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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the ER, the head nurse wants to dress Moon-jung’s lip injury as the two other doctors watch in support. They think he is super cool because he rescued Woo-jin. 

In-soo tells Areum that there are a lot of cool people for her. She says there are a lot of cool people in Doldam hospital, that is why I am so happy.

They look back at the huge thug and wonder why Woo-jin borrowed money from someone like that and not the bank? Moon-jung says that banks do not give an umbrella to someone getting wet. I don’t know the details, but maybe he really needed the money.

In the thugs area, he tells Sabu to call the police so I can get my money from Woo-jin and my injuries.

Sabu asks if he is going to sue? The thug says yes. So Sabu asks Eun-taek if he called the police? Eun-taek says yes. So Sabu tells him that this can be taken up with the police. 

You are the one that hit our doctor. He motions to Moon-jung who feigns a very hurt face. So Sabu tells the thug that he bothered their hospital business and illegally threatened someone and lent money and took off your clothing in a public space. And what is this worm on your arm?

The thug says it is a dragon. Sabu asks what the f? 

The thug and Sabu go back and forth about the situation. Sabu tells him that people like him are just leeches who just take blood from the poor.

The thug asks, who are you? Are you really a doctor?

Sabu tells him, I am a doctor when I fix the sick. When I treat thugs like you then I behave like a dog. I go back and forth. So when you are sick, come to the hospital. Don’t take off your clothing, you should feel shamed.

The thug leaves and calls his friend telling him that there is a crazy doctor there.

There is a voice over about the two doctors who have so much trouble in this hospital (mentioning Woo-jin and Eun-jae). How can this hospital run with these guys.

Cut away to see that Ho-joon is talking to Min-kook about this. He thinks they should change the fellows. But Min-kook thinks that Woo-jin’s skills are not bad.

Ho-joon reminds Min-kook that he is the one that fired him. Min-kook responds and says that he fired him before he saw his skills in surgery. that kind of surgeon is hard to find now. But we can take care of Eun-jae since she cannot even go into the surgery room.

Jo-joon and Hye-jin leave the office. Hye-jin asks if Jo-joon is nervous that Woo-jin will take over his place? Ho-joon says no because he is a big hubae to him. Hye-jin tells him that he can relax then, it seems that you are timid because you are checking him too much.


Sabu treats Woo-jin’s hand injury and asks how long this has been going on and how much he owes. Woo-jin says he does not want to talk about it. Sabu asks, is it because of your pride?

Woo-jin says it is because he is not use to talking about himself to anyone. So Sabu tells him that he can go back to work then. But he wants responsibility of what can happen today, so what can you do?

Woo-jin says he can be fired. Sabu asks, if you are fired, then what about my money? Did you forget that you have to pay me back for 10 months? You cannot leave the hospital until you pay me off.

Woo-jin asks, why are you so nice to me? Sabu tells him that he is always yelling at him so stop talking about nonsense and do your job. he leaves. Woo-jin looks at his hand tenderly and back at Sabu walking off.


Areum gazes at Sabu walking off and says he is so cool. The nurses look at her and remind her that she said Bae Moon-jung is so cool as well. You have a wide range of cool.

Areum tells them that her specialty is falling in love quickly and her hobby is one-sided love. One of the nurses says that she understands falling in love quickly, but how can a hobby be one-sided love?

Areum explains that she falls in love alone and loves that person alone and breaks up alone. So it makes sense. It is so cost effective because it does not cost any money and I do not get dumped.

The nurse actually thinks that makes a lot of sense. The other nurse asks who her hobby person is now? One of the doctors in the hospital? Areum says that she cannot say it right now. 

The nurse asks if it is because that person is in the emergency room right now? Eun-tak turns around and looks at them for a moment. then they start to go through all the other doctors.

They ask, is it Euntaek? he is cool. Think about it, maybe you and Eun-tak will have good chemistry. Let me ask him.

Then she turns and asks Eun-tak how he likes Doctor Yoon. Eun-tak tells them that they can work. He walks off. So they think he does not have any chemistry with her.

