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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 for our live recap for Dr. Romantic 2

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The son yells that he will sue them all and walks out. 

Gi-tae tells the head nurse and Do-il the news. MS cannot beleive that he will sue them just because they did not take a CT! Do-il does not think that they will because the patient is doing well now. And witohut evidence, they cannot say it is malpractice.

Gi-tae tells them that they recorded the second surgery. They all look on with wide eyes.

In a hallway flashback, the head of the guards says that the second surgery did not go wrong. They recorded it so there should be evidence. Gi-tae overheard this.

In the offices, Gi-tae wonders why they are hiding this recording from them. Nothing was wrong with the first surgery.

Gi-tae tells her, don’t you know, if there is one little nuance, everything can be changed. MS asks, so why! Why did Woo-jin have to do that?

Gi-tae says, maybe…~.

But then Woo-jin comes in so they all stop talking. he tells something from the fridge and looks at them for a moment then walks to the door. They all look so guilty.

So he stops and asks if the three of them need to tell him something?


In the locker room, Eun-jae still thinks that Woo-jin is a bad guy. But then she overhears someone saying that they downloaded the surgery file. When she peeks around the corner she sees a nurse give the file to Ho-joon. 

Eun-jae answers her phone and starts to walk toward them. But Ho-joon closes his door and says that he has to talk to her.


Do-il, Myung-sim, and Gi-tae sit with Woo-jin and ask him what he told Min-kook during surgery?

Woo-jin tells them that Dr. Park asked him about the surgery so he answered it. They ask if he said anything disadvantageous for us?

Woojin asks why they are asking him that? Myung-sim tells him that the ministers son will sue Kim Sabu for medical malpractice. They will use the second surgery recordings as evidence.

Why didn’t you tell us that they recorded the surgery? Woojin says that they didn’t ask him. Gi-tae tells him that he should not say this like it is someone elses problem. Our hospital is dependent on this. Did they – give you an offer?

Myung-sim shushes Gi-tae. But Woo-jin asks him what he means? Gi-tae tells him, you know, just say something back for Kim Sabu.

Woo-jin asks him if he wants to know if he took money? Do-il tells him not to misunderstand it, he did not mean it like that.

Gi-tae asks, did you take money?

Myung-sim tells Gi-tae to stop and then says this is so uncomfortable.

Woo-jin chuckles and tells them, here or there, it is all the same. Then he leaves. Myung-sim and Do-il are both annoyed by GI-tae. But Gi-tae says that as soon as Woo-jin came to the hospital, all he talked about was money. Can’t I ask him that?

Do-il is basically like, no.

MS runs after Woo-jin. But then Sabu walks up the hallway. Woojin tells Sabu, if you wonder about this so much then you should have asked me if I recieved anything from them.

Sabu asks what he is talking about?

Woojin tells him that he told him to say everything that happened. Where you testing me? You just put me there and test me to see what I should do with Min-kook? You told me to find my own answer!

Sabu looks at Woojin who is almost teary. Woojin tells him, what the f? Then he walks off.

Sabu looks at MS and asks, um, what is going on? MS bites her lip.

Woo-jin goes back to the resting room and sees Eun-jae in there. Eun-jae thinks about what Ho-joon told him. If she keeps quiet then he will make sure that she goes back to the main branch.

Eun-jae is about to tell Woo-jin something but he ignores her so she leaves. Woojin also gets a text from the loan sharks who tell him to give him the money or they will really kill him.




Eun-jae gets buzzed to the lobby and asks In-soo what’s up. In-soo looks at the nurse and says, I told you to call Moonjung.

HJ asys that she did, but~.

Cut to Moon-jung who is in his office working.

In-soo tells her, oh, okay. Well, the patient is over here. He shows everything to Eun-jae about the CT. She sees that it is a segmental fracture. then the patient’s vitals start to drop quickly.

Eun-jae hops to attention and talks to the patient alertly. They say to call Kim Sabu. In-soo tells them that they need to intubate. But Eun-jae tells them to wait and asks if they have the face mask intubate. Lets do it.

They get to work. She says that most likely the rib cage is pushing the lung so it wont create negative pressue. They say all sorts of other medical terms.

She uses her mouth to take of the syringe (no no no) and then injects it into the patient. She does a good job and stabalizes him right away, Ten she explains everything to the team as to why she did what she did.

His saturation is normal now so he is all better. Eun-tak turns to the curtain and sees Sabu. He was watching the entire time.

He talks to her afterwards and asks her how she knows it was a flail chest. She says that she saw it at the main branch once before. It was a traffic accident.

He tells her she was pretty fast to take care of it after only seeing it once. She tells him that she learns fast. but then she realizes that maybe she misspoke and says that she wasn’t bragging.

He asks her if she is in the emergency ER a lot?

She asks how he knows? When I moonlight I am in the ER a lot because there are a lot of heart attack patients at night. Time is critical and I am good at CPR. I have advanced cardiac life support license.

He asks, didn’t you run away from the emergency room? When you see blood?

She says that she does everything if it is not in the surgery room. She is okay with it all.

he tells her okay, you may be excused.

She starts to leave. he tells her that the patient will take more than a week to remove the ventilator. Follow him, he is your first patient.

She says, you told me to quit being a doctor. He looks at her, if I tell you to quit, are you going to quit? She says no so he tells her to go. Eun-taek tells her that if they move the patient to a regular hospital bed, he will give her a call.

She says okay and walks off. Eun-taek tells Sabu that he should compliment her, she really did a good job.

Sabu says, why should I? She knows that she knows that she did a good job.

