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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 4 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, Eun-jae’s character is getting even more ridiculous to me. Can she stop sneaking around this hospital for just a second and due something worthwhile? Also, didn’t Sabu tell her that she had to stay out of surgery because she throws up during all of them and yet she thinks she can suit up and go into surgery on one of the most important men in Korea?

But not only that, she actually gets mad at Woo-jin for doing exactly what she begged him to do? Granted, he might *might* have told them that she throws up during surgery, which I don’t think he did, but it is true and is actually a danger to the patient.

Which brings me back to – how in the world did she become a surgery fellow to begin with?!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with a mini recap of Eun-jae and her struggles with surgeries. Woojin asks her if she really has to go to the surgery room? She says that she will.

Back before the surgery, the bad doctor asked Eun-tak who is coming to the surgery? Eun-tak says it is Seo Woo-jin because he followed the entire surgery last time.

Min-kook stands up and asks, Dr. Boo Young-joo said that? Eun-tak corrects him and says, Dr. Kim Sabu said that. That is what we call him in our Doldam.

Sabu also tells Woojin to get ready for surgery. Woojin asks Sabu how much he should tell him? We didn’t get the CT and you cut the intercostal vessel. If I tell them everything we did, they will pick on those processes.

Sabu asks, so what? Woo-jin tells him he will be in trouble!

Sabu – Why do you worry about me being in trouble?

Woojin – In case something bothersome happens. I want to make sure that it is not my fault in the future.

Sabu laughs, You are so consistent. I was the attending and I have all the responsibility. you just focus on the surgery and answer the questions well. Say everything consistently from what you saw. Everything, as it happened.

He sighs and goes inside his office.

In the resting room, Eun-jae takes those narcotics again to keep her calm during surgery (this chick is crazy!). She tells herself, you can do it, you can do it. Then she heads off to surgery.

But when she gets there, the bad guys tells her that it is okay, we have another person for surgery. Eun-jae asks Woojin what happened. Ho-joon tells her that Woojin ditched her and wants to be on Park Min-kook’s line now. Woojin specializes in betraying people.

She leaves, astonished at the betrayal.

The two surgeries start. one is for the secretary who is the brother of the head guard and the other is for the military minister.


A taxi drives up to Doldam with Yeo Woon-young inside. he is the chief director. he grabs his things and heads inside past all the reporters and military men.

But no one is at the front desk to check him in so he calls Gi-tae. Gi-tae answers and asks, whats up chief director! I did not call because you were on vacation! I am in surgery room 1. The people from the main branch are performing surgery on the minister.

In surgery room 2, Sabu is performing surgery on the secretary. There is so much pressure! It is almost as if two swordsmen are fighting. It is that kind of feeling!

The camera cuts back and forth between surgery room 1 and 2. In room 1, the Minister’s body is very clean on the inside. Min-kook asks Woojin how much bleeding he had? Woojin says all the numbers which gets a reaction of “that much!” from one of the nurses.

Woojin also tells them that the patient took aspirin. Hye-jin the anesthesiologist says that this skilled of a person would be like this. Another nurse tells Min-kook that he might have nothing to do.

Min-kook asks about the intercostal bleeding. Woo-jin tells him all the details about that. Min-kook asks him if he checked the CT before surgery? Woo-jin pauses. So Ho-joon the douchebag tells Woojin that the doctor is asking him a question. Did you check the CT?

The answer is no, but Woo-jin still pauses. He finally tells them that they were in too much of a hurry. His blood pressure was too low. We did not take it.

Min-kook asks him if he is crazy? You opened the stomach without a CT? Woo-jin tells him that they had to do damage control first. Min-kook asks him how he knew it was the intercostal vessel without the CT?

In a flashback, we see that Woo-jin told Sabu he was just lucky and Sabu told him that if he only thinks that, then that is his limitation and you are the same as others.

Min-kook asks him if it is difficult to answer? Woojin says it is not that. Min-kook asks if he got money from him then? How much did you get for shutting your mouth?

In the lobby, Woon-young gets approached by Areum who asks if he comes here often? he says he is the chief director. She thinks that means he is the chief directors patient.

Areum tells Yeo Woon-young that the chief director is on vacation. he tries to tell her that he is the chief director but she just tells him to wait a moment and go to the emergency room. I don’t have much to do so I can take you there. Come this way halabogi.

