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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2 #DrRomantic2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Korean drama Dr. Romantic 2!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In surgery, Sabu continues working on the umbrella victim. Nurse Oh taps his forehead. It is not time to remove the foreign body from the man. So Eun-jae starts to take out the umbrella slowly. 

She tries to take it out slowly, but it is stuck and then quickly pulls out. There is a gush of blood. She apologizes. Sabu says it is okay and continues working.

In the other room, Ho-joon yells for people to do thing but everyone kind of ignores him. Then Ho-joon starts to yell about the speen or something. Woo-jin tells him that he has to disect it more. But Ho-joon tells him that he is his sunbae! So Woo-jin apologizes and they continue with the surgery.

But then the patient starts to bleed more. Woo-jin tells him that Ho-joon cut the accessory vessel, it is a different vessel than I tied. He fixes it. Ho-joon is a bit embarrassed.

Ho-joon starts to yell at Woo-jin about something but Woo-jin tells him that he told him to dissect it some more. Pancreas juice is leaking! The anesthesiologist tells them to call Sabu. Do you want to wait until we have a table death? Call Sabu before it gets worse. 

So they call Sabu with the news. Sabu says that Woo-jin is there. But the nurse explains that Ho-joon is the attending. So Sabu thinks he has to go over and asks Eun-jae to close. EJ says that she can do it and says a little joke. Then her stomach grumbles. She apologizes.

They tell her that being hungry is better than falling asleep or running away. Sabu chuckles are heads out. Do-il asks Nurse Oh why she is not saying anything, is something wrong? She pretends like everything is fine.


In the break room, Areum asks the cop if he would like coffee, she starts to boil the water. But the cop asks her to guess what he likes and gets uncomfortably close to her. 

She sees the fresh scratch on his arm and also remembers that the patient had scratch marks on her finger. So she secretly turns on her phone. But the cop sees her and says, ah, you found it out.

Areum is trapped.

In the lobby, Gi-tae asks, so the policeman is not a real policeman! So who is her! The officer says that they are checking, but no police station sent a policeman there. Nurse Eum tells them that she thought he came there super early. 

Flashback to the officer coming.

Gi-tae asks who the doctor was that was talking to him. She tells them it is Yoon Areum. But we can’t find her  now. Eun-tak runs off to look for her. He tries calling, but her phone is off.

In the room, the man says that he just wears this uniform and they believe him easily. I stole this uniform you idiot. She sees that the water is boiled. The man asks if the patient will survive with surgery?

Areum says yes, good surgeons are operating on her. The man says, oh that is not good. But anyway, thank you for the gift. I have all the evidence here.

She quickly throws the hot water on his face, grabs the box, and runs off. Eun-tak sees this and runs and flies into a tackle on the fake cop and then starts to fight with him.

the man tries to run to grab Areum, but then the super big nurse person comes out and bumps into him, knocking him out. Areum and Eun-tak take a deep breath.


Sabu goes into surgery and changes the attending surgeon. Bu then his arm goes numb and the instrument falls. Ho-joon hears it and comes back in to be nosey.

Woo-jin starts to think abotu all of Sabu’s symptoms. Doctor Sim asks if there are any problems. Sabu says his hand had a cramp. But Woo-jn starts to think about what he saw and wonders if it was a mistake with his elbow? He has all the symptoms of carpel tunnel, but what was the problem with the elbow?

Doctor Sim asks why he is not operating. Sabu tells them that his hand is okay, lets go. Ho-joon leaves and head to Min-kook to blab.

Ho-joon happily tells Min-kook that Sabu could not move his hand for awhile. MK asks about the surgery. Ho-joon tells him that he is happily finishing up. MK asks about the other two. Ho-joon says they are okay.

MK sighs and says, finally, he saved both lives. Then he stands about walks out. We hear an internal monologue as he walks off.

VO – Was I waiting to prove him wrong? Was I waiting for one of the patients to die?

Outside, the fake cop is taken away by the real cop and thanks the hospital team. The team jokes that it was nothing, Areum started it, Eun-tak helped, and the nurse finished it up. The nurse  smiles and says he was just passing by.

The cops drives off, Gi-tae tells them it was a long night and heads in. Areum tells Eun-tak, let’s go.

Eun-tak holds her hand and tells her that it is good that she was brave, but she shouldn’t be reclace. She smiles and tells him that he is the one that is recalls, how can you just fly like that?

he smiles and says he did taekwondo when he was little. She says she thinks it was a good choice to come to Doldam. Someone told me that when I come down here, I will feel like I am alive everyday. 

that is true, I saw many things happen and had a lot of patients and met a lot of people. Eun-tak asks who told her that. She says it was a cranky person. then she runs inside. 

Eun-tak wonders who that cranky person was.

Then we cut to another hospital and see a man walking in the hospital. It looks like it might be one of the former doctors from Doldam. He received a call from Yoon Areum.




