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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Okay, the last episode felt like they screeched on the breaks and the car stalled out suddenly. We need to get that ignition turned and rev the engine because after today there are only two episodes left. Two cc’s of adrenaline STAT!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Woo-jin walks up to Sabu in the hallway and tells him that things have been hard for him so he is leaving to go to another hospital. Flashback to the loan shark thug telling Woo-jin that if he does not want to see Sabu’s wrist chopped, then put your stamp on this. It is nothing to break a country doctors wrist.

Woo-jin wipes his tears a bit and tells Sabu that there is a hospital in Seoul that will give him twice the salary. So my debt will be taken care of, that is what I decided.

Sabu asks, you decided already? Woo-jin says that after he sees the prognosis of the patient in the intensive care unit, then I will finish.

He goes to the doctors rest area. Eun-jae angrily follows him and asks what he is doing? How can you drop a bomb like that to Sabu? You should at least explain this to me.

He says that he told her that he is moving to a hospital in Seoul. She asks which hospital? You have nowhere to go due to sunbae. Woo-jin says that he released the embargo on him. He is angry, but he got the contract for me. I will get paid twice more. It is great right.

She asks, tell me. You have another reason right? Not just the money. Woo-jin tells her that everyone knows that he needs money. There is no other reason. Eun-jae tells him that his behavior is awkward and strange.

He tells her that Doldam has been the most strange and awkward thing in his life. Everyone I met here and all the time I have spent with them. Ii have to just wake up now and go back to where I was. It is good for everyone.

he takes a nap and ignores her.

Sabu goes to the lobby and looks at the statue of the Hippocrates. he reads the message transcribed on it and then looks at the card for the doctor agency. Then he crumples it up and walks off with determination.



Ho-joon waits for Hye-jin in her office. She asks what he wants this early in the morning. I told you I can’t open the surgery room. Ho-joon says that he told Min-kook, but he is still continuing with it. She tells him to find another anesthesiologist.

Ho-joon asks her if she forgot what happened 3 years ago? Who kept you in the hospital when you were about to be kicked out? If you are really thankful to Dr. Park then you shouldn’t do this. She says, this is for Dr. Park, just in case something big happens.

Ho-joon yells that they have to help him! This is how you pay for his help.

She thinks about that.

Cut to the leg patient. His leg is all bandaged up and looks good. Moon-jung tells the man that the surgery went well, don’t worry, I will visit you often. Then he heads out.

In the hallway, he sees Woo-jin checking on his patient and asks him a question. For the decision you made yesterday, is it because of those loan sharks? Woo-jin asks why he is asking him that? Moon-jung says it is just because he wants to know.

Woo-jin says he does not want to tell him and nothing changes anyway. He walks off.

In the break room, Sabu talks to Do-il, the head nurse, and Gi-tae about Woo-jin leaving. They are all sad. They also think this might be because of the loan sharks. Gi-tae says that the money is twice the amount. That should be the only reason. Money is the truth inthis world. Show me the money, all the money.

The head nurse says that is just you. 

Gi-tae mentions that is his basic instinct. 

She asks if he is still going to English class?

He says he has a talent in English, so he signed up for a long term class.

Do-il asks Gi-tae if he is already sold? 

Gi-tae asks how dare he say that!

The head nurse mentions that he is the best candidate.

Gi-tae asks, how dare you say that!

But Sabu looks seriously at Gi-tae so he looks guilty.


The nurses talk about how the scout is telling everyone that Woo-jin already signed. He convinced him. In-soo asks, he already signed it? Really?

Eun-jae comes up and asks, did you hear that he already signed it? The nurse says that she heard that some other people might sign as well. Eun tells In-soo that he is meeting that scout often. In-soo denys it and says he is just sunbae hubae to him. He walks off looking guilty.

The nurses complain about how one micoragi (a type of fish) makes all the water dirty.

Eun-jae tells them that she will talk to him, he is my sunbae and we used to study together. I will do it.



In another part of the hospital, Gi-tae gives the sunbae an orange juice and asks him how everything is going. I heard a rumor that you got Woo-jin a salary of twice more? Actually I am not a doctor but twice more…

The sunbae says that he will try and talk to people and give him good news. Gi-tae wants him to try hard so the sunbae says he will and tries to escape.

In his office, Sabu somehow has the list of all the people that the sunbae is trying to get. He looks at it with worry.

In Min-kook’s office, Hye-jin tells Min-kook that people with WPW can die suddenly. But Min-kook wants to continue and says that not all the patients are like that and this patient is young and healthy.

