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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Korean drama Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the reception area, Areum and the nurses are chatting about how they can have a hospital with no patients at all. Areum mentions that they told her that they shouldn’t talk about how quiet it is because it is a jinx. But Young-mi tells her that this is the exception, right, Eum?

They all suddenly get a beeper. Everyone in the hospital looks at their cellphone and looks up in confusion and alarm.

Sabu comes in and asks them what they are doing, get ready for a patient. But the team wonders what is going on. How can they have an emergency patient? He tells them that the nurses refused patients so much so I opened a hot line.

Eum, you take all the calls because all emergency calls will be accepted to this number. He gives her his cell phone. Then he tells Eun-jae that they have a cardiac infraction patient who had a heart attack on the way here, get ready.

He gives everyones orders and tells them to all Seo Woo-jin also. They all run to do their job. He also tells the head nurse to call Nam Do-il and come asap.

The team all stand together preparing for the patients like they are the Avengers. Sabu smiles in the middle of them.

The patient comes and everyone starts to work on them.

But then the stomach patient guy comes and everyone is all like, um….what happened to him? His belly is so huge. The EMS guy says that some friends were playing around with compressed air and shot it inside his butt. They all look around like, what in the world? This is a grown-a-man, y’all.

So they all dust their hands and get to work.

Eun-jae gets called to the side to talk to Sabu about the heart attack man. His coronary arteries are all blocked and he has a lot of calcification. He asks her to work on him. EJ is so surprised. He tells her she can do it and he will assist. She is super surprised that he will assist her and honored.

He tells her to just get ready so she runs off.

Woo-jin comes out and tells Sabu that he thinks the belly guy has a rupture somewhere. They need to take him into surgery. So they start to prepare the surgery rooms. Sabu asks the head nurse about Do-il. She tells him that he will come, dont worry.

Woo-jin gets ready and sees the usb in his locker. 

Eun-jae gets ready and takes her pills. Her mother calls but she does not answer it.

On the way to the surgery Hye-jin tells Eun-jae that she does not trust the attending, which is Eun-jae. Sabu overhears. Hye-jin tells hre that she is nauseous during surgery. Eun-jae mentions that she is okay with that now.

But Hye-jin thinks they might have a table death, why should I risk it?

Sabu comes out but then he back tracks when DO-il comes and says that he will do that room. Sabu hides again and smiles.

Do-il tells her that he was about to go to the stomach room, but I will go to the heart room. She tells him that she heard he was fired. He tells her that it is none of her business about my status. I am actually getting sick and tired of all the rudeness and no conscience and bad behavior about you mattering in my business but what can I do. My friend pushed me because it is not the time to worry about that right now.

Sanu smiles.

DO-il tells Eun-jae he will be her anesthesiologist and hits his chest in solidarity (so cute, he did it all wrong). She smiles and they both go in.

Sabu comes out and tells Hye-jin that he is the friend that pushed his back. He also tells her that he shredded up that release note. Ii want you to tell he chief director park. Hye-jin fumes.

Sabu asks if this is the first time Eun-je has performed a CABG (also called a cabbage). She says yes, she was only assisting them before, not attending. He tells her to do what she can and he will assist her.

She gets started on a 2 vessel CABG. Sabu gives her advice.

In the other surgery room, Woo-jin starts his surgery on the stomach guy.

Both surgeries go well.

In the stomach room, The head nurse says that Hye-jin mentions that Woo-jin shines the best in surgery. Because you trust yourself. i think that if people have assurance and follow their own decisions then that person shines.

Hye-jin calls the head nurse. She does not listen.

The head nurse tells Woo-jin to follow what he believes. You will not get kicked from the surgery room at Doldam.

In the heart room, Eun-jae is nervous about the graft because it is damaged. Sabu tells her that it is okay, just take a deep breath and think again. What another grafts do you have? She says she has a GA graft. I can open the diaphragm and get a GA.

She starts to work on that. She removes a vessel from the GA loop. Sabu looks at her proudly and tells her that for doctors, their own will is what is important. When you are sure that you can do it, the surgery has a higher chance of success.

She tells him there is no leakage. He tells hr that she does not have to confirm every time, this is your surgery, follow your own way. She understands and stars to continue on the surgery confidently.



After the surgery, Woo-jin gets a call that he has a guest. he goes to meet them in the rest area.

Hye-jin also approaches the head nurse after surgery and tells her that she should not have encouraged Woo-jin. Didn’t I make that clear?

The head nurse says that she understood, that is why I answered. What you worry about will not happen in this hospital. Hye-jin asks if the head nurse can be responsible for Woo-jin life.

