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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





The reporters ask Min-kook why the surgeon changed? Doctor Boo Yong-joo has a history of dangerous surgery that put a lot of patients in danger. Did you change it for that reason?

Min-kook tells them that he will do his best for the second surgery. That is all he can tell them. he will have a more detailed briefing later. He goes back inside.

Elsewhere, Do Yoon-wan tells someone over the phone that they did a good job. It is the reporter who asked the question. Yoon-wan tells him that they did a good job and he will take him out for dinner later.

Inside, Myung-sim approaches Min-kook and asks him who decided that he will perform the second surgery? She introduces herself as the head nurse and says that the head nurse usually does not do this. But because this situation is so F’ed….

Ho-joon tells the head nurse to stop and then Gi-tae comes in and says to stop as well. But Myung-sim continues. She tells Min-kook that he says it is the second survery, but all he does is close the wound. Sabu saved the patient and all you did was add your spoon and tells everyone that you saved the patient! If that is not true then tell me!

Min-kook says that is true. That is why I did the press conference. Now can I leave? He walks off. Myung-ki is about to run after him to smack him but is held back by Gi-tae.

She then goes to her team and tells them that this new team wants to fight us! We will not endure it anymore! Even though they are from the main branch, they think they can decide whatever they want and do whatever they want and even take a patient! I am not going to let that happen! Doldam hospital is for anyone who is sick! We never close!

Areum looks at euntak who is doing his work while Myung-sim is speaking. She thinks that Joo Young-mii likes Eun-tak because she is looking at him.  In-soo asks, what? Areum tells In-soo that Eun-tak is a workaholic. He has a high bar.

In-soo asks her what she is talking about? Areum shooshes him and says his voice is too high.

Myung-sim continues and says she is not going to show them any patient data! Ever! Do you understand! They all say, yes!

Areum keeps talking about the nurses. Now she is talking about Eum Hyung-jung and how she keeps checking her phone. So Areum thinks her love life is not going well. Perhaps her boyfriend is not responding to her texts.

But Myung-sim looks at them and barks, are you with us! This is not something you can laugh about!

Areum and In-soo both say yes. But then Areum thinks that the head nurse might not have enough estrogen.

In another area, Ho-joon asks Young-kyu if he still does not have the patients surgery record? YK says that he asked them many times and they said no.

Cut to several workers politely telling them no.

Ho-joon asks if he told them it is the attending surgeons order?

Cut to Young-mi asks, oh, is it Kim Sabu’s order?

The doctor asks if they know that the attending surgeon is Park now? Yong-kyu says yes, they know but they do not accept it. Ho-joon asks if they want to get fired?

Then he gets a call and hangs up to tell YK that this is driving him crazy. Dr. park went tosee the minister now. If only they knew someone here. But then he turns his head and sees Bae Moon-jung. It appears that they know each other.

Elsewhere, Eun-jae sneaks around the hospital on tip toe when Park Min-kook sees her. He stops her and starts to talk to her. Sabu wakes up right then and sees them talking as well.

Cut to the driver in pain in his bed. But no one is around him, they are all around the Minister. One of the secret service people keeps checking on him.

Min-kook and anesthesiologist Hye-jin are at the bed side of the Minister talking. She tells him that he never operates on another person’s patient before. He tells her, if the lab work is okay then lets perform the surgery.

But then Ho-joon runs in with the patients record. Min-kook looks at it and asks if he knows any CS here? Find out about her. I want to see what kind of person she is and why she is here.

Eun-jae is currently pulling Woo-jin away into the break room. She tells him that they need to make an alliance. He asks what she is talking about? She tells him again, lets make an alliance.

He tells her that he can’t hear her due to her mask. She is about to hit him, but removes her mask. The marker has been almost all removed, but it can still be seen.

She tells him that this is improtant, maybe you and I can go back to the main branch. He asks what she is talking about.

Cut to her conversaton with Min-kook who asks her about the surgery on the Minister. Where you in the room? She says yes, from the begining. Min-kook tells her that is good. I need a doctor who attended the surgery.

In the present, Woo-jin says he does not want to. She tells him to listen to her, this surgery is important for Doctor Park also. We can add the condition that we go back with him.

Woo-jin does not want to do it, but Eun-jae says that she needs him because she left the surgery in the middle. And you did this to my face.

He tells her that he is not doing it. She explains that this is a good chance for him! But Woojin tells her that he is not going to be nice to that kind of person.

She reminds him that he needs money. The main branch pays more. Lets go back together, we can do it.

He tells her that the world is easy for her. She thinks that she is the smartest in the world even though she is the stupidest. She says that there is no dumb person that is as smart as her. 

He says, didn’t you know? There are a lot of dumb people like you in the world that are only good at studying and being #1 in the class but don’t know what is going on in the world. Those dumb people that think they are the smartest even though they do not know what is going on in the world.

She tells him to stop, if you continue then that is defamation of character. He says this is his advice as a friend. She tells him that they have never been friends. When have you ever cared about me that much?

He pauses and then tells her to wash her face some more, you look funny. He leaves and runs into Areum with her lollypop. She says hello and then thinks that he is super cool.

Eun-jae comes out to tell Woo-jin to stop so Areum asks her what happened to her face. She says she is having skin issues and walks off. Areum then sees Eun-tak and giggles herself away.



Meanwhile, the driver is having complications so Woo-jin does an ultrasound on him and finds out that his vitals have gone down all of a sudden. He has internal bleeding.

In-soo calls the ER and they start to move him to surgery. But the minister is also under surgery in 5 minutes. The head guard is concerned with this but he has to leave to go to the Ministers surgery.

