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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 8 Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, we are all caught up with Dr. Romantic! This show is so strange and yet it works.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The police come in and take the mother away. She looks at her sleeping son and starts to cry as she is escorted out.

VO – Actually, I wanted to be a violinist. One day, my tutor told me I am not talented. So I should just play as a hobby. I cried for two days and gave up my dream.

The husband is wheeled out, he is dead.

VO – But, I am also not talented in this field as well. I should have known when I went to anatomy class. Back then, I should have run away.

Her phone beeps.

EJ – But I still have to go. *Sigh* Lets go Cha Eun-jae.

She walks back to work. Woo-jin is in the locker room as well and starts to get ready.

In the lobby, Ho-joon starts to say a lot of bad things to Min-kook about Sabu and how he should be punished because he is just a surgeon there! But then Sabu walking into the hallway and there is a western standoff. Sabu wins as they walk past him close to the wall. Sabu even leans over a bit causing o-joon to really lean into the wall. (Hahaha.)


The prisoner is brought in, he has been all over him. It looks like he might have gotten shanked in jail. He is a pretty young guy, maybe twenties. He is all tattooed up.

The officers remove his restraint and the doctors move him over to a hospital bed. Sabu comes in. This is last stage renal failure. Sabu asks how long he has undergone dialysis. The officer says his liver failed due to drugs. He has dialysis 3 times a week.

Sabu tells the team to get the OR ready and call Cha Eun-jae. Eun-jae is actually right there so she walks up and is filled in on everything. He also asks her how she feels. Are you okay? 

She tells him she is trying to be okay. He tells her it is not her fault, so forget about it quickly and if anything happens, call me quickly. She tells him, thank you for telling me like that.  Then she gets to work. Eun-tak is also going to the OR with her so he is going to miss his date with Areum.

Areum goes to the restaurant building, but the door is locked. Then she sees an ambulance driving up the road. Eun-tak texts her and explains the situation, but thinks he will not be too late.

In the Operating Room, they look at the inmates body that is all tatted up. But the tattoos are all inflamed. Eun-tak says that inmates get tattoos in jail even though it is against the rules.

This inflammation is preventing them from finding a good spot to put the needle. But they find on in the neck, so Eun-tak asks for him to turn his head. However the inmate doesn’t want to turn his head and asks who would give their kidney to a murderer like me?

Eun-tak says that he should at least survive now. So turn your head. The inmate turns his head.

In the ER, another patient is wheeled in. She is a 119 operator injury. She was rescuing a drunk person on the street and got hit a few times then all of a sudden passed out.

They take her to the hybrid room.



Areum is still waiting outside at the restaurant when a woman walks up to her. This woman looks confused.

In the hospital, they intubate the 119 worker, but her heart stops so Woo-jin starts to perform chest compressions. Her heart comes back after one cycle. Sabu tells them that they need to get a brain CT and chest CT. He checks her eyes and then stops and looks concerned. Both pupils are dialated.

They wheel her out. Sabu asks the EMS team if they contacted the guardian and also ask how she is. Sabu asks what happened? They tell him that tthe drunk person hit her head. We see a flashback of this incident. But she was wearing a helmet even though she was getting hit.

Sabu tells them that he thinks she has a problem with her brain, both of her pupils are dialated. The EMS workers all starts crying.

In the OR, the needle goes in and this dude on the table has a really good subtle reaction to the pain. They keep working.


Areum comes in to the lobby with the woman. She is the EMS workers mother. The other EMS workers try and tell her what is going on without alarming her.

But we cut to Sabu and see that the patient has a hemorrhage in her brain. She might have had previous trauma. Right now she does not have a stem sign and is not responding at all.

The mother comes in then so Sabu has to break the news to her. he tells her that they took a CT. Her brain has bleeding inside. The mother asks if she would survive surgery? Sabu tells her that they would need to see the progress, but as of right now, it will be difficult.

The mother asks, can you operate on her anyway? I heard stories that when you operate on patients, everyone survives. *tears* Can you operate on my daughter? Please?

Sabu reluctantly tells her, I am sorry. As of now, I cannot do anything. Sorry.

The mother sadly walks to her daughters side to talk to her tearfully.



In the hallway, Woojin sits and thinks about the case. Eun-jae comes up and asks him what happened. He tells her that one of the EMS workers came in with a brain injury. She is not responding at all. 

Eun-jin asks if she is brain dead? Woo-jin says yes, possibly. Eun-jin tells him about her inmate patient who seems like he does not want to live. She wonders why she is trying to hard to save his life.

Woo-jin tells her it is talented this way. You still see a patient after having a cut in your neck. That is a talent for doctors. Not the hand skills. She asks, is that true? Really? She starts to smile.

In his office, Sabu puts another cassette in the boom box. It is a soft melody. Then he sits at his desk an starts to look through Woo-jin’s story. He might have noticed that someone else riffled thorugh it, or maybe not.