Areum strolls over to Euntak later and asks about the head nurse, is she okay? he says she is okay. then he asks why not him? it is your hobby anyway. It doesn’t cost money and you will not be dumped. But you said I am not one of them. Am I that bad?

He looks at her.

She smiles and tells him that she just said that because he would be in trouble since Nurse Eum and Joo were there.

He reminds her that no one is here now. She looks around and thinks … um…yeah, no one is here now.

So he walks up to her and asks, why don’t we have a beer after work?  She asks, tonight? he tells her 7pm at Ohdagada Bar (Come and Go Bar).

She smiles warmly and pleasantly as she look at him going back to work.

Meanwhile, Eun-tak shuts the CCTV computer and goes to apologize. But Gi-tae stops her and says that Sabu did not want her to. Sabu comes up and also tells her that she should not. What kind of apology would it be? You were on the abused person’s side and got injured.

Eun-jae thinks that this situation is bigger because of her. So he asks, do you think your apology will take care of the situation? Why are you wasting your efforts? Making yourself feel comfortable will cause bigger problems. Just feel uncomfortable! 

Eun-jae does not like that. He asks, so you will kneel down to make people uncomfortable or apologize to prevent trouble and ignore it because of the trouble and lose it because it is a dirty thing to fight. You will live a cheap life where you can suffer anything. Do you understand!

She thinks that is a jump of logic. So he tells her, fine, you can kneel if you want. Experiencing it is a nice medicine for you.

Gi-tae is listening and tells Eun-jae that Sabu is telling her this with love. What he says it rough, but it is the truth.

Sabu goes to his office to think about it.

Eun-jae goes to the husband and wife and apologizes. She tells them that she does not want to create trouble because of what she did. The husband asks, what the f this b?

VO – if I can treat the problem by yielding, then I believe that is right. I thought it would be cool to keep it quiet, but my emotion….why do I feel like this?

She clenches her fist.

In Min-kook’s office, he tells her that she did a good job and that she knows how to behave.

VO – he is complimenting me and telling me that I can behave but…

MK – I heard that you have trouble with nausea and performing surgery.

EJ – I am better now, I finished two surgeries well after having medicine.

MK – When are you going to get married?

EJ – Why are you asking me?

MK – I wonder when you will quit. Female doctors, only a few survive as a surgeon. With their good brain they get board certified but after suffering a few years at the hospital, they get married. When they are ready for work, then they get pregnant.

VO – Why do I feel so uncomfortable?

MK- Waisting a few years with kids, who will replace that? The rest of us should take care of the patient. So what about our complaints?

EJ – Well, I am…

MK – that is why I do not hire female doctors. And Female doctors who have nausea…

EJ – What are you talking about…

MK – You should understand.

She leaves. Ho-joon tells her to find another hospital. You made trouble so you should be responsible.

She explains that she apologized to them. HJ tells her that they are paying all their hospital bills. You caused trouble so you should be responsible for it.

VO – Now I understand.

She thinks back to what Sabu said about how she will deserve to be treated in any way.

HJ- You have one month, leave quietly.

VO – In that moment, my life became a person that can be treated in anyway.

Eun-jae walks back and sees the wife looking sorry. But she ignores her.

Areum looks at the clock and thinks about her date.

The head nurse goes outside and finds the old chiefs name plate.

Sabu listens to his boombox in his office.

GT – Eun-jae finally apologized but it seems as if something went wrong.

Eun-jae cries in the bathroom stall.


In the bathroom, Eun-jae keeps crying and checks her phone. Possibly to cal her mom. But she does not.

The abused wife looks at her bruised wrist and thinks. She stands and walks up the hallway. her sons mask is off so an alarm beeps. But it does not look like anyone notices.

In the ER, another family is being helped because the son has a fish bone stuck in his throat. But the mother tries to doctor them while they are doctoring. She tells them that she heard that they should not remove the fishbone. She saw it online. In-soo asks, so why did you come to the hospital then? So she tells him to proceed.