In the hallway, Eun-jae is sleeping once again on the benches due to her narcotics. Moon-jung wakes her up and asks if she is okay. Eun-jae tells him that she did not sleep, I’m okay.

But she is clearly drowsy. Moon-jung has to go to a rib fracture so Eun-jae tells him if it is a rib fracture then I should go as well. She lazily hops up and shakes her head as she tries to walk straight.



Meanwhile, Areum tells a nurse that she has a regular patient of the chief director so she will check on that person. The nurse is all confused.

In the orthopedic area, a man has rib cage pain after getting hit by a tractor. Eun-jae sleeps while standing up so Jung In-soo wakes her up again. Eun-jae wakes up and asks In-soo why he called orthopedics? This should be cardiac surgery for the rib cage.

In-soo tells her that he saw th ultrasound, there is no bleeding and all the internal areas are okay.

Moon-jung says that he normally treats this kind of fracture. Eun-jae is upset about something and then turns polite and tells MJ not to use jondaemal with her.

He says okay in a pleasing tone and tells her that it takes time for him to get used to people. But she continues and tells him that he should not do it to her, I joined the bone club because of you.

you told me all about the bones for anatomy and said I have good hands for surgery. Don’t you remember?

Meanwhile, the patients is sitting there in pain. So Moon-jung and In-soo says they need to get back to him. The patient asks if he is going into surgery? In-soo tries to comfort him and says no.

But Eun-jae tells him that it looks normal right now but it could bleed. You ned to have surgery. In-soo tells him it is just in case and then gives Moon-jung a signal to remove Eun-jae.

But Eun-jae asks why she is being taken out! We have a duty to explain things to the patient! Am I wrong sunbae?

Moon-jung ttells her she is right and starts to walk her out. The patient says that he saw his dead mom in his dream last night, oh no, will I be okay? In-soo tells no one that they need to have a CT.

On another bed, Areum looks after Woon-young. The nurse comes up and says that she knows this halabogi. The halabogi also says that he knows this nurse for a long time. The nurse starts to giggle and Aerum starts to check Woon-young’s breathing.


Sabu is in surgery and gets word that the minister had green gauze left in his stomach. Sabu is not concerned with this as he keeps working on the secretary.

In the other room Min-kook is also still working on the minister. he wants to check where the vial leak is from. But then the minister starts to shoot blood. Ho-joon tells him he might have touched the clip. They keep working seriously.

The blood pressure starts to go down. Woo-jin says that they might have more bleeding.

Int he surgery waiting area, the bodyguard thinks that something may have gone wrong. Gi-taek doesn’t know, he worried about it also because Min-kook is not Kim Sabu.

The head guard looks at Kim Sabu working on his brother. Sabu is also doing something that look serious. He takes out an organ and asks for forceps.

In surgery 1, they find the leakage. Woo-jin is taking care of everything. Minkook and Woo-jin work well together to stabilize the patients. 

After they finish, Min-kook yells at Ho-joon to focus! Ho-joon apologizes. Woo-jin tells Min-kook that the ministers intestines are swollen a lot. We might not be able to close right now. Another doctor asks, what are you going to do.

Min-kook gives a signal to a nurse to stop the recording.

He leaves just as Sabu is outside talking to the head guard. They both watch Min-kook angrily walk away.

Sabu tells the guard that he heard the secretary was his brother and tells him that the surgery was successful. We can look at his progress in a couple of weeks.

The brother is wheeled out right then. Eun-tak smiles at the body guard to let him know that everything went well.

Gi-tae also tells Sabu that Min-kook’s surgery failed. He does not know the details, but one of Min-kook’s staff failed.

In-soo goes to the ER and tells Areum that he is getting a CT, but then he sees The chief director. the director stands up happily. Areum is all embarrassed as she asks, are you the chief director!

the chief director smiles and say that after seeing the news he came back early. then he asks the nurse how he is. The nurse tells him that everything is fine. You have a little High temperature but it is in the proper range.

Woon-young pleasantly tells Areum that she is very detailed on her diagnosis and then heads off. Areum is so embarrassed.

The nurse asks In-soo who the patient is for the CT then goes off to take care of it. In-soo tells Areum that Woon-young probably just wanted to check her skills and smiles himself away.

