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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

It is Presidents day in the States which means it is not a work day (for a lot of people) so we decided to sleep in today. But we are back at it with this recap! The strange thing is, next week does not feel like it should be the last week for r. Romantic 2 to me. Is anyone else the same?

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Ho-joon receives a list of people from the bad sunbae. It is a list of people that he wants to recruit. He already has 5 on the list but he thinks that most of them will join. Ho-joon writes down one more person’s name and slides it over to him. Sunbae asks why he is so obsessed with that hospital. Ho-joon says it is not the hospital, it is Kim Sabu.

Cut to Kim Sabu in his office. The woman from the end of the last episode is talking to him about Do Yoon-wan and the big construction companies that he is getting. Board members support his plan so they need to do something before things go to the board meeting. She asks why Sabu is hesitating.

Sabu says that it is not just about the building. It should have good doctors and supporters.

The woman asks if the other two doctors are coming back next year? I heard you have two new fellows.

Sabu thinks they need a more experienced leader. The woman tells him that they have him, Kim Sabu, what kind of other leader do we need?

Elsewhere, Min-kook thinks about his run in with Sabu in the hallway. he asked him if he won. Sabu asked him if he used his scalpel to win? Doctors shouldn’t be like that.

Ho-joon continues talking to the bad sunbae about how something about Sabu triggers Dr. Park. it is a war of pride with Min-kook. Can you remove Seo Woo-jin? He is preventing me from doing anything for my boss. On the paper we see that the name was Seo Woo-jin.

Cut to Woo-jin being confronted by the loan shark thugs and the bad sunbae as well as other thugs. They tell him to go somewhere to talk. So Woo-jin goes wit them so as not to make a huge issue for Eun-jae.

Eun-jae coms out and does not see Seo Woo-jin. So she calls his name several times but he does not answer.



Woo-jin checks on Sabu’s stitches and tells him that he is healing well. He will take the sutures out in a couple days. Sabu jokes that Woo-jin did the operation so of course it should heal well. Woo-jin asks him how his wrist and his elbow are. Sabu says they are all fine, doc. 

Woo-jin also asks about Sabu’s other injuries and says he should tell him about them since I am your doctor until I take your stitches out. Sabu asks him if he is bored. WJ says he is not bored, just worried about him as his doctor.

Sabu asks when he is going back to surgery. Woojin tells him that he will take care of it, it is between me and Min-kook. Sabu tells him to spend the time he wastes on him with studying. You need to sharpen your scalpel when you are not using it. Woo-jin agrees. Then he heads out.

Sabu chuckles.

Meanwhile, Ho-joon follows Min-kook into his office and says that Dr. Shim didn’t confirm the surgery yet. So they both go to talk to her and asks what the problem is. She says that something bothers her. All the tests were good, but I worry about the EKG results.

It looks like he has WPW syndrome which is when something gets too excited quickly. So she wants to consult the internist about it. Woo-jin overhears. Min-jook tells Ho-joon to call the internist. So Ho-joon runs off to do that. 

Min-kook tells Hye-jin that she knows how important this surgery is. She says that she does know, that is why she wants to be sure of all the steps.

In the break room, Eun-jae comes in complaining about how both her alarms did not work so she is late. He asks if she worked on a WPW patient before. She says that she has and asks if someone has that syndrome.

He looks at her pretty lovingly so she asks if she has sleep in her eyes or something. He tells her to have a good day. She tells him to have a good day as well. Then she hurries off to the ER.

The patient comes in with an amputated leg! They have the leg as well so they bring it in. the coworkers tied the leg off right after the accident so it didn’t bleed too much.

Moon-jung comes in and starts to cut off the patients clothing. The EMS workers ask what to do with the severed leg? Moon-jung tells Eun-tak to take care of he leg and make sure it stays moist and put it on ice.

Sabu comes in and starts to get all the information from Moon-jung and the team.


In his office, Min-kook talks to the internist about the operation risk and his recommendation. The internist says he is not a cardiologist so he can not give the operation risk, but they do need to study it more. They do not have the proper equipment here to study him so they need to send him back.

Min-kook says that he is a young patient without other diseases. Because this patient is young, the cancer spreads quickly and is aggressive. In one month, it can spread a lot. We need to risk it. We can take him back to the main branch after surgery.

The internist is hesitant, but Ho-joon loves the idea. Then Woo-jin comes in.

The internist is excused. Woo-jin tells him that a patient has acute appendicitis. Should we operate on him? Ho-joon tells him that they are busy with VIP patients. Woo-jin says that if Min-kook releases his embargo then he can do it.

Min-kook tells Ho-joon to do it.

Elsewhere, a nurse talks to Do-il about surgery room one, they cannot use it because Min-kook reserved it. The nurse is Young-kyu. he tells him that it is the chief directors order. But Do-il says that they need to open the room! They have a major surgery for the amputation patient. They need room from room one! Don’t you understand.

The nurse smiles and says he cannot do anything, it is the chiefs order.

Hye-sim comes in and says that they can do room 2, the other surgery is delayed. She goes in with the appendicitis.

Do-il tells the nurse that whether the room is open or closed is the anesthesiologists authority. You crossed the line. Get out of the way! He walks past him and goes into the surgery room.

The nurse complains to Ho-joon about it and they talk about what they should do.

Elsewhere, Min-kook talks to Sabu about the amputee patient. He does not want to do the surgery do to the cost of the surgery. Especially because he might not have full use of his leg. He does not have that much money. Even if it is half paid by the company.

Sabu asks if anyone from the company came? No one came. 