Elsewhere, Eun-jae washes her face completely and runs into Woo-jin. She angrily walks away and tells him not to follow her. But he says that he has to change into scrubs.

So they both go to change into scrubs. While changing, they talk on opposite sides of the wall about Sabu. Woo-jin thinks he is a scary person but he thinks that he is real. That is why he is scared.

Eun-jae tells him that she is scared of someone not needing her. He does not know about me and decided that without knowing me. She think about Sabu telling ehr to quit if she will runa way.

Woo-jin asks if Min-kook needs her? She tells him that at least he remembered my name. (wasn’t she wearing a name tag? I’m confused).

She asks Woo-jin if he really is not coming with her into the surgery? I need you, can’t you help me? He does not say anything.

In the lobby, the head guard signs guardian documents for the minister and the driver. The Ministers family members are in Jeju island and the weather is too bad for them to come now. The driver/secretaries has a brother. Eun-tak asks if he contacted them? the bodyguard does not answer. So he is the brother.

More military people show up and brief the head military men about the family members who are coming in.

The secretary is wheeled into surgery.

Cut to Myung-sim yelling at her team about the patients information going to the other side! Who gave it to them? Moon-jung raised his hand and says that he did it. He looks so confused. H tells them that Sabu told him to.

So Myung-sim goes to Sabu and asks why he order to give them the records! Why!

Sabu says that he looked up Park Min-kook. He is actually a pretty good doctor. he will finish the surgery okay.

She asks if he is giving up like this! He says, like what? She tells him that Do Yoon-wan is a different league now as chairman of the board, not a hospital director. I did not think that you would give up so easily on the patient that you saved.

Sabu tells her that it is not just her, they did it together. And I am not giving up. She asks why he is letting him do the surgery? Sabu asks her, what is another word for a dangerous situation? She tells him this drives her crazy.

He laughs and mentions she has a temper. Then he says, to make this dangerous situation into a chance, we have to move in a way that Do Yoon-wan will not expect. 

She says that he knows everything about you and the hospital. Maybe he even knows things that you dont know! He shushes her for a moment an then leans in to tell her with a smile that there is something he does not know. He heads out for surgery.



Cut to Eun-jae showing up at surgery. She tells them that she is there. Min-kook says okay. So she asks what she should do? They tell her that there is nothing for her to do. We heard that you are nauseous during surgery and didnt’ even stay 10 minutes. Sorry, but we cannot even imagine that this would happen to Dr. Park.

She says that she followed him from the start of the emergency, maybe she can help. Ho-joon tells her that is okay, we have another person that will help.

Then Woo-jin comes in all suited up. Eun-jae asks what is going on? Ho-joon tells her that Woo-jin ditched her, he is good at betraying people. Then they all head inside to wash up for surgery.

Eun-jae looks crushed.

Flashback to Sabu talking to Woo-jin about the surgery. He tells him that the second surgery is only about closing, but we still need someone to guide them about the surgery. You are the only one that can do it.

Woo-jin does not want to do it. Sabu tells him that this is an order. if you do not do it then Eun-jae will do it. Do you want her to just throw up aain?

In the present, Eun-jae looks at Woo-jin with dagger eyes and then turns to leave right when Sabu comes in. They stare at each other for a moment and then she leaves.

In surgery, the head nurse asks the anesthesiologist if he thinks it is okay? Do-il says he is not sure, Sabu always does something we do not think about. What they do know is that one doctor will stay and one doctor will leave. Someone else asks, what if they both stay or they both leave?

In the scrub room, Min-kook and Sabu both srub in for surgery, but Sabu goes to the secretary/driver person’s room and Min-kook goes to the Ministers room.

Eun-jae is left steaming outside.

th esurgeyr starts.


Eun-jae asks Woo-jin when they have ever been so close? You never cared about me to think of me so much!

He thinks, actually, back then…

Cut to him riding a delivery scooter in to school. He runs up the steps to go to class and sees Eun-jae running to clas as well. But she is late also and does not know how to go in late. 

Woo-jin opens the door and gets everyones attention for being late. The doctor tells him that he hsuold nto be late or skip class. What is you name?

This lets Eun-jae sneak in as the doctor looks in hisbook and tells Woo-jin that he is giving him a -3 for being late.

Later on, we see three medical student ladies talk about how Eun-jae works hard, but she doesn’t even eat or poop. She was famous for being like that in high school. She thinks the sky will collapse if she is not #1. Woo-jin hears all of this.

then we go to Woojin and Eun-jae in class taking a rest over microscopes. Woojin looks at her as she does this. But she does not know one of the answers.

In class, the teacher announces that Woojin scored a 100 so everyone in the class all claps for him.

Later on he serves En-jae food at a restaurant he works at. She tells him that he is good at the practical exam but he always only just passes the written exam. She asks him if he would like to have an alliance? You teach me the practical part and I will give you my notes.

She tells him that if he memorizes all the notes then he will pass.

VO – Back then…

He starts to look through the notes. A piece of paper falls out so he reads it.

Notes: Good things about quitting medical school: I can sleep enough, play, eat and poop. There will be no more exams. No more anatomy class. I can have a dog. I can go surfing. I can talk to my friends and date. The bad thing about quitting medical school is that my mom will be sad.

VO – …when I knew that you were just surviving, not doing well, from that…

He was about to quit as well. He look at his reason for quitting which is that he does not have enough money. he crumples that up.

Then we cut to Eun-jae and Woo-jin practicing putting in a needle. She is practicing putting it into his arm, but she is nervous to do it and he does not make it any easier by yelling.

Fade Out

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