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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 3

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 3

This is part 3 of our live recap of Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Sabu is out for surgery on his hand. Moon-jung is the lead on the surgery. They have his hand open and start to perform the surgery on the carpel tunnel. 

He has high inflammation. So he team thinks that he performed all those surgeries with his hand like this.

Meanwhile, Ho-joon searches through Sabu’s things secretly and finds the diagnosis paperwork that Woo-jin gave Sabu.

In his office, Park wrote another resignation letter and lays it on his desk.

In the ER area, another patient has come in with a serious injury. Areum, In-soo, and Eum are working on him.

In the ER area, EJ tells Woo-jin that he can go to the ER since the surgery is almost over. Then she gets a call from her main branch doctor.

In the ER, Woo-jin talks to In-soo about how this patient has flipped internal organs which is super rare. So organs are on the right when they should be on the left and vice versa. they try to figure out how to help him with his injuries. They have to operate on him but wonder what to do since Sabu is not available.

Woo-jin sees Dr. Park about to walk out and stops him. He tells him that the have a very rare case patient and need his help. I have no experience in this, please help us.

Dr. Park thinks about what Sabu told him about running away again. He tells him to please consider it. Dr. Park thinks about this and then decides to go help out. they walk into the ER in slow motion. Park drops his briefcase on the floor and whips off his jacket and asks what the condition of the patient is.

Dr. Sim watches and smiles.

Meanwhile. Ho-joon is in Do Yoon-wan’s office with the diagnosis paperwork. DYW is happy about it. HJ asks if they can fire Sabu with this? DYW thinks this is great. He asks his name and tells him that he will remember it from now on.

After surgery, Woo-jin sees Eun-jae sitting in the hallway and pleasantly asks what she is doing. Where you waiting for me? She asks him if he wants to drink a coffee.

They go drink a coffee in the break room. He tells her it tastes good. Then he sits next to her and tells her to tell him what she wants to tell him. She asks if he is a mind reader now? He says he has seen her since school. I know you by your facial expressions. Whether you are happy or not happy or having a hard time or want to tell me something.

She tells him, actually, I got a call from Dr. Oh. He asked me to help him in his urgent cases for a couple days.

He asks if she is going back?

She says that he is her professor so how can I refuse? So, can I come back?

Woo-jin tells her yes, of course.

She holds his hands and lays her head on his shoulder. he puts his arm around her and smiles.


The team is all bright and happy, some are sleepy. They ask Areum how her exam went? She asks who wants coffee. 

Later on, Eun-tak sees her sitting in the break room alone and sits next to her. She says that she was thinking about how to hide in a rat hole. He tells her that she does not know the results yet, so dont’ worry about it.

Areum mentions that the Doldam people all look like geniuses, how can I compare. He tells her that she is a genius, she is a smile genius. She smiles (lol, so adorable). 

She says that her Eun-tak came back as the Eun-tak that she likes. You were a little scary because you were so stiff for awhile. He says that he wasn’t stiff, he was just cowardly. Actually, after I heard that you and In-bum are relatives, I felt a little distant.

Areum says that she knows that In-bum’s family is famous, but my family is regular. We are just relatives. My father is a teacher and my aunt and family was busy so In-bum came to our house a lot. I bothered him after I went to medical school.

ET asks why she likes him. She says he is handsome. You have a handsome face and your ideas are handsome and your heart is handsome.

He reaches in and kisses her on the cheek. She is so surprised.

He tells her that he will try his best to always be a handsome boyfriend to you. They both smile and laugh awkwardly.




Moon-jung and team check on Sabu’s wrist while in Sabu’s office and asks how it feels. He says that it feels good, there is no pain. It is much better. I feel like I can go to the surgery room right now. Woo-jin tell shim that he shouldn’t. You should limit yourself from any big activities.

Sabu tells Woo-jin not to worry about it, doctor. I think I can do 30 more years with this hand. They all smile. Moon-jung tells him to take his medicine. I will start rehab next week. 

They joke about Sabu following directions and then Gi-tae  comes in with an important piece of mail. Sabu tells him that they can talk about it later so Gi-tae holds it close to his chest.

Moon-jung and Woo-jin leave the office. MJ tells WJ that he does not think they need to worry about Sabu, he cooperates with rehab well.

