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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 3 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 3 Live Recap – Part 1

We left off with the two teams coming to a head in the lobby of the small country hospital in the mountains. And to make matters worse, news cameras were all around to boot. And to make matters even worse, the minister of the military was having a heart attack! Let’s see who gets it together in time to save him.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




TIME OF HATE (Woo-jin’s perspective and visual recap)

VO – Because we have different ideas, they drew a line and discriminated against and made fun of and devalued me the way they wanted. Their egotism and selfishness and black & white decision making. If it was not their side, then we were enemies.

WORLD OF BLACK AND WHITE (Eun-jae perspective and visual recap)

VO – There was no respect to others. The world became full of disregard and hate. In that moment…

Eun-jae gets knocked over by the reporters as they barged in.

VO – …someone stood up.

Sabu reaches out his hand to help Eun-jae up. She takes it.

We also see a bit more of a recap of how Woo-jin got to the hospital. He needed money so Sabu told him he needed to find the answer.


The anesthesiologist and Myung-sim ride on his motorcycle to the hospital. They see all the news teams on the outside as they head in.

In Seoul, the news is all around as well. Do Yoon-wan tells the two men sitting with him not to worry too much. Dr. Park is the best surgeon in the industry. Of course we have to put the best to take care of him.

The military men thank him and head out. 

Cut to the driver who is not in critical condition, but still looks pretty bad.

Then we cut to the critical room where they have the minister. Woo-jin is about to call Sabu because the vital signs are dropping. But he has to stop because Min-kook and his team show up and tells him that they will take over from here.

Woo-jin tells them that they cannot leave the patient without word from the attending surgeon. A nurse yells that the blood preassure is continuing to do down. Woo-jin tries to call again, but Min-kook stops him. The nurse yells that the patient is under cardiac arrest!

In another area, Gi-tae thinks that his is like an opening fire. They need a plan! Do-il says that they need to prepare a brief. then they can give information to the reporters outside.

Gi-tae thinks they should do that first, befor Do Yoon-wan does anything!

Sabu gets a call right then.

Cut to Seo Woo-jin performing CPR on the minister of minister. Min-kook and his team are watching outside. But ten Min-kook takes off his jacket and heads inside. 

He wants to do things differently and tells them to stop because two minutes have passed. But Woo-jin says he will keep doing it.

However Sa-bu comes in and tells him to switch hands, so they another doctor hops on to give CPR. Sabu asks what happened, so Woo-jin tells him that ministers complications.

Min-kook tells Sabu that he is taking over. Sabu tells him to step aside. If somethng happens, will you be responsible? Can you save him? You need to ask that question first.

The other doctor hops off and Woo-jin starts to perform CPR again as Sabu opens up the Ministers stitches to do whatever he is about to do. It seems risky as he asks for a scalpel while Woo-jin is still pumping on the man’s chest.

But then Sabu tells him to stop and starts massage the heart by hand. Everyone is super shocked. But it is working a little bit. Sabu tells them that the heart volume is too low.

So they add more liquid and Sabu keeps massaging. But Sabu’s shoulder is starting to hurt him as he does it. Everyone keeps looking on in anticipation. The music builds. 

Suddenly, the heart faintly beats again. Everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief and Sabu removes his hand from the heart. He tells Woo-jin good job. Woo-jin looks at him in amazement.

Meanwhile, Eun-jae prepares to rest in the doctors office and rest area. But then a doctor comes in and asks her if she can use the bed. She sits where Eun-jae is sitting and thinks that they next few days will be super busy.

This doctor is Sim Hye-jin, an anesthesiologist. She asks Eun-hae if she is going to sleep? You should sleep whenever you get a chance. Then she asks for her pillow and heads off to bed.

Eun-jae decides to walk around the hospital and sees Dr. park Min-kook in the lobby area. She does not go any farther.

Back in surgery, Woo-jin closes the Ministers wound, his hands are all shakey. Sabu notices but does not mention it. Instead, he tells him to call if there are any irregular vital signs. He leaves and the anesthesiologist and head nurse tell Woo-jin he did a good job.

Woo-jin tells them that he was shocked and unorganized. Myung-sim tells him that he kept the patient alive until Sabu came. Good job. She tells him to rest until Eun-tak comes.

Woo-jin collapses to the ground to rest, though he looks happy at his first day on the job.


Meanwhile, Sabu walks downstairs and sees Min-kook sitting there. Min-kook tells him that he was as great as he heard. It moved me. I saw an open heart massage three times. But it was the first time seeing it successfully done.

Sabu tells him he was lucky. We should not be too relaxed. Min-kook asks him why he is working in this no name country hospital in the country side with this ability?

