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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 8 Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





All the doctors are in the Chief Directors office to talk about the transplant and the brain dead patient. Several other doctors are there as well. They are there because they need to confirm that she is brain dead and go through all the proper steps. So they all talk about the patient and give all her stats and the cause for brain injury and all the doctor jargon.

The Doldam doctors leave the meeting all sad and sulky about the EMS agent because they knew her. She is basically their work friend because they saw her come in and out a lot delivering patients.

Eun-jae comes up to them and informs them of an issue with the inmate. he has inflammations in a blood vessel. It is also difficult to find other places for the catheter due to inflammation from the tattoo. 

Sabu asks, so how are you going to give a transplant a person who is not even on the waiting list?

Eun-jae tells them, the brain dead EMS has the same blood type. Let me check the compatibility. If it is possible, then we have priority right?

Woo-jin and Eun-jae argue about this in the hallway because an only daughter died due to brain death. The mother needs a chance to mourn. Eun-jin says she understands that, but they need to give the organ to someone who needs it right now. What if we take too long and she dies? Then we won’t be able to donate any organs.

WJ asks if she only cares about the receiver?

EJ asks if WJ is like this because the patient has a life sentence for murder? WJ tells EJ that this organ donor is a person, not an object. She is a human being.

The mother sees this and asks what they are talking about? My daughters organ will go to whom?

Cut to the doctors getting word that the guardian does not want to donate an organ to anyone. So the organ doctors have to talk to Sabu about this. There are 6 people waiting. One of them is a father waiting for the sons wedding. This is the gift of new life to those people.

Sabu says he cannot and he wont. He does not want to push the family members. The new life of the recipient is also important. But the donor family is also important. We should not mix the order.

Eun-jin wonders if she is wrong again.

Elsewhere, the nurses ask Areum if she had a date with Eun-tak? Areum asys that they were supposed to have a date at the restaurant. Nurse Joo congratulates them. Areum says that she is not in that kind of relationship.

The nurse tells her they might not be yet, but I have not even started and it is game over for me. Sigh. 

So Areum asks Eun-tak if he told Nurse Joo that they were going to get a drink together. He says no. So Areum wonders how she knows? Nurse Eum also knows. What if everyone misunderstands.

Eun-tak asks, what is wrong with that? Areum tells them it should not happen, we haven’t done anything. He tells her, I thought we started. She tells him, wow…you are so straight.

He asks if she is uncomfortable with that? I can change my pace. She asks, wow….you will change your pace? You are so skillful. 

He tells her that he had a person he was soleda with. Until that person left, I never showed my emotions and it just ended. So I will never do that again.

She asks if he is confessing? She tells him, next time, I will not be late for the date. So you also don’t eat chicken with another person after making a date with me. He smirks and walks off. She gasps and covers her mouth.



Meanwhile, the inmate mom wants to see her son. She actually seems pretty well off. But they will not let her see her son until the proper meeting time. 

Eun-jae tells her that they will try and find a different vessel for her son, but it wont be easy. if they cannot perform dialysis on him then he might not have more than 3 days to live. She starts sobbing.

The EMS mother looks on but tries not to watch. She goes to look at her daughter who is still on life support. Woo-jin goes to her and gives her the donor cards back.

The mother asks, that young man with the life sentence was ostracized. The guys liver failed because of a smart medicine (traditional medicine thta made people smart). He had dialysis so his friends ostracized him.  He killed two of them after suffering so much.

Flashback to the mother telling herself that hse was bad for making so much money. I did not know my son underwent all of this. I just told him to study study study. It was all my fault. the other kids died because of me and my son is dying because of me. *sobs*

The EMS mother says that mothers are the same. When kids go wrong, they always think it is there fault…..the donation…lets do it. My daughters specialty is rescuing people with needs. In her last moment, maybe she wanted to save someone.

VO – For someone, their sadness is sending the life, for someone else, that is their hope. For someone, it is a hope to live.

