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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Sabu passed out! Oh, noooooooos! Does he have internal bleeding? Or did he just really need a nap? Because Lord knows he is overworked. Let’s find out!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Hye-jin talks to someone on the phone about having a late surgery. It sounds like it might be her kid. She tells them that she does not know about this weekend. What about you? Good job.

But then someone calls for a doctor so she has to hurry off. Then we see Woo-jin piggybacking Sabu to the emergency room.

Word starts to get around quickly that they have another emergency patient when Euntak and Areum wonder what is going on. He asked her if she waited long and she kind of mentioned it but then mentioned the emergency patient. They both look inside the room.

All the faculty is looking at this one room. Euntak asks who this patient is. Gi-tae says it is Kim Sabu, so Euntak runs inside to help. Woo-jin sews up Sabu’s side and they tell Euntak that he does not have internal bleeding.

Moon-jung says he will take an x-ray just in case. They talk about moving him, but Sabu whispers that he is okay so they all stop and look at him (note: Sabu means master in Korean and I think Chinese so his first name is literally Master).

Sabu tells them not to make too much noise. I dont’ need an x-ray. Mooon-jung wants to check just in case he has a wrist fracture. Sabu says he would have felt it if it was that serious. He sits up. The team is still pretty worried and the head nurse clenches her fist.

She yells, JUST L I S T E N!!!!!

Gi-tae tells them not to be surprised, she is clearing things up.


Sabu whines that he knows his own body.


Well, I was just…


I am okay..why…


He looks like a small child that just got scolded. Gi-tae says that the situation is cleared. The head nurse wins again.

Sabu tells them, okay, I will lay down…ah…it hurts…

Then he is wheeled out and smiles at everyone and waves that they can all get back to work. Gi-tae sighs and says that Sabu sometimes makes his heart drop. Let’s go back to work.

The head nurse goes to her booth and takes several deep breaths. She is stressed and overwhelmed. Eun-tak asks if she is okay. But she doesn’t say anything. Areum watches on.

Meanwhile, Do Yoon-wan talks on the phone as Son Hyung-cheol waits in his office listening in. He was asking about how Boo Young-joo was and wrote a something on a letter that a man carried out.

Elsewhere, a mystery person looks at everyones information in detail on the computer. His eyes settle on Seo Woo-jin. This mystery man says, isaeki (son of a b).


In the hospital, Sabu tells Woojin and Moon-jung that he is okay, no pain except for when the bus rolled. That is it. The x-ray said the same.

they ask him about his hand cramp during surgery. Sabu says it is nothing, just a little hand cramp. Woojin asks, do you have any other symptoms other than carpel tunnel? It seems like your wrist is not so good.

Sabu asks what he wants to know. Woo-jin says he wants to know his condition. I am your doctor now so if you tell me your symptoms it will be easier to diagnose it.

Sabu tells him it is late, just go. I am the patient, as a patient I should rest. So don’t bother me and go work.

Woojin and Moon-jung sigh and leave.

But everyone is waiting for them to tell them how Kim Sabu is. Some people even came back to the hospital to find out. Moon-jung tells them that his x-ray is clean, his fever just needs to go down, we don’t see any problems right now. He just needs to rest for today.

Everyone is relieved and say that they will go home today. Woojin gives one last look at Sabu who is curling up to sleep.



Areum and Euntak walk away. Areum asks about Sabu and what he means to Euntak and the head nurse and all he people of Doldam.

Sabu rolls around in bed and thinks that he can’t just lay there and do nothing. So he starts to roll around his IV to do something. But then the head nurse comes in so he frantically lays back down in bed as if he never tried to move at all.

She asks him if it is comfortable? he smiles and says it is the best, I will sleep well tonight. She apologizes for what she said in front of everyone. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.

He tells her its okay, what you say is right.

She tells him, if he collapses then that mean that Doldam hospital also collapses, you know that right?Tomorrow morning they will conduct a few exams so rest well.

He tells her goodbye and she leaves. Then he sits up and thinks.

The mystery man gets on the phone from his hideout and tells someone that he will take the case. I will go there right now.



