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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Yesterday’s episode had me super stressed, and I feel like they might continue on with that in today’s episode 😩. But maybe Sabu will work his magic and fix it all?

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Woo-jin holds the usb in his hand and tells Min-kook that he will get ahold of the information. You know who the surgeon is so tell them to explain it to the surgeon. I will give you until tomorrow evening. 

Min-kook asks if he knows who the surgeon is? WJ asks if he has to know? Min-kook tells him that he thinks so – it is Cha Eun-jae ~.

In the hallway, Hye-jin tells the head nurse that the surgeon who cut to duct is Cha Eun-jae’s brother.


Song Hyung-chyul sits in Kim Sabu’s office. Sabu asks why he is there. HC tells him that he came because he worries about him. I heard you have carpel tunnel, is that true? I heard that rumor. Sabu asks how he heard. HC tells him that he played golf with Do Yoon-wan. He knows everything about you, he is such a stalker. Maybe he likes you hyung.

Sabu tells him to shut up and tells him why he is here. HC asks for something to drink. Sabu throws him a paper cup and tells him that the water faucet is outside. HC tells him to treat him better, I am here for you. Have you heard of Mirae hospital? Because of that hospital the land price is skyrocketing.

Sabu asks, what are you talking about?

HC tells him, where do you think the new Mirae hospital will be built? Yes, you are right, it is right here at Doldam hospital. They will buldoze this place and put Mirae here for the top 5% wealthy people in Korea. It will be custom fit for them to be 5 or 10 years longer if they follow the program. Park Min-kook came here to pave that road. He should have already started to pick people.

Sabu is intersted.

HC tells him, Doldam hospital people are getting pocked to be recruited to Mirae hospital. He will fire all he people who are not listening to him.


In his office, Min-kook tells Wo-jin for him to decide what he will do now that he knows this truth. Will you still tell the patient and make the matter bigger? Or will you follow my suggestion and cover it up? I will wait for your answer until tomorrow evening.

VO – Hasty justice always has to pay the price.

Sim Hye-jin is still talking to the head nurse and tells her that the shinest surgeon in the surgery room was kicked out for one year just because of the feeling of justice. Now he came back as a doctor and is still talking about justice and stuff. We should not take his chance away again. You know the custom in this field….don’t push him, he is already having a hard time. As a doctors vocation and justice, don’t mention it to him. It will only give him a hard time, okay head nurse?

She walks off.

Woo-jin walks into the ER receptioin area and sees at Eun-jae happily chatting with Nurse Eum. 

Elsewhere in the hospital, HC takes a phone call from Do Yoon-wan and tells him that he did everything that he asked of him. Min-kook and Sabu will fight. Do Yoon-wan tells him good job and invites him to golf next weekend.

HC gets off the phone but actually looks sad about it.

Sabu thinks in his office and looks up dramatically.


Meanwhile, bad sunbae is talking to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital about joining another hospital. He tells them that they will get paid more and he can guarantee a 50% pay increase. Some of the doctors and nurses are intrigued and others excuse themselves quickly.

In-soo is actually thinking about it because he has not lived with his wife and daughter for 3 years. He would like to go back to the main office, but there is no spot there.

Nurse Eum told the bad sunabe to go somewhere else and sell that stuff. But Nurse Joo is interested.

Eun-tak tells him that learning is more important than money for him.

Nurse Joo tells Nurse Eum that the salary would go up that much. Nurse Eum tells him that there is no free upgrade. If you get paid more than you will need to pay for that high price. That is what the head nurse says.

In-soo asks if he can get an advance. But then he decides to leave. But then he comes back and asks if it is possible? The bad sunbae says he can decide it, I can take care of the rest.

In-soo thinks about it later on when Moon-jung asks him what he is thinking about so hard. In-soo says that when he talks to his wife he always has a headache. Then he comments on how empty their emergency room is.

Moon-jung does not know why it is like this so In-soo tells him that the nurses are blocking all the patients to their hospital. Moon-jung asks, but we are all empty.

In-soo tells him that the director is only accepting patients with appointments, no more trauma patients.

The nurse keeps  answering the phone like a robot and saying they do not accept patients.

