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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

The last episode was pretty fun! Though I am side-eyeing Eun-jae making it into a surgery residency while not being able to withstand a surgery 😒. Y’all, that is the biggest impossibility in the professional world of medicine. But, I will just over glance over that since I like everything else that is going on.

I am really intrigued by the backstory that Ii apparently missed by not seeing season 1. But I kind of like that because it adds a ton of mystery to my watch. Okay, on to episode 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open right at Woojin hobbling over to Sabu and telling him that he needs money. You asked me if I need a job, I need money. How much can you pay me?

Sabu asks, are you only going to the surgery room for money? It sounds like that , is it? 

Woojin says yes. So Sabu asks, if you just sell yourself, that is all you need? Woojin asks how much he can pay him. Sabu chuckles a bit. But Woojin starts to tear up as he stares at him which gives Sabu pause.

Then we flash to a 911 call where someone is saying, Help Me, Help Me! The 911 responder tries to find out the information. The person on the phone says that his mom and dad can’t move and I can’t breath, save me.

This person is a kid of about 10. It looks like his home has carbon monoxide poisoning and he is trying to call the emergency line.

This kid might be Woojin.

In the present, Woojin and Sabu sit in Sabu’s office. he asks Woojin why he did not fix the diaphragm tear on his own. Did you have to have a combined surgery?

Woojin says that he just decided that a diaphragm should be handled by a CS surgeon. Sabu asks if that is it? Woojin asks him what more he wants to know? Sabu says he was just curious. Whether he could do it and did not our could not do it.


Gi-tae brings out sweet potatoes to Eun-jae and Areum that are just baked. AR takes one happily. Eun-jae says that she does not eat carbs after 6pm. Areum tells her that she is so good at self control, I can’t do that. Eun-jae looks at the office door and sighs.

Inside the office, Woojin says that he did not want to touch something that he is not responsible for. he is just a paid doctor and they were not paying him for that.

Sabu asks if he always lives like that? Woojin explains that is how he survives. Sabu wants to know why he was a whistleblower then? You avoid all trouble and yet you did that. Woojin tells him that he is not there for a life consultation.

Sabu mentions that he needs to know about him. Woojin leans in and tells him that he was very young and with one mistake he lost his doctor career. i super regret that. Is that a good answer?

Sabu stands and goes to an old boombox and takes out a tape cassette. he tells him that he will find a pharmacy at the end of the hallway. It is late so there is no bus and nowhere to stay so ~.

Woojin cuts him off and tells him that he did not say how much he would pay him. Sabu says that it is late so he can go back to Seoul tomorrow. Woojin asks, do I just go back? Sabu tells him that he was wrong about him.

Woojin asks what he is doing? You called me all the way here, are you joking? Sabu drops his things on the counter and asks if he thinks he is that good of a person? Woojin says he said he needs help. Sabu says he needs a doctor. Then he tsks and walks to the door.

Sabu opens the door and says that he will pay him for his interview time. Go away.

In the lobby, Eun-jae wonders what she is doing there. Then she grabs all her things and starts to roll them out. But Gi-tae pushes them all back and asks, what are you doing??? Some of her things fall so he starts to help her pick them up but she says she can do it because she does not like other people touching her things.

One of the doctors, Bae Moon-jung, comes out and happily great Gi-tae and sees that there are new doctors there. Then he happily hums himself to his office.

Gi-tae then tells Eun-jae, one month. He further elaborates that it has been one month since he has been here. Just in case you wonder about that. Eun-jae smiles and says she did not but she also asks if his family came with him?

Gi-tae says no, he is divorced. She is stunned to hear it. Gi-tae asks if she would like him to find out more information about him? She says no, you don’t have to, haha. Then she sits back on the bench as if deciding to stay.

In Moon-jung’s office are all sorts of bones from different creatures. He greets the human skeleton as Elizabeth and says that Oppa is back. Were you lonely alone?

