Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

We are finally all caught up with Dr. Romantic 2 and are back with same day recaps! We are going to try and get them as live as possible. We heard today’s episode was great, so lets get into it!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the past, Eun-jae washed her face outside after passing out. She is super embarrassed and says that the scene replays over and over again in her head with throwing up, passing out, and Woo-jin carrying her.

He is sitting with her and tells her to just forget about it. But she thinks that she cant, she showed the three worst things ever in the classroom. he says that he knows how to reset everything in her head. Like this.

he leans in very close to her mouth as if he will kiss her. But he doens’t. She asks what he is doing. He asks, did it work? She says no. So he gets up to leave. But then he leans in and kisses her anyway.

Her heart starts to beat hard. 

He asks, did your mind reset now? She calls him crazy and slaps him.

In the present, he kissed her in the surgery room. She asked what he was doing. He asks if she is asking because she does not know? Then he tells her not to be so serious, if we get serious then it is no fun.

Lets not be sad to each other for each others matters. It confuses me.

he walks out and takes a deep breath outside. Then looks back at the surgery room. 

Ho-joon looks on and huffs in disbelief.


Sabu goes to Moon-jung’s office and asks if he went to his room? Moon-jung says yes, I put the data you requested on your desk. Sabu asks if there was anything else. MJ says no. 

Then MJ’s phone starts to ring so Sabu chuckles and tells him that he can pick it up. He leaves.

MJ picks up the phone and asks this ajusshi if he found it out? Then he opens his email and starts to look at all the loans. It is like 20 thousand and 80 thousand.

While Sabu is walking away, he kind of thinks for a moment. Then he goes to open his door to his office. But his arms suddenly starts to act up and prevents him from opening it. 

Woo-jin sees him and asks if he is okay. Sabu feigns normalcy and opens the door with his other arm. But then sits on his couch and looks very worried as he holds his arm.

Meanwhile, MJ keeps looking at Woo-jin’s background.



The nurses all welcome new nurse interns from Kosung medical school. Everyone claps for them. The nurses will be here for one month. Oh Myung-sim introduces herself as the head nurse and tells them that they have a lot of trauma patients. Learn a lot and it will help you a lot in the future. Nurse Eum and Nurse Joo will take care of you.

Nurse Eum starts to walk them around in two teams.

Areum talks to Eun-tak about the new nurse interns. He says yes, they always come at this time of the year.

Nurse Joo gives the new nurses orders, but she is not that kind about it. She is pretty dry and tells them to basically stand in one spot and not bother the doctors. But Nurse Eum is very vibrant and happy.

Elsewhere, Woo-jin and Eun-jae move into Ho-joon’s room to share it with him. They carry all their boxes into the room. Ej wonders why seh is there? I am not a general surgeon, I am a cardiac surgeon.

HJ tells her that she said she will survive for as long as she can survive, so I am giving you the room. if you don’t like it then leave. She says she will stay there.

As soon as she sits, Ho-joon asks her to make a coffee for him. Woo-jin says that he will do it and gets up to leave.

So Ho-joon tells Eun-jae that the thing that Park does not like the most is when two doctors fall in love.




Areum sneaks around to try and give Eun-tak an orange juice. But Nurse Eum stops her to give her information about hospital things. So Areum asks her if she would like an organce juice?

Nurse Joo looks on and thinks that poor Nurse Eum does not know what is going on.


Gi-tae puts in his headphones and is feeling the music as he dances by himself. He is so into it, I love it. NUrse Oh walks in on him and quietly sits as he keeps dancing, not noticing her.

But then he does and his heart almost jumps out of his body. He tells her “Good Morning” in English so she asks if he is learning English. he says he is learning it on the long nights that he has nothing to do. So he signed up for an English Hagwon.

She asks about the chief director’s office. Cut to Gi-tae showing all the things that the chief director requested. Like the coffee maker and all those things. He also prepared a nice chair that he called his heart. He wants him to release his stress on this chair.

