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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

We finally saw how capable Eun-jae is under stress in the ER! She is amazing! So it appears that she is best at dosage and chemical control and everything not related to cutting someone open, which would probably make her a better Internal Medicine doctor? I don’t know, but at least we see that she is not all book talk and grimaces.

We are in catchup mode with Dr. Romantic 2, so we will try and finish up both yesterday’s episodes today and today’s episode today and tomorrow!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Sabu leaves his office at night and hears the commotion downstairs with Woojin and the loansharks. The loansharks ask him if he is hiding there? This was so difficult to find.

Woojin tells them to go outside to talk. They tell him that he cannot run away. Woojin shows the bag of money and tells them that they can go outside and talk.

Sabu comes walking up just as they go outside.

They pass by Eun-jae as she is buying thigns from a grocery store. But she does not see them.

Meanwhile, Park Min-kook and Do Yoon-wan talk in Yoon-wan’s office. Park Min-kook tells YW that he was not careful this time and did not think things through. YW says that he did not know that Parks team would make that kind of mistake. Don’t worry about it too much, this is just the opening match.

Park does not know what he is talking about. So YW opens a screen that shows the plans for their newest hospital that they will start next year. Min-kook thinks that it looks like a luxury resort. 

YW says that is the point. We have a lake and a golf course. IT is spa health care. It has shopping and a casino nearby. it provides everything, that is the point.

Park Min-kook does not understand. Yoon-wan tell shim that sick people and injured people are not money anymore. The people who can spend a lot of money on their health and to maintain their youth are where it’s at. We need a hospital for those people. That will be the future of the Geodae foundation.



Woo-jin gives the loan-sharks $10,000. They tell him that it will take him forever to pay off 70,000. He asks, why 70,000? I owe you 40,000. They tell him that he should have thought about the interest. 

Woojin tells him that the money he already gave them was over twice the principal amount. The short thug tells him not to try too hard to pay it off, just do what we tell you one time and all the 70,000 will be paid off. This is the best cost effectiveness.

VO – In this world, all the human relationships are evaluated by cost-effectiveness and profit.

Yoon-wan tells Min-Kook that this is what the world needs. Our medical gain is low and we have too much competition. People even sue for broken ribs doing CPR. Duty and responsibility became an unlogical sacrifice.

In this world, people yell at doctors all the time. Why should doctors have the responsibility and duty. It is unfair. Don’t you think so?

VO – This world became a place were people even calculate for public duty and good deeds.

Park Min-Kook asks, so what do you want to say?

Do Yoon-wan tells him that the world does not respect us, so we have to find out own way to survive. We have keep or dignity and value.

The loan sharks ask Woo-jin what his choice is.

Do Yoon-wan also asks Park Min-koo what his choice is.

The loan sharks ask, will you pay it off and once or not?

Do Yoon-wan asks Park Min-koo, will you be with me?

Sabu overhears all that the loan sharks said, he walks away.



The chief comes in to the hospital and greets everyone. Everyone tells him good morning happily. He also greets Areum who is still embarrassed to see him, but she tells him good morning and watches him go upstairs. it appears that she also thinks about the chiefs lung issue as she watches him.

Later on, Young-mi tells Areum that Eun-tak used to like a nurse that used to work there. She left one year ago. Areum asks, so what? Nurse Joo tells her that she thought she should know.

But then Gi-tae gets a call that says the chief is fired because he always loses money for the hospital and does not meet their recommendations. The chief director sees the announcement as well.

Gi-tae talks to the head nurse, Nurse Oh about it.

They go to Kim Sabu’s room to talk. Ho-joon is still around and overhears them.

In Sabu’s office, Sabu asks why the chief director is fired? how do you know? Gi-tae tells him tha tthe HR guy from the main office called me. The board meeting decided it last week. 

Nurse Oh says Do Yoon-wan is touching our chief director now. G-tae thinks the most nonsense thing is – the new chief director is Park Min-kook. THey are both all like, whaaa!

In the hallway, Jo-joon listens in and is surprised. he goes to tell their team. Hyejin is pretty interested int he news as she eats her ramen and wonders what is going on. is that a promotion or demotion?

Ho-joon doesn’t know, maybe it is about the minister thing? But he is still the chief director so it is not like it is a demotion.

Young-kyu asks if they have to stay there longer now?