Meanwhile, Woojin leaves Sabu’s office looking all broken and pitiful. Cut to Sabu’s office where he is changing. Woojin bursts back in and asks if he can try it out for one week? Give me one week. I am confident with my skills.

Sabu says that he never evaluated someone with a price and I will never do it. Woojin asks for $10,000 for now. Can you give me that?

Flashback to Sabu speaking with the old hospital about Woojin. This person says that Woojin does not have a good evaluation, why him? We also had a rumor that he works at a bar to pay for his debt. Find someone else.

In the present, Sabu tells Woojin to prove himself for me to change my mind in one week. Woojin asks, does that mean you will take care of $10,000? Sabu says it will be harder than you expect.

Woojin asks again, does that mean you will do it?



Three cars are driving and the bodyguard in one of the cars tells someone else on a walkie talkie that everything is fine. There is also a helicopter escort with this caravan.

The minister of the military is in one of the cars. But the driver of the car has a heart attack! This causes the car to flip several times.


AR introduces herself to all the nurses and doctors working the morning shift in the hospital. Jung In-soo introduces himself as her direct sunbae and how it has been a long time since he has been the only one in the hospital.

The head nurse, Oh Myung-sim says it has only been two months. Even so, In-soo tells AR that he is super happy to have a comrade. The other nurses introduce themselves. AR tells Nurse Park that he is handsome. Everyone is all like, yes, he is super popular. Nurse Park is embarrassed.

They all start to get to work but Areum says that it looks like they do not have too many patients because it is morning? Everyone stops and turns around as if a gong sounded. AR asks if she said something wrong.

The nurse says that saying that is something that you should not say in the ER. AR says, ah, no patients? Everyone gulps again. The nurse tells her, in our hospital, don’t ever say that ever, okay? AR nods, okay. Everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

AR asks one of the nurses why not to say that. The nurse mention that this is their jinx at their hospital. When you say that, patients will start to show up. AR says that is nothing, it won’t happen. But then the phones start ringing.

In another area of the hospital, Eunjae asks Woojin why he is there? It is ridiculous. Why are you here? He ignores her. So she keeps asking and he asks if she heard the rumor? I am fired. Ask the main branch. Why are you here?

She asks him if he heard the rumor? A GS did not want to fix a diaphragm tear so I went there and fell out because I was in two places. he tells her that she went to sleep. She asks if he has evidence! he tells her that all the people in the room are evidence.

He calls someone but no one answers so then he leans in closely to Eunjae as he did before back when it looked like he was going to kiss her. In this case, he tells her that she has sleep in her eyes that she should probably clean out.

He backs away and she picks up a book to hit him with. But then Moon-jung comes in so they all introduce themselves. Eunjae is all smiles and pleasantness as she talks to him bashfully.

But then there is an emergency so they have to rush out. While Woojin rushes out, he grabs his side in pain, but continues on.

In the lobby, all he government emergency people have arrived. They tell them that they need to empty the emergency room. The head nurse says that they cannot give them the emergency room. Even if this is the Prime Minister we still cannot return emergency patients.

The military minister will be in soon so they say that they need to leave and get the emergency room ready for him, though it looks like he will have to share with the other ER people? I think so.

The nurse then explains it all to the new doctors. The main reason the Military Minister is there is because he was not wearing a seat belt when the car flipped so he is in critical need.

They all hurry off to get to work.


The Minister comes in, and at the same time, Do Yoon-wan gets a call as to what is going on with the Military Minister.

The Military Minister gets in and the new doctors take charge of all the emergency things as if they have been there for a long time. The nurse chides In-soo about this a tiny bit and then the next emergency person comes in which might be the driver.

They get to work on both of them.

Sabu talks to someone on the phone about everything they should know about medication.

Meanwhile, the doctors continue working on both patients. There is massive bleeding and the intestines are damaged. There is also a hemorrhage in the lungs.

