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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Later on, Moon-jung starts to go home and is approached by Ho-joon. Ho-joon asks MJ if Sabu has another disease besides CTS? I just overheard it.

MJ says that is a rumor. Ho-joon says that it good and then heads out.

Meanwhile, Sabu is sitting next to the chiefs bed and starts to tear up as he watches him sleeping. He tries to keep himself from crying but starts to cry anyway.


The next morning, Sabu gathers everyone up in the ER are and tells them that they need to follow Chief director Yeo’s will and turn off life support. If you want to say goodbye, you can say your last goodbye to him.

He walks out.

Eun-tak voices over – Sabu’s voice that says his farewell was calmer than expected. Our last goodbye wasn’t too heavy.

We cut to all the team laughing and joking with Dr. Yeo about everything. Areum asks if he will accept her if she does not pass the board exam. The chief asks In-soo what he thinks. In-soo says that she just complains about passing the board, so just pass the board okay.

They keep joking about the board exam. The chief coughs up a lung and everyone stops and grows worried. Nurse Eum starts crying and apologizes for crying. He tells her not to cry. Saying bye is a bad thing but dying isn’t so bad.

Areum asks if she can sing a song. In-soo tells her not to go too far, I don’t think you are that good. The chairman asks her if she can?

So she tells him that she will sing her favorite lullaby. 

She starts to sing the lullaby. Everyone looks on sadly.

Later on, the head nurse, Do-il, and Gi-tae go into Sabu’s office and tell him that the chief director is waiting for him. So he goes to see the chief director. Everyone else waits behind him outside the room.

Sabu tells the head nurse to give pain medication. She has a hard time doing it so Do-il tells her that he can do it.

Sabu tells the chief that they took off all the things hanging from him. they won’t do anything for him anymore.

The chief tells them thank you and says that he is really sorry to them but he is happy to say goodbye. Goodbye everyone.

He looks at all the faces looking at him and then tells Sabu, I hope you really open a trauma center.

Sabu says, I will….. see you later.

The chief goes to flatline. Everyone starts to cry.

WJ – (Any kind of farewell carves a mark in peoples hearts.) 

He thinks about his moms farewell and his best friends farewell and Sabu.

WJ – (It is usually painful and lonely so now I don’t want to say goodbye to anyone.)

Later on, Woo-jin waits for Sabu and tells him that he has an answer to his homework. He hands him a piece of paper. Sabu reads it.

Flashback to Woo-jin looking at all the notebooks in front of him. he still doesn’t have a hint. Moon-jung tlells him to narrow his search. Listen to what Sabu told you. It is not GS so take that one out. 

He starts to say what it isn’t so Moon-jung removes all those notebooks. CS is goodbye so all that is left is EM. So Woo-jin checks with In-soo to find a case that they have not operated on yet.

In-soo tells him that Dr. Yoon did most of the work on this project (from season 1). Woo-jin asks him who knows about te project the best, besides Dr. yoon. So they go to talk to Eun-tak who was in that project from the begining. He asks what happened?

MJ tells ET that Sabu gave WJ homework. So they all work together to find the answer.

Woo-jin finally finds out that Sabu has Multiple Sclerosis. 

Sabu reads the findings and tells Woo-jin to set the surgery date as my primary doctor. WJ says okay.




Sabu looks out over a lake when Dr. Park comes walking up. Sabu tells him that this is the best spot in this lake. 

Dr. Park asks why he wants to see him? Sabu says that he has right arm CTS surgery today. I wont’ be able to operate for 3 weeks. I hope you can perform the surgery during those times.

Park says that he does not understand, why ask me?

Sabu says he is still the chief director here. Park says that he quit, it has nothing to do with me. Find someone else.

Sabu asks if he is running away again? If you keep running away, then you will not be able to get away from anything.

Park tells him to stop playing teacher. Don’t compare me to those people with blemishes. Sabu tells him it is not a blemish, it is a scar. And we all have it. Just for 3 weeks. As a fellow doctor, please consider it.


The chief looks around his desk when Ho-joon comes in. HJ is so happy to see him and tells him that he worried about him so much. Park asks if he removed his resignation letter? Ho-joon says yes. Park tells him to bring it to him.

HJ tells him that he should not write a resignation letter without letting me know. I spent so much time and effort under you. I am all in to you. You should not break like you in this countryside hospital with that nonsense doctor. I cannot approve your resignation letter. No. Okay?

Min-kook asks if he is stupid?

Ho-joon says you can call me stupid and dumb, okay, just stay there! 

Are you crazy?

When you came here, I followed you without complaint! I was a drinking secretary and your driver and all other dirty jobs. I did them without complaints. Because I want to be successful, okay? I want to be famous and part of the mainstream world. But if you collapse like this, what about my life? You can control your own life, but what about me?

MK tells him that he still has his spot in the main branch. I can send you there.

Ho-joon bitterly tells him that he can be his henchman, but he does not want to be leftovers! I was loyal and did everything for yuo for the last ten years. You must be responsible for me. You cannot run away over there. You are responsible for my last ten years! 

he wipes his eyes and awlks out.




In his office, Sabu smiles at the diagnosis that Woo-jin made and then puts it inside his drawer. he walks out and is greeted by Woo-jin ad Do-il who walk with him to surgery. he is greeted in surgeyr by all the people at the hospital and asks to be taken care of.

They all give him hearts and wish him good luck in surgery.

Flashback to Woo-jin asking why he gave him this homework. You said you need feel and luck. Sabu tells him that feeling and luck are important for surgeons. But to get that much feeling and luck, you need effort and experience. In that file, are all of my surgeries.

Flashback to season one.

I documented all of my surgeries for trauma cases. Those surgeons that were part of that project. there were some few cases and some many cases and simulations and successes and failures. We tried to find better ways.

Flashback to everything that Sabu is talking about.

The reason Ii diagnosed pneumothoracs and got the intercostal vessel, is not just luck and feeling. As a doctor, the only way to reduce mistakes is hands on working experience. That is why we are putting all our cases together and making a protocol. We call it the sharp rock project.

Woo-jin asks him why he gave it to him. Sabu smiles and puts his hand on his shoulder then tells him it if because he is one of the sharp stones. Is that a good answer?


(We have thirty more minutes to go in this finale y’all, so breaking it up into one more part so you can read this one right away.)

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  1. Sandra Bekin
    December 19, 2022 / 1:11 pm

    If I may correct a translation please accept it
    It is a ′corner stone, not a ′sharp stone’.
    It was called the Cornerstone Project.

    In old European corners of the house we set with a big stone to support the building these stones were called cornerstone. Cornerstones made the building very strong and stable and to last for many years.

    • Sandra, from Australia. A 66 years old grandmother.
      December 19, 2022 / 1:32 pm

      I corrected my errors and posted my comment again.

  2. Sandra, from Australia. A 66 years old grandmother.
    December 19, 2022 / 1:29 pm

    If I may correct a translation please accept it.

    It is a corner stone, not a sharp stone.

    It was called the Cornerstone Project.

    In many very old European buildings made of stone, the corners of the buildings were set with a big stones to support the walls. These stones were called corner stones. They gave the walls a good base, or foundation.

    A corner is where two walls meet at an angle about 45 degrees.

    Cornerstones made the walls very strong and solid so they could last for hundreds of years.

    The young doctors were like ′cornerstones ′ and meant to be the strong foundation of his project.

    I love KDrama and I love this series. I read English subtitles because I do not understand Hanguel.

    Thank you.

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