be a funny thing if I went to Hong-jae neighborhood?” When Soo-hyun asked him that, he said yes, it makes me smile; but even though you can sleep well, when you are curious about something you can’t sleep. He is one of the few people on her side.

Soo-hyun’s Secretary

Soo-hyun’s long time secretary and high school friend. She is not from a well known family and is the only one listening to Soo-hyun’s personal business. Soo-hyun likes Mijin  a lot. Mijin has been supporting Soo-hyun (for a long time) so she missed her opportunity to get married. “I will almost be 40 after spending all my time with Soo hyun, damn.”

During her breaks time, whenever she meets a nice guy at a club, Soo-hyun always calls her. She lost a lot of big fish due to that, but she never hates Soo-hyun. She always says that she hates Soo-hyun, but she actually cares a lot for Soo-hyun.

We have three more character descriptions coming up that we will post today!

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    Thanks for this V. 😊

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  3. koreanoona
    December 27, 2018 / 8:15 am

    Trivia: did anyone realise that the actress playing Cha Soon Hyun’s mom (Nam Ki-ae) also played the mom of Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo’s character in Descendants of the Sun)?

    That mom was so cool. This mom is a headache!

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