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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Eun-jae looks at the medicine that Sabu gave her while sitting in the hallway. Moon-jung comes out so she stands up quickly to talk to him happily. He mentions that he has an ax patient to help so they talk about how they have no time to do anything inthis country hospital.

MJ tells her that he came here to enjoy his hobbies. Since he is so busy, he becamse very simple and doesn’t really think about much. He also asks her if she has any side effects from the medicine? She says no, but she is super hungry.

He asks, if she has time, would you like to get a meal or drinks?

She thinks back to their medical school days where she stoped MJ to ask him about questions about bones. Would you like to talk over a meal? He asks, is it a meal or is it drinks? She doesn’t know. He tells her, let me know when you decide.

In the present, he says the same thing, when you decide, let me know.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin keeps working. he goes to the recovery room and eses that the suicide patient is awake. 

Elsewhere, Eunjae leaves her patient and runs into all-ll-l-l-l of the gangsters. they looks so intimidating. But theya ll bow their thanks to her. Th enurses all start to laugh.

The gangster tells her that the nurses told them that you saved our —— *sobs* ——. She says that she just stopped the emergency bleeding.

The gangster says that they will serve her as their savior. To us, you are #2 in Doldam hospital after Kim Sabu. if you need any help, don’t hesitate to call us.

He gives her a thumbs up and tries not to cry again. Then everyone bows once again and they motion for her to pleasantly go about her day. She hurries off.

But she sees  Woo-jin looking that the suicide patient and gets a bad feeling. Woo-jin goes into the room and tells the patient that he is doing better. He asks why he is still alive? Woo-jin tells him that he wants him to suffer, if you die like this then you don’t know what you did. A family suicide? F-you. You are a murderer.

Don’t make an excuse about having a hard life and being depressed. You are just weak and bad. Understand? The man starts to cry. Woo-jin tell shim to blame himself forever, pay for what you did. Only then is it fair.

He leaves. Eun-jae asks if he would like to eat something? Everyone is eating. He tells her no, he doesn’ care to eat. Then he storms off.


A song starts to play as Woojin checks the other patients. he looks at the daughter and tells her that it is okay. it should be okay.

Outside the hospital, the thugs after Woojin wonder why he is not leaving the hospital today. Should we drag him out?

Inside, Gi-tae tells Sabu that he does not know what the chief is thinking. Sabu asks who knows about the letter? Gi-tae tells him only the two of them and manager Lee who found it.

Sabu tells him, today, don’t tell anyone. Everyone should be tired. We can talk about it tomorrow. Don’t tell the head nurse as well. If she knows about it then she will be the saddest of all.

Cut to Nurse Oh who is looking at all the team members happily eating and laughing in the break room. She happily looks at them. Do-il comes up to her and says that youth is good. I would be so knocked out. She asks him if they should as well. He says yes, I will prepare it and they two of them happily walk off.


Woo-jin runs along the street for exercise. The thugs follow in their car.

Eun-jae drives her car to the gas station, but there is no one there so she has to go to town. She leaves and accidentally stop the thugs from hitting Woo-jin while driving. They both wonder what this car is doing, but Woo-jin sees that it is the thugs car. The car races off.


Inside Doldam, word is spreading about how they might have a new chief director.

Nurse Oh goes into the chiefs office and puts vitamins on the desk for him, but notices that the office is empty. She looks around and sees instructions on how to care of his plan.

So she runs downstairs to talk to Gi-tae. he internally groans as he stands and pretends like nothing is wrong. She asks what happened to the chief? Where is he? Gi-tae feigns ignorance. 

She runs off to Sabu’s offie and tells him that she found this note about instructions for the plant and he cleaned up everything. Do you know anything!

Sabu shows her the hat and the letter. She reads it immediately.

Sabu tells her that maybe it was easy for him to leave like this.

Chief – Goodbye everyone. Like Doldan hospital…

The nurse starts to tear up and calls him. Sabu tells her that he won’t pick up the phone. I called a few times.

The nurse yells, it shouldn’t be like this! She tears up as she tells Sabu that they should not send him off like this! How can he do that without telling us goodbye, just one letter! Her lip quivers. 