A car is towed from the side of the street. It might be Eun-jae’s car because the camera shows her next. She wakes up and grumbles about being tired then looks at a snack bag and goes to the break area to see tons of snacks opened.

Uh oh, she suddenly remembers eating tons of carbs after 6pm. she thinks she was crazy, how can I eat all of this. She frantically starts to throw it all in the trash to hide the evidence. 

Areum comes in right then and smells the room. She asks if someone ate food in here last night again? They should have cleaned up. Eun-tak agrees and says she will take all the food out. Can you open the window and clear the air?

she hurries out jut as In-soo comes in. Areum asks him if he ate here last night? he says no. Why are you looking at me like that? She smiles like she doesn’t trust him and walks out. he is all like, I really didn’t! I am on a diet!

Eun-jae tries to get cleaned up for the day while thinking about how much she ate and how her mom will come hit her if she knew.

Meanwhile, Woojin is running in the street and a car drives right past him again. Then the mystery guy gets out of the car at Doldam and smiles as he realizes that he found Woo-jin. Eun-jae asks who he is and why he is here. The man turns around, Eun-jae recognizes him as Hyun-joon sunbae.

Woo-jin gets to work and asks the nurse of there was any trouble. The nurse says they had a patient but Kim Sabu took care of it. Woo-jin goes to look at Kim Sabu and sighs. He asks him what he is doing here?

Sabu tells him that he just checked the patient, that is it. you can check them now. Then he goes off and checks on another patient. Woo-jin tells him to go lay in bed. Sabu says, I feel good, the stitches are good! There is no fever, why should I?

Woo-jin reminds him of all his checkups he has this morning. Sabu asks Woojin if he has that much time? Why don’t you see more patients if you have that much time. 

Woojin asks, is it about them? Sabu asks what he is talking about. Woojin says, you are hiding that you are sick. Is it about the people in the hospital?

Euntak overhears.

Woojin continues and says that the people here need you so you should not be sick, that is why you are hiding it right? Just in case people are worried and are nervous, but that is not good for you. It is not good for everyone to rely on you. So to meet their expectation you re hiding your sickness.

Sabu smiles playfully and tells Woojin that he is trying to look cool. But Woojin tells him to take his exam and get his treatments, okay.



Elsewhere, the mystery sunbae waits in the break room with Eun-jae. He asks if she can not contact Woojin?

She tells him that she sent him a text, by the way, why do you want to talk to him? He tells her that is the 4th time she has asked that question. Are you afraid I will do something bad to him?

She kind of chances the subject and says it is getting pretty late, why isn’t he calling me. So he tells her to call him. She asys that she will call.…um….okay….

But she calls Areum and asks for Woo-jin. Areum is all like, um, Woojin is not here. Eun-jae pretends like she is Woojin and asks, why aren’t you here yet? Wy do you sound like that? Are you sick? A fever? Muscle pain?

Areum is all like, um, sunbae, you are scaring me.

Eung-jae tells her not to come to work today. Our sunbae is here, but I know that you are sick. I will tell sunbae, you should stay home today. Okay. CLICK

Areum is so lost and just stares at the phone. The other nurse comes in and asks what is going on. What’s strange? I saw her with a guest in the break room.

Upstairs, EJ tells the sunbae that this looks like a quiet hospital but it is actually very busy with trauma patients. he had 2 or 3 surgeries a day and has now passed out. What should Ii do sunbae? 

he asks, what did he say about me being here? EJ tells him…um…he is welcoming you…but…he will see you later.

The sunbae asks, did Woo-jin say that? That he is sorry to me? Do you think I am a joke?

She asks what he is talking about?

You are looking down on me because Iost everything.

No, I am not.

Give me your cell phone. You said you talked to Woojin so give me your phone. I want to call him. Give it to me.

Areum is looking in in the break room and realizes the tense situation. She goes to the other break room only for doctors and sees Woojin. She tells him that he should go to the break room.

So Woojin calls EJ as he goes to the break room. She hangs up the call so he bursts in and sees the sunbae.

She tries to pretend that he has a fever. But he tells her that she can leave first. I am okay. he stays to talk to the sunbae.

