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Drama Milk Playlist #1: The Misty edition

Drama Milk Playlist #1 Misty Edition
Y’all, I feel like today is a music listening to day, so here is a playlist for all my Misty people in Tae-wook despair right now. It’s just a few songs/back ground music from some dramas and a couple songs thrown in that remind me of Misty. As far as the songs that remind me of Misty, the song I picked for Tae-wook is the Mumford and Son’s one. I feel like Tae-wook will be singing this song to Hae-ran after he sits on his couch and stairs into nothingness with his sexy/broody self. It is so amazing how much this song matches him/their situation but in a fun way. The second song could almost be Misty’s theme song since woman run things on that show. Behind the scenes, but they still run it. Plus it’s really catchy and just sticks in my head. One last episode to go!

Mumford And Sons – I Will Wait
The song Tae-wook will be singing to Hae-ran when he goes to/gets out of prison (just kidding! He’s innocent!). It is amazing how much this song matches Tae-wook. At least its upbeat!

Pssy Power – Rodeo
The song all the power woman of Misty should be singing right now because they made Misty so worth watching just for them alone.

Tin Sparrow – For You
Drama: Live
Theme song played in trailers and throughout several episodes

Kim Jeong-so (김종서) – Beautiful Restriction (아름다운 구속)
Drama: Episode 14 Epilogue of Should We Kiss First.
Played in snowy car scene. Soon-jin was singing this song in the car and making Mu-han sing along.

Drain (드레인) – 그대는 예쁜 사람 (효리네 민박 bgm)
Variety Show: Hyori Bed and Breakfast

Fitz and The Tantrums – HandClap
Variety Show: Hyori Bed and Breakfast

Echae En Route – Uneasy Romance
Drama: Episode 4 of Oh Hae-Young Again/Another Oh Hae-Young
Oh Hae-young whimsically jumps into the air and into the arms of Do-Kyung, all for a bet.

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