Right afterward, In-soo complains to Eun-tak about how people get so much wrong information online. Why don’t they just get treated online. But he happily sends the fish bone family off.

At the same time, Eun-tak gets a call about something that happened.

In the bathroom, Eun-tak washes her face and then hurries to the ER where Sabu and Nurse Eum are working on the little boy. His saturation decreased so Sabu has to ask for the right size tubing for the boy so that nothing will fall out.

Elsewhere, Eun-tak tells Myung-sim that they will have an end stage renal failure patient come in.

In the boys room, Sabu and Eun-jae talk about the patients treatment. He gives her a lot of orders and tells her to explain the kids situation to the guardian, okay? But Eun-jae is hesitant. 

Sabu asks, what is it? Is something bothering you? Eun-jae tells him no, she will do it.

Then Nurse Oh tells him that he has to go to the emergency area. Sabu asks why?

Cut to Gi-tae telling Min-kook that a prisoner is undergoing end stage renal failure and is coming into the hospital. But he has a life sentence due to murder.

Outside, we see the ambulance driving up the highway with a police car.

MJ asks Woo-jin to go together to the patient. Woo-jin thanks him for stopping him from hitting that thug. MJ tells him, if you get angry to those kinds of people then you lose. WJ asks if he knows that kind of person? WJ kind of shrugs that he knows a bit.

He goes to his office and sees a folder that talks about a family suicide case. So he reads it.

Meanwhile, Eun-jae goes to talk to the parents of the kid that she was in the incident with, but the mother is not there.

In the blobby, Do-il comes in and says that he heard that a life sentence prisoner is coming in and I had to arrive right now. Gi-tae tells him that because of that Sabu and Min-kook are fighting!

Cut to the ER where Min-kook tells everyone that they cannot accept that patient! Sabu tells him that they have enough beds and an emergency room available. But Min-kook thinks it is too much of a threat to the other patients.

Sabu asks his team what the vitals are for the patient. it is big bleeding in a last stage renal failure patient. So how can he be threatening for anyone?

MK tells him that he killed two people! You are saving a shark that is bleeding.

Elsewhere, Eun-jae looks in the stalls to see if the wife is there. Then she gets a shock inside one of the stalls.

In the ER, Sabu and Min-kook keep arguing over this patient.

In the hallway, a bloody foot drags itself forward leaving a trail of blood

Sabu and MK keep arguing. Sabu tells MK that he thinks he protect everyone and yet did nothing when a fellow was injured. MK says that was just an accident and EJ apologized. Sabu asks, what? it was just an accident?

But then a nurse sees the bloody man walking in. It is the husband. He is super bloody and holding his neck. he asks them all, save me….save me. he collapses.

In the bathroom, Eun-jae sees the mother crouched on the ground with flood all over her. She drops the box cutter.

In the ER, Sabu tries to save the life of the husband and tells MK to look at this! Family violence is not accidental! EJ tried to stop it, but you, as the chief director, tried to cover it up! If you called the police then this would never have happened! Principle? F-you. You are just worried about your name being tainted!

They get word that the prisoner is coming in. Sabu tells them to prepare for the patient and then tells MK, do you want to say something?

Min-kook says nothing.

Sabu turns back to the husband and tries to save his life along with Woo-jin.

The wife cries in the bathroom.

The ambulance drives to the front of the hospital.

The cassette starts to play another song.

Moon-jung continues reading the article about the loan shark and family suicide. he hangs his head and wonders, what should I do.

Fade out


This show does not take the foot off the accelerator for one minute! I have to be honest, I hated it when Eun-ja apologized. but actually, that situation might (I don’t know) ended up helping her in the end because she did everything that MK asked her to do and this incident still happened.

If she did not apologize then MK could say that it happened becuase she did not apologize. So his plan to completely cover it up by the doctor apologizing and not telling the cops super backfired on him! I mean woah!

And how Sabu gave it to him in the end – LOVE!

Now we need to see how this patient coming in affects everything. Could this be Woo-jin’s father? They said he killed two people so it makes me wonder….hmm.

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