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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Korean drama Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





a group of doctors and nurses looks after a person who has an inury. he is curled up in the hospital bed on his side.

They lay him on his back to look at his stomach. Areum asks if he has previous surgery? he says he had something last summer to remove a stone. Maybe it went wrong?

Areum tells him it shouldn’t be, if something goes wrong then the symptom would come up right away.

She presses his stomach in various areas and he screams in pain. They give him painkiller and says that it could make him dizzy or nauseous.

The bad sunbae looks around while they are doing this. 


Ho-joon eats at Do-il’s restaurant and then tells him that he can clean it now. Do-il is all like, what the f?

In the hospital, the other doctors wonder if Do-il is coming. The other anesthesiologist says that Do-il is not coming. I will be in surgery. The head nurse and the doctors wonder what she is talking about. Hye-jin just says that he is not coming, I will be there.

In the restaurant, Do-il asks Ho-joon what is going on? So I should not come to Doldam now? Ho-joon tells him he is correct. Our director has sent it. He gives him his firing paperwork and the money for lunch.

Do-il gets a call right then from the head nurse. He does not pick up. 

In the hospital, Areum wonders if something happened? Should we call Kim Sabu? The head nurse thinks that they can call Sabu later, lets give him at least a one day break. Areum asks Eun-tak if things should be okay? Eun-tak looks worried but smiles and says that it should be.

They go off to the surgery.

Do-il sits in his restaurant thinking about being fired.

Surgery starts on the man with stomach troubles. Woo-jin is the attending.

EJ is in her office with Ho-joon. She is all dazed out. But then Ho-joon comes in so she tells him that Woo-jin is in emergency surgery. Ho-joon is as annoying as he always is but then rushes off when he gets a call from Min-kook. He tells her to follow. 

She asks why? I am not a general surgeon. He tells her to come out and increase the head count. Do it now since I am telling you. She is so annoyed. But follows along.

The first VIP patient comes in. The doctors are there to great them. The patient asks why Min-kook decided to move to a hospital like this. EJ asks Gi-tae who this person is. GT whispers that he is the son of a super famous person.

The rich son asks why they have a bust of a foreign person in the hospital. The bust is Hippocrates so EJ whispers, he doesn’t know who Hippocrates is? The rich son tells her that he heard her. i-tae smooths over the situation and leads he son away. He smiles at her as he walks away.

Min-kook asks Ho-joon about his order. Ho-joon says that he gave it to Do-il on his way to work. Min-kook asks Eun-jae what she is doing? She says Ho-joon told her to add to the head count. But then Ho-joon tells her to leave as well. Ej is so annoyed once again.

In the ER, two more nurses are brought in to work there. Yong-kyu says he will tell the head nurse in person.


In his office, Sabu stretches a bit to loosen up his arms and chest then thinks htat it is so quiet today. he peaks out of his office and walks around to see what is going on. No one is around at all. 

Then he goes to the ER and sees the new nurses. Moon-jung wonders what he is doing. Sabu says that the hospital is so quiet so he wondered where everyone was.

Moon-jung tells him that they have an emergency surgery so a lot of the team is there. Sabu asks why they didn’t call him. Moon-jung tells him that everyone wanted him to rest. 

Sabu asks who the nurses are? Moon-jung says that they are nurses that came with Min-kook. He also asks Sabu when he will have his x-ray. If you recover quickly then that will help us the most. You know that.

Uptairs. Areum tells EJ that the nurses are at their emergency stations. EJ asks, what about the head nurse? Areum tells her that the head nurse does not know because she is in surgery. Do-il is also not picking up his phone today. We called him for the surgeyr but he is not answering. Something is happening. But Sabu does not know becuase the head nurse wants him to rest.

EJ just finds out that Sabu was injured so she is shocked. Areum tells her that it was not very serious, Euntak and the head nurse just don’t want him to get too stressed just in case.

Sabu is listening from around the corner.



Sabu calls Do-il, he picks up and tells him that he couldn’t go to the hospital because he is busy at the restaurant. Nothing happened don’t worry. The head nurse worried about you because you were out of bed.

Sabu playfully tells him to come there because the head nurse is killing him. Then he hangs up.

In the surgery, Woojin performs laposcropy on the patient to see the Gallbladder stone surgery. it looks like the surgery affected a duct or something? Or maybe they cut out the entire gall bladder? Not sure. But something is not right.

Hye-jin tells him to just pass it. WJ asks her what she is talking about? She says that the patient might not have told him. The head nurse says that the doctor might have hidden it. You want to check it right?

Woojin says yes, can you record this? They start the recording.

After the surgery, Hye-jin asks Woojin about the patient and says that they should cover it up. Don’t tell anyone about it. WJ asks why she wants to cover it up? Hye-jin tells him that she does not know who did the surgery, but nothing happened to the patient.

WJ tells her that the doctor should be responsible. The patient has a right to know what happened to him and the doctor should know as well.

Hye-jin asks if he wants the same thing to happen from the old hospital again? Most likely you will be a bad person. So just let it go.

He tells her, thank you for thinking about me, I will take care of my own things. She calls him a stubborn guy. The head nurse tells her that she does not need to worry. he knows better than you about decisions. She walks off. Hye-jin scoffs.