Then the wife and son run in. The head nurse talks to her. The wife knows that her husband had a leg injury, just not how bad it was.

Moon-jung lets her into the room where she sees her husband and his severed leg. She crumples to the ground and starts wailing. The doctors take care of the son and try to give him candy and take his mind off of it. Though he wonders why his mother is crying.

Sabu tells the wife that he should have the surgery. But the husband does not want to have it. he says all the things that could go wrong. What if the surgery does not go well and his leg dies, then you have to cut it away again. I can’t do that. We don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to have a surgery without assurance.

Sabu tells him to look at him, your son is listening to you. You should not say this as a father and blame it on luck and fate. No one will pity you. The world does not care about people that voluntarily give up. Your son will see this and remember it and learn from this. Don’t blame the world and give up like that.

The father starts to cry and so does the mother. Then the son comes in and pushes Sabu and tells him not to talk bad about his father. He starts crying as well. Sabu tells the father, your son is better than you.

Everyone cries.

VO – How much of their pain should we look into?

In the locker room, Eun-jae takes her last two pills from her bottle.

The mother and son wait outside the surgery area while the husband is in surgery.


Elsewhere, Woo-jin tells Ho-joon that another appendicitis patient is here, so he has to operate on them too. Ho-joon is all like, wah? I just operated on one.

WJ tells him that another one came, what can I do? Hye-jin starts to prep the surgery room again.

Ho-joon complains about it, Woo-jin tells him that he is the wrong person to complain to about it.

Ho-joon starts to work on the next appendicitis patient. Min-kook complains as to why this is taking so long so they tell him that this is the second patient. Hye-jin throws some shade and says, what can we do…Woo-jin is banned from surgery. 

Min-kook throws his phone on he desk in frustration. Then WJ calls and tells Min-kook that there is another patient who needs an emergency operation. Do you want me to give this patient to ho-joon or do you want to operate on him?

But Min-kook says nothing? So Woo-jin tells him that he will ask Dr. yang.

The head nurse and Nurse Eun tells Woo-jin that he has guts. You are purposefully making Dr. Park angry. WJ smiles and asks what he can do? We have an emergency injury patient. I can’t not do anything so this is my little protest.

He ells Areum to take a CT of the abdominal patient and prep for surgery in the 2nd surgery room. But then he gets a phone call from the chief director. Min-kook tells him, until we finish the VIP surgery, until that time, you take care of the emergency patient. Do not bother my team members anymore, okay?

WH hangs up and smiles. He tells the nurses that he will get ready for the surgery. Nurse Eum and he head nurse are happy and mention that WJ is used to Doldam hospital.

The leg surgery is still underway. Everything looks like it is going well.

In the computer area of the surgery suite, Eun-jae tells Sabu that the medicine she was taking has gone away. He tells her it was pancreatic enzyme medicine for digestion. Just a placebo. Eun-jae can’t believe it and starts to think back to all the times she is always hungry during surgery and all the times she ate a lot at night.

She asks him how this can be? He smiles and tells her to sit. Then he tells her that he consulted her case with one of his neuro psychiatrist doctors. You were not nausea from surgery, but from pressure because you have to do a good job. Your pressure to do a good job is maximized in this small pressure room. That is why your body responds right away. But you do not need to feel pressure, you do well and you will do well from now on. Isn’t that right?

She kind of nods in disbelief and then goes to the hallway. Woo-jin asks what is up with her. She tells him that the nausea medicine that Kim Sabu gave to her was just a digestion pill. That is why I was always hungry. I don’t eat at night, but now I have been eating at night. It was the digestion medicine. what should I do?

Woo-jin tells her to do what you do. I don’t think you trusted the digestion medicine anyway. You have to come up with the answer. He smiles and walks off.

The leg surgery continues, it still looks like it is going well.


Meanwhile, Ho-joon runs into the chiefs office and tells him that they have so many emergency patients. But he is back now. Min-kook tells him that they have the consultation results. Take it to Dr. Sim and make the surgery date for today.

Ho-joon understands and gets the paperwork. But he also tells him that Dr. Sim is in the surgery room again. But he corrects himself and says that he will get the operation surgery. Min-kook reminds him to have room #1 reserved, right?

Ho-joon had to tell them that the leg patient needed room #1. Me and Heo told them no, of course, but Kim Sabu is~.

Min-kook asks if he is more afraid of Dr. Boo Yong-joo than me? How much are you going to disappoint me? Ho-joon apologizes and says that he will take care of things now.

He goes to the surgery room and calls Hye-jin. he asks her to step out and says that they have the consultation. Can you step out for 5 minutes? Dr. Park is super angry.

She tells him that 5 minutes is not enough time, just wait until I finish.

In a different surgery room, Woo-jin sees that there is a lot of bleeding in the diaphragm. So he calls Woo-jin about the diaphragm tear just like he did before. He asks her if she can do the surgery together. Eun-jae wakes up and asks, are you joking? Why now?

He has to tell her that she is on speaker phone and everyone can hear. She asks if he will be happy if she passes out? he tells her that he will piggy back her again if that happens. Woo-jin changes his speech to banmal as a friend and asks her why she is not confident. You performed a lot of surgeries. He lists all the surgeries and we see a flashback of them all.

Eun-jae starts to think about all the surgeries as well. She also thought about how happy Sabu was with her as a surgeron now and when he told her to follow her judgement.

Woo-jin tells her to come in 5 minutes, he will wait for her. He hangs up. The rich patient asks if she should go, it seems like they need you noona.


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