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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Here is yesterday’s episode of Dr. Romantic 2! This show is starting to hit all my “w-h-a-a-a-a-t?” moments that I love. Like the crying gangsters. Hopefully they show up again because I kind of love them.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with Do Yoon-wan talking with Park Min-kook. DYW asks why MK is talking a difficult way. Min-kook explains that there are a lot of injury patients in the hospital. The people who work there are very proud of their work.

DYW wants to know what about it? Min-kook says that if you destroy Doldam hospital for the rich, there will be a lot of resistance on the inside and peoples interest in us will decline.

DWY thinks that it will be like that in the , but they will come to like it. Min-kook explains that this is why he failed three years ago. that is why you had to resign.

DYW thinks about that. He tells Min-kook that Boo Yong-joo is not that easy. Min-kook says that he knows. He feels how important Sabu’s presence is in Doldam hospital. So, I will show them the truth.


Min-kook tells Yoon-wan that he will explain how self righteous and dangerous but meaningless Kim Sabu is.

VO – They trap righteous principals into a frame.

Min-kook continues and says, they will show how un realistic and uneconomic his principles are. 

VO – This strange world were people even evaluate the common principals for their game.

In Doldam, the Chief’s office is being packed up.

VO – Those people who think power is their right and argue that their game is righteous.

DYW asks if Min-kook thinks they can bulldoze the hospital if we do that?

VO – They even set aside courtesy to other humans.

Min-kook tells DYW that the truth has power. I am right, I will prove that I am right and that he is wrong.

VO – This world became the world of believers who believe they are right when they crush the other side.


Areum asks Eun-tak if he knew that the chief director quit? he says he did not know. They are both walking up the hallway. She asks if they still have to keep it quiet in this situation?

He tells her that is the promise, right? She tells him that the director just left a letter and left. The head nurse is hurt because of that. So it has no meaning to hide it in this situation. We should tell the truth, right? That is better.

Oh Myung-sim comes out of the break room that they are talking right by and asks what they are talking about? What did you just say?

Cut to Min-kook walking through the chiefs office in slow motion as all the chiefs things are being packed up.

In the hallway, Eun-tak must have told the head nurse what he knows about the chief. her face is fallen.

In the ER, Eun-je is rushed in on a table with blood  drenching her clothing from her neck. The towel is soaked through. Woo-jin starts to leave but she clutches his arm and he thinks about her clothing his arm in medical school when he raced her to the nurse.



Nurse Oh sits by herself in the trees by Doldam. Sabu sits with her. She asks, so he is in last stage lung cancer? How long have you known? Sabu says only for one month. His coughing bothered me so I checked it.

She asks, is that why he took his vacation all of a sudden? Sabu tells her not to take it so harshly. Everyone has their way that they die. He just wants to let it happen quietly.

She tells him, yes, people have their way. But when I hear that it is director Yeo…*tears*…it feels so sudden and strange to me. She wipes her tears then turns to him and asks, tell me your plan Kim Sabu, for doctor Min-kook.


Min-kook walks his team through the room with Gi-taek. They comment on how the room is big  but outdated. Gi-taek tells Min-kook that the former chief was a simple person and used all the previous chiefs things.

Ho-joon starts to tell him all the things he should bring because he knows everything about him. he mentions a coffee machine to bring. Gi-taek tells them to tell him everything and he will prepare it all.

He also tells them that it is his honor that they have a great person as the director, hahaha. But then he gets a call about Eun-jae being injured!



In-soo tells Sabu all that happened to Eun-jae. But it is okay because they missed the main artery by 2mm. So Woo-jin is sewing it back up.

Cut to Eun-jae laying on the bed while Woo-jin sews up her neck. Woo-jin thinks she was stupid to interfere with that. She says that the mother was getting hit so she had to step in. it was in the hospital after all.

They keep bickering about that while he gives her stitches. Sabu come in and tells her, you should not have gotten injured! Then he checks to see how she is.

Woo-jin tells him that no major vessel was injured. She tells him that it was a little scratch. Sabu says a little scratch does not require 7 stitches. When the pain killers go away, it will hurt. So prescribe her medication.

Gi-tae comes in and is relieved to see that the situation is okay. then they go outside and whisper. Eun-jae wonders what they are whispering about.


Sabu goes to the chiefs office and sees that Min-kook is listening to what happened with the incident with Eun-jae. The husband is there. Sabu tells him that he should go to the police station first.

Gi-tae explains that the husband said that it is not his fault. That female doctor touched me first. I was just looking at my son all night. She came and yelled at me and pushed me. She was crazy.

My son is here, why would I do anything against her? She is a doctor. Sabu asks him why he is pretending to be weak when he uses violence against his wife? No one should raise their voice or use violence in the emergency room. That is the rule. If you violate that rule then you are out.

The man says he is not educated, his son was going to die so he was worried. Sabu asks the wife if she agrees with what her husband says? She is too scared to respond.

Hye-jin tells them that they should look at the CCTV, isn’t there CCTV here? Gi-tae mentions that they have one…but. Min-kook asks if they can check it.

When they look at the CCTV, they see that Eun-jae did actually grab the husband first. So it is a problem. 