Do-il bursts in as well and asks what happened to the chief director! Nurse Oh hurries out.


In the surgeon area, Eun-jae wants to ask Woo-jin what is going on and tells him that she saw him with those guys that night. Cut to a flashback of that night. It was her overhearing them in the shadows. 

Woo-jin looks to the side, he’s found out. Ej asks if those people are loansharks? Call the police! It is all illegal to come to work and visit people at night. Call the police, they will not haunt you anymore. Do you want me to do it? Threatening someone is violence, it should not be allowed under any circumstances.

He asks her if she likes him? If not then don’t matter in my business, I can take care o my own situation. He shoulders his way out and goes to the locker room. But he gets a call from the thugs and throws his phone in the locker.

Meanwhile, Nurse Oh and Do-il talk about the situation with the chief director. She is uneasy about it. Do-il tells her that he made the decision, he probably had a good reason for it.

Nurse Oh asks if Sabu knew it? Do-il thinks that if he did not know about it, he would not be that calm right now. He would run and hit Do Yoon-wan or something. The chief and Sabu never disappointed you or made any unreasonable decision. When the time comes, they will tell us the reason they made this decision, we should wait until then.


In his office, Do Yoon-wan asks Min-kook if he found a way to fire Boo Yong-joo (Sabu). Min-kook tells him, maybe. YW says that is not a definite answer.

MK says that there are not that many ways to win against him at Doldam hospital. But I can make the thing that he thinks is important into something pitiful. YW asks how?

Cut to Doldam where Gi-tae is getting word about something going onright now. They run outside and see a lot of men carrying boxes and boxes of packed items out of the chiefs office. The team sees this and thinks tha the rumor might be right.

Areum and Eun-tak walk and talk about this. Areum wonders if they should still keep the lung thing secret then? The head nurse is angry about the chief leaving. Do we have to hide it? We should tell the truth.

Of course, the nurse and Do-il overhear this and ask what they are talking about.


Eun-jae is in the bathroom when she hears someone crying. She opens the bathroom door and sees the foreign mother crouching with a bloody nose and bruises.

She she runs out tot he husband and tells him to stand up. You hit your wife. He tells her to go do her job. She tells him that violence is bad, especially against someone weaker than you!

So he hits her on the arm. She is all like, you are hitting me now? The nurse calls someone while the husband is about to wile out on everyone. But the wife grabs a box cutter and holds it to the husband.

Woo-jin comes out right then as the mom is about to cut the husband but Eun-jae steps in the way and gets sliced right across the neck. This is bad.

Its one of those perfect cuts where you don’t even see it until it starts to bleed. So the blood starts to slowly drip out until it pours. She puts her hand to her neck to hold it and Woo-jin holds her.


Sabu joins the chief fishing along a peaceful lake. Sabu givs him his medicine and tells him to to skip it. Yeo asks how the new chief is?

Sabu tells him that they said a proper hi yesterday.

Then we cut to Min-kook walking with his complete group up the hallway in Doldam. He greets them as the new official director of Doldam hospital and tells them that he learned a lot last week with how bad this situation is at this hospital.

He is moved with how hard the team works in bad situations. From now on, I promise to you one thing, as the chief, to treat you better. First, you will have a 5% increase in salary and a 5% increase in overtime.

Gi-tae asks, all of us?

Min-kook tells him, when he got the offer as director, that was the first deal. It has already been approved and will be applied today. A lot of the members clap. But the main team looks on suspiciously.

MK assures them that he will work hard for them and make it a profitable hospital. Lets work hard. 

The teams clap again, but the main team looks worried.

Sabu VO – he is a smart person.

Chief VO – Yes, I also thought that, he looks like a careful man of conviction.

MK walks intothe chief office and starts to make himself at home. He sits in the desk and looks at his name plate.

Chief – he might be more difficult than Do Yoon-wan. Do you think you will be okay?

Sabu – I should deal with it.

Chief – Well, you are the one that wants to have a difficult fight.

They both laugh and then look out at the lake.

Fade Out


Okay, this show is hilarious. The crying gangsters took the cake this episode. Hopefully they help out Woo-jin to get those tiny thugs off his back! I have a feeling Eun-jae might use them for that.

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