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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

We are one week behind due to deadlines we have to finish up on for the 31st! I’m happy dramaland threw me a bone by not having any episodes this weekend. Here is last weeks Dr. Romantic 2! An episode was aired today as well, though we might not get to that until tomorrow.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The ambulance, police, and gangsters cars race up the highway to get to hospital. A person is shot in the gut inside the ambulance, it looks like he is a police officer.

They get to Doldam with the two gunshot victims. One of them is an officer and the other is a gangster. So many gangsters run inside as well and the hospital erupts into action. It is crazy!

One of the nurses grumbles, Ah, these ajushi’s are here again. She quickly gets on the phone to tells someme to come to the emergency room right away.

Min-Kook looks on in amazement at what is happening. he calls someone and tells them, where are you at? Come to my room, right now! Then he walks with determination to his office.


In-soo checks the patient with the stomach wound, he has blood all over his wrappings. They cut it off and the wounds starts bubbling like a volcano.

All hands are on deck, it is craziness.

But Sabu is in a peaceful surgery right now. He gives an order Woo-jin to finish up because the patient is stable. Then he starts to head out. This surgery room is so quiet y’all. Who would think it is craziness downstairs.

In the ER, the gangster is being worked on by Eun-jae as the gangsters watch. But of course the gangsters have no idea what she is doing and wonder why she punctured the gangsters chest.

The huge warrior looking nurse comes in and tells the gangsters to please step outside or you will hinder the treatment process. The gangsters look at him like, wha-a-a-a. You are a bear, okay. Then they all leave.

One of the officers asks about his rookie. he is very concerned about him. But the gangster overhears and says that they should help their gangster first! So the two argue and start pulling. 

But Sabu yells in the back and the seas part as everyone turns to look at him. The officer tearfully tells Sabu that his rookie has a bullet wound. The gangster says that his boss has a stab wound in the chest.

Sabu says, again? Why do you use dangerous things when you fight! Just use your fist! I am so busy over here already. it is the businest Friday night!

The gangster says that the other guys started it first! Then the pulling and pushing starts again. Sabut ells them to stop! Or I will remove you all. He walks out, highly annoyed. Gi-tae tells everyone to listen to Sabu and calm down. The gangsters, go to the lobby waiting area. Police, go to the emergency room waiting area.

They don’t listen to him so Gi-tae calls, KIM SABU-U-U. And everyone turns and grumbles to the different waiting areas.


Sabu checks on the bullet wound person first. There is no exit wound so the bullet is still in there somewhere. The vitals also start to fall. Sabu tells them to call surgery room #1 and check how long they will be there.

Park Min-koo also grabs his team and tells them to follow him to the ER.

Then a woman runs in with a toddler asking about her husband. She is the wife of the rookie officer. The sunbae tells her that he is okay, though he is pretty far from being okay.

In the ER, Sabu gets ready for emergency surgery but Min-kook comes in and tells them to stop. Do we need to perform surgery on him? He had a major organ injury so he is terminal. The stab wound guy needs the surgery more.

Sabu looks at Min-kook disgusted and then looks at the wife and child outside. The nurse comes in and tells him 15 minutes. So Sabu does not listen to Min-kook and starts to prep the bullet patient.

He also tells them to open up the stab wound patient and staple the lungs closed. Min-kook thinks he is crazy to ask Eun-jae to do that. She can’t even operate!

Sabu ignores him and quietly gives Eun-jae more orders for what to do. Min-kook yells that if he does that then they will lose them both. 

Sabu tells him, someone told me that as soon as you give up, you look for excuses. As soon as you think you can do it, you find a way. 

If you worry that much, why don’t you perform the operation on this patient? You are a liver and gut specialist. So show your specialty, don’t look for excuses to run away.

Then Sabu calls Eun-jae “runner” and asks if she can do it? She says yes, so Sabu tells her okay and heads out. The other doctors dont do any work again and leave.

Ho-joon goes up to her and tells her that if anything goes wrong to the patient, it is all your fault, okay?

In-soo asks her if hse is really doing it? She tells the ER team to prepare for the sedation, I will be back. Then she walks out. The gangsters look at her.


Woo-jin finishes up surgery and is about to wipe his brow. Nurse Oh stops him and then dabs his forehead for him and pleasantly tells him that he shouldn’t make that kind of mistake after finishing up the surgery well. They all head out.

In the locker room, Eun-jae takes the pills Sabu gave her and heads out. But the gangster comes up to her and says that if anything happens to my boss, then you will die. He shows her the knife in her jacket. 

She takes a deep breath and looks at the gangsters, then tells them to move out of her way. They step aside and she heads back to the ER.

She tells them to put down the blinds and looks at the patients. In-soo asks her if she can really do it? She tells him that Sabu gave her an order! he asks if she is afraid of Min-kook? 

