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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





All the doctors talk about Sabu’s carpel tunnel syndrome while in the break room. They ask Moon-jung how long he has known about it. 

he tells them, not that long. It was right before EJ and WJ joined us. He wanted me to check it. He stats to explain the accident from 3 years ago and how the pain has persisted since then. he should have rested, but he could not withh the amount of patients they have.

He said that when he gets the date for surgery, he will tell everyone so I did not tell anyone.

Woojin asks if CTS can affect the elbow? Moon-jin says that CTS does not have anything but he did say that he could not move his wrist tot he back so, just in case, I took an MRI and there was no problem.

MJ asks WJ if anything bothers him? But then Ho-joon bursts in so they all stop talking and ignore him. 

HJ gives Woo-jin a patients chart for his VIP patients. He tells him that they will have 4 residents come from the main hospital. Take care of them, give them dinner and show them where they will stay. they are good guys all hand picked by Min-kook.

Woo-jin asks if they are all performing surgeries with Min-kook. HJ tells him that he will perform the easier ones. Also, you know that loan shark noise, they should not come here anymore so if it happens again with Dr. Parks patients, get ready to pack up.

He leaves.

The doctors wonder if he heard their conversation and think that they should be careful with talking about that Kim Sabu has a wrist problem.

Moon-jung tells them that carpel tunnel is not a big disease. Just a little surgery and a couple weeks off and it will be cured. So let’s keep it quiet.

Ho-joon listens in and smiles.

Later on, several people drink and eat a fancy meal with Do Yoon-wan. One of them is brown nosing so much. he tells him that he was wondering when they would all get back together and how he is a center leader and hopes that Do Yoon-wan is not angry. I will serve you with everything I have!

They all toast to that (there are like a dozen men in this room). 

The brownnoser (Kim Woogi in Vagabond) asks why Park Min-kook when to Doldam? Do Yoon-wan says that because of that, he has some trouble.

Another man asks when Do Yoon-wan is going to release information about the new future hospital. After you told me, I bought land around the hospital. But I don’t hear anything. 

Another person says that Real estate people heard the rumor so the land price increased already. You already earned 30%. The man says that he didn’t spend that money to only get 30%.

Someone says that brownnoser would have already destroyed the hospital and bulldozed it by now. Do Yoon-wan asks him if he would like to try. [Kim Woogi] says, of course, if you give me the chance I can.

Then Park Min-kook comes in and everyone grows quiet and annoyed. [Kim Woogi] welcomes in and helps him sit. he tells him he is not late at all. But the mood is uncomfortable in the room.



Meanwhile, Do-il finally gets in contact with Sabu. Sabu is in the city and is about to catch a bus back. Do-il asks where he is to catch a bus? Sabu tells him that he will tell him later. then he lets a pregnant lady and some college aged kids on the bus and gets on himself. (uh oh, this feels foreboding).

back at Doldam, Gi-tae walks up the hallway and passes Nurse Oh. She calls him a betrayer. He tries to ignore her. But she keeps chiding him so he walks up to her and says that he is not the betrayer, you are.

She asks how dare he say that she is. He tells her, do you only care about patients, but not use? We all work hard here together. Is that not important to you at all?

She asks, what are you talking about? 

He asks, how can you say to close the hospital so easily?

She tells him, they are tyin to change things the way they want! Shoudl we just let it happen!

He tells her yes, of course! What if we close? You can the doctors can find another hospital becuase hospitals do nothave enough people anyway. But what about us? All the managing team and cleaning team, there are more than 20 people who work here and are head of their families. If the hospital closes then what will we do! We are not professionals like you! No one asked us to come. Should we all jut go to the street?

Do-il tells him that is too much. She didn’t mean it like that. Gi-tae tells her that he would like to live cool like them and say what he wants to say, but I – us – we can’t do it! Why! Because we always have a replacement when we get fired. 

Anyone can do this job. That is why I have to smile even though you said I am easy and a betrayer. I still have to bow to them. We have to survive. Even though we hate it. We still have to survive. So don t’ say to close the hospital so easily.

he storms off.

Do-ill mutters that he knows you didn’t mean it. But the nurse looks like she should not have actually said that and should think about her privilege in this situation.

Gi-tae runs to the break room for water. His assistant gives it to him and helps him stand. Poor Gi-tae is so nervous that he just did that. He asks, what did I say to her? Ah, I am a bad guy.

Nurse Oh goes to the ER and sees all the cleaning people and all the nurse practitioners who are not RN nurses and all the other staff. She thinks about what Gi-tae told her about how they should not close the hospital.

Then a nurse says that it is snowing outside.

On the bus, Sabu also sees that it is snowing.

The doctor team goes outside to look a the snow. EJ and Areum look at it happily and mention that they want to drink and have soju and take a nice long bath. But In-soo sighs and says, hopefully there wont be an accident. I will sleep here tonight, you two, don’t drink just in case there in an emergency. 

they look at his stunned and then look at each other.

In the bus that Sabu is on, people are taking calls from loved one. But then a woman comes into the street to flag down the bus. The bus driver honks and slams on the breaks but she is too close so he swerves.

The bus goes careening down a hill. the lady faints.



At Doldam, Ho-joon calls Min-kook to tell him that Sabu has carpel tunnel syndrome. He needed surgery, that is why he did not come to work today. He needs surgery and might not be able to work for a few days.

But then Woojin comes in so he has to get off the phone quickly.

back at the fancy restaurant, Min-kook tells [Kim Woogi] that he has to go back to the hospital. [Kim Woogi] tells him that he is working too hard. If the chief director works too hard then the people that work for you will be stressed.

