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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The doctors all think as they stand over the body. Sabu is also thinking. But then he says that they need to open up the chest. Any additional blood is important. they also have a blood transfusion going.

They start to rotate the body to the side. Eun-jae is about to throw up and tries to control herself. Everyone is all like, girl, get it together.

But she does not get it together and runs out of the room. 

The team continues the surgery and opens the chest. Sabu finds bleeding in one of the intercostal vessels. The nurse says he was right! Woojin thinks he is crazy. Sabu starts to repair the vessel.

Eunjae bursts into the bathroom and starts throwing up. AR is in there and asks if she is doing okay? Eunjae looks everything but as she takes several deep breathes and lives in her failure.

But the team carries on and is able to stabilize the military minister. However, it looks like something sinister might be going on with the other military men. It appears that one of them might not want the minister to survive? It is not clear though.

In the hallway, Gi-tae offers all the military personnel drinks when a person runs up to him and shows him his cell phone.

Cut to Park Min-kook answering his phone and then looking on the news at the latest press report about the Military Minister that had a car accident. He is talking to the bad guy, Yoon-wan. 

Yoon-wan tells him that the ministers people are worried about the minister of military and are actually sitting in the office with Yoon-wan. Yoon-wan tells Min-kook that he wants to recommend him to the military team as the best doctor in their hospital system.

Back in Doldam, Woo-jin asks Sabu how he was so sure that there was intercostal bleeding? You should have chosen the safer way since he is a Minister.

Sabu says that he does not care who this person is. They are a patient and Ii think one thing. Save their life. Woojin asks if he can do anything to save their life?

Sabu explains that he put his life under my scaffold so I should save him. Woojin asks if that is the reason he had a irrational surgery that has never been done before? Sabu asks, huh?

Woojin says that he diagnoses an intercostal vessel without a CT, that was just your feeling and luck. What if you were unlucky? What about him?

Sabu asks him what he is doing? Why are you pretending to be a doctor now? Anyway, you just ned $10,000 right? Woojin says yes, that is right. I am here because I want money. But after seeing you surgery, I am afraid in case you are a rotten rope.

Sabu chuckles and asks who his rope is? I did not decide anything yet. Not even one day passed in the one week you promised to me. You did not change my decision at all, okay? What you say about only luck and feeling? If you only saw that they that means you are not good.

Woojin asks what he means by that?

Sabu tells him to find his own answer to it and then dramatically swooshes away.

He goes to his office and talks to the doctor on the phone who congratulates him for doing a good job. Sabu feigns normalcy but his friend says that he knows that he is great. Then he asks if he interviewed that doctor he told him about?

Sabu says that they went to the surgery room together. The doctor says that he is talented. Sabu mentions that maybe be only has talent. The friend explains that it is their job to make those kind of guys into doctors. Sabu nods and tells him that he will call him back.

Then he opens up a report from years ago and reads that a man in his 40s committed suicide with his family because his business failed.

But then Eun-jae comes sneaking up like she is in Spy vs Spy and peaks into his window. She takes a deep breath and then ducks to walk past his door.

He notices her.

So does the head nurse who asks her what she is doing. She stands and says that she is looking for Doctor Kim. So the head nurse says he is right there.


Eunjae sighs and heads inside. She tries to apologize and says that this might be her lunch. She is sorry that she did not control her condition during surgery. Then she tells him that it looks like he is busy, goodbye.

He asks why she is here? Mini flashback of her getting kicked out. But she tells him that she decided to come there. He asks if this is her habit? Why aren’t you answering and are mumbling around your answer?

She says that she did not do that. He asks if this is that difficult to accept? Is it because of your pride that you don’t want anyone else to know? Do you think you will be a joke?

She says that she does not know what he is talking about. He says, okay, you don’t know. That is why you live like that, because you don’t know. From now on, do not come into the surgery room. I cannot operate with someone who runs away from the surgery.

She says, I told you! It was my stomach! 

He tells her there are no excuses in the surgery room. Whatever you have, digestive problems or nauseous, whoever runs away loses their qualifications. Who heart are you going to operate on as a CS? Do you want to kill someone? Why don’t you just quit being a doctor?

She takes that all in and hurries out angrily. She goes to her desk and starts packing up as she cries. AR looks on confused but does not go up to her. Eun-jae cries too much to pack so she sits and has a good cry at her seat.

Cut to the head nurse talking to Sabu. She asks why he did that? Why didn’t you tell her nicely? He tells the head nurse that they are both bad. One goes to the surgery room only for money and the other one just runs away and leaves the patient.

The head nurse says that you cannot push young people like that nowadays. They will just complain about you. He says that he can’t just say this nicely and not be blamed. I also do not have time for that. She asks, what if they leave?

Sabu says that it means that they are not for this hospital. the head nurse reminds him that it was difficult to recruit them.

In the doctor offices, AR gives Eun-jae a water. Eun-ja thanks her and says that she is not this kind of person. I live my life well. In medical school, I never slept more than 4 hours a day. I worked so hard. I was the second highest at graduation. I was the top 3 in the board exam. But now I am kicked to this country side hospital and the doctor tells me to quit.

AR tells her that the doctor didn’t mean it. Eun-jae starts to tear up again and says that she tried so hard to be a doctor. AR gives her more tissue and sys that she should not do that, you are a role model to hubaes like her. 

It is difficult to survive and very discriminating in cardiac surgery, but you survive there. A lot of the female doctors say fighting for you. Also, you were recruited by the super doctor.

Eunjae asks, who? AR tells her, you don’t know who brought you here?