She asks why he is pushing this surgery so much. He thinks about Sabu telling him to get out of the bus. Then he tells Hye-jin that he does it for the patient, of course. She tells him not to make her regret this decision. Then she asks if they want to put Seo Woo-jin as the #1? Seo Woo-jin will help with his good surgical skills.

Ho-joon is all affronted.

Elsewhere, Woo-jin tells Sabu how the patient is. he says he will watch him all night and then wrap things up for tomorrow. Sabu asks him, what about your other patients? Woo-jin says that the abdominal injury was his last patient.

Sabu shows him his stitches and says that he is still his doctor until he un-sutures it. And you did not even diagnose me. Woo-jin thinks back to being concerned over Sabu’s arm and wrist. He wanted to know his symptoms to help with the diagnosis.

So Sabu starts to tell him about his elbow and how what he saw is correct. It is not only my elbow, it is also my wrist and forearm. I have a lot of pain and headaches also. There is my shoulder blade and back and thigh as well. It all hurts after surgery. It could be age related or working too hard or not working out enough. I had a couple times of very severe pain *chuckles* and I have indigestion and everything. Those are all the symptoms I have that you have to know. If you want to get a clue then find it from there.

he stands up and asks, what? Are you not sure?

Woo-jin tells him that it won’t change anything, I already signed the document. 

Sabu tells him to think of it as my last assignment to you. While you were working with me, you shuold have something in your heart. Until the end of the week, I will only accept two questions from you. Think about it carefully and ask me. Because the chance is only twice. That is it.

Sabu walks out. Woo-jin thinks about it.

Cut to all the doctors and nurses on their phone looking for the bad sunbae and talking to each other about where he could be. Then Eun-jae spots him in the office with Ho-joon.

Ho-joon asks him if Woo-jin signed? Can I have a copy of it? Then Eun-jae comes in and tells Ho-joon that she needs to talk to her sunbae. The nurses peek in from outside which makes Woo-jin notice them and Eun-je inside the room.

Inside, Eun-jae asks the sunbae if he is threatening Woo-jin? That is why he is moving? The sunbae says that he is being paid twice as much. EJ thinks that it is strange that he does not look happy about it.

Then she tells the sunabe that the surrogate surgery was his fault, but you blamed Woo-jin and made him the criminal. He was about to be banned and boycotted and ostracized. But Woo-jin never talked bad about you. He never said it was your fault or had an excuse to speak badly of you. So what are you doing? You come all the way here and haunt him? His career was ruined because of a sunbae he trusted. He has finally recovered and gotten settled in Doldam. Do you really hate that? Are you really jealous?

Ho-joon asks her if she is crazy. She ignores him. He asks if she slept with him. She turns to him as if she is about to slap him.

The nurses think that guy is crazy, did he just ask her that? Woo-jin hears this and is about to go inside. But the nurses hold him back. Or at least they try to hold him back.

Inside, Ho-joon tells EJ that she is not his wife so why are you so in his business. The sunbae tells him to stop as well. But Ho-joon continues and tells her that their organization is small. Be careful, your reputation could be ruined easily.

He turns to walk away, she clenches her fist and hits him hard in the head. He asks, how dare you do that to sunbae!

She tells him that he did it first! You are worst than using your fist! You are cowardly and sickly! From now on, you are not a sunbae to me at all! Do not act up as a sunbae in front of me! And you, stop pretending like you are a victim! What the F!

She storms to the door and opens it. Woo-jin and the nurses are all looking in. She walks around then. They all look badly at Ho-joon and the sunbae, Ho-joon looks ashamed.

Then Woo-jin gets a call from Min-kook and puts it on speaker phone. He tells Woo-jin that he will be the #1 in the surgery. Ho-joon is all upset. Woo-jin tells him that he will be there, but actually he has a contract problem. 



Woo-jin sits with Min-kook and tells him that he signed a contract with his sunbae, a hospital in Seoul will pay him twice. Min-kook looks at Ho-joon. Ho-joon looks away.

Woo-jin says that in the contract he can work until today. Can you change the schedule until the end of the week? At least I have to see today’s surgery outcome. I will do it. I heard that the patient is WPW syndrome. I already talked to the internalist. Is it okay?

Min-kook says that he already talked to Hye-jin, it is okay. So Woo-jin leaves.

Min-kook looks at Ho-joon and then approaches him to ask if he has to know something else? Ho-joon shamefully mutters, no.

In he hallway, the sunbae thinks about Woo-jin and how he has been treating him. Sabu gives him his drink from the vending machine and says it is his, take it. Then he gets his own drink. Sabu asks, who? Do Yoon-wan or Park Min-kook?