Woon-young goes back into his office and pleasantly looks around and greets his plants.


Yoon-wan gets word that the second surgery ended without Min-kook closing. He is upset about that. the reporter is talking to him and says that the Park Min-kook is the ace of the ace in Geo Dae hospital. Boo Young-joo (Sabu) is the person that was kicked to the branch and even hides his name. Anyone will think that it is Kim Sabu’s fault who did the first surgery.

Yoon-wan thinks that they need to check the truth on that. But the reporter says it does not matter. Just asking the question is enough. That is the job of the media right. Just to question everything all the time continuously.

Yoon-wan tells him that they should go that route.


The ministers family shows up so Min-kook fills them in on the surgery. The son ells him that he heard that the second surgery went poorly, what happened.

Min-kook says that in the second surgery the intestines were swollen. But it will not happen in the third surgery.

The son asks the guard where is the doctor that I talked to on the phone. He walks away to meet him.

Ho-joon apologizes. Min-kook tells him to not talk to him and walks off.



In the recovery room, Woo-jin tells Sabu how the surgery went as Sabu checks on how the secretary is recovering.

Then he gets word that the ministers family would like to meet with him. So he takes them to his office.

Int he locker room, Ho-doon approaches Woojin and asks if he is trying to brag about his skills to him! If you are with Kim Sabu then just work with him. Don’t take my place.

Woojin tells him that he did not do this for Min-kook to hire him. Ho-doon asks if he did it to screw him up!

Woojin tells him that he is not the one that touched the clip. You touched it, not me. It is not my fault that you stuttered and did not stop the bleeding right away. 

Ho-Joon grabs Woojin by the collar. Woojin pushes him away and says that if you want to talk, then lets talk. But next time I will break your wrist, sunbae.

Sunbae asks if he doesn’t care about sunbae at all? Woojin tells him that sunbae does not matter, he sees too many of them, that is the problem.


Eun-jae is still sleeping while standing. The nurses and Moon-jung all wonder what is up with her as she bobs her head while they are talking.

Woojin asks Areum what happened to Cha Eun-jae. Areum says that she does not know, she might not have slept last night.

So Woo-jin goes up to her and calls her name. She lifts her head and calls him a betrayer. Though as she tries to walk to him, she can barely get there. But she manages and tells Woojin that she will kill him, you are dead. But she falls asleep on his chest while standing.

Everyone is looking at her so Woo-jin pulls her away to the bathroom and tells her to wash her face and wake up! She tells him she does not want to so they have a back and forth about that.

She finally yells that he took her surgery chance from her! it was my chance to go back to the main branch! He tells her that he did not want to go there! She says that she knows him, you don’t care about friendship, you just want money you a-hole. 

So why did you call me to your surgery room that day? Why didn’t you finish up the diaphragm! Then I would not have to hear all that. It is all your fault.

Woo-jin asks, does it comfort you to blame others? Okay, like your life like that.

he leaves angrily. But he sees Moon-jung in the hallway. He might have heard everything. Woo-jin keeps walking off. Moon-jung looks at the bathroom. He is holding the narcotic medicine.

In Sabu’s office, the son says that he heard that the first surgery had a problem. A reporter says that the second surgeries failure was due to Sabu. I heard that you did not take a CT and went straight to surgery.

Everyone is shocked at this.

Sabu says that in the ER, that is what you do if the trauma of the patient is that much.

the son thinks that this is hus fault since he does not even do the basic things. This is malpractice!

Sabu asks him what he wants to say. The son asks why he performed surgery on him! You should have moved him to a bigger hospital! You wanted to operate on him so you skipped all the procedure! Can’t you answer? Do you accept it?

Sabu tells him that if he cared about titles more than patients, he would have sentenced him to death, not surgery. In your fathers situation, that would have been easier.

The son tells them that he should not talk too long. I am going to sue you and the hospital for medical malpractice. he storms out.


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  1. Rinne
    January 15, 2021 / 7:49 am

    Thanks for the recap!! I was getting very sick of Eun Jae’s character…acting like a b*tch, I had to skip some parts in the drama so I’m just relying on this to get through. Everything else about Dr Romantic is great. It’s just the female character…

    • V
      January 15, 2021 / 4:22 pm

      You’re welcome, Rinne!

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