Outside, Areum asks Ej if she is okay because she was worrying about her. Ej tells her that WJ should not see that sunbae.  Areum realizes that the sunbae is that sunbae. So they both peek in.


Min-kook talks to DYW in DYWs office. He says that he heard that Boo Yong-joo was injured. DYW asks if he knows that Boo Yong-joo might have carpel tunnel? But you did not mention it to me? I am disappointed. I thought we were on the same side.

MK apologizes and says that he is on no ones side. He does not make alliances with people. The only thing I believe in are my hands, my skill, and my principle. After spending time with them, the Doldam hospital people are skilled. Ii want to connect all those skilled people to our Mirae Hospital.

You told him to pick one or the other. (flashback on DYW asking Sabu to pick money or his pride). from now on, I will start that game.


In the hospital, the head nurse sees Euntak sitting in the hallway and asks him if anything happened. he says that he is worried about Kim Sabu. What if it is because of us, head nurse.

Flashback to Woojin telling Sabu that he is like this becuase of the people in the hospital. you are irreplaceable and can’t be sick, that is it right?.

Eun-tak asks the head nurse, what if he is pushing himself too much only because of that. What should we do?

Sabu changes his stitch dressings in his office and then gets back to working at his desk. he talks on the phone to Seo Jung and tells him that he opened the file and starts to look at it and a paper. He tells him that he will have a prognoses next week. Everyone is fine here. Be healthy. take care of your health Yoon Seojung.

He gets off the phone and stars to look at a folder titled “Sharp Rock” project. 


Woo-jin and the sunbae contiue sitting quietly in the break room. EJ and Areum wonder if they should call Mr. Goo?

Then WJ and the sunbae start talking. The sunbae says that it has been almost a year since they had seen each other. Woo-jin tells him it has been a little over 9 months. The sunbae says that he had something to do with this hospital and found out that he was here. You look okay. Did you wonder about me?

Woojin asks, how were you? The sunbae says, I am all screwed. I have a 3 year suspension of my license and I lost my house due to all the borrowed money. I am bankrupt and divorced. Woo-jin tells him that it should be difficult for him.

The sunbae asks him if he makes good money here? Did you pay off your debt? Are you still threatened by those people?

Woo-jin gets up to leave but the sunbae approaches him. EJ and Areum wonder what he is going to do. But Mr. Goo is there as well and asks if he should go in?

The sunbae gives Woojin a card and tells him that his job is introducing skilled doctors to a hospital, just like an agent. I have entered a few good hospitals. You cang et at least 1.5 times more than what you get payed now. I will get 30% of your first years salary as encentive.

Woojin tells him that he does not care so he says 20$ since you are my hubae. Woojin tells him to pick someone else.

The sunbae calls him jashik and says that he really is the same. You really do not look sorry at all.

Woo-jin tells him that he is the same. You don’t look like you feel guilty at all. Okay, see you. He walks out and sees the three standing there looking all concerned. They all ask if he is okay one after the other as they stand like a totem pole.

Mr. Goo asks if he should solve the problem? Woojin tells them that they don’t need to, just do your work. They keep looking at him walking away. He feels a bit awkward.

WJ goes into the doctors break room so EJ follows him there and asks if he checked his texts? You shouldnt’ have come without notice. I had all the plans to protect you. But the way, why did sunbae come here to see you? He holds a grudge, that was a long time ago and now he is following you here? What did he say? Did he yell at you? If he did that then we should call the police.

WJ is pretty annoyed with all her questioning but tries to hold it in. She asks if he needs a lawyer? My moms best friend is a lawyer, I can take care of all the details and get you a discount. 

He asks why she is doing this? It is not your problem. She tells him that she heard the rumor. It was his fault. He got under the table money and did illegal procedures and had surrogate doctors. It is so embarrassing. I cant even call him sunbae. The doctors association should punish him as an example so don’t be timid.

WJ tells her okay, why are you so heated for my business? She tells him it is because she worried about him! But if I say that then it would be too burdensome for you, so I’m sorry.

he tells her that it isn’t that much. Maybe I just wont’ be able to sleep a few nights. Maybe I will think, she likes me? Should I wait for her? if I say that, then that means I am crossing the line?

He checks his phone and leaves.


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