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Encounter Character Descriptions: Jin-hyeok’s People

Character translations for the Korean Drama Encounter (also known as Boyfriend)


He only has one address in his family registry. He was born in one house in his neighborhood of Hong-jae, grew up there, and still lives there after 29 years. Jin-hyeok’s father has run a fruit store for as long as Jin-hyeok has been alive. Just like his parents, Jin-hyeok is a nice person that cares about his neighbors. So he is considered a cutie pie among the traditional market sellers and elders in the neighborhood. He studies well, but why is he still jobless after one year?

Actually, he has his own reasons. He went to school one year early and graduated with top grades. He graduated one year earlier than his friends, so he is not late at all. But he has not had a job for a year, there is no excuse for that.

While preparing to get a job, he had several part-time job. From organizing warehouses in grocery stores to the department store food court. He pays for his cell phone and his commute and drinks beer at his favorite regular bar, Dae-chan’s restaurant. Except that, he saved all his money and went to Cuba for a 4 week trip. Will he have this kind of extended travel vacation in his life again? Maybe this was the last luxury he will have in his life. He used an old film camera and took photos of the beauty of Cuba. On the last day, he put the image of her, a lost person, in his camera.

Jin-hyeok’s Father

He has sold fruit for his entire life. He did not make a lot of money, but he raised his two sons well and happily. The only concern he had was for his oldest son, Jin-hyeok, to get a job; but it took care of itself so there is nothing else he wants.

It is common that you cannot control your own son. That is why Kim jang-soo did not yell at his son and instead looked at him quietly. He raised him rightly, so his son is always upright.

Jin-hyeok’s Mama

She works with her husband in the traditional market. She just lives her life looking at her handsome and smart first son Jin-hyeok.

She also has a second son Jim-myung, but he is just cute and made a lot of trouble so there are not that many expectations of him. It is okay, he is doing well, but sometimes she thinks he will cause big big trouble. However, she also tells herself that it won’t happen.

Jin-hyeok’s Brother

Behind his brothers nice clean cut shadow, Jim-myung lives freely and brightly. He decided his future when he was young, so he is not concerned about college at all. 

He wants to be a successful business man but his fathers fruit store does not have any vision on it. So he goes to Dae-chan’s snail bar everyday and bugs him to open a chain restaurant.

Snail Bar Owner

He has a bar in Jin-hyeok’s neighborhood that uses snails as a main side dish. There are a lot of neighborhood customers. He started it when he was 30, now his business is stable.

Daeshan’s snail dish is not a joke. A lot of people only come there to eat the snail dish. To Jin-hyeok and Jim-myung, he is a nice friendly Hyung. Because Jin-hyeok works for free in the bar when he isn’t busy, Dae-chan always gives him as much of his signature dish as he wants, on the house. 

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