Min-kook says that he does not want to break the mood, so can you tell everyone for me.

[Kim Woogi] tells him that he should know how to follow the main stream, so dont’ do anything. Min-kook asks him if he wants his job? [Woogi] tells him that he wants to live small and long. he does not want his position and he hates Doldam hospital. I don’t even want to burp that way so dont’ involve me, okay?

Min-kook excuses himself and [Kim Woogi] tells him that he should know how to yield. MK keeps walking off so [Woo-gi] thinks that he is so stubborn and then runs inside and whispers in Do Yoon-wan’s head.

Do Yoon-wan wonders what Park Min-kook is thinking.


Sabu gets up out of the wreckage. he finds his glasses. He puts on his glasses and sees a lot of people who need help. It is a disaster.

Sabu calls Doldam, Nurse Oh answers.

In the breakroom, In-soo asks Areum and EJ why they came back. They say that it made them mad that he was the only one that was so cool. We dragged ourselves back so you would  not stay alone.

In-soo smiles and tells them that here, most people do not go home if it rains or snows. Sabu started it and we are just following him.

So they ask, you are working overtime voluntarily?

Areum says she wants to go home more than having money. In-soo says, see. And nods to EJ.

EJ asks, isn’t it difficult? In-soo mentions that he has ben doing this for 3 years. Not living with my wife and kids. But sometimes it is better to take care of the patients.

Areum asks if they can order a night time meal? So they are about to order it but then the phone rings and they all get a beep.

Everyones beeper goes off.

They all take off running to the ER. Nurse Oh tells them that Sabu called them about the bus crash. Sabu was also in the bus.

Gi-tae asks, how is Sabu now? Injured???

Do-il holds the phone out on speaker phone to talk to them. He asks who is in the hospital. Do-il says everyone is. Sabu thanks them. they ask how it is over there.

he tells them, at least 12 patients that I can see. Eun-jae and Woo-jin, come to the scene right away.And remember the emergency kit. Eun-tak says he will prepare the kit. They run off.

Sabu goes up to the pregnant woman and checks her. He tells the team that they have a full term pregnant woman who is in critical condition. they need to prepare surgery.

Ho-joon says they do not have an OBGYN, how can we…

But they shut him up and start to call an OBGYN to come in. Nurse Oh tells her nurses to prepare a NICU for the baby. 

Sabu tells In-soo to control the ER, can you do it? He is nervous but he says he can do it.

Sabu tells them that he sees two more patients that are in critical condition. In-soo tells the team that they heard that, they will have more than 12 patients, including the pregnant patient so prepare the beds and saline. Lets do it!

They ask Kim Sabu if he is okay. he says he is okay, but he does not look like he is okay. He tells them, as soon as the ambulance comes, I will wrap this up and go to the hospital right away.

they tell him okay, see you at the hospital!

The ambulances start to hurry to the scene.

Meanwhile, Min-kook is trying to dive back, but there is traffic. he asks what happened. His driver looks out and tells him that it looks like a bus turned over.

Woo-jin starts to run to the bus due to tall the traffic. EJ gets out and starts to run there as well.

The ER starts to prepare in a hurry. They get the ER and the OR ready.

The EMS gets to the bus and starts to help everyone as they see them. They ask, who can move? if you can move then come this way, please!

Sabu is still with the pregnant woman and tells them that he needs a medical kit!

Min-kook walks to the scene and says thathe is chief of Doldam hospital. So the EMS guy tells him that they have another doctor here who is helping in the scene.

Min-kook gets a call from Ho-joon who tells him that Sabu was in the bus.

So Min-kook thinks back to another bus accident where Sabu was helping out.

Inside the bus, the pregnant woman comes to and asks Sabu to save her baby. he tells her that he will, dont’ speak, save your energy.

But the woman starts to fade. he tells her, wake up! Amummoni, wake up!

he looks around and sees that a couple of the people are actually under the bus. He calls Woojin to get here right away.

Woo-jin is still running to the scene and tells him that he will be there right away!

Sabu starts to give the pregnanty woman CPR, but his arms hurts too much to do it properly. Even so, he still tries his hardest and pushes through the pain.

Outside, Min-koo thinks, – I thought I ran away. Back then, I thought I completely ran away from that moment.

He starts to turn away. But then he sees Woo-jin running to the scene. Woo-jin tells Sabu that he is here and runs past Min-kook to the bus.

Eun-jae comes huffing and puffing up as well and goes to the bus.

VO – I was not out of that place at all. Not even one step.

The camera scans through the turmoil at Sabu giving CPR and Miin-koo frozen in fear and the EMS workers saving people.

Fade Out



How can a drama provide this many thrills! This show is so exciting that it doesn’t even matter that EJ would never exist as a surgeon in real life. If this show wasn’t as good as it is, then that issue would glare at me annoyingly, but the show is great so I am just pretending like it never happened or that somehow she just slipped through the system unnoticed. Tomorrows episode looks jam packed! See you there!


English Translation

VO – If we don’t take the baby out right now, then the mother and baby will both be in danger

VO – I got the message for a sexual violence victim

ET – Yoon Areum, are you there?

Man – Guess what I like.

ET – Areum!

MK – The heart will stop if the bus is lifted right now!

Sabu – They are still alive! 

Sabu – I will save them! Okay!

Oh – Kim sabu, are you okay?

MK – With your condition, you are performing surgery?

WJ – Doctor?

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