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Dramatic Poster for My Country on JTBC

My Country Kdrama Poster

Oh, now this I can get used to. Hello dramatic bleeding heart poster for My Country that I love! It is not often that you see posters like this for Kdramas, so give me more JTBC. I love the symbolism of the palace being upside down, signifying that the throne is about to fall. I also love the black and white which can be looked at as ink stains running down the page, but it could also be construed as blood – blood that is all over the palace and all over the land.

And while we are at it, it also looks like the country might literally be burning. Is the blood supposed to wash away the flames? Or was it the gasoline to ignite it? Oh, I love it so much. Jut look at those brush strokes. The caption reads, “They were there at the beginning of Joseon.” Which is a caption that they have used in two other posters, so I’ll just go with that as the theme of the show.

The poster also shows our three main leads in the top right, just in case you forgot that they were cast. Only Jang Hyuk, who is playing the bloody founder of Joseon, is not on this poster directly, but I think the blood washing the page is all him (or his historical character). Y’all, this drama cannot get here soon enough! I am so ready for it.

We don’t have that much more of a wait on our hands as My Country will premiere October 4th and will air Fridays & Saturdays at 23:00 on JTBC.


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