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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 1 Recap – Part 2

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 1 Recap - Part 2

This is part two for our recap for Dr. Romantic!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on Cha Eun-jae eating some kind of medicine as she sits and thinks about that doctor. It is some kind of heart calming medicine? She starts to talk about the doctor and how he has never seen her before. But then another doctor comes in so she hides her medicine and then puts it back inside her locker.

She then washes her hands as if she is about to perform surgery and goes into a surgical room. But the doctor asks her why she is there. She says she is the only one. So he tells her that she cannot fall asleep during surgery or she is forever gone from his room.

She nods. Then the surgery starts.

Cut to a different surgery room where Woo-jin is performing the surgery. Sabu looks in on him.

There is a tear in the diaphragm so Woo-jin wants to call another surgeon in to take care of that. 

In the other surgery room. the doctor keeps making sure that Eun-jae is awake because it really looks like she is about to fall asleep. She blinks her eyes several times to stay focused.

The doctor in this surgery gets a call from Woo-jin to please come in to fix a tear in the diaphragm. So the doctor sends Eun-jae.

She hurries to the other surgery room but has to throw up before she gets there and then takes more of her medicine.

She heads into the other surgery room, freshly scrubbed in, and talks to Woo-jin about what needs to be done.

She is a cardio-thoracic surgeon and he is a general surgeon so she basically tells him that he can fix this on his own. But he says that there is bleeding so it is a CS surgeons job, it is better for the patient this way.

He steps aside and she starts to perform the surgery. But she starts to pass out while she is tying off the bleeding. He notices and asks what is happening. She says it is nothing and continues working. But she is clearly barely hanging in there.

Suddenly she kind of passes out and there is more bleeding. So Woo-Jin starts to fix it on his own and sees that it is not bleeding, it is a clot. he also does what Sabu whispers that he should do. So that should mean that he is pretty good.

But then Eun-jae passes out and goes straight to sleep with snoring and everything. they are all like, um, what the? Sabu is also like, um? 



Flashback to anatomy class from medical school. Cha Eun-jae and Seo Eoo-jin are at the same body and it is the first day of class, so it is he first day looking at the bodies.

Eun-jae is very nervous. As the instructor starts to tell everyone what to do, Eun-jae starts to cough and another person runs out to throw up. As Woo-jin starts to cut into their body, she throws up and then passes out.

He runs her to the infirmary piggy back style.

But then they stop on the steps. She is actually holding him tightly so he realizes that she is awake now. He asks her if she is okay. She starts to cry, probably from embarrassment, but maybe from something else.

He lets her cry on his back.


In the present, Woo-jin stands outside as he waits for his ride. He is unemployed now. Sabu comes up to him and tells him it is a rainy day. He also tells him that he heard he is fired for whistleblowing and all that.

Woo-jin asks why he is giving him a job? Sabu says that he needs a General Surgeon (GS). She he is giving him a job and a lot of surgeries. If you are interested then come. Then he sighs and wonders when the rain will stop as he head off into the rain with no umbrella.

Yoon Areum also watches Sabu walking away, with interest.


Cha Eun-jae wakes up in her bosses office. He slams her pills on his desk and asks her how long she has had it. She says that she didn’t take any. He asks if she really wants to stop being a doctor!

She apologizes and says it is because of her nausea. Whenever she goes to the operating room she can’t breath and faints. She just wanted to lower her heart rate.

He asks if this makes any sense? You are a cardiac surgeon and are taking this medicine? She says that this is the first time she has taken this medicine. He sits and grumbles that this is why he does not hire women. She says this is not a women thing.

He tells her that he has two choices. Stop work or I will send you to one of our branches. Doldan hospital. She remembers that Sabu is the head surgeon there and asks if there is another choice?

He says that those are her only options and leaves.

The camera cuts directly to a gorgeous fall foliage landscape scene as Eun-jae drives to the countryside to go to Doldam.

When she gets there, shock stays stuck to her face as she looks around at the very old hospital that, on the inside, looks more like a broke Holiday Inn from the 50s with construction all around and no one else.

In another part of the building the head nurse yells at all the construction that is still going on in the building. So she goes out and yells at Gi-tae who is reading a book at his desk in the lobby area and has earphones in.

She complains to him about everything. He tells her not to complain to him, go to Kim Sabu if you want to complain because he complains all the time about how construction bothers his surgery so that is why they are behind. I did my best, but that is the reason.

She says this is why young doctors don’t want to come here! The hospital is still bad and it is still noisy and the general manager is wasting time! He says that he is not wasting his time, he is enjoying the romance of it all.

The nurse says that Do Yoon Wan came back so this is not the time to talk about romance! Then a nurse comes in and tells them that they had a traffic accident. Another doctor comes running in and tells his daughter on the phone that he has to go to surgery. He runs off.

Then Sabu comes dramatically walking up like James Bond after a cocktail and heads to surgery. And another doctor, Bae Moon-jung comes in and goes to the surgery room.

The nurse tells Sabu about the accident and they all starts to wait for the emergency team to come in. Eun-jae watches all of this in awe.

The patients are rolled into the emergency room and are worked on right away.


AR shows up and says, wow, that is cool. So Eun-jae turns around and sees AR there. She asks why she is there? AR says she is here because she heard that this hospital is recruiting young doctors. Where is the trouble maker, Seo Woo-jin?

Cut to Seo Woo-jin working at a PC bang. Then we cut to a couple thugs beating him up about the money that he owes them. They think they should just take his kidney so they start to pull him away.

But Seo Woo-jin breaks free and starts legging it out of there.


In the surgery room, Sabu starts to perform the surgery. The anesthesiologist says there is no construction sound right now. He is pretty shocked. The nurse says that it all ended one hour ago. So they might move to the room with the brand new machines.

Sabu finishes his part of the surgery and heads out to let the other doctor close. He had 18 surgeries this week so the nurse and anesthesiologist think that he should be very tired.

Sabu goes to the new surgery room and looks around at all the brand new equipment. He looks pretty pleased with it and says it looks good.

in the other surgery room, the anesthesiologist asks the nurse if the general surgeon has come yet? Hopefully he does.

Outside, we see that the general surgeon has arrived via taxi. He drops his luggage outside the cab and looks at the building.

Inside, Gi-tae tells Eun-jae and AR that the surgery has gone long, would you like to drink something? AR thanks him for it but Eun-jae says no. AR asks if she would like to go to a 24 hour soup place? Eun-jae says no, she does not like meat inside water.

The surgery ends so Sabu comes out and Eunjae and AR immediately stand to greet him. Then Woo-jin bursts in looking all battered like he ran all the way there and tells Sabu that he needs money.

Sabu asks if he only goes to the surgery room for money? Woojin says yes. Sabu asks him, if I pay you well, you will sell yourself? Woojin says yes, if you need me to. How much can you pay?

(Wild west mixed with Chinese noir music plays during their conversation)

Fade Out


Not bad, I really like Sabu and the characters at the hospital in Doldam. But Ii think I will need to get used to the characters coming in. Also, how can a med student who throws up and passes out during surgeries make it all the way to the level of surgeon? That is something I am going to have to look past because I just don’t see that happening at all.

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