Flashback to Eunjae’s doctor complaining about Eunjae to Sabu. He says that Eunjae is smarter than any other man. But whenever she goes to surgery, she does that.

Sabu asks him to send her to him. The doctor says Sabu will not have any use because she cannot operate. But Sabu is persistent. AR overheard it. 

Eunjae says, that cannot be. AR tells her that she herd it.


The anesthesiologist and the head nurse sit at a restaurant and talks about the new kids. they wonder if they will survive there. The head nurse explains that kids nowadays will not like Kim Sabu who matter in their work, they just want to do their own work and be done.

In the hospital, Woojin checks his side injury in the bathroom when In-soo comes in and gives him medicine for his side. He says that Sabu gave it to him.

Woojin starts to walk out when Moon-jun tells him that he reserved the x-ray room because Sabu wanted him to check to see if his bone had a crack in it. he said you were in pain in the surgery room.

Woojin thinks about this and then goes to sneak peak on Sabu in his office. He remembers Sabu telling him that he is also not good if that is all that he saw and for him to find the answer.

Woojin thinks about the surgery and pulls out the medicine that Sabu gave him.


Outside, we see that the super doctor team shows up to the country hospital. There are at least a half dozen of them that show up with Min-kook. They all look at he small hospital in different stages of emotions ranging from menacing to amazement.

Inside, Eun-jae talks on the phone to someone as she explains that everything is okay. She didn’t cry, it is just cold here, that is why my nose is like this. I am okay, I was in the surgery room with the minister. Everyone says I am good at surgery Omma.

But she has to hang up because Woojin shows up that the coffee vending machine. he gets her a coffee and asks if she is okay. He gives her her coffee and then gets one for himself. he says he drinks black coffee and then they head off.

But Eun-jae turns and asks him what kind of person Sabu is. Woojin thinks about the pain medicine and the CT scan, but he tells her that he does not care, he just needs money. Why?

Eun-jae says that she was just wondering if he was a wicked old man, or ~ no, nothing. Goodbye. She walks off.

Woojin adds cream and sugar to his coffee as soon as she leaves.

Elsewhere, Sabu gets word about the doctor team that is downstairs. He goes to the lobby to see what’s up.

Park Min-kook introduces himself and extends his hand. Sabu shakes it and asks what this is for. Park Min-kook asks him if he got word from the chairman of the board, Do Yoon-wan. I will take care of the minister from now on.

Sabu asks if he will take over his patient without his permission? Then a person says from the door, Yes, I did! 

He walks in. It is Do Yoon-wan. Sabu smiles and asks, you really came back? You were kicked out of the hospital due to humiliation, why don’t you just stay out.

Yoon-wan says that he has a lot to do. That is why he is back. You don’t know who to coexist in power and politics. 

Sabu explains that at least he knows who the parasite is.

YW tells him to watch his mouth. I am the chairman of the board of GoDae foundation.

Sabu asks Gi-tae what this guy is talking about? Gi-tae explains that he is the chairman of the board.

Sabu pretends to be stunned and asks what this chairman of the board wants.

Yoon-wan tells him that he wants Park Min-kook to take care of all the surgery from now on for the Minister. No one here should touch him. if you do not listen to me then you will be punished.

Sabu asks, what if I do not agree as the doctor?

YW tells him he is not asking him. if you don’t like it then leave the hospital. if you do not like it then you decide, it is your pride or your job.

Elsewhere, the head nurse goes to the anesthesiologist and says that she saw a lot of news cameras.

Cut back to the hospital where Eunjae is swarmed by reporters who all ask about the Military Minister. 

Inside, Park Min-Kook sees Woojin at the Ministers side. He tells him to step away. But Woojin says that eh cannot step away until he has the order from his attending physician.

The nurse yells that the blood pressure is going down. Woojin starts to call the doctor, but the other doctor stops him.

In the lobby, Eunjae tries to hold all he reports out by the door. But they are pushing to be let in.

Sabu asks Yoon-wan if he called them.

Then Eun-jae is pushed out of the way and almost trampled by reporters as they barge in and point their camera flashes in Sabu and Yoon-wan’s face off.


We see Woojin tells Eunjae that he only drinks black coffee and then he tells her that he will not piggy back her if she falls and then we see him piggy backing her after falling. Cut back to the coffee scene where she gets her coffee and walks away.

Fade Out


Wow, what a way to end the episode! I can see why this show has 18% ratings with a peak viewership of 22%, goodness! They do not stop with the stakes and drama.

I love everything so far about this season. I even love not really knowing what happened last season because it adds a bit of intrigue for me. How about you? Is there anyone reading this that did not watch season 1 and is enjoying season 2 anyway, or are you completely lost?

I feel like they have given us enough to understand that these two people do not like each other and that the big bad guy was kicked out and is back somehow due to politics and higher ups.

Can they just leave this tiny hospital in the country side alone to save lives already!

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  1. Sharan
    January 8, 2020 / 11:56 am

    I am totally a fan of Kim Sabu from season 1.. it’s okay if season 1 is missed .. except for the main male and female leads .. all are in S2.. so i don’t think there will be a confusion. Am excited for this drama 😍

    • V
      January 8, 2020 / 3:26 pm

      I really like it so far! Except for the new female doctor, she is kind of bothering me. But I think her character is supposed to bother so it’s all good!

  2. lyn.miharbi
    January 8, 2020 / 9:24 pm

    me! i did not watched the 1st season, and am currently enjoying this 2nd season as much as you guys ^^

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