Moon-jung tells Sabu what is going on. Sabu is shocked that the nurses are refusing the patients. Moon-jung also shows him the card that the bad sunbae gave him about the pay increase. He was in my same class, but I don’t know him well. He is good friends with Ho-joon. 

He used to be at the hospital that Woo-jin used to go to.

Cut to the bad sunabe and Ho-joon eating noodles together. They talk easily about stealing the doctors and nurses away.

Sabu curses in his office and asks, what about Woo-jin?

Cut back to Ho-joon talking about Woo-jin. he asys that it seems like he may send another doctor to hell. The bad sunbae asks, again? Who? Ho-joon tell shim that WJ and EJ have some and stuff, but it is her brother.



In Doldam, WJ stares at EJ in their office. She asks him why he is sitting like this, aren’t you busy? He says he is but he keeps looking at her. More like gazing at her.

He asks her if her brother is a surgeon? She says yes, a general surgeon just like you. He is vice Chief Director at a famous hospital in Seoul and brags about it all the time.

Woo-jin hesitantly asks what her relationship is with her brother. She tells him she doesn’t know, if you say that we have a good relationship we are actually cranky with each other. But if you say we dont have a good relationship, we actually take care of each other. It is like regular brother and sister. Why are you interested in my brother.

WJ – Well, Eunjae…

But her phone rings so she talks to her mother about something and walks off.

Woo-jin rubs his forehead in frustration.

In his office, Sabu tells Moon-jung that they are in the corner now. Moon-jung asks him if he will do anything? You are not doing anything so why are you making me a spy?

Sabu says it is not a spy, at least I should know what is going on. Moon-jung says he relaly wonders why Sabu is only watching. In this situation you can turn things over if you want to. You can do everything including Park Min-kook.

Sabu tells him that he still has his hidden card. You use your hidden card at the last moment.

MJ asks, what if it is too late? This time you could lose persons.

In the reception area, Nurse Joo tells Nurse Eum that the hospital environment is unsettled. I can’t focus on work.  Eum tells her to not be affected. Joo tells her there are also rumors about Sabu. Eum asks what rumor?

The head nurse comes in as well and asks what the rumor is. tell me.

Cut to all the nurses or maybe everyone sitting in the break room listening to Nurse Joo.

Joo – I heard that Sabu collapsed, not because of the accident, but because he has a chronic illness.

They all look nervous.

Joo – He couldn’t move his finger so he dropped his scalpel and he is  not taking exams due to that. Everyone is talking about it. And Nam Do-il…

Nurse Eum tells her to stop, you don’t have to hear this. But Head nurse wants to hear it.

Joo – he is fired, that is why he can’t come.

Eum- Why are you saying that? Those are all nonsense rumors.

Joo – She is asking me.

Suddenly Sabu comes in and smiles as he sees that everyone is there. He asks if there is an emergency meeting?

The head nurse tells him that it is about their emergency room. We are finishing up the meeting. She tells them all to go back to work.

So they all leave.

The head nurse starts to straighten up a bit and Sabu goes to get a drink. But he thinks back to what Sreum said about the head nurse and Eun-tak working hard just in case they are a burden for him. Sabu also thinks back to Eun-tak and the head nurse talking about how worried they are about Sabu working too hard for them.

He asks the head nurse if everything is okay. She tells him that everything is okay and excuses herself.

He asks, do you know that you are not a burden to me. You are support for me. You, Do-il, and Eun-tak. All the Doldam family members. he smiles bashfully and tells her that he is saying it incase she forgot. She smiles as well. he asks, you know that right?

She warmly tells him that she knows. Then she leaves and takes several satisfying breathes in the hallway.

Sabu calls the EMS people and tells them that he needs a favor.

Later that night, the head nurse heads home. Gi-tae sees her and asks if she is going home already? She tells him yes, it looks like we so not have any emergency patients or surgeries.

He asks if she would like to go home together and have a drink? She tells him no but asks him if he would be able to take care of this scout? He is telling people he can increase their salary. Please take care of people like this first, okay?

Gi-tae tells her that he was busy taking care of the VIPs. You sometimes look down on our work. She says it is not time to divide lines. i do not look down on you, I am actually disappointed in you. He asks, what?

She tells him, yes, we should support each other but you are dividing sides. I am disappointed and sad and mad. He says she should not be disappointed and sad and mad.