The head nurse asks her the same thing, can you be responsible for his life? All of us has at least one lawsuit in this hospital. But we never refuse patients in case we get sued. The advice from people who are afraid of risk, I am not sure what help that is.

Hye-jin tells her that they are all a-holes. 

The head nurse tells her, I know but Kim Sabu says that that kind of thing is being too cool. She winks at her. Hye-jin walks away angrily.

Sabu and Do-il comes out and asks her how Woo-jin’s surgery is? She asys that his style is getting better, almost as good as Sabu’s. Sabu says he has a handsome style then. They all laugh. The head nurse asks about Eun-jae. They both says that she is celebrating her first big surgery as an attending.

They all look inside and see her so happy at the successful surgery as she cleans up the surgery room.

Then she goes to the break room and sees that her mother is talking to Woo-jin. She asks Woo-jin to excuse them. He leaves. The mother asks what she is doing? What about your brother? 

Eun-jae tells her that her brother should come here and address this himself. he is old but is still hiding under your skirt! I work here, umma!

She tells her she knows, that is why she came here to ask her for her favor.

Eun-jae tells her that she should not do this. it is oppas fault, he should come here. You always do things the way you want, you still want more?

The mother asks what she did? Eun-jae tells her that she did not want to go to medical school. You are the one that asked me to do it because it was your dream. You wanted me to do ita nd do CS, that is why I did it. Because of my nausea Ii threw up so many times and ran from the surgery room and survived with so many drugs, but you do not know any of that! I was dozing off and collapsing in the surgery room and got hit on the shin so many times! You are not the one carrying me from the surgery room! 

Her mother is stunned and asks her what her manners are raising her voice at her mother. Look at your temper. You should not be here! Lets find another hospital, I did not raise you like this! Oh. look at your eyes, how dare you look at Umma like this.

VO – For the attending surgeon, the surgeons will is the most important thing. When you are sure of your will, then your surgery has a better chance of success.

Her mother keeps yelling. Eun-jae tells her umma that oppa has to take care of his own business. Do not ask anything of me or Woo-jin. This is my life and the hospital where I work. Do not embarrass me and do not come to see me with these kinds of things anymore!

She walks off confidently though teary eyed and runs right into Woojin who is in the hallway.

WJ – Are you okay?

EJ – Sorry, Woo-jin. I am so embarrassed.

She starts to cry.

He slowly walks to her and gives he a hug. She cries in his arms.

Later on, Woo-jin tells Min-kook his answer. The doctor needs to tell the patient everything and apologize to the patient.

Eun-jae tells the patient that the doctor who operated on him is coming to apologize, but I think you should know the situation first. I am also apologizing for the surgeon, I am sorry.

Woo-jin and Eun-jae meet in the middle and says that they both told them. Woo-jin says that he is banned from surgery. Eun-jae tlels him that it does not look like he is worried. he agrees and wonders why he isn’t worried. They both smile.

Sabu peeks at them both smiling at each other as he works on another patient. Eun-tak sees that and they both smile at each other.

Later on, Min-kook leaves his office angrily. Sabu walks up the hallway and ignores him completely. Min-kook stares at him.

Then we cut to Song Hyun-chul who asks Do Yoon-wan why he wants Min-kook and Sabu to fight. When the chairman decides, then he can just bulldoze the hospital. So why are you making this noise? YDW tells him that they can hang up and talks about it later.

Then he asks his secretary to contact chairman shin. The secretary says that he notified him 3 times, but he will do it again. Do Yoon-wan wonders what the reason is.

In Doldam, Sabu goes to his office an sees a woman sitting there. She stands and tells him that it is nice to see him again. he smiles.

Elsewhere, Eun-jae and Woo-jin go to get her car from the tow truck company. Her fee will be expensive but seh has no money since her mother cut off her credit card.  She sighs and goes inside to pay.

Woo-jin waits outside. 

But then the gangpae’s and insurance guy show up with lots of thugs.

Inside, Eun-jae pays and goes inside. Though she complains about the price. She goes outside and wonders where Woo-jin is. He is nowhere in sight. She calls his name, but he does not answer.

Fade Out


Only two weeks left! I think now is the time for Eun-jae to call in that favor with the other thugs. because she basically has a small army on her side.

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  1. February 12, 2020 / 9:35 am

    ” I think now is the time for Eun-jae to call in that favor with the other thugs. because she basically has a small army on her side”

    AHHHHHH I forgot about THAT!! YESSSSSS!

    • V
      February 12, 2020 / 12:13 pm

      I hope it happens!

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