Eun-jae runs around the ER telling everyone that she got 7 stitches, just 7. Where you surprised because of me?

Later on, she says the same thing to all the other doctors in the break area. In-soo mentions that their job is so bad. People yell at us and hit us and sue us and now they attack us with box cutters. But we can’t discriminate with patients.

Eun-jae says it is not the ajummas fault, it is the husbands fault. In-soo asks Eunjae if she is the mother teresa of Doldam Hospital. YOu should not protect the accuser. 

Eun-jae mentions that she is not protecting them, she is protecting herself. You should say that this was an unfortunate event. Not that it could have been a big injury. How can I accept patients anymore because I am scared. Right?

They both look at her. She tells them that she was just joking, I am fine. I am really okay. She hops up and walks off.

Areum asks In-soo, she is really not okay right?

Eun-jae goes to the coffee machine and thinks about her injury. Woo-jin goes up as well and tells her to go home early, stop pretending like you are strong.

She tell him, if I don’t pretend like Ii am strong, then do you think we can survive here? Just as you do not want to show your weakness, I also do not want to show my weakness. if I say, it is difficult, then people will say, I am weak. If Ii say, I am scared, then people will say, it is because you are a woman. If I am not cool, then I have an inferiority complex.

Woo-jin asks who would say that in this situation? People who say that are strange!

She also tells him, when I ask you things, I am mattering in your business, when you ask me things, it is because you are worried. he rubs his neck uncomfortable.

She asks what the line is between meddling and worrying. He tells her to shut up and is about to leave. She says to take your coffee, he says he pressed the wrong button, you take it.

So she takes the coffee and checks her phone. It looks like something important might be on it.


Woo-jin heads back to the ER but the thugs are waiting for him in the lobby. A fight is about to start as the thug takes off his jacket.

Upstairs somewhere, Eun-taek apologizes to the head nurse. he tell sher that he is sorry he did not tel her about Director Yeo. She explains that he should not be sorry to her, you just kept your promise to the chief. 

He says he did not expect their chief director to leave like that. She says he is always tidy and clean for everything. Eun-tak asks her if she is okay. She says that she should be okay. That is the last homework that the director gave us. As Doldam hospital, as you guys.

She then asks how Eun-jae is after her injury. He tells her that it was not a deep injury, the new director is investigating what happened. The nurse mentions that as soon as he came there he was so eager to do things. is there anything else? Eun-tak says nothing particular.


Suddenly everyone runs to the waiting area and see the huge thug with his shirt off and stretching for everyone to see. They ask him why he is there. The thug says that Woo-jin borrow money from him.

Head nurse tells him to leave! You should ot be here! The thug mutters that he is so scared. I will take my pants off.

He takes his pants off and starts yelling that he is not getting paid because of Woo-jin. I cannot eat!!!! It is so h-a-a-a-a-a-rd! The nurse yells to call the police.

Woo-jin tells the thug to leave. The thug asks if he is embarrassed because he took out a loan? Just pay the rest of the money. I am not going anywhere until you give me money or a promise.

He makes himself comfortable on a pew and lays down.


Eun-jae looks at the CCTV with Gi-tae and the annoying Ho-joon. Ho-joon shows her that it was actually her fault. Eun-jae tells him that the husband used violence against the wife.

But there is no evidence of that so Ho-joon postures that she does not have any evidence and what they say is different. They say that the wife tried to protect the husband because you used violence against the husband.

Eun-jae explains that it was the opposite. He asks to prove it. She tells him, why do I have to prove it to you? This has nothing to do with you. This is Doldam’s hospital problem.

He tells her that it is his problem now because Park Min-koo is the chief director of the hospital. SO that means that I have to stay here automatically. Gi-tae says that is true unfortunately.

Ho-joon tells her to think carefully about whose line she wants to be on. 


Min-kook tells Sabu to keep this quiet and have Eun-jae apologize. We can pay for all the hospital bills as well. Sabu tells him that the doctor got injured in the hospital and you want to keep it quiet. What are you talking about?

Min-kook thinks that it will be disadvantageous for Eun-jae if this gets noisy. Sabu asks what he is talking about? Min-kook tells him that he will not have any good results treating uneducated people like that. And it will ruin our image. For our hospital and for Eun-jae, we should keep it quiet.

Sabu asks, what if I say no? Min-kook tells him, it is easy. You can quit.

Flashback to Sabu’s conversation with the head nurse in the trees. She asked what he will do with Min-kook. Sabu told her that whatever happens, they will make us choose one or the other. Your job or your pride.

Min-kook and DYW told Sabu the same thing on different occasion about choosing. So it will be one or the other. We either persuade them or Doldam closes.


Gi-tae sneaks away to take a call from Sabu. He tells her that Eun-jae is in the room with Ho-joon. He is pushing her a lot. Sabu says that he will be there, do not apologize or anything. Just let them wait.

But he walks through the lobby and sees the disturbance with the thug. Woo-jin starts to push him and kind of hit him but Moon-jung stops him and tells him not to kill the dog after stepping on poop.

So the thug asks him if he is calling him poop? Moon-jung tells him yes. So the thug punches Moon-jung and a huge brawl starts with all the doctors and nurses fighting this thug.

Sabu looks on with a heavy sigh.


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