Son Hyung-cheol meets with Do Yoon-wan about the n ew hospital that Do Yoon-wan wants. He shows him the image. HC is impressed with it. HC asks if he is putting Park Min-kook as the chief director.

Yoon-wan says he is thinking about it but he does not know what he is doing. HC tells him that Min-kook is like that, he wonders if he can manage it.

Yoon-wan tells him not to think about anything else, just do your job. HC says he was just thinking something. Then he sits and tells DYW that he is a little sad about it. You called Dr. Park before me.

DYW tells him that Dr. park is a famous surgeon that everyone wants. You should accept his skill. HC says, yes, yes, Ii should accept it.


Min-kook sits int he hallway alone. Sabu walks by. MK asks him if he is having fun looking down on him and bragging? 

Sabu asks, are you a doctor for fun? Do you wear your doctors gown to brag?

MK – I want to be a better person, that is why I became a doctor.And that is why I am wearing the gown. Yes. I thought I could be someone who could brag.

Sabu – then why are you arguing?

MK – 11 years ago, that accident. After that day I lived my life running away from the bus over and over again. And I realized after meeting you again, that I wasn’t running away from the accident, but you.

Sabu – What are you talking about?

MK – Why are you pretending you don’t know? That night in the bus, you stayed and I ran away. That is why you made fun of me.

Sabu – When?

MK – Tension pneumothorax! As soon as you sent me that notice. Are you still laughing at me? Is that why you are bragging in front of me and asking me if I can save them, first! You are pointing your finger at me! And looking down at me! And make me embarrassed and shameful. You are telling me, you are a fake doctor that ran away from the patient to survive. Isn’t that it? 

Sabu – Now I understand why this arrogant guy has such an inferiority complex. Sorry, I do not remember you.

MK – *wipes his mouth, amazed*

Sabu – Later, I knew from the newspaper that you were in the bus, but that is all. If you were injured or ran away or whatever, I don’t know anything about it.

MK – Are you making me into an asshole until the end.

Sabu – if you want to be an a-hole, I am not stopping you. But, let me tell you one thing. That accident is not your fault and you are not responsible at all. It was a crude accident, the bus could have exploded at anytime. No one will point a finger at you for running away from that hell. No one would do it and no one should do it. So please, come out from the bus.

he pats MK on the shoulder in sympathy then walks away. Min-kook starts to shed a few tears.

Sabu goes to his office and lays in his couch, exhausted and in pain.


Eun-jae and Woo-jin check on their patients and then go talk in the hallway. he asks if her nausea is all cured? She shows the medicine and says that because of Kim Sabu, I rule the emergency room. She smiles and says that she thought her life ended at Doldam.

VO – This is also the place that I met at the corner of my life.

EJ – But now it is fun. I want to be a doctor a little longer here. I don’t have to be favored by anyone or stand in someones line or think abut any of that. Ho-joon tried to kick me out but I can resist.

WJ – Yes, that is true, it will never happen in the main branch. The line is too strong there.

EJ – Now we have so many patients so I don’t have time to think ad focus more on patient.

WJ – That is how it is supposed to be.

EJ – that is the culture Kim Sabu makes here. Right?

WJ – *nods*

EJ – I thught he was astubborn old man but he is actually an open man. He was on my side with Doctor Park.

WJ – Not your side, the side of the pateints.

EJ – Anyway, it was thrilling. Because of that, I survive and that guy survived.

WJ – after my first surgery here, he told me this – whatever happens, save the patient.

EJ – That is cool, what if I stay here forever and stay with him.

WJ – Should we?

EJ – Do you also want to stay here forever?

WJ – Why, you dont’ like that idea?

EJ – Well you decide, that is your own business. it does not matter.

WJ – Don’t worry, I will nto cross the line

EJ – I didnt say anything. i am hungry.

WJ – Cup noodles?

EJ – no, I don’t eat carbs after 6.

Cut to her eating noodles happily. She is eating alone and thinks that she has never felt this hungry. Woojin peeks in on her but doesn’t bust her. He just leaves with his milk he was going to give to her and smiles.


Woo-jin checks on Sabu and sees that he passes out! But the door is locked. So he runs to get the key and runs back to Sabu and lets himself in. then he tries to wake up Sabu.

Fade Out


Y’all, this show is non stop action! I love it.


Man – You hide somewhere like this?

EJ – Hey, Woo-jin

Man – You are the same

YW – What? Who collapsed?

WJ – Kim Sabu, what if it is our fault?

Paper – *says Do-il is fired*

DI – So I should not come to Doldam hospital anymore?

YW – How is Boo Yong-joo now?

HJ – Dr. Seo, is anything wrong?

MK – You should not make another mistake.

Oh – Kim Sabu collapsing Min Doldam hospital is collapsing

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