While walking away happily, Eun-jae overhears Gi-tae and Do-il talking. They say that they should do something, they should not just let them sue us. But what is Seo Woo-jin is really on both sides?

Do-il says that Sabu sent him to the surgery room, that means that he trusts him a little bit. 

Eun-jae remembers what Woo-jin said about not wanting to go there. But she accused him of being an opportunist.

Gi-tae leaves the office and sees Eun-jae. 

Meanwhile, Myung-sim goes to the surgery offices and gives Woo-jin his drink that he left. She also apologizes for what happened before. I should not have done this without evidence.

Woojin tells him that it could be true. He might do anything for money. MS says that if he was really that kind of person, he would have followed he money, not the answer. You said that you are looking for the answer.


In the ER, Eun-tak asks what happened with Areum? Nurse Eum tells him that it is all about the chief director. She thought he was a regular patient and gave him a diagnosis. 

Eun-tak is surprised, she diagnosed the director? Nurse Eum tells him that she measured his body temperature and checked his heart and lungs and gave him a completel work up.

Areum leaves and is about to knock on the directors door. Eun-tak stops her and asks wha she is about to do. She tells him that she wants to tell the director something. he asks what.

She says, um, well I heard a noise in his lungs. Eun-tak says that he should tell him first.

Cut to inside the office where the director is meeting with Sabu pleasantly. He tells him that the news was so noisy so he could not relax. I also heard that the ministers son will sue you.

Sabu is not concerned and says they the surgery went well so let’s avoid it well. The director also mentions that he heard that Do Yoon-wan came back. He says that those people without much self esteem have a high ego. You hurt his pride so of course.

Sabu asks him, what about your pain, how is it? The director asks him if he would like to play baduk? So they both chuckle and play it.

Outside, Areum asks Eun-tak if she should ignore this? Eun-tak says yes. Just ignore it. She asks how she can do that? I heard the sound in his lungs. Does he already know?

Eun-tak tells her that he already knows. She asks abotu the hospital people. He tells her that only Dr. Kim and he knows. Not even the head nurse knows.

She understands and says that he wants her to be quiet. She tells him okay, I will.

But Nurse Joo Young-mi over hears it.




Woo-jin checks on patients in the ER. Eun-jae sneaks around and notices everything. Hye-jin notices her.

Eun-jae tries to overhear the conversation between Min-kook and the son who tells him that he is suing the hospital. he heard he has a recording of the surgery and that this footage had the confession of the doctor. A reporter said it.

Eun-jae remembers the conversation between a person and Ho-joon about the recording. He told her to erase everything in her cell phone. So Eun-jae asks the nurse for a black usb. 

She sees the nurse that has it, but it is not a nurse, it is Hye-jin. So she asks if she can borrow it for 5 minutes. it is a generic usb for the hospital. Hye-jin looks at her curiously.

Min-kook tells the son that there is not recording. But Eun-jae comes in and says that this usb is yours right sunbae-nim? She hold up the black usb.

Ho-joon immediately reaches inside his pocket and pulls out the proper one to make sure he has it. So she tells him that he has it, okay. I thought you dropped it. It is the recording of the entire surgery right? You told me that.

Everyone looks at each other.

Cut to the head nurse and Gi-tae talking. He asks if they are going to be sued? She says no, it should be the opposite.

Do-il asks, so that happened? What is Jang Gi-tae going to do?

Cut to Gi-tae giving Woo-jin two drinks and says that this is his heart, please forgive me.

Then we see the son who apologizes to Sabu for misunderstanding everything. he is really sorry. Sabu tells him that his father is really strong. I will do my best until the end.

The guard comes up and gives Sabu a copy of the second surgery, in case he needs it. Sabu thanks him. His brother wakes up right then too and gives him a peace/victory symbol. They all smile.

After work, Do-il and MS have a drink. He tells her that happy endings are suited for Doldam hospital. She smiles and asks, is it? He tells her, that is why we came here and gave up everything.

Myung-sim hopes Cha and Seo feel the same thing that they feel. DO-il says, hopefully. By the way, is Cha Eun-jae okay?

Cut to Cha thinking that she is crazy as she sits in her resting room. Ho-joon comes in and asks her if she did this because she does not know what kind of person he is? He leaves angrily and bumps into Woo-jin on the way out.

Woo-jin goes inside the offices and sits at his desk to work. She apologizes to him about what she said and says that she went too far about the betrayal and being an opportunist. Please erase this from your brain. Can you?

he mutters, okay. then he gets back to work. She tells smiles and tells him, see you tomorrow, then leaves.

But she comes back in and gets her things then leaves. Moon-jae is happy to see Eun-jae walking out happily.

In his office, Sabu watches the recording. But he silences the voice and tells Woojin to come inside.

He throws money on the table for him. $10,000. Woojin asks, huh? But it is not one week yet. So Sabu asks, you don’t want it? Then I will take it back.

He also says that this is from his own pocket, so you need to repay it. How about $1000 per month. So you need to stay with me at least 10 months.

Sabu says, are you chuckling at me? Woo-jin tells him that is cheesy. Sabu leans back and tells him in a professional term, this is being cool. In another word, it is romantic. He smiles happily and looks at the surgeyr again.

Woojin looks at him a bit too long so Sabu tells him to go. Woo-jin leaves quickly. he looks around int he lobby.

WJ – Strange person….strange hospital….

He thinks about everyone apologizing to him.

WJ – ….strange grown ups….

But then his loan sharks show up in the lobby and tells him that he is here. We had such a hard time looking for you.

WJ – …and my f-ing reality. Can I find my answer here?

Fade Out

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