She tells him that she knows that people have their own reasons. Of course. But we on the same boat at Doldam should be on the same side. Right?

he tell sher not to look at him like that. If you look at me like that then my heart is….argh! He clenches his chest.

She asks him, please help General manager Jang. She walks away.

He looks at her with deep passion and mutters, ah, that mysterious woman!

Later on, Eun-jae runs into Woo-jin who asks her if she is going home now? She tells him yes, she is going on a very important appointment. He asks if he can talk to her for a moment? But she says later, she has an important event.

She heads off and goes to a swanky hotel to meet with her mother. her mother asks her if she eats carbs again. Eun-jae says not often. Only on those days when I have a late surgery and I am realy hungry. Just cup noodles.

Her mother feigns a heart attack and tells her noOoOoOo, I told you no instant food. Your skin will get wrinkled early.

Eun-jae says okay, then asks why she wanted to meet with her. Did you have an argument with appa?

Umma tells her that Eun-wo called her, he had to ask you something. Ej asks what is going on, my smart brother asked me a favor? Does he want to scout me?

She leans in and tells her that she has someone named Seo Woo-jin in her hospital? Then everything slows down and goes silent as Eun-jae listens to what her mother tells her, absolutely stunned.




Woo-jin walks up the hallway and the bad sunabe sees him and asks if he is having fun. First your sunbae and now your coworkers brother? He says it has nothing to do with him, just live your life.

The sunbae tells him not to live his life like that. Actually your life is not someone elses fault. You met bad parents and your life was ruined so now you want to make other peoples life miserable. You should not do that.

WJ asks who did what?

The sunbae says he ruined his life and family. I am just stupid for trusting someone like you. That is why I try hard to survive. My father who supported me for his entire life to make his son a doctor. He even put his tiny apartment he had for retirement to the hospital. he lost it because of you. Because you made all that mess!

Woo-jin yells, why didn’t you do a better job with that responsibility of your fathers money! You should not get dirty money and go illegal surgeries!

Sunbae says, if I don’t do that then when can I pay off my debt and the machines!

But you should not do surrogate surgeries! How can you put that medical device sales person to the surgery!

That only happened once!

I checked, it was more than 7 times! And one of them almost died from bleeding!

You said you wanted to make a lot of money!

I told you to make money, not do something illegal!

Everyone dos it! Everyone makes money like that and is all rich! Why do you pretend like you are the only one clean like that? Why can’t I do it!

Because it is you, hyung! …. You are the only one person I called hyung at school. Do you really think I left the Univesity Hospital as a fellow only for money, hyung? *tears*

You should have forgiven me once. *tears* Why didn’t you forgive me just once? *tears*

Woo-jin sadly walks away.

The sunbae sadly cries.

Woo-jin goes to the locker room and crumbles on the ground in tears. Moon-jung sees him go in but doesn’t follow. But he is pretty worried about him. However, he leaves him alone for the night.


Eun-jae’s mom talks to the son that is in trouble on the phone. She tells him that she talked to Eun-jae about it. He asks what she said.

Umma tells him that everything is taken care of, of course she should step up for her brother. That doctor Seo Woo-jin is actually her good colleague. Of course she will tell him. 

The brother apologizes and says that he was about to call her but thought it was better for umma to talk to her. Thank you for your favor.

Umma says it is not a favor, we are family. Eun-jae thinks about the family a lot.

Cut to Wun-jae looking worried as she thinks about talking bad about the surgeon that made a mistake and covered it up. We should have a limit for covering each other as doctors.

But then she thinks about her mother telling her that she needs to cover for her doctor brother as a favor. Especially becuase he is her brother. She thinks about Woo-jin asking if her brother is a doctor? Then she thinks about her mother asking her to talk to Woo-jin.

Poor Eun-jae is feeling the stress as she goes back to the hospital.

At the hospital, Woo-jin pickks himself off the floor and starts to head out. But then he sees Eun-jae coming in. They pause as they see each other and then talk.

WJ – You came back early

EJ – My talk ended early. What about you? Going home?

WJ – Well, just….

EJ – Well….you said you wanted to tell me something when I left. It was important and you needed 5 minutes. What were you about to say?

WJ – …. 

EJ – What was it?

WJ – Later …. we can talk about it later, Eun-jae.

