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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

It is finale week! Though, it does not feel like finale week to me, but it is … soooo … I don’t know how things are going to go. But this writer is great at building stakes in one episode that lead into the next episode so I think she will do fine (hopefully?). Okay, let’s see what’s going to happen!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In-soo looks at Sabu sitting at the chiefs bedside. His wife texts and asks him if he can come back this weekend? How about living in a new hospital. Our family should live together.

In-soo thinks about Eun-tak discovering that he was about to sign the paperwork and feels bad about it. Then he runs into him in the hallway so he asks if Eun-tak told Sabu about that. ET says that he did not, In-soo should tell him. You decided it so tell him asap. He should at least have time to recruit another person.

Meanwhile, Do Yoon-wan gets the call that there was a table death of the chaebol second son at the hospital. This is a huge issue. Song Hyun-shul finds out also and wonders what happened? Though he is kind of happy about it. He asks how this can happen with Min-kook’s skills. Then tells someone that they had a lot of trouble with him, he went to Doldam and took all the VIPs and now wanted to operate on the second son of the chaebol. That caused a lot of issues here.

He is talking to Do Yoon-wan. DYW thinks that the gods are helping him like this. Hyun-chul asks what he is talking about? YDW tells Hyun-chul to go to Doldam hospital tomorrow. HC looks like he is not interested.


The nurses and Areum and EJ talk about Do In-bum coming to the hospital. But they don’t know too much about him, just that he is a chic handsome guy. Areum says that he is not that handsome. Just cranky.

Nurse Eum agrees and says that he had a little cranky aura about him. Areum says that he only speaks like that, he is actually soft. They all look at her and asks how she knows him so well? Do you know him personally?

Areum says no, no no, not at all I just saw him a few times at the main branch, that is it. Really. Ah, today’s coffee tastes good, right? They all just look at her.

In the ER area, Do in-bum walks past Woo-jin and asks where chief director Yeo is. So the nurse points him in the right direction.

In the chiefs room, the head nurse tells Sabu that the chiefs numbers are stable, so you should take a break. Sabu tells her that he already slept early this morning so don’t worry. She sighs and turns around, that is when she sees Do In-bum and happily greets him.

Sabu gives him a hug and happily chuckles. Woo-jin watches on.

Cut to Do In-bum sitting with Sabu in his office. He says that he heard about chief director Yeo. Sabu says they found out about it too late. In-bum also talks about Sabu’s hand issue and says that the other doctor (from season one) said that she is going to fly here to talk to you about it. Sabu laughs.

Then In-bum tells Sabu that the investigators from the main branch will come to see what happened with the table death. In-bum is one of the investigators. There will be 4 lawyers from a big law firm. One cardiologist one anesthesiologist and on GS. So three people. Hyun-chul is the leader.

Sabu mentions that there are a lot of lawyers.

In-bum says that normally there are not this many people when investigating a table death. i think the target is Doldam itself.

Cut to DYW telling the team that he trusts them. Hyun-chul looks like he is dreading this. 

In Doldam, Sabu asks how they can avoid this reign. In-bum tells him that he has to abandon Park Min-kook. 


In Doldam, Sim asks if the investigation people are coming? Ho-joon says yes and they should be from that group. They talk about how Dr. Park will be responsible for everything, we should at least agree on the case.

Sin says that she does not want to lie in order to not be responsible. Ho-joon asks why she is doing this? You already said okay, which is why we did the surgery.

Sim tells him that she remembers warning enough about the surgery. He asks if she wants to survive by herself? She says that whatever the investigation or whatever, I am just telling the truth about what happened. Not adding and not subtracting.

Min-kook comes in and looks at those two talking to each other. Sim tells MK that she has already told Ho-joon what she thinks, you can hear my opinion from him. Ho-joon tells him, don’t worry, I will persuade her.

In the lobby, several men in suits are standing and waiting. One of them looks pretty sad. EJ comes up and asks Gi-tae what is happening. Gi-tae tells her that the VIP patient died. EJ is shocked to hear it. Then Sim and Ho-joon come walking down the steps to her office. He continues to try and convince her. EJ wonders what is going on.

Then one of he men in suits comes to talk to EJ.




In-bum goes to the doctors break room and looks around. Woo-jin tells him not to look around and they introduce each other. In-bum asks why Woo-jin has these files. WJ says it is Kim Sabu’s homework to me.

In-bum says that he might be a good surgeon then. WJ asks, what? What then he gets an emergency call. He leaves, but he also takes all the folders with him. he hides them in min-kook’s office and asks MK to keep them there for now.

In the ER, the EMS team comes in with a drunk driving case. They start working on him.

He has a huge red mark on his side so they think he might have internal bleeding.

