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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our live recap for Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the ER area, Eun-tak tells Sabu that he has no bleeding or brain edema. So he is not unconscious do to those things.

Areum comes in with lab work and tells Sabu a lot of doctor things for all the tests that they are conducting on the old chief. Sabu thinks that they need to hydrate him with normal saline.

But then the old chief has a seizure. Jung In-soo is about to do CPR, but Eun-tak stops him because Sabu didn’t say anything. Sabu’s hand falls off the table. The doctor might be a DNR patient (Do not resuscitate). 

Sabu slowly walks to his friends side and softly touches his head. In-soo asks if he should do anything? Sabu!

Everyone looks on. 

Sabu tells him, compression.

In-soo and the team hop to it and start trying to resuscitate him.


The surgery is going well, but then all of a sudden he has a V-Tach, a ventricular Tachycardia. Hye-sim closes her eyes as if this is what she feared would happen. The patient also has atrial fibrillation. But he has a pulse. Hye-sim starts to get to work as to what to do.

They need to use the defibrillator on him. 

Downstairs int he ER, the team tries to give the old chief CPR. But it does not look good. Eun-tak starts to slowly step away.

Upstairs, Woo-jin works on chest compressions with the patient. Min-kook is frozen.

Downstairs, Sabu starts giving chest compressions on the old chief.

Upstairs, Woo-jin and Hye-sim work on reviving the patient. Ho-joon and Min-kook stand to the side, frozen.

Downstairs, Sabu tries his hardest to revive his friend.

Upstairs, Hye-sim yells different tasks to perform to revive the patient. He comes back a little bit. They try some more things. But his limb falls. She tries a-systole and hops on for chest compressions. But everyone else has stopped.

Downstairs, the chief has come back suddenly. His pulse is back. The team is stunned and happy and tearful. 

Upstairs, Hye-sim still tries to revive the patient, but she is the only one. He is still flatlined. Her worse fears about the surgery are confirmed. Woo-jin tells Min-kook to confirm. Hye-jin confirms the time of death and glares at Min-kook. Min-kook takes off his surgery gear and leaves. Hye-sim calls him an a-hole.

Min-kook goes to his office and paces in fear. Then he sinks onto his chair and starts to cry.



Woo-jin goes outside into the hallway and asks Ho-joon if they really diagnosed WPW with an internist? Hye-jin asks how much of an agreement they had and how much it was pushed?

Ho-joon tells him that he is not reliable and today is your last day at Doldam anyway.

Woo-jin tells him that he can work there until the last day of the week so long as he has surgery. Ho-joon says that is only the case if the patient survives! he storms off.

The bad sunbae looks on in concern.

The head nurse runs to Sabu who is with the old chief. She looks on at the old chief as everyone else looks in as well. Gi-tae tells her that he is stable. But he signed for a DNR. Kim Sabu actually went against it.

Inside the room, Sabu holds his friends hand and looks at him caringly.

The other doctors start to walk away.

Areum calls her oppa and asks if he checked her texts? Then she says that chief Yeo became like that. Sabu is having a hard time. Everyone in Doldam is having a hard time as well. She looks at Euntak who is in a world of sadness.

Woo-jin sits in the hallway alone. his bad sunbae comes up to him and sits next to him. He tells him that he wonders why he followed him. With your skills you could have stayed in that hospital. Woo-jin tells him that the sunbae wanted to show people like them that they could be successful, you told me that hyung. I really wanted to be successful. For my parents and for my aunt. But it would have been better for someone like me to die. That is why I wanted to live with all my effort. I wanted to show that I deserve it. I can live properly. I wanted to show that. That is why I liked you hyung. You made someone like me feel worthwhile.

The sunbae wipes a tear and tells him that he is really bad. I wanted to release your boycott. But someone like you should stay in this country hospital some more. he drops the contract on the seat then tells him, Sabu looks like he has a bad temper, so it is good for you. I will watch you so have a proper life. Show it, okay?

He walks off.

Woo-jin opens the envelope, his un-mailed contract is inside.

Elsewhere, Woo-jin looks for his cell phone and calls it. Eun-jae has it so she hides from him. She sees Moon-jung walking to her and tells him that Woo-jin is still here. Then shows his cell phone. Moon-jung smiles.

Then Woo-jin comes out and tells her that he would like his cell phone back. Moon-jung tells Woo-jin that he has guests. He motions to the loan shark thugs.

Woo-jin asks them why they are here? Are you still haunting me?

