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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Woo-jin sits in the break room with Eun-jae, she asks how the investigation is. He says he does not know how it went. EJ asks if WJ knew that the patient had WPW syndrome? WJ asks what he is talking about?

Flashback to the suit person talking to WJ about how they knew about the WPW syndrome. But the chaebol did not want to tell his parents. He did not want them to worry about him. So he signs for the surgery. But the suit told him not to do it. What if something really happens. The chaebol says then he was meant to die. If I die from the cancer of WPW then I was meant to die.

In the break room, EJ tells WJ that the patient knew enough about WPW syndrome and still wanted to be in the surgery. WJ says there was no mistake during the surgery. Maybe he is morally to blame, but not lawfully.

WJ asks, why doesn’t he say this to the investigation team? EJ says that is what is strange. Why is he making this matter so big?

Cut to the meeting with the heads. The suits say that they need to have further meetings about Doldam. This table case shows systemic problems with Doldam hospital. Sabu asks if they actually want to cause more trouble? is that it?

They all look knowingly at each other. Another suit says that he agrees with further investigation of Doldan hospital and staff. They all agree with it. Hyun-chul mutters that Doldam is in trouble, what should I do? Well, if lawyers say that then we should do it. We don’t know the law. isn’t that right Dr. Park?

Min-kook thinks back to Do Yoon-wan and his conversation. He says that he didn’t want to be blamed for his mistake, but you should not just leave this mistake as a mistake. I am going to send an investigation team for the case. publicly this will be about the table death. But it will actually show the reality of Doldam itself. What I want is to close Doldam hospital and add the future hospital there. This could be the only way you can survive.

In the present, Min-kook tells manager Jang Gi-tae to open all the data that they want. Gi-tae asks, everything? Min-kook tells him, yes, everything they want. Fully cooperate please. Sabu sighs knowingly and thinks about what In-bum told him about how their goal is to find ways to close Doldam. They will look for any reason.

In-bum sits with the team and tells them what is happening. Sabu, the head nurse, Do-il, and Gi-tae are in the room. Do-il says, so they have the reasons. Min-kook and DYW will work together to close it. In-bum tells him that you can’t it do anything about it.

So Gi-tae says that the truth about this team is that it is a dissolving team. They are basically ditching Dr. Sim Hae-jin. 

In-bum asks Sabu if he still wants to give Min-kook a chance in this situation? Do you still think there is hope in him?

Cut to Shin packing up her things. Woo-jin asks her what she is doing. She says that she is packing in advance. She might be forced to stop working for awhile. It seems like they already picked the results.

Woo-jin says that he heard that the patient knew about WPW and acknowledged it. Sim says that sometimes it is better to be fully responsible than to try and avoid responsibility. Anyway, it is my fault for opening the surgery room. I am partially responsible for it. I always lived feeling that I owed doctor park something, now we are equal.

WJ tells her that it should not be like this though. If the surgery process was clear then they do not have to be here at all. Sim tells WJ that the patient that died yesterday is only an excuse, it is not important to them at all, don’t you see that? WJ tells her that they need to remove that excuse from the beginning.

So Woo-jin and EJ go about a secret plan to do something and walk all around the hospital looking for important documents to use. EJ asks for the patients guardian information and phone number. She calls him but he does not pick up yet.

Woo-jin looks for the surgery agreement paperwork. The nurse tells him that Ho-joon took it.

Ho-jon is currently in Min-kook’s office showing him the paperwork. 

The nurse tells Woo-jin that she has a copy. You can ask Sabu if that is okay. I made a copy because Sabu asked me to, he just took it.

Cut to Sabu going into Min-kooks office with the copy and throwing it on his desk. He asks him what he is doing? Min-kook looks at the paperwork, Ho-joon’s mouth hangs open. Sim’s mouth hangs open also as the head nurse tells her that Min-kook got all the proper paperwork signed. You will not be punished with this information right?


Elsewhere, Woo-jin runs to Min-kook’s office and sees Gi-tae and Do-il standing outside. He peeks in. Inside, Sabu tells Min-kook to send that investigation team back. Surgeons like us should have a scalpel in our hands. Our destiny is saving patients. Sometimes it does not work out like with the chaebol patient from yesterday. I respect your opinion about the cancer spreading faster. If we saved the patient then that would be good, but the patient died and I am sad about it. But you playing politics over a patients death – you should not do that.

I don’t know how much ambition you have, chief director Park, I thought you at least had conscience as a doctor because you do not avoid patients or run away. I thought you were stubborn, but I didn’t think you were unskilled. And I know that you have a high ego. I thought, because of that, you would not lose patients. But I didn’t expect you to show all about yourself like this. You hide a document that you shouldn’t hide and you fire your own team member who you should protect and cut her off. Now you touch Doldam hospital that you shouldn’t touch, so what do you get.

Ho-joon tells him to stop, you went too far, this is uncomfortable!

Sabu asks Min-kook what he gets by doing all of this?

Min-kook says, Dr. Boo-young joo, your failure. He stands up and tells Sabu, your hypocrisy and reckless behavior and all your bragging, I wanted to show everything. It is not me who has to get off the bus, you are the one.

Sabu asks, was this only for that? You threatened the hospital and worked with a guy like Do Yoon Won? Only to see me fail?

Doldam hospital is already a flipped bus, the golden time has already passed, even if you give it CPR. 

Sabu tells him that he should not just give a death sentence because you cannot save it.

Min-kook tells Sabu that Sabu thinks he is he only right one you are the only one that is aloof. My pride and all my effort and all my results, don’t look down on them. *teary eyed* I am not the one you can do that too, okay!

