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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

And here we are at the final episode! But as I said yesterday, it doesn’t really feel like a final episode. It just feels like any other episode and with less stakes at that? It’s weird. I am happy to see how this story will end though, so let’s find out!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Eun-tak sits sadly in the hallway on the bench thinking about who Areum’s oppa is. We see a flashback of him asking her who that oppa is. She ends up telling him that Do In-bum is her cousin. he is my aunts son.

Eun-tak sighs and goes inside the chiefs room to check on him. Then things start to beep and he looks at the chiefs face. Cut to all the doctors and nurses running into the room.

The chief woke up!

Everyone is all choked up. But then they get to work and take out the ventilator since he is breathing on his own. The chief cpughs when the intubation is taken out. Sabu asks how he feels? Is it more comfortable breathing on your own?

Then he tells him he is sorry that he did not keep his promise to him. The chief pats him on his hand signaling that it is okay. He is smiling.


DYW meets with the woman that entered his office at the end of the last episode and says that he wondered what was going on. The woman says that chairman Shin was busy taking care of the inheritance. He will come as soon as it is taken care of.

DYW tells her that he heard that she visited Doldam hospital. She asks how he knows since Kim Sabu would not have told him. He says he has a lot of eyes there. She asks if Kim Sabu still bothers him? He says no. He just wants to have an update on Doldam hospital.

Since the former chairman died, Boo Young-joo has no support. I don’t have to care about him at all.

She tells him that he should, he is not a kite without a wire.


Woo-jin is working on the project that Sabu gave him. EJ asks him what this project is. WJ tells her that it is Kim Sabu’s homework to him. 

There faces are too close to each other so she sits in the chair and tells him that she heard that Moon-jung and his father do not have a good relationship. WJ asks why she is in someone elses business so much?

EJ starts to explain how Moon-jung is kind and good and nice and keeps to himself and I had a crush on him when I was in school. I even signed up for the bone club to see him more often. One day I heard that he only drinks espresso so I only had espresso for awhile. I don’t even drink that bitter thing now, funny right?

WJ tells her, I actually hate black coffee. I just wanted to let you know that. He hops up and leaves. She looks at the black coffee that she just brought him.


In the common break room, Moon-jung talks to his father who asks him if he has been hiding like this? MJ tells him that he didn’t hide, he just didn’t contact him. In this world, you are the only one that gives me a hard time, you know that.

His father tells him that he has lived like this more than a year, just come back. MJ tells him that he will live like this longer, do not come back. he gets up to leave. His father asks why he became a doctor if he is going to live in the countryside?

MJ says his life id more fulfilled and better than just being your puppet. he leaves.

WJ walks up to him and tells him that he heard his father came. MJ says yes, he is in a hurry. then the father comes out and asks WJ if he is doctor Seo Woo-jin? You should not live your life borrowing money, you should not live like your father.

Woo-jin is all like, what?

The father tells him that he should appreciate his son for his entire life. MJ yells for his father to leave already. 


In the locker room, EJ thinks about why WJ said he liked black coffee when he doesn’t. She kind of wonders if he likes her but then tells herself that it shouldn’t be.

She gets a call just then from her doctor at the old hospital who asks to check on how she is. He tells her that he is so busy right now. Come back to the main branch. I heard that you fixed your issue. Dr. Kim Sabu told me. I gave up on you because you couldn’t be a surgeon, but that sunbae is really great. He fixed that.

In another room, Moon-jung asks Woo-jin how he knows that loan sharks name. Wj says that the person he saw is the chairman. WJ asks, is he your father? MJ says yes, he is my father. He is the big hand in Myung-dong. Your father borrowed money from him.

WJ asks, why did this kind of thing happen? In his voice he thinks, why does my life always haunt me.





In the ER reception are, nurse Eum sees that things are a bit awkward with Dr. Yoon and Eun-tak. So she asks nurse Joo what happened. Joo says that she was right, Areum is dating two men. Maybe Eun-tak found out about it.

Areum goes up to Eun-tak to chat and asks if he is okay? About the chief director? Sh tells her that his consciousness came back. She asks, what about us? Are we okay? he just looks at her.

Then the camera cuts to the chief director. Sabu is at his bedside caring for him and asks how he feels. Sabu starts to say a lot of things about his medicine and treatment. The chief softly tells him that he put a lot in his body. Then he tells him to take all this out.

Sabu wants to say something but the chief shakes his head and tells Sabu that he wants to follow the natural law and die. I respected my existence so please respect my death.


Ho-joon goes into the chiefs office and sees his resignation letter. Then there is a knock on the door. Do Yoon-wan comes in and asks to see chief Park. Ho-joon tells him that he is not here yet. Wait here and I will call him. 

Ho-joon puts the resignation letter in his pocket and tries to call Dr. Park. Then he goes to Dr. Sim’s office and says that he cannot contact Dr. Park. His phone is off and I saw this (he shows the letter).

Dr. Park is currently at church praying.


Do-il tells the team that the chief wants them to honor his death. Sabu told him. If the patient wants that, then we need to follow it.

Sabu is currently in his office looking out the window. EJ goes to talk to him and says that she got a call from Dr. Oh to go back to the main branch. Sabu tells her that is good for her. You always wanted to go back.

She asks if he does not need her? I think I did a good job here, right?