In the break room, Nurse Oh asks if he is being too nice or if he does not learn? Three years ago you were taken advantage off by another manager. Now you are doing it again.

Gi-tae tells her that this time it is different. First it was the chief surgeon. Now it is the chief director of the hospital.

Nurse Oh asks him if he wants to get promoted by the chief director? GT says it is not only for him, it is his plan for the entire hospital. She tells him whatever, I don’t care.

He explains that opposing is not the best way all the time. You can be ostracized.

She says that she will do things slowly at her pace instead of being an opportunist. She sighs and starts to walk off. But then the music kicks in and he walks to her.

He asks, who do you think did that 5% increase? I did it! Park Min-gu is in my hand now. Trust me! Then he answers the phone, yes, chief director, it is me. She sighs and mutters that people don’t change.

Everyone in the hospital gets a message.

EJ is with Ho-joon so she doesn’t want to check it. She tells him that her battery died so she puts it on her computer and starts to charge it. That allows her to check her phone secretly.

But ho-joon leaves so she is able to relax and sighs that she can’t breath in there.

Cut to all the doctors going to the weekly meeting. Do-il asks why Myung-sim is not going, didn’t you get the message? She checks her phone, she didn’t. So she says that she will find out.

She calls Gi-tae to find out but the other manager says that he is at the meeting. So she calls his cell phone, but he does not answer while in the meeting.

Everyone shows up at the meeting. Woo-jin gives the coffee he made him get to him while in the meeting. Which makes everyone’s eyes go wide. Woo-jin tells him he can pay him the 500 won later. 

Hye-jin asks, you made him get your coffee for you and didn’t pay him? The other doctors are all like, what is going on in the general surgery? I haven’t asked hubaes to grab coffee in a long time. You shouldnt’ be that way with a sunbae.

Ho-joon tries to pretend like he is not like that and chuckles nervously.

Park comes in gets the meeting started. Sabu is not there though so they wonder where he is. Woo-jin starts to think about Sabu’s arm.

They start the meeting anyway. Do-il says that the head nurse did not come. Park mentions that they will have the weekly meeting only with this group. The doctors are pretty against that, how can we have it without the head nurse?

Park mentions that whatever they need to know, the general manager will tell them. Nurse Oh calls Gi-tae again, but he does not pick up.

They ask why Eun-jae is not there. They tell them that she will get moved to a new hospital soon. The doctors are against it but they dont’ raise their voice.

Park tells them that they will make big changes from now on with running the hospital. First of all, they will reduce the trauma patients. In-soo tells him that their hospital focuses on trauma patients. 

Park says they will change to general surgery.

Hye-jin thinks that means they will not have any patients.

Min-kook tells them that his patients will come soon. he tells Ho-joon to make the schedule for patients without conflicts. When our system is settled< I will evaluate each department also so work hard.

Woo-jin looks at the empty seat and wonders about either Sabu or EJ.




Nurse Joo shows her two nurse inerns around and asks them if they know how to do an IV. The nurses tell her that they can try. But Joo tells them nevermind, you dont’ want to kill the patient.

The nurses are all sad and nervous. Areum asks Joo if the nurses are nervous?

Joo says that they should be nervous because it is the first day. Areum says that she was yelled at a lot when she was an intern. I didn’t know anything and no one taught me anything. it would have been nice to have a nice sunbae to teach me.

Joo tells her that she worked two nights of overnight shifts and I have patients. i do not have the energy to take care of them. I understand what you want to say, but just stop worrying about us, we will take care of ourself.

Areum looks over at the nurses who look so lost and afraid. The head nurse is also lost in her own mind.

Int he break room, In-soo tells Eun-jae that she is moving. Ho-joon said that. Ej thinks that sunbae is such a backstabber. He said he would say I could stay there but he changed his word so early.

In-soo asks why he hates her so much? Ej explains that it is a long story that needs a bottle of soju and dried fish. She asks what Sabu said. In-soo tells her that Sabu did not come to the meeting.