Sabu asks, hey chief Park, you are not just stupid, you are bad. You are full of an inferiority complex. You are stubborn and unreasonable. Your principle is arrogance and bluffing. No, that is not a principle. Your obsession created by your greediness and imagination…once I thought that I wanted you to stay in this hospital, you were not bad as a doctor…now I am thankful, you taught me that even though it was a short moment, it was a useless idea. So, while you are still the chairman, wrap up this situation that you created. I am not going to wait for you to do those things.

Min-kook has angry tears on his face. Sabu just sighs and leaves. In the hallway he sees Woo-jin. He pats him on the shoulder and gives him a comforting smile, then walks off with Do-il and Gi-tae.

In her office, Sim ells the head nurse that for them all the Doldam people are a-holes. Because you make us feel uncomfortable. We think we work hard, but in front of you guys, that is even embarrassing. But we cannot acknowledge it. The head nurse tells her, at least we should know the purpose of working so hard. They both smile softly.

In the ER team, a new patient hurries in and needs to be helped. In-soo hops to helping him and his wife.

In another area, they have the results of another patients CT scan.

Then another patient comes in with side pain. Aerum helps him out. It appears that it is a kidney stone.

Then another patient comes in with blood all over his head. He says that he was climbing a mountain and rolled off. My forehead… ~. In-soo gets help for him.

Another patient comes in with a sick kid. Basically everyone is yelling and In-soo is trying to help them all. But he can’t handle it.

Sabu comes in and asks if he needs some help? In-soo happily directs Sabu to a patient. Sabu asks him what he wanted to say to him, was it important? In-soo tells him it was not important, I will take care of it. Eun-taek smiles and voices over that Dr. Jung stayed in Doldam like that.

Later on, Insoo tells his family that he can’t go to the new hospital, actually it is a very bad place and the salary increase was all lies. Doldam is much better. Sorry, it seems as if I will wait here until a spot opens in the main branch.

Eun-tak talks to chief director Yeo about what has happened today. The chief is still unconcious.

In his office, Min-kook tells Ho-joon to give them this information. Don’t you see, we lost this fight.

So Do Yoon-wan talks to Hyun-chul about the paperwork and how they have to go back. Also, the guardian also said that the signing and everything was clear. (EJ got him on the phone eventually). So they hang up. Hyun-chul sighs and mutters that you have to have a good mind when you get older.

DYW starts to destroy his office and yells that he gave him everything, he just needed to eat it! His secretary comes in and tells him that he has a guest. A woman comes in and says that she is late. I think Sabu was talking to this women in another episode.



Back at Doldam, In-bum gets ready to leave. But Woo-jin tells him that they have another patient with a bowel obstruction. Can you teach me the laparoscopy skill? Cut to the surgery room where in-bum is teaching Woo-jin the laparoscopy surgery skill. Do-il is happy to see In-bum in the surgery room. In-bum thanks Do-il and says that Wj will perform the surgery today. WJ is surprised. In-bum says that he will support him. 

So Woo-jin starts the surgery. Do-il smiles at them both. In-bum guides Woo-jin well.

Cut to Sabu and In-bum sitting in Sabu’s office and talking. In-bum asked Sabu, I heard that you gave him homework. Sabu asks, did Woo-jin tell you? In-bum says no, I saw our project file on his desk.

Sabu tells him that a couple years later he will need to get ready for them. So don’t be too relaxed. In-bum tells him of course not, you like him so much. Sabu laughs. In-bum asks him when he will have CTS surgery? Sabu says when WJ finishes his surgery. Then he chuckles.

Later on, Woo-jin walks In-bum to his car after the surgery. In-bum tells him that it was a good surgery. For surgery, the most important thing is experience, you know what I mean? Until I come back, protect the hospital well.

Wj asks if he is coming back? In-bum tells him that he belongs to Doldam, he just works in the main branch helping them. So, finish Sabu’s homework well. Your mentor asked you to diagnose him yourself. He doesn’t give all his students that kind of assignment. In-bum smiles and then heads out.

Areum calls In-bum and asks why he left without saying goodbye. Then says it is fine, no one found out anyway. So goodbye oppa, say hi to emo. Bye-bye.

But she turns around and sees Eun-tak there. She asks how long he has been there, he says since before she came in. She is nervously asks why she didn’t see him.

Eun-tak asks who that oppa is? Then he goes to the hallway and broods and hangs out with the chief. But the chiefs bed starts to beep. All the doctors get the word and head there.

Moon-jung heads to intensive care for the chief. EJ follows him and asks what he is doing. But then Moon-jung stops when he sees a man in the hallway.

Cut to Woo-jin looking at something in the office.

Then we see all the doctors running to the chiefs bedside.

The man int he lobby walks to Moon-jung. EJ wonders what is going on.

Woo-jin opens the project he is working on.

Fade Out


Okay, I am so confused with this ending. Is that man that showed up at the end from season one?


IS – Cha Eun-jae is going back to the main branch.

WJ – What can I do with her

AR – Confess first

EJ – Why don’t you get hold of me?

AR – Are we okay like this?

Man – Kim Sabu has another disease besides CTS?

WJ – I have the answer to the homework you gave me.

WJ – Dr. Park, help us.

HJ – Is it enough to kick Sabu out from Doldam?

DWJ – Can you still go to the surgery room with this? I am taking this seriously.

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  1. Julia
    February 25, 2020 / 8:20 am

    I was confused with the ending too. After the last ep, i will be watching season 1. Hoping for a season 3 bc i enjoy the Kim Sabu and his staff making the right decisions and taking risks to save ppl. We need more docs like them!!

    • V
      February 25, 2020 / 8:50 am

      Right! Season 2 definitely made me want to watch season 1.

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