Cut to Moon-jung waiting for EUn-jae. He asks her if she would like to buy a cup of meal? (Which is a joke because she said that to him before on accident).

After the surgery, Eun-tak runs to the tiny restaurant and sees everyone from Doldam there eating. Everyone except Areum, lol. they tell him to join them, but he excuses himself and calls Areum to see where she is.

She tells him that she is at the hospital. Someone asked her directions for the hospital and the door to the restaurant was locked so she took her there.

He tells her that everyone is having a drink right now at the restaurant. So she tells him to have a good time, we can drink another day. Then she hangs up.

Meanwhile, Eun-jae and Moon-jung went to a fancy restaurant to eat steak and drink wine. She says it is all good. But jokes that she only really knows the taste of soju. 

Moon-jung asks her if she is good friends with Woo-jin? She says she is not sure if they are close, but she knew him from school. Moon-jung asks if she knows how his parents died? It was in middle school but an unfortunate accident.

But Eun-jae didn’t know that.

In the hospital, Woo-jin checks on the inmate. 

VO – I noticed that he is not from a rich family.

Woo-jin sees the mother in the hallway.

VO – I kind of guessed that he had a backstory hiding under his temper.

He keeps looking at the mother. Then walks off.

VO – I didn’t think that he lived alone without a family.

He goes tot he break room and sees Areum eating chicken. She asks him if he would like to eat together?


All te other Doldam people eat happily. They joke about Gi-tae who took a phone call. So they think he must be dating someone. But he actually has to run off to a place quickly.

Meanwhile Eun-tak went back to the hospital with beer and ohjino and sees Areum eating chicken happily with Woo-jin. He does not go in.


Gi-tae goes to a meeting at a fancy restaurant with Park Min-kook and Ho-joon. He asks why they called him this late? Ho-joon dos all he talking and says that they think Doldam hospital is in big trouble because they are not following the principals and Kim Sabu makes all the decisions.

Gi-tae tells them that they need people because they have so many trauma patients. Ho-joon tells him that their chief director wants to make logical and a better system. To do that, it is better to grab the power right away. 

He mentions that they need to beat them to the punch.

Gi-tae relaxes himself at the table and then tells them, if you want a fast and strong first punch, then money is everything. Good deeds and righteousness is important. But everything depends on Money. Money. Money.

So that is why their salary increased, LOL! Min-kook gave them a 5% increase in salary and 5% increase in overtime. MS and DI did not like it because they thought the money would erase their old chiefs presence.


Ho-joon talks to Eun-jae in the hallway. He asks if she is looking for a hospital yet? She tells him that she is supposed to have one month. Is there a way?

He tells her that there is no way. He mentions that you cant give breaks to people he pities because then they will act badly again. The best answer is to cut the root.

She asks, what about until I go back to the main office? He chuckles and asks why she thinks she will go back to the main office? Then he walks off.

Woo-jin hears and asks what happened? she tells him it is nothing and asks about the loan sharks. He does not want to talk about it. She mentions, okay, if you dont want to then we don’t have too. We haven’t revealed our deep stories anyway.

You and I don’t know each other. We came here together with an accident. I thought we had a type of comradeship but I shouldn’t say that we are close friends right?

He asks what happened to her? She says that a lot happened since she came there. And I still have that problem.

he wants to know what it is.

She gets buzzed so she does not tell him and mentions that they can talk about it later.

She hurries off to her inmate patient. He has a fever. But he is not talking to her so Eun-jae has to try and figure out what is wrong on her own. He has  rash on his chest so she starts to tell the nurse what to do.

There is also a woman looking on in the hallway who looks concerned. Possibly his mother?

With the EMS worker, Woo-jin cas confirmed that this aptient is brain dead.

VO – The most helpless situation for a doctor is when we can’t do anything for the patient.

Sabu walks to her mother and tries to give her the bad news. The mother tells him, well, doctor, my daughter has this. She gives him the organ transplant information and asks for him to please take good care of it.

VO – In this helpless situation, he looks angry, not sad.

In the front area, Eun-jae asks about Sabu, he is not answering my texts. Eun-tak explains that he is with the brain dead patient. She tells him that the inmate patient has vasculitis which is inflamation in the blood vessel. Eun-tak asks if she took the catheter out? She asys no because today is the day. Kidney transplantation is the only option.

Eun-tak tells her that the brain dead EMS worker has the same blood type. 


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  1. October 30, 2020 / 3:39 pm

    does anyone know who the actor for the lifer is?

    • V
      November 1, 2020 / 10:32 am

      Oh, not sure. But check Asian Wiki’s page on Dr. Romantic 2! Sometimes they update with actors that cameoed or had small roles.

    • Mama's Boy
      June 13, 2023 / 1:41 pm

      His name is KANG YOO SEOK

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