In Sabu’s office, Nurse Oh thinks that is nonsense, I will not follow this. Gi-tae says that they have to follow this. The chief is chosen by the board, that is why Yoon-wan was fired 3 years ago.

Nurse Oh exclaims that they are not comparable! Yoon-wan did everything the way he wanted from the main branch. Our chief director Yeo went to a county hospital that no one cares about and made it all the way here. We were almost bankrupt and now we are like a real hospital. But now they are changing him! What!

Unless they are crazy, how can they decide that! Gi-tae tells her to calm down (because she is wiling out). He says it is just a rumor. Nurse Oh tells him that she cannot except it! We need to go on strike! We need to tell him our opinion!

Gi-tae thinks that will make the chief uncomfortable and put him in a difficult position.

Sabu tells them, well, I will see the chief director. Nurse Oh asks if he is going to protect him? Sabu heads out without saying anything more.



Eun-jae checks on her patient who had the rib injury. he looks okay. Then she goes to the desk and asks Woo-jin what he is doing on the weekend. he asks why. She says, just curious.

So he asks why hse is so curious about his weekend? She tells him it is her first weekend there, she does not know anyone and there is nowhere to go.  Doctor Bae Moon-jung tells them that they will not have any time to hang out.

Eun-jae asks, why not? He tells them it is because today is Friday.

In another part of the hospital, In-soo stretched. Areum asks, why are you stretching? He tells her it is because it is Friday.

The phones start to go off, In-soo mutters, it is starting.

Moo-jung gets a beep, he tells them, it is starting.

They all run off to see a ton of foreigners who all have cuts all over them. They all appear to be Russian performers for the casino that were in a small bus that rolled when a deer hopped in front of it.

Eun-jae asks, but I thought this was a country hospital? Moon-jung says they have a big major highway nearby and 4 local highways and a casino within 30 minutes. The casino has 50,000 customers every weekend.

Eun-jae and Woojin look amazed. Eun-jae tries to talk to ne of the Russian men but then a father runs in with a sick kid so they have to rush him to the ER are. It is pandemonium.

In another area, one of the Russian women performers is getting glass taken out of her face while she tries to sit still. She would really rather smoke a cigarette though and even tries to.

In another area, another Russian performer has his neck in a brace and is trying to hobble himself away as he says, I am okay! The doctors think that he should be in a lot of pain with a hip fracture. But then they look at his arm and see that he is a druggie.

The doctors have a talk about it alone but turn around when the Russian male performer falls and busts his nose open as he tries to crawl away.


Sabu sits with the chief and tells him not to worry about the board, what you choose is what is the most important thing. If needed, then I will go meet Do Yoon-wan.

The chief tells him not to make noise, I will be gone anyway. That is why I came back. The two men drink tea and think.

Meanwhile. Gi-tae and Nurse Oh wait on their conversation to end. Nurse Oh tinks their conversation is going long. Gi-tae tells her that it is not an easy thing to discuss. He tells her to go to work andhe will call her.

Cut to the ER where the Russian dude is biting into a doctors are like its a drumstick and pushes them all away. he starts crawling away again. The nurse takes one look at this and asks what is happening. They explaint hat this guy is under the influence of drugs.

So Nurse Ha calls in Nurse Ku, their sumo wrestler looking nurse, who lifts the Russian up and takes him back to the bed.

The get anotehr call for suspected drug abuse case. Two new druggies are coming in. There is a young woman that is unconscious. The mother was found first. They could not contact the father. The house aws locked so she broke in to the house with the police. The kids were unconscious and they found bottles of drugs.

The father was found in the garden after jumping off the roof. THe nurse asks if this was a family suicide case? The EM person says that they think so. He shows them the drugs they found. One of the kids has already died one is still alive.

Woo-jin has a flashback to his life. It appears that this is what happened to him and his family. he sees himself on the bed and he sees a woman running in crying to his bed.

Nurse Ha yells at Woo-jin to help out. But Wo-jin is super out of it. She says the father who jumped off the roof will come soon. Woo-jin is sweating.



The Russian’s driver tells the police that the deer jumped right in front of their car. then we see Park Min-kook walking in.

Sabu sees him and tells him that he heard a rumor that Park was coming to their hospital. Min-kook tells him that word spreads fast. I just got the offer, I haven’t decided yet.