He says that if she wants him to stop her from going, I won’t do it. She asks if that means he does not need her? He tells her that what he means is that this decides your life as a doctor so my opinion should not be in there.

She tells him that he can at least give her advice. So he tells her to sit down and says that if she stays here, you will have a harder time and you will have to sacrifice more. You will have to run to the surgery room because of patients and you will be tired and worn out. But, this is something that someone has to do. 

The responsibility will give you a lot of pain, but when you see the patients that you saved everyday, you will be proud as a doctor. But, if you go back to the main branch, you will build your career in a lot better of a situation than this. You will have more support for research and you will build a good connection. You will have better opportunities in your life. With your experience and skill you will get paid more also.

But which is better and more valuable? If you ask me then I can’t decide. Life, not comparing to other people, is all about choice. i am sure that you can be well anywhere. Whatever choice yo make and whatever path you choose so don’t doubt yourself Cha Eun-jae, okay?

She wipes a tear.



Elsewhere in the hospital, Moon-jung tries to talk to Woo-jin. He wants to sit with him and talk to him. But Woo-jin says that he is sorry he can’t talk to him about it. I am angry but I do not know where to release it.

It is all in the past among our parents. It is something I do not understand, but it is not your fault.

Moon-jung asks, if I move out, do you think you would be happier. I experienced this a lot, I am used to it. I lost friends like that and a person I love. I didn’t want to experience it anymore so I ran away all the way here, but it is difficult to do.

Woo-jin feels a bit for him but Moon-jung walks away before he can say anything. Then EJ comes up to her so he asks if Sabu gave her a hard time? 

She tells him that she had a call to go back to the main branch. He asks when? She tells him next week. Woo-jin pauses then tells her that is good for her, congratulations. But we can see that he is affected by it when he walks away and hides inside one of the rooms.


Ho-joon tells DYW that they will do their best, please give Dr. Park one more chance! DYW asks what his name is. Ho-joon gives it and says that he worked for Dr. Park for more than 10 years. I can do anything for Dr. Park, tell me.

DYW asks what he can do for Dr. Park? 

Cut to Ho-joon in the bathroom stall. He rips up Dr. Parks resignation letter and throws it in the toilet to flush it (uh oh, thats definitely going to stuff it up). Then he listens to a conversation In-soo and Min-jung are having about Woo-jin’s homework that Sabu gave him.

Moon-jung thinks that it is difficult for a fellow to findit out. In-soo asks if he knows Sabu’s diagnosis? Moon-jung leaves without saying, In-soo follows along, super curious.

Later on, In-soo asks WJ if he heard that EJ might go back to the main branch. He is standing at the ER reception area so the nurses say that they are preparing a party for her. Joo wants to go somewhere besides Do-il’s place, it is so boring. Eum thinks Do-il’s place is the best.

EJ comes up so WJ and EJ start to talk about another patients diagnosis. She asks if he has anything else to say to her? He says nothing so she sadly walks off.

The other nurses and doctors wonder what happened between EJ and WJ? Joo wonders if they broke up? Eum wonders, did they have that kind of relationship? I thought they did.


Eun-jae complains to Areum about how Woo-jin should not be okay that I am leaving! Why is he okay with this?

Then we see Woo-jin in Moon-jung’s office complaining about Eun-jae and how she can just tell him that big news as if it is nothing! 

They are both pacing back and forth as they complain to each person.

She says he won’t change her mind if he stops her

He says he is not going to stop her

She says it should not be nothing right?

he says that she should not ignore me right?

Woo-jin asks why Moon-jung is not saying anything. Moon-jung says he was just clearing things up in his mind. i thought you were angry at me but now you are talking to me about these things. WJ asks if he made him uncomfortable? MJ says he is good, good! So long as you are okay about it.

Woo-jin asks him why he wanted to run away from his father? MJ tells him that he divorced after one month. She is the daughter of a senator that my father supported. It was not about me. She said that she married me because of my fathers money. 

He thinks money can take care of anything. He tries to get her with money, but I was truthful. I didn’t want to be my father’s puppet anymore. Woo-jin tells him that he didnt have a good life. MJ jokes that it is not comparable to WJ’s life. They both acknowledge that and WJ sits and asks, what should I do with EJ?

In the break room, Areum tells EJ to confess first. EJ asks how she can? We are the same classmates and we work in the same hospital. What if we break up later? Areum tells her that they did not even start and now you are thinking of breaking up?

EJ says that she is not confident to date and work at the same time. Areum tells her that she does not need to be perfect. Why do you try to do both perfectly? EJ tells AR that she envies her, why is everything so perfect in your life?

AR asks why everything is so difficult for Eun-jae. You have Woo-jin and you are board certified and tall. To me you have everything. Eun-jae thinks in her head that that is true, why do I always have a hard time? 

So EJ goes to the doctors break area and tells Woo-jin that she is going home. He keeps flipping through his things. She asks him, why don’t you hold on to me? To you, am I not important?

He thinks of something to say and tells her, I was afraid that I would cross the line and be greedy and then lose you. She asks, why? I am the one crossing the line, you didn’t notice? is that why you didnt’ want to grab hold of me?

He asks, what if you regret it later? She tells him that she will do the thing he taught her. Reset.

Then she walks in and kisses him.

But she backs away and apologizes for kissing him. She says she was too much in a hurry. 

But he leans in and kisses her. They end up having a long long passionate kiss.


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