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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Korean drama Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Hye-jin tells Wo-jin to finish up the surgery since it has been 5 minutes. So he is about to get started, but then Eun-jae comes in all scrubbed in. 

Sabu watches her working in the in-between area, he is happy with that.

Eun-jae tells Woo-jin, as I told you before, general surgery can handle this. they switch to jongdaemal. He says that he can do it. You are the one that should not be afraid and do it. If anything happens then I can pick you up.

Sabu says in the hallway – focus.

Eunjae starts to focus and starts to perform the surgery. She does well.

Ho-joon comes in and starts to talk to Sabu but Sabu basically tells him to go to the ER and get a diagnosis because he looks bad.

The surgery ends, it is her first successful surgery without any side-effects. She thanks everyone and then goes to the amputation surgery room to help out there.

She apologizes for being late. Sabu tells her to not come if she is late. She tells him that she is the Cardiac surgeon so she should be here. I will be in all of your surgeries. Do-il happily tells her that she has spirit. that is good!

Eun-jae smiles. Sabu asks if she is okay without that thing? she tells him she is okay, she already did one surgery. Everyone chuckles, they all knew it was a placebo.

They are finishing up the surgeyr and says that they need to make him walk again becasue the patient has decided to try, even though it is difficult. So they start to connect all the arteries.

Ho-joon watches from the outside room. But he looks pretty sick. he is all sweaty. He looks at everyone working hard as if he wants to be in there as well. He holds the paperwork in his hands and then drops it to his side.


Do Yoon-wan shows up without notice to talk to Min-kook. He says he is just dropping by. Min-kook tells him to sit, please. DYJ says he is not going to take up all his time, he just heard that the 2nd son chaebol from [very rich] Group is here. 

Min-kook tells him that he was also going to report it to him after the surgery. DYW tells him to finish this surgery successfully. Our foundation has a close relationship with the Group

In the waiting area, Nurse Joo asks Areum what she is reading. Areum mentions she is reading for her board exam. She asks if she is going back after that? Areum says no, nothing like that.

Gi-tae comes by and gives them all a drink and then asks if anything happened recently. Has anyone checked on you and talked about another hospital?

They tell him about the sunbae guy, they also saw him again recently. Gi-tae asks where they saw him.

Cut to Gi-tae looking at the sunbae guy talking to In-soo. In-soo is a bit hesitant but also kind of interested. The evil sunbae tells him to read over the contract and give me an answer tomorrow. You know that this is a rare chance.

Gi-tae comes over so In-soo hides the contract and hurries away. Gi-tae then asks the sunbae if he thinks he does not know who he is? Your job is stealing our hospital people and selling them or twice the amount.

The sunbae says that Gi-tae is great, you already now that. You are a legend in the industry. Gi-tae is surprised to find that out. The bad sunbae mentions that everyone talks about how this hospital can keep running, didn’t you know about that?

Gi-tae is flattered and says that he did not know that. Actually, it is kind of embarrassing to say this myself, but that is not a wrong rumor. The sunbae asks if he wants him to introduce a good hospital in Seoul? If anyone knows that you are available then everyone in the industry will want to recruit you.

Gi-tae is all like, really? He is so happy about it. So the sunbae gives him his card and says he will find a good hospital for him.



A company man is talking to the wife of he leg patient. He says it is difficult to be injured at work. The wife says that the doctor said that the company should pay for half. They will write a recommendation. But the company man tells her not to do it, let’s do something else. We would have to use our company insurance.

So he is basically trying to talk her out of asking for money. Sabu is listening in. 

The company man says that they are actually the sub, sub contractor, it will be difficult to get the injury at work insurance…. blahh blah blah. The hospital is not a charity, they are just taking money from us.

Sabu chuckles and barks like a little dog. So the wife notices him and runs to his side to ask how the surgery went. Sabu tells her that he is recovering now. Then he tells her not to listen to this company man. All that he says is BS. 

Your husband will have nerve injury, if you process it at work then he will be classified as disabled and get a benefit. But if the company takes care of you then you will not get any of that.

The company man says that they are not qualified because they are a sub, sub contractor. Sabu tells him that they are following the law. If there is more than 3 days of injury then you must report it. But you do not want to do that because it will increase your insurance and affect your evaluation, isn’t that right?

He kind of chuckles and tells the wife that it is not like that at all. But Sabu says that he is lying, aren’t you embarrassed at all? 

The man gets angry and asks how old Sabu is. Sabu yells, someone is injured! You should treat him as a human, then talk about your company! You are the father of a family, if you are not sorry then you should at least pretend! Why are you asking my age? I was born in 64! Then he tells his government ID number and all that and aigoo’s himself out of the room.

Sabu then sees the son sitting and looking at his father in recovery. he gives him a milk carton and tells him he can have it, drink it, you should be hungry. I am sorry that ajusshi was angry. I was worried about your father because he does not want to get the surgery.

The boy says that sometimes his mother yells at his father because he is indecisive and dumb. By the way, ajusshi, are you good at surgery? 

Sabu nods and says ajusshi is good at surgery. then he chuckles as the kid nods and starts to drink his milk. 

Sabu walks off and sees Do Yoon-wan sitting in he waiting area. he asks how his wrist is and reminds him that when he sees him he should say hi. Sabu ells him that they are not in that kind of relationship.