He walks past her and leaves.

She is left looking lost.



Meanwhile, the head nurse and Do-il click glasses and talk at his restaurant. She thinks, what the F? You devoted many years of your life to this hospital and they fired you with this paper?

he asks if she told Sabu yet? She says that she did not. Do-il says that is good, don’t make him worry. Sim Hye-jin is there so it should be okay.

But then Sabu comes in and asks what he does not want him to worry about. So Do-il reluctantly shows him the firing paperwork. The head nurse starts to say how they should not do this.

Sabu rips it up and then tells the head nurse that she is right, they should  not do this. If he wants to fire you, then it should be face to face. He is firing a fellow doctor who worked more than 30 years, that is the lease he should do.

The head nurse agrees. 

But Do-il says that Doldam is an organization. The person who has the right to fire him is human resources, that is it.

Sabu tells him not to make an excuse that they cannot do anything about it. It is not that we cannot do anything. It is bothersome to you right? dealing with these people who have no manners or common knowledge or conscience. You are sick and tired of it. that is why you want to avoid them, that is why you make excuses.

Ah, Kim Sabu…

Do you know how many people were refused today? 4 traffic accidents, 2 fractures, 1 suicide, 1 seizure. A total of 8 and one of them died  from bleeding on the way to the other hospital. And another hospital is in a coma because they could nto get treated on time. As soon as we make an excuse that we can’t do anything, this happens. The more we ignore, the more this will continue.

I understand that you are tired, me too. I am the same. But not like this. If you really want to quit this war, then you should do it your own way yourself. This paper is not Nam Do-il. He throws the ripped up paper on the floor and then walks off.


Physicians assistant Hyung-Kyu asks Eun-tak what he is doing. Eun-tak is straightening up the nurses area. he says he is doing it just in case they have an emergency patient. HK tells him that they are not accepting any emergency patients. 

Eun-tak asks him how long he has been here. HK says over a month. ET tells him that he still does not know their hospital, actually, tomorrow is Friday. he rolls his stand away.

Areum sends him a text.

Text: Do you really think Friday will come back again?

Text : yes, this is Doldam hospital.

They both smile.

Elsewhere, the super bad thugs that bother Woo-jin meet with the bad sunbae who has been drinking heavily. He greats them pleasantly.


the rich son patient walks around the empty hospital and thinks that this hospital is so empty.

In Ho-joon’s office, Ho-joon tells WJ that they should operate on a patient using laproscopy, but WJ says that they should open the patient. Ho-joon asks, dont you know? Dr. Park is the master at laproscopy surgery.

But then later, Min-kook tells them that they will do open surgery. Ho-joon has egg in his face. Min-kook tells him that the cancer spread around so they need to have open surgery.

he gives a bit of work to Ho-joon. Woo-jin asks what he should do. Min-kook says he will decide after he gets his answer. Everyone looks at Woo-jin. The head nurse is there as well.

WJ – So you called me, not to put me in the surgery, but just to get my answer?

HJ – Seo Woo-jin….

MK – I am giving you this chance because I acknowlege your surgery skills. To work with me, you should prove yourself and dignity as a doctor.

WJ – So covering up fellow doctors mistakes is a doctors dignity?

HJ – Seo Woo-jin….

MK – You said your oath when you graduated. Everything I had is for the dignity of medicine and to keep the tradition. Our fellow doctors are my brothers and sisters. You just follow along.

WJ – But we have a few more lines. I perform my duty with conscience and risk. I will consider the patients wellbeing first.

MK – Is that your answer? I am asking you.

HJ – Why don’t you give him time until evening? That is what you said. I will check with the patient and confirm the surgery time. is that good, Seo Woo-jin?

Seo Woo-jin hangs his head and thinks.


EJ’s mother calls EJ while she is siting in the hallway. She does not pick up the phone. The rich kid asks her why she isn’t picking up the phone? Is it your mom? Do you not have a good relationship with her, noona?

She tells him that she is not noona. He asks if she is coming to his surgery? She says that she is not an internal surgeon. He asks if she fixes hearts? Can you fix my heart? It has been broken for many years.

She rolls her eyes and starts to leave.

He asks her if they can date? You are my style noona. I am rich.

she rolls her eyes again.


(We have to run! We will have to post the rest this evening!)

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