Sabu tells him that they are thankful for him to come to this countryside. But I don’t know if it is okay for you. Even if it looks like this, it is a trauma center. many of the patients are injured during construction and factory and drunk people and thugs. Do you think you can be responsible?

Min-kook asks if he is threatening him. Sabu asks, are you threatened, Dr. Park? I am busy, excuse me. he goes into the ER to help out.

Gi-tae walks up and tells Min-kook that today is Friday. We do not have enough equipment and people. But we have so many people every Friday. A regular person with regular stamina will not survive. Do you really think you can take it (these are all quotes from Sky Castle, lol). 


Sabu asks what happened with the young woman and the family suicide. Nurse Ha fills him in. She is a 15 year old girl, the father tried to commit suicide with his two kids. The medicine is a CCB ( calcium-channel blocker).

They start to talk about the course of treatment as Sabu checks her vital signs. He thinks she should have a high dose insulin therapy.

Nurse Ha asks him if he saw the chief director. Sabu tells her that they can talk about it later.

The father comes in and the mother runs to him and tells him that he is not a human being! How can you kill our kids! But this man is barely there. He fell off the 5h floor onto a tree, he has stomach pain.

The mother yells for them to let him die! he wanted to die! Save my daughter first! they have to take her out. Sabu looks at Woo-jin. Nurse Ha tells him that Woo-jin has been like that for awhile. Woo-jin is sjust staring off with teary bloodshot eyes.

Eun-jae comes in and says there was a 5 year old boy who drank all the ibuprofen in one day. He is unconscious. Sabu tells Woojin to take care of the suicide patient. I will be back.

Sabu goes to help the 5 year old. The problem is that the boy had a fever so the mother gave him ibuprofienn ever hour all day long. The wife is a foreigner and the husband is Korean. 

Sabu explains that dosage is important for a 5 year old. His intestines are already not normal due to high temperature. With the drug, the liver and kidney can be affected. Also, there could be internal bleeding.

The husband asks, did this stupid woman kill my son? Eun-jae tells him his kid is not dead yet. But the husband starts to hit his wife so Eun-jae tries to stop himand get hit herself so Sabu has to try and restrain him. They call for Mr. Ko again who comes in and drags the father out. He also bans him from the room.

Sabu checks Eun-jae, she says she is fine. Then Eun-jae asks if the mother is okay, she collapses with tears. Then the nurse tells Sabu that he should come.


Cut to Woo-jin staring at the father who jumped from the rooftop. Eun-tak asks Woo-jin if he is going to help? Woo-jin starts to poke around the father causing him all sorts of pain.

Eun-tak tries to get him to stop. Then Woo-jin pulls a cart to the side so that the father can look at his kid who is unconscious in the bed next to him.

In-soo asks him what he is doing! Woo-jin tells them that he cannot treat him. Sabu asks, why not, you are going to just let him die? Woo-jin says he wanted to die anyway.

Sabu asks, what did you just say?

Cut to the father flatlining. In-soo starts CPR and Eun-tak helps. Sabu and Woo-jin stare at each other. Sabu yells something and then goes to the patient.

Woo-jin thinks about when he was a kid calling the police to save him. he leaves the room. Eun-jae sees him and asks where he is going?

Woo-jin goes to the hallway and has a mini breakdown as he thinks about his past. He saw his mother being worked on in the hospital and getting CPR and all that.

In the ER the mans pulse comes back. But in Woo-jin’s memory, his mother dies. He relives all of this in a hallway somewhere int he hospital.

And to make matters worse. the thug is there as well. The thug asks him what his answer is? Decide now. I am not asking you to kill someone. Woo-jin asks, what if I follow your order and I cannot practice medicine anymore? Would you be responsible for it?

The thug tells him to take that much risk. It is only one job. Then you are excused for everything. Tonight okay? 10pm. Eun-jae calls his name so Woo-jin walks away. Eun-jae follows him and asks who that person is?

Woo-jin tells her it is none of her business. She asks how he knows him? Woojin asks why she is curious about it? Ej tells him he looks like a thug. WJ asks to just leave him alone.

EJ tells him not to run away like that, we are so busy! They argue over that for minute. WJ asks why she is worrying about Doldam hospital? She says it  is not about that! He asks if she is going to make up for not going to surgery? She says, yes, at least I need to do this much since I cannot go to surgery. But I can’t do it and you don’t do it.

He looks up at her. She asks, which is worst as a doctor? Then she leaves.


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