The loan shark thugs look at Moon-jung then they apologize to Woo-jin about everything.

Woo-jin asks them what they are doing? The loan sharks say that he paid off all he principal and interest, just forget about the rest. That is what happened. So, we have finished our relationship so goodbye.

Woo-jin is shocked. The loan sharks tell shim that they should  never see each other again.

EJ asks Woo-jin what happened, are they just leaving and are never coming back? Woo-jin tells her yes. He looks at Moon-jung who smiles and walks off.

EJ mutters something about her bad gangsters, daebak.

He asks what she is talking about? She says it is nothing.



Cut to the outside of the hospital where all the gangsters on Eun-jaes’ side are standing there waiting for the Loan sharks. 

They tell the that they should never talk to their #2’s friend again. Do you understand that? You might have your pride, but I will not spread things around. Just never ever come here. Doldam hospital and this area are our district, do you understand?

the loan sharks flinch away from these gangsters and leave. 

Then The gangsters look at their #2 Eun-jae happily. She is standing outside. So the head gangster tells everyone to great her so they all bow. She gives them a thumbs up.

Inside, Areum gives Eun-tak a lollypop so he will be happy. He says it is okay. She tells him that she understands Kim Sabu. He says that he understands him too, but I can’t say that it is right. I never thought his decisions are wrong. But this time, I don’t know.

Areum tells him that Kim Sabu might think the same.

Cut to Sabu who looks particularly miserable as he sits next to his friends bedside. The head nurse comes in and tells him to rest, I can stay here.

He tells her that he went against Dr. Yeo’s wishes. She tells him that Dr. Yeo will understand. 

Sabu thinks that what he did today will remain his homework forever.

She places a hand on his shoulder.

Upstairs, Hye-jin cries at her desk and drinks alone. her son calls so she has to pull herself together to talk to him. But she has to lie and says that she saved another patient today.

Min-kook is sitting in his office looking miserable. Do Yoon-wan calls him and says he just heard the sad news. The SaeJin Group chairman, do they know about it?

Min-kook says that they should know by now. Do Yoon-jin tells him that they were important people! How could you do this! How did you mess up like this again! Min-kook says he will be responsible for everything. 

DYW tells him that resigning is not enough. Listen to what I tell you. This is the only way that you can survive.

Cut to a person driving to the hospital in his sports car.


Woo-jin gos into Sabu’s office and tells him that he will challenge his homework. Sabu tells him that he only has two questions and no hint.

So Woo-jin tells him, can I keep paying you 1000 a month? Sabu asks why? You said that when you go to Seoul you will get paid twice as much. Did that not go well?

Woo-jin tells him, I heard I should stay in the country hospital longer.

Sabu gives him a huge book and tells him to take it with him. It is the Spiky Rock project.

Then Sabu gives him several more huge notebooks to read and says that he will have a hint in there somewhere. And you only have one more question.

Woo-jin asks, so my hint is included as a question? Sabu tells him, You don’t like it? Just give up if you don’t like it.

VO – Back then, I didn’t even imagine the meaning of the spiky rock project.

Outside Doldam, Eun-jae drives up and sees the guy get out of his sports car. She thinks she knows him.

He goes right inside and looks around. It is Do Im-bum from season 1. He looks around and smiles and says it is the same.


The main team are all in the break room. the head nurse asks if Gi-tae is still about to leave the hospital? Gi-tae tells him, what do you think of me?

Sabu leans in and looks at him. Gi-tae has a flashback where he changes his face from happy to annoyed and then we see that he was the spy at the restaurant. He had his eyes on the list and he is the one that sneaked it out from the sunbaes pocket and gave it to Sabu.

Sabu told him good job for giving it to him and asks why he wanted to keep everything secret. Gi-tae told him that the left hand should not know what the right hand does. That is the fate of the lonely hero. Hahaha.

In the present, Do-il and the head nurse make fun of Gi-tae for thinking about leaving the hospital. Sabu laughs knowingly.

Fade Out



DIB – How is the brain?

VO – What? Do Im-bum came?

SB – Why did you come back?

AR – Oppa!

DIB – You cant see it? I heard you have good hands but your eyes are not good.

Man – Their goal is to find a reason to close Doldam hospital

MS – They are ditching Shin Hye-jin also.

DIB – What did you just do Seo Woo-jin?

WJ – No one can touch Doldam hospital or Kim Sabu

HJ – Ishaki-ga, do you really want to die?

WJ – No one will be able to touch this hospital.

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