The sunbae denys it all and says that he just heard that they have good doctors and staff here. So I want to recruit them. Sabu tells him that he should have come to him first. I am the best surgeon and have the best work experience here.

The sunbae says, how dare I touch/talk to Dr. Boo Young-joo. Sabut ells him that he did it already and then opens up the list of doctors that the sunbae wants to take. the sunbae checks his pockets. Sunbae says that he searched all the hospitals on this list. they had at least 1 or 2 illegal procedures. Some of them had to pay a fine or were closed for a few months. But still, they are doing illegal procedures. If you want to get paid and introduce hospitals, you need to do it to proper hospitals.

The sunabe tells him to give him the list. Sabu throws his arm away and tells him, you sold your conscience and hubae for money! Now you are selling your fellow doctors!

He tells them that he is doing this for money. If I don’t do this then I have nowhere to survive.

Sabu tells him, even though you don’t have money and are angry and people look down on you, there is one thing that you should not compromise – your conscience. How far did you go? You should just live your life for your own greediness. You don’t care about your conscience as long as you make money. You will sell everything.

He yells that he tried to live following his own conscience, but I couldn’t’! I am a victim also!

Sabu tells him not to confused his greed with his conscience. That is why you always think you are a victim. You poor guy. He throws the paperwork on him and walks away.


In the locker room, Woo-jin asks Eunjae if she is there and then tells her that he is sorry. You heard something like that due to me. She tells him it is not his fault. Some people can only imagine human relationships like that. It is there problem.

he tells her that he doesn’t want her to be on his side and step up for him. But she says that she doesn’t want to. She can’t say what she wants to say because she is afraid of those people. But I don’t want to do that anymore. I am not going to live my life like that anymore. Are you listening?

She opens the curtains and he is standing right there.

He tells her to listen to him also, don’t hear things that you shouldn’t hear. She tells him that they are allies. Allies mean that we are on each others side right? I am going to ask you to be on my side when we are having a difficult time. When I need it, I will abuse you. If you don’t like it and you move to another hospital, what can I say? You won’t be able to find an allie like me anywhere. Smart and sensible and not a mamas girl anymore. And now I can operate well without nausea.

He asks what her point is. 

She tells him, don’t go. You said we should die in Doldam. You told me that first. Huh?

He asks why she is dong this? What if I cross the line? What are you going to do?

They look at each other for a long moment. Then he says to forget about it and walks away.


Areum takes a call for an emergency. It seems important.

In the bathroom, In-soo looks at the contract, he is about to sign it and add his stamp. But then he hears someone and drops it on accident. Eun-tak picks it up and reads it. He asks if it is really In-soo’s?

In-soo is a bit embarrassed. But then the emergency room calls them both. Eun-tak give shim his paperwork back and heads out.

Sabu comes down and asks who the emergency is for. Areum tells him sadly that it is a 60 year old man in the last stage of lung cancer. But … it is Dr. Yeo.

Everyone runs to the door just as Dr. Yeo is brought in. He is unconscious. The EMS team puts him on a hospital bed and the team gets to work.


Upstairs in surgery, the chaebol kid is getting prepped. The anesthesiologist asks him his name and what surgery he is getting in order to prepare him for surgery. Sim also asks for more heart monitors than usual. the head nurse asks if Woo-jin is coming? Hye-sim says yes, he is he first doctor. Ho-joon looks on bitterly.

The surgery starts. Ho-joon is not paying attention at all, he is just focused on Woo-jin. Min-kook yells at him to pay attention or leave. Ho-joon apologizes.

Meanwhile, Eun-jae sits in he doctors rest area and sees a text on Woo-jin’s phone.

Text – I am going to get the advance tomorrow. Don’t think about running away – hyungnim’s

Eun-jae shows the phone to Moon-jung ans says that she knew this had something to do with the loan sharks. Moon-jung understands that the loan sharks are taking the advance now. EJ tells him that she knows some people that can take care of this.

She tells Moon-jung that she wants to use her thank you chance with the gangster hyungnims. But Moon-jung doesn’t want the matter to get bigger. Just let me handle it.

However, EJ thinks that Moon-jung only thinks of bones and doesn’t know anything. So she calls the gangsters and mentions that she is #2 Ja Eunjae from Doldam, do you remember me? Ah, yes, yes!

Inside his office, Moon-jung talks to his bones about doing this thing and how his abogi will hear about it. But if he ignores it and hides again then I think Ii wil regret it. Elizabeth, Jessy, I will be back. he walks off.


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