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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 5 Live Recap – Part 1

This is part 2 of our recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Eun-jae walks around the corner, irate. She is so upset and cursing at Woo-jin. But then she sees the abusive husband and wife in the waiting area.

In the ER, Sabu looks at the charts of the little overdose boy and the suicide father. The Russian drug guy is in danger of amputation if they do  not work on his leg right now. that is not good for someone so young. So we are in a hurry.

Do-il thinks they need to care for the people who are most urgent. For the fracture person, the worst case is that his leg will be amputated but he will not die. 

So it is between the little boy and the suicide father.

Sabu tells the doctors what to do and then tells Moon-jung and the nurses that he will do a double surgery. He will be the surgeon on both at the same time. Let’s move the patients.

Ho-joon looks around at the situation and then tells Min-kook that Sabu is going to operate on both patients at the same time. Min-kook looks like he is a bit amazed.

In the waiting area, Eun-jae looks at the wife who looks like she has so many bruises under her clothing. He keeps yelling at his wife. Eun-jae tells him to stop unless he wants to be kept out of the hospital. 

Eun-jae asks the wrestling looking nurse to look after the couple just as the father threatens to kill the mother if anything happens to his kid.

Eun-tak talks to Woo-jin in the back about how its his duty to see patients no matter who they are. Woo-jin asks him if he is teaching him something? Eun-tak says no, he wants to make him ashamed, that is why he is telling him this.


Int he prep area, Sabu is looking over documents to get ready for surgery when Eun-jae comes in. He asks her if she has ever worked on connecting vessels? You should do the bypass surgery.

She asks, you said I can’t go to the surgery room? He shows her some medicine and says it is medicine to get rid of your nausea. I made it, so it should not have much side effects or sleepiness. Ii wanted to give you more time, but this is an emergency. As soon as you are ready, come to the emergency room.

He heads out and gives Moon-jung a look. Eun-jae looks at the pills.

In a separate area, Woo-jin thinks about his past and a woman crying, sitting next to his bed saying that he should die, it would be easier that way. How can you survive all alone. *tears* Little Woo-jin heard it all.

In the locker room, Eun-jae thinks about taking the medicine.

In the surgery prep area, Nurse Joo tells the anesthesiologist and head nurse that the other anesthesiologist is not available. So Nurse Oh goes to see Hye-jin to help with the surgery.

Hye-jin asks why she is asking her this request. Nurse Oh tells her that they have two emergency surgeries and the spare anesthesiologist is off. SO please help us.

Hye-jin says no, I can’t. I do not want to be responsible for those emergency surgeries and I do not belong here. Sorry, I am not an altruistic doctor. Also, I did not come here to help anyone. Do not ask these things to someone you do not know well, it is uncomfortable. She walks off.

Ho-joon sees her and tells her that Dr. Park is looking for her.

In the surgery room, Nurse Oh apologizes and says that they cannot operate on both. They need to decide who to operate on. Sabu thinks.

In the locker room, Eun-jae takes the pills. 

In the surgery room, the team says that they cannot wait any longer.

But then the other surgery team comes in with Min-kook. Min-kook tells them that Sim told him that they need an anesthesiologist. Let’s see the patient first. Sim goes in.

Sabu says, I heard that you do not believe in good deeds without reward. Min-kook says it is not a good deed, it is duty.

Cut to the chief telling Dr. park that this is not an easy place. There are a lot of difficult cases, more than you would think. It is life or death constantly and here there is no time for pride and ego.

Min-koo asks him if he is giving him advice. The chief tells him, if you are not truthful, then you will not be able to survive here. Min-kook tells him that he does not care, what he is actually interested in is Kim Sabu, bot Doldam hospital, because I have met a person that I want to compete with.

The chief asks him, do you think you can deal with Kim Sabu (Sky Castle quote). Min-kook thinks about it.

Gi-taek also asks Min-kook, can you deal with it?

Yoon-wan also tells Min-kook, Boo Young-joo is more difficult to deal with than Doldam hospital.

Sabu looks at Min-kook and asks, can you deal with it?

In the present, Min-kook tells Sabu, I will try to deal with it. Sabu chuckles and tells Min-kook. Just leave, don’t be unnecessarily courageous. I don’t know what Do Yoon-wan suggested to you, but that is all dog chewing that you can’t eat. Don’t charge for it.

Min-kook takes a call just then, it is with Do Yoon-wan. He tells him that he will take the position as chief of Doldam. Everyone looks at him, stunned. Sabu is just as stunned as everyone.

Do Yoon-wan is amazingly happy as he looks at his new hospital plan.

Eun-jae takes off running up the hallway to surgery.


In the surgery prep area, the team talks about what just happened and they also need to call Woojin and Eun-jae. But Sabu says it is better not to push them, we can do it alone.

But then Eun-jae bursts in to the surgery prep area and says she can do it! So the teams all start to focus on what is right in front of them for now. They scrub in to handle the two patients.