Cut to Woo-jin telling Eun-tak that Sabu did not come to the meeting. ET tries to call, WJ says he also tried to call but he did not pick up. He also asked what happened to his arm.

ET tells him that he was injured 3 years ago. Ever since then he feels uncomfortable when he has too many surgeries. In his mind, woo-jin wonders if it was his wrist? Because he saw him grabbing his arm.

So WJ goes to the computer and checks on Sabu. He had carpel tunnel syndrome that Bae Moon-jung diagnosed.

So Woo-jin goes to Moon-jung’s office to tell him what he saw.


Sabu is at a bus terminal. he squeezes his arm and sees that Nam Do-il is calling him. But he does not pick up.

Do-il tells Nurse Oh that he isn’t picking up, where is her? She leaves angrily and approaches Min-kook. She asks if it is because of this…and holds up some forms. Is that why you had a meeting without me? You are going to shrink the trauma center and eventually close it.

She throws the paperwork on the floor and asks where all the trauma patients will go. he tells her it is none of her business. So she asks, why not? We have 30 or 40 big and small trauma patients here everyday. Half of them have their life in danger. Do you want them to die on the street?

Min-kook asks, why would they die? There are trauma hospitals everywhere. Myung-sim tells him it can take up to 3 hours to get there with traffic.

Min-kook asks if she knows how much money they lost in the last 3 years. W could close in 3 months. You should be thankful to me to try and save the hospital. How dare you try to teach me with this sentimentality?

She asks, why don’t you close?

Gi-tae asks, why do you say that?

Nurse Oh continued and says that they are the last hope, but because it does not make money then we ignore them? Why are you even improving the system or whatever, why don’t you just close! As a doctor and a hospital, if money is more important than the patients, then that is the end! You should close!

She storms off.

Park also leaves looking slapped.

Hye-jin thinks that Nurse Oh’s power is big here, She does not have a superior, and in front of the chief director….

Do-il says that their hospital is like that. They don’t have a system but they respect each other.

She tells Do-il that his team is romantic without a plan. What is your plan.

Do-il tells her that the entire world talks money like crazy. This world sells everything for money. At least one place should not be like that. if not, then there is no reason to be here in Doldam hospital.

Gi-tae and Ho-joon runoff to open the door for Park. Gi-tae gets to it first. park then gets in and leaves. Then Gi-tae apologizes to Ho-joon and tells him that Nurse Oh loves the patients a lot.

Ho-joon asks if that means we don’t? You need to be careful what line you follow. If you are half there and half here then you won’t be an insider. be careful who you test out.

Inside, Eun-jae sees Woo-jin leaving the break room. She tells him that he should have heard that she is moving to another hospital. he asks if she really is? She tells him no, why should I? i will resist and stay here until I go to the main hospital. 

Woo-jin says, okay. Then leaves.

He goes into the break room and starts to look at the orthopedics book. She asks what he is doing. He ignores her. So she asks if he is really going to ignore her?

He says, what should I do? Would you like to continue what happened yesterday? She yells that his only classmate and friend is having a hard time from this bad sunbae. I was betrayed and almost got fired.

He asks why she is stuttering. She says, when did I? he tells her she is buffering too. So she starts to yell at him about worrying about his only friend and all that.

He tells her that he understands and keeps flipping through the book. Then he says that she means he is just a classmate friend so dont cross the line, right? I understand.

She asks why he is like this? I wanted to be cool about the mistake you had yesterday. 

he says it was not a mistake.

She tells him she did it just in case the mood became awkward.

he tells her he is not awkward.

She says, anyway, don’t you see that Ii am trying hard.

he tells her not to try hard. I understand what you are saying.

So she changes the subject and asks why he is looking up carpel tunnel syndrome. Does your wrist hurt.

He tells her it is not him.

She asks if it is a patient?

He sys it is not a patient.

So she asks who it is?

He tells her, it is Kim Sabu.

Ho-joon listens in.


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