Meanwhile, Min-kook tells Gi-tae that he has an emergency and asks him to take care of the patients. then he asks to see Ho-joon. Gi-tae asks the rich patient if he wants to go to the hospital bed? The rich patient asks if he can have that noonas name?

Cut to Eun-jae asking what is going on to In-soo and Areum. They tell her that the bomb is about to be ignited.

They all look at the head nurse looking at these two new nurses. The head nurse hits the counter and asks what they are doing there, can you explain this to me? They tell her that they have orders. She tells them that she did not get that order.

They are scared bt they hold their ground and tells her to talk to Heo Yoing-kyu. So she goes to Heo Young-kyu to tell him about himself. he says he understands that she is mad, but they will only answer the phone calls.

One of the nurses answers a call and tells the ambulance to take a patient to another hospital because they dont’ have an available bed. But the place is empty. The EMS asks, how can we go to another place? I heard this is Doldam.

The nurse tells them that they cannot accept emergency patients.

The head nurse tells Heo Young-kyu that this is nonsense. YK says that they will have surgery patients not emergency surgery patients. They need to reduce the trauma people. The head nurse tells him that their Doldam hospital does not refuse injured people! We never refuse them! 

YK tells her that it was not his decision, it was the directors decision. If you complain up there, it will not change. She sighs. Eun-tak looks on and sighs as well. Then he walks away and bumps into the bad sunbae.

The sunbae asks if he is Park Eun-tak? Eun-tak asks who he is.

Elsewhere, Cha Eun-Jae talks to Woo-jin about the gall bladder duct surgery. He tells her about the problem. She tsks about another surgeon messing things up again. WJ tells her that he did not confirm it yet. She tells him, fighting!

He looks at her as if she is an alien, so she kind of awkwardly walks off with her fists in the air. But she crumples in embarrassment in the locker room. 



Woo-jn goes to talk to the patient but already sees Ho-joon talking to the wife. Min-kook is there as well. Woo-jin asks Min-kook what is going on. Ho-joon comes out and says that he asked the guardians, they do not know about the gall bladder duct surgery. 

MK asks to talk to WJ quietly. So the three of them walk away to talk. Moon-jung sees them walking away and looks on curiously.

Elsewhere, the head nurse walks to the ER and sees the nurses manning the telephones and telling everyone not to come to the hospital. 

Hye-jin sees her and approaches her. The head nurse asks her what happened. Hye-jin tells her that she encouraged Woo-jin, but now there is big trouble.

Cut to Woo-jin talking to Min-kook in his office about the mistake of the last doctor. Ho-joon is there with his s**t eating grin. Woo-jin tells them that this is not okay. If I hit a person on the street and he is  not dead, then he is okay. So I don’t even need to apologize and can run away?

Min-kook tells him that this kind of noise can hurt an innocent surgeon. Min-kook tells him that the surgeon should not hide if he made a mistake. Min-kook asks what the surgeon should do? Go to the courthouse and get embarrassed and pay thousands of dollars? And not treat the patients? Is that the responsibility that you talk about?

The time the doctors should be working on patients, they will be reading legal paperwork. Do you really think that is being responsible? 

Woo-jin asks, so you want me to cover it up?

Min-kook says that he already knows who operated on him, I will call him in person and give him a lesson. The important thing is the person’s regret who did it. As doctors, we just support each other. That is good enough to not destroy our dignity. As doctors, that is better.

Woo-jin asks, so embracing each other is digity and hiding the truth is authority, that is what you say?

Min-kook tells him that in this world everyone looks for a chance to harm others. We need to protect ourselves. 

Woo-jin tells him, you guys just kick someone like me out that doesn’t listen.

MK tells him that he should understand what it feels like to be kicked out. So don’t make another mistake Seo Woo-jin. Give it to me.

He motions for the usb.

Woo-jin looks in his hands at it.

MK tells him to give it to him.

Woo-jin thinks about a conversation he has with Sabu. Woo-jin asked how much he should say? Sabu told him to say everything he saw and what happened.

So Woo-jin decides to hold on to the USB. Since you know who the doctor is then tell him to come here and explain to the patient what happened! I will give you until tomorrow evening. I can wait that much as a doctor like you.

Min-kook asks if he knows who the surgeon is?

Woo-jin asks if he has to know?

Min-kook tells him, I think you have to know.

Woo-jin asks, who?

Min-kook tells him, it is Cha Eun-jae.

Woo-jin grows nervous and starts to think about Eun-jae telling him thta her entire family are doctors. Then he looks at the usb with new eyes.


Sabu sits in his office when Song Hyun-chyul come in grinning broadly. 

Sabu stares at him curiously.

Fade Out


This episode was so frustrating! I don’t want to see the Doldam team getting eased out and unable to help people! Argh! I am ready for Doldam to get their payback on them.

Still not able to do review+preview posts, so the preview is below!


IS – Park Min-kook should already start to pick and choose people.

Woman – Please take care of this person.

HC – Why did you make them fight each other?

Sabu – Ah, mickoragee gatenom (that one person who comes in and messes up everything)

YJ – We are not taking on any emergency trauma patients

AR – Do we really have Fridays again?

WJ – Covering up the fellow doctors mistake, is that really the dignity of doctors

MK – Is that really your answer?

MJ – Why are you just watching?

MJ – You may lose a person now.

HJ – Can you all be responsible for Eun-jae’s life?

EJ – Sorry Seo Woo-jin

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