DYW asks how his relationship is with chief Park? He is a stubborn guy so I just want to see if you have any trouble working with him?

Sabu asks if Dr. Park knows that he talks bad about him behind his back?

DYW tells him that the VIP patient is very important for their hospital, so pay attention to him. 

Sabu says they will take care of him.

DYW mentions that those people who are stubborn and follow the principle, when they make mistakes, it is a big mistake. 

Sabu asks, do you want him to make a mistake?

DYW says of course not, then he gets up to leave but tells him to say hi to butler Chae for him. He walks out. Min-kook listened in from the balcony. Sabu noticed him.

Meanwhile, Ho-joon meets with Hye-jin and gives her the paperwork consultation for the chaebol patient. She read it at her desk with him waiting. He tells her that the doctor recommends further exam after the surgery.

Hye-jin is skeptical and says that she heard this doctor was from the respiratory department and not a cardiologist. Ho-joon does not deny that but asks for her to say yes.

She reminds him that if they ignore something like this and the surgery goes wrong then it could be big trouble.

Ho-joon complains about how Min-kook is killing him now, please save me. But Hye-jin tells him if it was Woo-jin and not you then he would stop the surgery. I do not agree with this surgery. I do not feel good about it so I will not do it.

Ho-joon tells Min-kook that she is not confirming the surgery. So Min-kook yells at Ho-joon about this and even calls him stupid. He leaves. Ho-joon looks exhausted and frustrated.



Hae-jin sees that her car has been towed. She wonders what is going on, what should I do? Then we see a flashback of her running to the bus accident and then her car being towed away the next day. She wonders how she could forget about this. he says he will go with her but she has to buy dinner. 

they talk to each other like they are in a sageuk as she tells him that she does not have any money! My hcard has been cut off! How about chicken?

He says he does not eat chicken So she is all like, how can you not eat chicken! Moon-jung sees this and happily smiles. Ho-joon sees this and looks like he is going crazy.

Then Ho-joon meets with the bad sunbae and asks if he can remove Woo-jin. The sunbae asks what the real reason is? Ho-joon says it is because he smiles in Doldam hospital. For that kind of guy, the world should not be that kind of place where those guys smile.

A mystery man is listening in on the conversation. It looks like it might be Gi-tae, but he has his hat pulled low over his face.


Back at Doldam, Areum is sleeping while studying for her boards. Eun-tak sees her and sets a pillow in front of he so she can sleep. But she wakes up and looks at him. He apologizes and tells her that she should take a nap.

She says that her board exams are coming. I hope I pass, I even have nightmares about it where everyone passed but I am the only one that failed. He asks if she also worries about those things. She says of course, everyone worries. The future is not determined.

He tells her, when you pass the exam, are you going back? She asks why everyone asks her that? He asks who else asked? She tells him the nurse. So Eun-tak says that everyone might be getting ready for that. Because everyone thinks that people who come here can leave at anytime.

She asks if he is also getting ready just in case she leaves. He asks if he also has to get ready? She tells him that he always avoids the answer. he tells her that if he stops her then he will look obsessed, if he does not stop her ten he is worried that she will really leave. She says that hse will answer after she passes the board.

He tells her that she is good at push and pull. She says that her push and pull only works for him. Then they laugh. Then Eun-tak bursts in and asks them if they saw Woo-jin? He was with me but then he was gone. And his cell phone is off. She hurries back off.

Areum and Eun-tak wonder what happened.


Cut to Woo-jin being walked into a warehouse where he is to sign a doctors contract. The bad sunbae says that he is mad at him for blocking his future, but he should not take that out on a good doctor. So I got a good deal for you.

The loan shark says that this sunbae is a good sunbae, you will get paid twice as much as you get paid now. You can make money and give incentive to your sunbae. It is a win-win, right?

Woo-jin tries to leave but he is forced onto the table to sign. The loan shark tells him that Kim Sabu protects him at the hospital and holds a knife up to his hand.


Eun-jae talks to Moon-jung about this and says that she is worried, it has been over an hour. But then they see him walking up the hallway. So she runs out to see what happened. Woo-jin sees Sabu and walks to him and tells him that he has to go to another hospital.

Sabu is shocked to hear it and asks what this is. Woo-jin is all teary eyed and says that he has had a hard time coming all the way here. His life has been really difficult. He wanted to quit many many times. But it is good that I didn’t give up. It is the first time I complimented myself because I didn’t give up, then I could meet you Kim Sabu. It was not a long time, but thank you so much doctor.

He bows his head. 

Moon-jung and Eun-jae look on. 

Sabu doesn’t know how to respond.

Fade Out


It really doesn’t feel like the final week is next week! Maybe because every single week of this show has action and incredible cliffhangers but today’s episode didn’t?

In the overall episode count, today’s episode felt pretty slow. But perhaps it is just a buffer episode to really ramp everything up to the end. The preview is below!


English Translation

EJ – Stop pretending to be a victim.

HJ – Did you sleep with him?

EJ – We are allies, so don’t leave.

Man – Seo Woo-jin you are the first.

Man – Aren’t you coming to the surgery room?

HJ – Why are you pushing this much?

DYW – This could be your last chance to survive.

Man – We have a visitor

Sabu – Take it as my last assignment. You at least have something in your heart after working under me.

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