Elsewhere, In-bum puts on his doctors stuff and bursts through the ER doors to help. It is a slow motion walk, y’all.

He gets to the patient and asks the team how his brain is. They are all looking at the CT scan. In-soo is surprised to see him, and happy. In-bum tell him and Eun-tak that it is good to see them again. Then he kind of nods to Areum but pretends like he doesn’t know her. She does the same.

Then the patient starts to beep, so they spit a lot of medical jargon as to what to do. But In-bum and Woo-jin want to do two different things. In-bum wants a brain CT, Woo-jin wants to control the internal bleeding.

In-soo tells the doctors and nurses who to call and what to do and then says that Woo-jin and he will control the internal bleeding. They will perform surgery in the room right now.

In another area, one of the suits tells Eun-jae that the rich son wanted to give her something. So he hands it over and says that it is from Seoul. She thinks back to the macaroons he had in the common break room. It was a gift for her after all.


Do-il and the head nurse start to prepare for surgery and talk pleasantly about how Dr. Do In-bum is back. Then they joke about how two knife fighters say hi to each other.

Cut to the ER where Woo-jin and In-bum argue respectfully to each other about who will perform the surgery. WJ tells In-bum that he drove for a long time, so you do not have to do the surgery, I will. He holds his hand out for the scalpel. ET gives the scalpel to WJ.

Sabu laughs as he watches them from outside the room. He is confident that they will do well, so he turns and sees Hyun-chyul and some more suits show up in the lobby reception area.

Sabu goes out and asks what this is about. Hyun-chyul tells him that Min-kook had a big issue. I should at least pretend like we are doing a good job, do not worry about it too much, it is just for show. 

All the men are led to Min-kook’s office. Hyun-chyul asks if he wants him to fire Min-kook and make Sabu the director? Gi-tae’s eyes are super bright. Sabu tells Hyun-chyul to just do his job, make it fair, okay?

Hyun-chul tells him that this is a good chance to get rid of Park Min-kook. Sabu tells him that if he is here for an investigation then just do your job.

Hyun-chul grumbles about Sabu’s personality and says that is why he doesn’t rise. He sighs and walks off.



In the impromptu surgery area, Woo-jin and In-bum continue working on the patient. They are operating on the stomach area now. There is a hole in the stomach so they are trying to control the bleeding right here and then take him to the surgery room.

In-soo asks Woo-jin if he sees it? I heard that your hands are good but your eyes are not good. Woo-jin tries not to glare at him. In-bum tells him if he does not find it in 3 seconds then I will find it. He counts to three and then tells Woo-jin that he will find it. But Woo-jin says he found it, it is the mesenteric artery.

He starts to fix the mesenteric artery. In-soo looks quietly impressed. The blood pressure goes up. 

Woo-jin and In-bum continue giving orders to the team at the same time. Then In-bum leaves. Eun-tak looks a bit angry and follows him out. He asks In-bum why he didn’t just do thinks softer? he is good so you don’t have to do that.

Eun-tak asks if he wanted to watch Woo-jin perform the surgery, that is why he did this? In-bum asks if he still does not like him? Eun-tak kind of slyly smiles.

Nurse Joo comes up looking like a love sick nurse. In-bum tells her to call him when she gets to CT, he gives her his number. Areum follows him out and slaps him on the back. He asks, do you know me? She yells, what are you doing Oppa!

he tells her that they are not supposed to know each other in Doldam. She says this is not about that. Why are you cranky to the people here? He says this is his style So she tells him to stop pretending like you are chic and strong. Just have a good relationship to others.

He asks, what about you, what about your exam? It is almost time for it.

She says she is studying for it, don’t worry about it.

he tells her, if you do not pass the board exam the first time then I will make fun of yu forever and your rock hard head. He chuckles and walks off. She grumbles about him and turns around. But then she hops in surprise when she sees nurse Joo looking at her.

Nurse Joo says that they have different last names so is he a neighborhood oppa? A church oppa? or just an oppa? Areum looks like she would like to change the subject.


Woo-jin and Sabu talk about the endless fights they have. Moon-jung says that they are all doing our job. Sabu mentions that their job is survelancing and our job is telling them our opinion. We need to work hard to gain the center of gravity so the balance continues.

Moon-jung says he will work hard to prepare the documents. Sabu mentions that MJ took care of the loan sharks. Mooon-jung says that he did not really take care of it, he just couldn’t let things happen to Woo-jin any longer.

Sabu asks when he started to worry about Woo-jin, you were only interested in bones right? I thought you were in Doldam because you did not want to be involved in the world. Sabu asks, is it after you saw Woo-jin’s file from my desk? Tell me, what kind of relationship you two have.