Sabu tells him that they have a name, didn’t you see it? Min-kook asks him if he is like famous doctor Albert Schweitzer? Otherwise it does not explain why you are like this with three board certificates? Why work here in the countryside? it does not give you fame or money.

Sabu tells him that the patients need him. Min-kook asks, is that it? Sabu asks, for a doctor do you need anything else other than patients? Min-kook says he was wondering about him for a long time. The reason I wanted to come here was to see you in person. After seeing you, I think it is one or the other – crazy or a big liar.

I don’t believe in good deeds without a return. I never saw that before. Sabu chuckles and tells him to just go back to sleep, it is late. Then he walks off. Eun-jae sees all this from her hiding spot.

Ho-joon tells Min-kook that he heard Sabu was like a monster like man and it looks like that is true. Min-kook says that after they take off his mask they will see if he is a real monster or a snob who pretends like he is a monster.

They walk away, though Min-kook nods at Head Nurse Myungsim and the anesthesiologist before heading out. Myung-sim thinks he is so smug. The anesthesioogist says that it is common for guys like that to act confident like that.

Myung-sim curses at him a few times. so Do-il tells her about it. She says that she might be post menopausal and angrily walks off back to work.



Elsewhere, Sabu looks into Min-kook’s information at the hospital. He also sees an interview of the bus accident. Min-kook said that he thought he was dead then so the rest of his life is a bonus and he will serve the patients from then on.


Yoon Areum heads in to work on her bicycle. It is a gorgeous morning as she takes in the scenery of the mountain side. But then she sees that all the reporters are still camped out in front of the hospital. 

inside, Sim Hye-jin is super sleeping and snoring. Eun-jae looks like she was not able to sleep at all. She gets up and grabs some water from the cooler. Then sees Woo-jin sleeping on a couch. She wonders why he is sleeping there. 

Then she decides to draw on his face. But he wakes up right when she is about to put a mustache there. He asks what she is doing, she says nothing and tries to move away. But he grabs her hand and asks what this is.

She tells him it is a pen, let go. He looks at her a few momre moments then pushes her away. Though there was a bit of a off camera struggle. When we see Woo-jin leave the rest area we also see that he gave Eun-jae a mustache and beauty mark.

He goes outside and sees that the other team has taken over. Meanwhile, Eun-jae tries to hid from everyone who is all at work. She sees a face mask and sneaks over to put it on.

The nurse asks what she is doing? Are you sick? Eun-jae says she might be a little thick, my throat kind of hurts. Myung-sim checks her forhead and tells her that she does not have a fever.

But then another nurse tells Myung-sim that she needs to come see this.

Cut to the news crew outside. Min-kook is addressing them all. he says that their Minister of the Ministry came there. He was in critical condition so they will move him to Seoul and will perform a second surgery today.

One of the reporters asks if Dr. Boo Young-joo (Sabu’s real name) will perform the second surgery? Min-kook tells them that he will do it himself.

Inside, Areum runs in and tells them that reporters are outside. But then seh sees that they are watching it on the news. Myung-sim runs to do something.



Woo-jin sees the other teams anesthesiologist. She tells him not to tell her anything, she is just doing her job and following orders. He asks if they are doing this because he is the minister? She tells him yes, of course. If he is not the minister then why would we even do this?

Everyones attention is here, this is the best opportunity for attention seekers. Woo-jin tells her that they should not snatch the patient like this. Doctors are not thugs.

She tells him that he changed. This is not your style, you just live your life and dont confuse people for changing suddenly. They will decide and you will just do your job okay?

Woo-jin goes to tell Sabu. Sabu is napping on his couch and tells them to just let them do it. Woo-jin asks him if he is avoiding it. Sabu says he is watching it. Woo-jin yells, it is not time to just watch!

Sabu sits up and asks him why he is doing this? Woojin tells him that he said he would reconsider hima fter one week. Sabu reminds him that it is only if he changes his heart. You are nowhere close to that answer.

Woojin asks him if he is going to give the Minister to them? Sabu tells him not to think too much about it. They will not put the needle in the opposite way.

Eun-tak is also there so Sabu tells him to take a nap as well since he worked all night. Sabu curls back up and tells Woo-jin not to wake him up if it is not an emergency.

Woo-jin talks to Eun-tak outside and asks if he is the only one confused by this situation? Eun-tak tells him that he understands how he feels. But Kim Sabu decided it.

Woo-jin asks, do you just follow whatever he decides? We don’t have any opinion or thinking? Eun-tak says it is not that, it is because we respect him, that is why we are following him.

Inside his office, Sabu wakes up and thinks about something.


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