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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1 #DrRomantic2

Today’s episode was so good! And talk about fast paced! I didn’t even feel like anytime had passed at all while watching and suddenly it was the end. Now that is good storytelling.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The camera scrolls into a church. Park is there, he is Catholic.

VO – As a human and a doctor, I never felt ashamed or disappointed in myself.

He receives an award and the crowd claps.

VO – Also, my principle that human lives are more important than money or fame has never been shaken.

He performs surgery on a person. 

VO – But that day…the accident shook everything. In front of danger and fear, my weakness was stronger than any life.

We see the crash from 3 years ago.

VO – And my cowardly will to survive was stronger than any principle.

he sees the mital square about to fall on Sabu.

VO – Like that, I ran away to survive and he stayed to save people.

In the crash from yesterday, we see Sabu trying to perform CPR on the pregnant woman. Woo-jin shows up and starts to run down the hill. Then Eun-jae huffs and puffs her way up and heads down the hill.

The construction team starts to try and lift the bus. Sabu is still inside performing CPR. Woo-jin takes over. Eun-jae gets inside and sees the people under the bus. there is one person with a rod or umbrella going through his chest.

Eun-jae helps that person and tells Sabu what is going on with this one patient. Sabu explains what to do with a catheter. then another person starts to asks to save him.

Min-kook comes running up and says that this man might have crush syndrome. They cant lift the bus right away, they need to give him and IV and then lift.

Eun-jae tells him it is -10 degrees. Taking time could be more dangerous. EJ explains, if we don’t lift right away then this patient will die.

Sabu takes off his glasses and thinks, painfully.


In Doldan hospital, In-soo asks if there is any contact with the bus? Nurse Oh mentions that they do not have contact. Hye-jin is right there as well and tells them that 3 doctors are there. Don’t worry.

Nurse Oh asks her to prepare for her surgery, Hye-jin tells her not to worry about her, I take care of my own things.

At the site, Sabu tells Woo-jin that the patient is under arrest, so take her to the hospital and continue doing CPR. So Woo-jin take over CPR as they start to transport the patient.

The other patient is covered with a blanket, his legs are under the bus. Min-kook is helping him and giving others orders about a saline injection. Eun-jae asks, are you giving up on this patient!

Sabu looks over at her and Min-kook. Min-kook says that it is obvious that they cannot save both of them. This one is conscious. Sabu

Sabu asks how long it takes to lift the bus? the EMS man tells him it is ready. Sabu tells Eun-jae to put an electric band on the patient first and then lift the bus.

Min-kook asks if he is crazy? You will have a heart arrest. Sabu says, it might come, it might not come. Min-kook thinks he is risking it with no guarantee.

Sabu tells him, should I just give up another patient who has still survived because of a probability that is unsure? He pushes Min-kook against the wall and tells him that they are both alive so I will save both of them!

He goes back to the patients.

VO – I thought it was one or the other. He was crazy…or a real liar. But this person…

Sabu tells the EMS team to prepare the crane and lift the bus 50 centimeters. The EMS person  checks to make sure it is okay to lift.

Sabu tells Eunjae to take care of the patients chest catheter, can you do it? She tells him yes! Sabu ties off the legs. Min-kook tells him, if something goes wrong, you killed him.

Sabu ignores him and starts to prepare. Eun-jae says she is ready. Sabu tells them, lift!

They lift the crane! The man groans in agony. Sabu pulls the patient out from under the bus. Eun-jae and Sabu start to get to work n the other patient. Sabu asks for the saline as he helps this patient. Min-kook is stunned.



In Doldam, the patients are starting to arrive and receive help. The pregnant woman also arrives. it has been 15 minutes since her heart arrest. they continue working on her and Woojin is still performing chest compressions.

They cut off the pregnant woman’s dress and check on the baby. The baby is still alive but the heart rate is too slow. They need to do a post death c-section.

They have another hospital to send the baby to and the NICU is ready. So as soon as they take the baby out then need to revive the patient baby and rush them away.

The interns want to help but are in the way so Nurse Joo tells them to go home or don’t do anything! Then she runs off.

Back at the site, Sabu says that it is cold so the mans blood vessels are constricted. He asks for another injection and tries to stick a needle into the patient. But his arm is shaky.

Min-kook asks him what he is goin to do now. Sabu ignores him and is able to get the shot in. He tells the EMS people to take the patient. Then he stands up and tells MK – oops, they survived.

Then he walks out with his arm in a sling. Min-kook looks at him walking off.

Woo-jin performs the C-section and pulls the baby out. The team starts to revive the baby. In-soo works on the baby’s breathing and hopes that the baby lives.