Woo-jin comes in right then too. He says he is not there to save the person in the surgery room. Because he still does not want to take care of him. But someone told me that it is worse when a doctor does not treat the patient, not that they can’t treat the patient. it is a shameful thing. So to pay for the money you lent me, I need to work anyway. that is why I am here.

Sabu tells him that is right, you need to work so stop the bleeding and don’t let him die. It looks like he is putting him on the patient who jumped off the roof.


In the surgery room, Eun-jae is with Moon-jung during the surgery. He asks if she is okay? She says that she took the medicine. He tells her that this medicine is okay, I also experienced the same thing.

Sabu comes in and Eun-jae gets nervous. Moon-jung tells her to relax, everything will be okay.

In the other surgery area, they start the surgery on the suicide patient.

(Okay, it looks like the two emergency surgeries are the hip fracture guy and the suicide guy, no the overdose kid???)

The surgeries start with Sabu bouncing between the rooms.

Eun-jae thinks about throwing up during surgery, but she soldiers through.

The chief sits in the dark

A Russian musician plays the ukulele as another one dances in the emergency room. Everyone watches.

The bad father nods off in the waiting area

A woman starts to sing as we see the bad father nodding off in the waiting area. Areum looks after his son and the other people are recovering int heir beds.

A ajumma cleans the lobby.

The chief starts to pack up his desk.

The lady singing reachers the peak of her song.

The ER is peaceful once again.

In the ER area, Areum asks Nurse Joo why she talked to her about Eun-tak? Nurse Joo tells her that she is so obvious in her interest in Eun-tak. Areum asks when she showed interest? 

Nurse Joo tells her that she saw them talking by themselves. Areum says that is not it! It was just something about what I heard in his lung~. In-soo asks, what did you hear in his lungs?

Areum tells them both it is nothing! Just forget what I said!



The surgeries continue. But then they get word that they have an emergency case, there is a gunshot patient! Everyone is all like, what? Gunshot???? 

In-soo is on the call, the gangsters where fighting in the casino and the police shot one of them. 

Chief – There is a beginning and an end.

The chief heads out of his office.

Chief – It is not so bad leaving like this.

The chief goes downstairs in slow motion.

Chief – You know, he last ten years in Doldam hospital for a person without a family. I was really thankful, it was a precious time for me.

In the surgery, the leg person looks okay. Now they need to put the gunshot patient in surgery. Sabu tells Moon-jung to close and tells Eung-jae, you did a good job.

She nods her thank you’s and tries not to tear up too much.

Chief – After passing this long river called life. We can stay a little bit but there is not moment we can stop. So don’t be too sad about it.

Later on, Eun-jae tells her mother that she did not pick up her phone because she was in surgery. I am happy, the surgery went so well. I am so happy. I did it.

Moon-jung looks on and smiles, then gives her privacy.

Eun-jae tells her mother that it was a big compliment because the surgery was difficult. She is all teary and sniffling.

Chief – The empty place will be filled with new water. That is a natural cycle.

Woo-jin finished up his surgery on the suicide person. Sabu looks on.

Chief – I want to say a proper farewell to everyone and hold their hands. But, I am just leaving in case I cannot leave.

The chief sits in the lobby area of the hospital for a moment and then heads out. Min-kook sees him right as he is leaving and asks, are you leaving?

Chief – Yes, I should, goodbye. Oh, do you know that it is Friday.

Cut to outside where they show tons of police and ambulances come in with all the gangsters running in after them. Real gangsters this time, not loan shark gangsters.

The hospital is overrun with gangsters.

Min-koo starts to back away and looks like ahead ache is brewing. The old chief looks on pleasantly with a smile.

The gangsters burst into the emergency rom looking for whoever they are looking for. 

Areum looks out the door at the chief smiling and heading out.

Min-kook goes into the emergency room looking spooked.

The chief walks out.

Chief – Goodbye everyone, stay as you are. Like Doldam hospital, like yourself.

The camera scrolls to his hat that he left in the lobby.

Fade Out


Okay, who thinks these real gangsters are going to beat up the fake thug loan shark gangsters for messing with Woojin because Woojin saved their comrade from a gunshot wound? I hope that happens!

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  1. Anonymous
    January 22, 2020 / 7:39 am

    I like this show. It is full of entertaining.
    I was touched when Eun Ja completed the surgery.
    I wonder, what’s wrong with Friday? I didn’t watch season 1, the lead romance is not Ahn hyeo soep. Does the story line in this show related to season 1?

    • Anonymous
      January 24, 2020 / 12:12 am

      I think Fridays are generally busy days at hospital ERs. The story lines are not that connected between the two seasons. You CAN watch season 2 without much knowledge of Season 1

    • Binnie Bear
      January 26, 2020 / 2:06 am

      You definitely should watch the season 1 cuz it’s brilliant, the male lead is yoo yeon seok and goddamn he’s hawt, you deff should watch lol

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