Moon-jung asks if there is any contact with EJ yet? WJ has a flashback to EJ telling him that it will be 2-3 days. WJ tells her to make it 2 days. So she says yes, 2 days. He gives her a big hug and tells her that if she does not come back then he will find her and catch her.

She says that the person she is most interested in is here, of course I will come back. He tells her to be careful while driving and gives her a kiss on the forehead.


In-soo starts to say that EJ left and it has been more than a week, almost 10 days and there still isn’t any contact. I think Dr. Oh caught her. we all know that Dr. Oh is greedy with doctors. Whoever is good, he wants to take under him.

Woo-jin slams the book closed he is reading and asks In-soo if he is going to eat his ramen? then he walks out.

Cut to Eun-jae working hard in the main hospital. She impresses her professor. He asks what happened for the last 2 months in Doldam? She tells him it is all because of Kim Sabu. I learned a lot. He asks her to do another case. But she says that she performed 3 more surgeries than she promised.

He tells her that with her skills she can spend a few more years here and master her surgery skills. You can stay here.

She asks him why he did not do that from the beginning, you should have trusted me back then. He tells her that she was super bad back then.

She asks if he knows the law of Koi?

he asks what that is. 

She tells him that based on the size of the tank, the size of the fish is determined. So I am sorry but I am too big to be in your fish tank. I will head out now. She bows and he chuckles admiringly.

While walking out, she remembers Kim Sabu telling her that people do as well as they are trusted to do. And they mature as much as they are taken care of and grow as much as they are acknowledged. She says that the results are do to herself and they can have a big change.


Sabu tells Dr. Park that he heard he did so many surgeries in the last few weeks. Youa re so good at emergency surgeries so why do you only look after appointment cancer patients. Dr. Park says that he already told him that he likes routine and a predictable schedule that he can control. 

Sabu tells him that he will give him his word, you belong here. Your excuse is me, but you wanted to come here. Min-kook tells him that he is wrong. Sabu says that they should do this together. You and me are twisted swordsmen who are not good with VIPs. Dont’ go mainstream, stay here in the countryside and save people. that style fits up better, right? So stop running away.

Min-kook says that if he stays there, he will give him more of a headache. Sabu tells him that a little bit of stress is a good thing. MK says his system is not good. Sabu asks if he has any ideas? MK tells him that if he stays there longer then he wants to make this place into a trauma center with government support in 3 years.

Sabu says that is what he wants the most.

MK says that to do that, they need a lot of politics. Do you think you can handle it? Sabu says, call, lets do it. He starts to walk out.

MK tell shim, did you know that you are a really crazy person Sabu? Sabu pats him on the shoulder and starts to laugh then lets himself out.

Min-kook sits and calls the Minister of Health and Welfare department.

VO – Like that, Kim Sabu started to put the founding stone for his dream.


Areum checks her results, but actually she lets everyone else check her results on the computer for her. They all look sad so she tells them that it is okay. I will study hard and apply next year. One year is nothing in my 20 year plan.

Eun-tak tells her that she passed and they all laugh. She asks, really? Really really? They tell her of course, 96% of applicants passed. She runs over and sees her name there and cheers. They all smile.

One person asks her what her dream is in 20 yers. She says that in 20 years she ants to be Kim Sabu of Doldam.

Eum says that she wants to be the head nurse of Doldam! They both high five a lot.

Gi-tae jokes that the head nurse and Do-il should work hard before they take over. But the Head nurse and Do-il says that they can take their position if it is them. Gi-tae asks, recently it seems like you two agree a lot? (as if they have a love line, lol). They ignore him playfully and get back to work



But then Do Yoon-wan comes in with a group of men behind him, one of them is Ho-joon. Sabu greets him and asks what is up? DYW tells him there is only one reason he would come here. First, to kick you out from here. 

Sabu asks what the next one is.

DYW tells him to remove Doldam.

Sabu chuckles and then tells DYW that he acknowledges that he is always consistent.

DYW holds up the MS diagnosis in front of him. Sabu looks at Ho-joon. HJ can’t meet his gaze. DYW tells him that he droped the scapel during surgery and has an injured hand and you think you can go into surgery?

Sabu asks, why can’t I? My CTS surgery went great. And, MS is minor, I control it with drugs. What is the problem?

DYW tells him that MS can be a problem if I want to make it a problem. Sabu says yes, you can pick on whatever so it could be a problem. So what?