They are about to intubate the baby, but the baby stats to cry! Everyone exhales. the baby starts to cry louder and louder, everyone is relieved.

they wrap the baby and take him away to the hospital. But Woojin tells them to wait and checks the mothers pulse. She has come back! So the mother and baby have survived. They decided to move the mother and the baby together.

Nurse Oh thinks that the mother must have heard the babies crying. They move them both.

Then Eun-tak runs up and asks Areum if she can come with the head Nurse. they go to the woman who caused the accident. Eun-tak says that she was found on the street near the accident, but it does not look like she was from the bus.

The think they should call the police because she might be a sexual crimes patient.

Outside, one of the nurse interns says that she will go with them. Her youngest brother was a preme and they have a long age gap. My experience may help, may I go with you?

Nurse Bae thanks her and scoots over to let her in.

But then there are two more ambulances that hurry in. Eun-jae gets out with an umbrella inside one of the men. And the other man is brought in as well.

Sabu hops out and starts to give them all instructions. they need to amputate his arm and close this chest hole and take an x-ray and call Moon-jung to see if he can operate right away.

For the other man, both his legs were crushed and he had a heart arrest while lifting the bus. he might have hypercalemia so they need to have a blood gas test first.

They rush him in.

Sabu bends over and grabs his arm. Woo-jin checks to make sure he is okay. He says he is fine and asks Woo-jin to call Moon-jung to go to his office.

Woo-jin helps him inside first. Min-kook drives up right then and sees Sabu being helped in. he looks jealous, possibly?




In the office, Moon-jung tells Sabu not to wait too long. Sabu doesn’t want to talk about it right now but MJ tells him that WJ also knows about it. Sabu sighs and tsks, why did you tell him?

WJ explains that he figure it out first. Sabu says it is nothing, don’t spread it aroung. WJ tells him that Sabu told patients not to hide their pain. But you are hiding it.

Sabu says, I am not a patient. WJ tells him that he is right now and I worry about you. I hve to be here for the next 10 months so if you are sick, I am in trouble.

Sabu tells him, 9 months. You paid off one months worth. Sabu stands up and Moon-jung sees a gash wound on his side. It is not deep, but it is bleeding. They need to clean it and stitch it up.

Sabu tells him that he can just stitch it up, he needs the tetanus shot though. However, just then Nurse Oh comes to the door so all the fellas start to pretend like everything is fine and Sabu sits like he is perfectly normal.

She tells them that they have a sexual crimes victim in the ER. She might have internal bleeding. Sabu tells WJ to get check on her. WJ does not want to leave Sabu, but he does.

Sabu tells MJ to go look after the crush patient. So he is left alone with Nurse Oh. He then asks Nurse Oh to help EJ in the surgery room. She looks on like she knows that he is hiding something from her. But she says she will.

She asks him if he is really okay before leaving. He chuckles that he is. But he is hiding his pain.

She leaves and sees Moon-jung and Woo-jin avoiding her eye contact. So she feels ostracized. She sees Moon-jung throw something in the trashcan and goes to look at it. It is muscle relaxer.

The policemen come and tell Areum that they will move the patient to a bigger hospital. Areum says that the patients condition is not good enough to do that. Ho-joon looks unconcerned and asks how bad she is.

Areum says that they performed an ultrasound and saw blood. They need to take a CT o see how much bleeding there is. HJ thinks they need to move her to a government center.

Areum thinks they need to perform a kit on her and then take her. Over time the evidence gets weaker. The cop says that she wont catch the criminal. Areum asks if they want to catch a murderer not the rapist? Ho-joon tells her that she went too far.

Eun-tak hurries out and tells Areum that the patient woke up. Areum runs to her and says that they are in the hospital, you are safe here. The patient mutters…police…police….please call the police….

But then she passes out again and her pulse goes down.

Ho-joon runs up and starts to check on the patient. Woo-jin runs up as well and says it looks like a spleen injury. Ho-joon yells, I know that!

WJ explains to Woo-jin that he gave him all these surgeries in the other hospital. remember? You didnt’ want to perform surgeries that could cause trouble. Ho-joon tells him that he will do the surgery, call doctor Sim. Woo-jin says he will assist him since he is the only other surgeon that can do it.

Min-kook checks his computer and sees that Sabu is going to perform the surgery. He is amazed.

Sabu prepares for surgery but is definitely banged up.

Sabu starts to perform the surgery on the man with the umbrella in his arm/chest area. Nurse Oh is there helping and looks on, concerned.

Woo-jin looks on from the prep area. Ho-joon asks what he is doing? Woo-jin explains that they needed to get something from the patient. Then Areum comes out with the sexual crimes kit and takes it to the patient.

The officer asks Areum her name and says that he wants to ask more questions about the victim, do you have time?

Outside, another policeman shows up and comes inside. He asks where the sexual crimes victim is? But they tell him that another cop already came. They are all confused. Eun-tak runs off to find the other cop.


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