Woojin tells Sabu that the organ transplant is granted. So Sabu tells them that they should take care of the donor and the donors mother until the last moment. They need to be polite and process it properly and with respect.

The donor ambulances show up to collect the donors.

Woo-jin removes oxygen from the patient and starts to give it manually. The EMS patient is wheeled through the lobby. Everyone stands in a line respectfully to see her all the way to the organ room. The EMS workers are at the end. They salute her as she is rolled by.

The doctors are all in the hallway as well and greet the patient and mother. The mother gives her daughter one last goodbye. Then she is wheeled in to the transplantation room.

The EMS workers comfort the mother and the surgeons say a word of prayer and then the organ harvest starts.

In the liver room, the inmate wants to tell the mother thank you and wants the nurse to tell her. The nurse tells him to tell her himself once he is all better.

They start to perform the surgery. All the organs are harvested and then driven away.



In the break room, Eun-jae gets word that the surgery is going well. Nurse Oh tells her. Nurse Oh asks if there is anything else? Eun-jae thinks that hes is the problem. Working hard is not the answer. Not affecting others is a good thing, but it fails. I thought I did my best, but I am not sure if it is the best for others.

Nurse Oh thinks that maybe she is feeding the answer to others. Dont think about other peoples right answers, what is your right answer? If you know your own answer, then life is easier.

Cut to a press conference where a lot of reporters are questioning Park Min-kook about the EMS worker who gave her organs to help others.

Sabu and Woo-jin talk in the hallway. Woo-jin says he does not know. Sabu smiles and says that he does not have to know everything. Then he pats him on the shoulder and walks off.

Eun-jae goes to the inmate and tells him that she did not do this for him, she did this because he was her patient. So become a good inmate and get out of jail on parole and serve your mother well. Be a good person like the EMS agent. Be a person who is helful to others. Okay?

It looks like the inmate is still unconscious while she is talking. She leaves. the jail person tells her that he will tell him what you said after he wakes up. EJ thanks him and walks out, she says that seh solved one thing.

Then she goes up to Ho-joon. She tells him that she is not leaving. I am ot going to look for another hospital. 

He asks why she is so confident?

She tells him that she is sorry to be confident. But I thought it over and over again and I feel like I do not deserve that. I worked hard and a knife even came to my throat. All I did was work hard. Why do I have to move to another hospital?

Are you resisting?

Sorry I am resisting. But I am resisting anyway so I will keep resisting. I do not even resist and go to another hospital then I will be shameful and angry my entire life and blame myself.

Are you under drugs? How dare you!

Yes! that is right! I am taking medicine. With this medicine, I am going to the surgery room okay. So do not mistreat me! I am refusing any of your threats. 

She walks off confidently then deflates like a balloon around he corner. But she says to herself that she has one more guy.

So she goes to Woojin who is in the surgery room. She asks him what he is doing there alone? He says he is unwiding after removing the organ. Eun-jae tells him that her father and brother are doctors. Her mother is a house wife. Her biggest happiness is talking to me on the phone.

WJ asks if she is bragging that she is from a doctor family? She says that she is one of the worst. Least smartest. WJ asks, is that why you wanted to be smartest all the time?

She tells him, actually, you bothered me from the first time I saw you. He says that she is the same. You also bothered me. She tells him that he was so cranky ever since school. You were arrogant and had to do everything your own way and bragged about it. And you think you are super handsome. You are a super a-hole. But…

He asks, what? You have a but…?

She tells him, well, it hurts me a little bit. It was the first time hearing that your parents died when you were young. After hearing that, it hurts me.

he kind of smiles. Then he tells her not to break her heart. 

She tells him she is serious. 

he tell sher not to be serious. When you are serious, you and me have no fun. So just forget about everything you heard.

She tells him that she already heard it so how can I forget it? He asks, do you want me to tell you a way? A reset?

He leans in and kisses her.

Fade Out


And we are all caught up! Also, none of my guesses are turing out right with this show, lol. Hopefully the gangster one pans out because I want to see those crying gangsters again!

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