Cut to Nurse Joo asking Areum over and over again about her relationship with In-bum and why she calls him oppa. Are you dating him and Eun-tak at the same time? the other nurse comes in and asks if Areum is involved in two relationships? Areum runs away, Euntak looks up in their direction so they all stop talking about it.

Areum sits on the hallway bench and grumbles about dating people.

In Sabu’s office, Sabu looks at some newspaper clippings. Then he gets a knock on the door. It is In-soo who is coming in to tell him something. Sabu says to tell him, but then he gets a call at that moment and answers it. He has to head out.

Sabu tells In-soo that he is sorry to cut him off. But this is about the investigation about the chaebol second son table death. But I still have time, what’s up? In-soo tells him that he can talk to him later. Sabu smiles and says that they can talk later, then he thanks In-soo for being the leader of the hospital when Sabu is away. In-soo stutters that he knows. 

But after Sabu leaves, In-soo lets out a deep breath and thinks that this is driving him crazy.


Gi-tae tells Woo-jin to go to the chaebol 2nd son table death meeting. So Woo-jin has to change and head over there.

Sabu gets to the meeting which is in Min-kooks office. All the important people are there. Hyun-chul is in this meeting.

Woo-jin shows up to the break room for the meeting with Ho-joon and two suits. In-bum is in this meeting.

In-bum questions WJ. he asks how many time he worked with Sabu and how many times her was the first in the surgery. He also asked why Ho-joon was not the first in the surgery wIth Min-kook.

In another room, the head nurse and Sim are at another meeting. They say that they heard that Sim was the one who noticed WPW syndrome. She says that she had a suspicion after the EKG results. She told the head surgeon that she worried about it. They ask if she is saying that she was opposed to the surgery? Why did you open the surgery room then? Did the attending surgeon fore you to open it?

In Min-kook’s office, he says that he has  no comment. She is my team member, I do not want to oppose what my team member says. The men tells him that he needs to answer to reveal the truth. Hyun-chul tells him yes, even though it is just a formality, you should answer. Even though the anesthesiologist did not agree with the surgery, did you force her to do the surgery?

Min-kook says that he did not oppose any force to the anesthesiologist. But in a flashback we see that he did force her to and he tried to go around her and told the other doctor to give the results to him. 

She says that she told him to send the patient to the main branch and get another surgery date.

Min-kook says that he had an internist confirmation that they could send the patient to the main branch after the surgery. They ask the internist if that is true. The internist hesitantly says that is true.

The suits ask Sim about a table death she had 5 years ago and how they had to settle the case and she got a divorce due to it. They also ask about her son. She asks how this is related to this case. He tells her it it not, it is just a personal question.

In Woo-jin’s office, Ho-joon says that Park Min-kook is a famous surgeon, he does not need to push this kind of surgery. Woo-jin says that he might need to push for good results. He failed the second surgery for the military person and he did not have any good surgeries at Doldam, so maybe that is why he was in a hurry.

He bypassed emergency patients to only get VIP patients and a doctor was stabbed in the hospital, but he did not even call the police and just covered it up and he tried to send our people here to another hospital!

Ho-joon yells, ya!

Woo-jin says that Min-kook has the title of chief director, but he did more stupid things than any other person, he should be nervous. Ho-joon says he will kill Woo-jin and tries to hit him. The other men pull him off of him.

Ho-joon says all the backstory for Woo-jin with the past hospital.

In-bum tells Ho-joon that he understands. Ho-joon then frantically tells In-bum that he knows Dr. Park. You respect him right? In-bum says yes, he has dignity and good skills. But sunbae, we should not think about personal feelings, someone died. I heard everything that I hAve to hear. Let’s quit here. I may call you for follow up questions. I hope you do not go too far from the hospital today.

They head out. Ho-joon thinks Woo-jin is the bad guy. 

Woo-jin leaves. In-bum is in the hallway and asks him why he talked about all those things. You should only talk about the table death. Why did you have to go that far? WJ says that In-bum told him that they needed to abandon Min-kook to save Sabu. 

In-bum tells him that he has a bit of a misunderstanding. What Sabu hates the most are doctors politic-ing in the hospital. Forming sides and talking bad about others is politics. WJ says that he just told the truth.

In-bum tells him, if you do not like something about him then why don’t you tell hm? Woo-jin says that he can’t do it, he is the chief surgeon, I am just a fellow. We are in different leagues. In-bum asks, if you know that then why are your emotions there? Once the emotions are involved then it becomes an instigation. The more you do it, the more untrustworthy you are because people will wonder how much is true and how much is from your emotions. Facts are enough for this case. When emotions are involved, the meaning and direction will change, okay?

He startS to walk away, but Woo-jin tells him that no one can touch Sabu or Doldam hospital. I will make it so no one will touch it. He storms off.


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