DYW says that their Godae foundations board members think this is a serious matter. Sabu asks why he is talking about this serious thing here? DYW tells him that the foundation decides all the hiring.

Sabu chuckles and tells Gi-te to come out and give that to him. So Gi-tae gives him the envelope tht he had earlier. Sabu opens it and shows it to DYW.

This paperwork says – Doldam is its own foundation. Boo Young-joo is he chairperson. 

DYW asks what this is? Sabu asks, you dont’ know? This Doldam hospital has nothing to do with Godae hospital, we are independent. We get 4 million a year from Godae foundation, but we run it independently. That is the will of our past chairman Sim.

DYW looks confused. He thinks back to the woman that visited him who told him about the inheritance that Sim was busy with. She also told him that Sabu was not a kite with the string cut.

DYW calls the daughter of the chairman (who was in season 1) who answers and says that was her fathers will. To take care of that, it delayed my inheritance a bit. But what can i do, he is not going to give me any money if I do not save Doldam. That is what happened so don’t be too sad. She asks how Sabu is.

DYW throws his cell phoe on the floor and flips the f-out. Everyone runs into lookat him flipping his lid. He even throws a bookshelf on the floor.

Sabu tellshim, Chairman DO, never ever come here anymore. Also, dont’ think about acquiring this land and dont’ touch what we do. Also, don’t fake all that nonsense. People might trust you.

DYW grabs Sabu but everyone pulls him off of him. Sabu is all like, ah, I have wrinkles now. Woojin stands between DYW and Sabu. DYW tells him to get out of the way! I am chairman of the board! Chairman of the board!!!!

The head nurse calls for Mr. Gu. He comes in and tells DYW that he needs to be excused. Sabu chuckles. DYW lets go of Woo-jin and fumes.

But then Joo comes running in and tells Sabu that there was a big fire in a jimjilbang, there are 24 injuries! Sabu tells the team to get to work, there are 24 now but there might be more! Tell them to separate the critical from the minor. Send the minor ones to the local clinic and the serious ones can come here!

he tells the team to get ready to check the patients conditions! And call Dr. Park! Dr. Park comes walking down the steps and says that he is here. Then he tells Ho-joon to get to work as well. Ho-joon is super happy and says that he will go change!

Do-il tells Sim to prepare the surgery room. She smiles and walks back in. 

Sabu tells DYW, see, this is what doctors do.

Then he goes into the emergency room in slow motion.

VO – This is the law of romantic preservation. 

He swings his jacket on dramatically

VO – Everyone knows that it exists but don’t believe that it exists. 

He takes his spot at the front of the team

VO – Al he beautiful values thta theywish existed whenthey needed it. Living is finding a new path everyday. if you want it or not, facing reality comes every year.

The patients tart to show up and the team rushes to work.

VO – you can’t find the right answer ever time. But Kim Sabu always said, never stop asking the question of why and how we live. As soon as you stop asking that question, the romance ends. Okay? he said that.

The team keeps working hard. 

Eun-jae returns and heads inside the hospital with a smile.



Okay, this ending was super long. But this tail end was great. It took well over an hour to get there, but at least the last 5-10 minutes were worthwhile to watch. I love that Sabu finally got over on DYW, even though it was convenient that they got this form in just in time to save the day. But I don’t care because I want Doldam to succeed!

So, season 3 anyone?

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  1. Mio
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    Yeeaahh! Season 3 🥰

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    THANKS FOR UR AWESOME NARRATION! ❤️ Enjoyed very much, as good as watching the drama 👍

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    Awaiting season 3….With romantic principles of kim sabu again

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  4. Allison
    February 26, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    The daughter of the late chairman was in season 1 finale and iwas mentioned to be Kim Sabu former girlfriend. She is alsoa Doctor and joined the Doctor Without Borders

    • V
      February 27, 2020 / 10:13 pm

      Thank you for that Allison!

    • Evelande
      June 16, 2020 / 5:31 pm

      That’s two different people. Kim Sabu often argued with the daughter especially since she helped get him fired, but she was grateful that Kim Sabu saved her dad.

    • kitten
      April 11, 2022 / 5:41 pm

      That’s a different person. Kim Hye-soo is the actress that played Sabu’s ex-GF who was with him in Doctors Without Borders.

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