AR thinks in her head that this is daebak for her first day. Woojin and Eunjae argue over what to do and the nurse sees their interactions. But even while arguing, they still work at intubating the patient and doing various things to save their lives.

The nurse watches them both closely. Woojin starts to give several orders to the nurses but then Sabu comes in dramatically as he swishes the plastic curtains away.

He tells the nurse to prepare for surgery. Woojin asks if they won’t have a CT? Sabu tells him a CT is a waste of time, he will have a heart attack while we do that. Woojin thinks they can buy time with a transfusion.

Sabu explains that even one second is important in an emergency. they cannot waste time. So off to the surgery room they go. Eunjae introduces herself as the are there. He tells her that he will not give anyone a break that takes a nap in the surgery room. if you are not confident, then tell me.

She says she can do it so he tells her to prepare in 5 minutes. Wait in front of the surgery room. He leaves and all the nurses look at her like, um, you slept in the surgery room? Eunjae is pretty embarrassed.

On the way out, she sees Woojin who tells her that this time he will not run with her on his piggyback. She sighs as if her first day could not go worse.


Woojin introduces himself to the anesthesiologist who tells him that he has a lot of work to do with the Minister. The nurse tells him not to be shy about it.

Elsewhere, the military men show up and say that the Military Minister should not be in this tiny hospital, he needs to be in Seoul at a top hospital. Sabu comes up and says that the Minister will be dead before he gets there. he also mentions that he talked it over with the military hospital doctor. They shared the patients information and agree on surgery.

They double check with the military doctor who is in surgery right now. The doctor says that he told them to go to that hospital and perform surgery. if you wait then it could be fatal. This is the only way.

Elsewhere, the bad guy’s secretary asks him if he is going to go to Doldam hospital? Yoon-wan says no. Boo Yong-joo (Kim Sabu’s real name) will not waste this kind of chance. Even though this case will not be that easy.

The military doctor continues to explain things to Sabu about the minister. One issue is that he has been taking Aspirin for his coronary heart disease so if you open him up the bleeding will be hard to stop. He knows that an operation on this patient will be very difficult.

While Sabu washes his hands Gi-tae takes a photo to commemorate the occasion. it is the first surgery in their new surgery room! And the first patient is our Military Minister! This is all fortunate news! 

Sabu tells him not to go that far, it could be bad news as well.


Sabu goes into the surgery. As he goes in, we cut to Yoon-wan who drinks a tea and wonders who will be the beneficiary of this surgery.

Eun-jae gets ready to go to surgery as well. She looks at her medicine and thinks about taking it. We don’t know if she did or not.

She heads inside the surgery room and has to walk by all the military people. All the surgeons and nurses are in the room preparing to open up the military man. The anesthesiologist says that he might have a heart attack as soon as they open him up. 

This surgery will be all damage control. The next surgery will fix a lot of the damage.

They open him up and blood bubbles out of the body like a fountain. They have to suck all the blood up. Sabu tells Woojin that they will cut the spleen in 5 minutes. Woojin is amazed that they can do that in 5 minutes.

They tell Wooin to get to work. He starts working, but has a little mistake with his side pain. So he has to start again. Sabu reminds him that he told him he was confident with surgery, is this all you have? Woojin apologizes and gets to work.

They get the spleen out and then move to the liver. Eun-jae stays on standby in the surgical waiting area. She is amazed that the surgery is going so fast. Gi-tae tells her that is why Sabu is said to have the hands of God.

The surgery continues and Eun-jae goes inside. There is a problem. The bleeding is becoming too much. Sabu tells Woojin it is because he is taking aspirin. So they have to use gauze to suck up all the blood.

Sabu calls for Eunjae to come in so Eunjae gets to work and tells herself to do a good job. She inserts something into his side which fills with blood. It looks like it is to measure how much blood is lost.

There is a whole ton of blood lost so the team waits to see when the bleeding will stabilize. But it does not, the container keeps filling up with blood. It looks like this surgery has failed.


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