She tells him that she is, but Sabu is my boss here so his order is most important. In-soo reminds her that this guy is a gangster boss! If anything goes wrong then this is like a bridge over troubled waters!

Eun-jae looks at the gangster who is glaring at her from the door. The nurse closes the blinds on him.

Eun-jae preps the patient and prepares to open him in the ER which is not done. So they make the area as sanitary as possible and she cuts into him. She also has to cut into his rib cage with a saw. This is insane. 

Everyone outside can hear the saw and grow nervous.

Inside, Eun-jae has revealed the heart. She tells them that it will bleed a lot, stay ready. She starts to work on the heart, blood squirts everywhere. She looks and looks for something. 

Then she find it! She staples the cut closed.

Then she calls Sabu in surgery to tell him that there was a cut in the right ventricle, she stapled it. Sabu tells her to move the patient to operation room 1.

Sabu’s team asks if this is too much for Eun-jae? Shouldn’t you go? Sabu does not respond and continues working on his patient.


Downstairs, Eun-jae runs the patient up to the operating room. In-soo tells Areum that he might die with stress instead of overwork. Areum tells him that he can rest, I will take care of the rest.

But then ANOTHER gangster gets wheeled in with an injured leg and an ax in his back!

Inside the operating room, Sabu keeps working on the bullet patient. Min-kook watches from the door and thinks about what Sabu told him about helping the patient, not finding excuses.

In the room, Sabu finds the bullet and starts working on the liver.

Outside, Min-kook gets a call. It is from Sabu inside the surgery room who asks if he will just watch them all day long? Fulfill your duty. there is a patient that needs help.

Min-kook walks off. The team say that he left, so what should we do? They start to talk about the team that is in the other operating room. Woo-jin thinks that he can handle the liver. But Do-il tells him that he needs more experience.

Sabu says that is why he told Min-kook to help. Woo-jin says that he can do it! But then Min-kook comes in fully scrubbed in. Sabu turns to him and says, save him. Then Min-kook gets to work. Sabu leaves.

Outside the room, Ho-joon asks Young-kyu if Dr. Park is actually in the surgery room? He shouldnt’ be! Without letting me know? Young-kyu tells him that Woo-jin is supporting him.

Inside surgery, Min-kook and Woo-jin work together to save the patient and work on the liver. They say a lot of medical jargon as they work. Min-kook tells him, you are not bad.

Ho-joon tries to scrub in, but it is too late.


The ax guy is being checked. The ax is just at the bone in the shoulder, but it is not in the lung or anything. They also have to check his leg. In-soo asks, do we have to operate here?

Moon-jung say that they should operate in the operating room. But It is all full. The patient is not critical so they think they can wait.

The gangster tells them to just take it out, this is not the first time I hve had an ax in my back. I don’t have time for this. Take it out or I will got o another hospital. But if the ax comes out on the way, then you might be in danger to bleed to death. If you want to leave, then go ahead.

In-soo tells him, as soon as we get the operating room we can take it out, you can rest now. He tries to help the gangster lay on his side and the gangster turns into a little baby as he tells him to be careful!


In the waiting area, the main gangster looks pretty touched when he sees the baby of the officer crying over her father.

Upstairs, Sabu tells Eun-jae that he is pretty impressed with her stapling skills on the heart. She happily brags about herself. He sighs and tells her to give him the suture.

In the recovery area, the little poisoned boy and the poisoned teenager are still there sleeping as their loved ones look on.

Meanwhile, Gi-tae gets the chiefs hat and a note delivered to him. He asks what it is, the man says he found it in the lobby. Gi-tae looks at the note, his eyes immediately go wide and he hops up to run somewhere.

In the operating room, Sabu continues to work. Nurse Oh and Do-il have finished their patient and look on at Sabu, the overworked surgeon. They have concern for him and also think that Min-kook should not be the chief. they think their director Yeo is still capable. And even if he retires. Sabu should be the chief after him.

Sabu heads out from his surgery and sees Min-kook sitting in an empty surgery room. He goes in and asks how the surgery went. Min-kook tells him that the patient is in the critical care until.

Min-kook asks if he always juggled like this? You make reckless decisions like that?

Sabu tells him that this is a place like that. We have a lot of unplanned surgeries and have to risk it. Min-kook asks how many people died here? Sabu tells him he has saved a lot more people.

Min-koo tells him that he is a lot more dangerous than he thought. Sabu reminds Min-kook that he told him that you cannot operate on patients with classical music here. Don’t be stubborn and go back now.

Min-kook tells him that after today, I see what this hospital really needs. I have to correct the system that does not have a good manual to follow. To do that, Dr. Boo Young-joo, I have to control your crazy behavior.

Sabu tells him, Its Kim Sabu. Everyone calls me Kim Sabu. Then he leaves.

Min-kook leaves and is immediately surrounded by the family with thanks for saving their husband and father and friend. Sabu looks on and starts to whistle as he walks around the corner.


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