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Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 1 Recap – Part 1

Dr. Romantic 2: Episode 1 Recap - Part 1

We are picking up Dr. Romantic 2 to recap on Monday’s and Tuesday’s! Hopefully the first couple episodes are great because I want to love it. I have heard good things about this season, so there is hope that it will be good all the way through!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on a city scape and then zoom in on a construction area with a construction person directing traffic. This person is Seo Woo-jin. But then he realizes that he is late and quickly runs off to a locker to grab his bag.

Nest up we see Cha Eun-jae in class or a doctors meeting. She is wearing her doctors jacket.

Cut back to Woo-jin quickly showering in the sink of a bathroom and checking his watch again.

In the conference room, a doctor comes up on the screen and starts to talk all the doctors jargon about a surgery they are about to conduct. This surgery is going to be a total laparoscopic surgery. So it will be all inside the body cavity.

Kim Sa-bu shows up to the conference area and sits with his hat pulled over his face.

Woo-jin tries to get to where he is going, but a drunk guy asks him to give him his leg back. But he has his leg. So Woo-bin realizes that this guy has the smell of ammonia and is having hallucinations and is paranoid.

In the conference, the surgery is going well. But then there is a small amount of bleeding. The blood pressure then goes down. panic starts to set in.

Sa-bu hangs his head in the audience and it looks like he starts to count on his fingers or maybe he is doing the procedure on his fingers as he watches. he leas forward and asks Cha Eun-jae if he can borrow a pen and paper. Then he starts to write.

He also asks her if she is good at running and tells her to send this to the surgery room as fast as possible. She takes one look at it and her eyes grow wide. Then she takes off running to the surgery room.

meanwhile, Woo-jin is still dealing with this man in the subway who is hallucinating. He pins him on the ground and starts to figure out his symptoms. But then he gets punched.

Subway people come in and handcuff the guy and start to call 112 (police) but he tells them to call 119 (emergency). 

Back in the hospital, Cha Eun-jae is able to get the note to the doctors. they read it and then start to change what they are doing in the surgery room. it works!

Kim Sa-bun leaves the auditorium as everyone sees that it all worked out. The live feed is also stopped so that they can continue working.

The doctor leaves the room and talks to Cha Eun-jae because she is the person who sent the memo about tension pneumo-thorax. He wants to know how she knew it. 

She says that she is not the one that found it out. It was someone else. Flashback to her finding out that the mans name was Kim Sa-bu at Doldam hospital.

The man she talked to goes to his office and looks at the note once again. Then he crumples it up in his hand.


Cut to another doctor at his desk. His secretary says that someone is looking for him. The person looking for him is Kim Sa-bu. This doctor tells him to say that he is at a meeting all day long. All day. 

KiM Sa-bu happily says that he will wait for him. The doctor is all flustered.

Kim Sa-bu waits in the emergency area and sees Yoon Areum talking with a patient. This patient is Woo-jin who is telling her about the drunk man’s symptoms. He is nervous and has hallucinations and has an increased sympathetic nervous system. 

AR asks him if he is  a doctor? He says yes, I am general surgery. He flashes his ID. She changes her tune and says that she will check the conditions he says. She also asks how many years he is. He says he is a fellow. But AR is only a resident, so he outranks her in the hospital.

AR then asks the nurse who that guy is, she has never seen him before. The nurse tells her, haven’t you heard about that one hospital thin? AR’s eyes grow bright as she looks on shocked.

But then a lot of people come in with emergencies so AR has to address them all. She tells someone to call in another doctor to help.

Meanwhile, Cha Eun-jae talks to a person on the phone and recounts all that she did with running the note to the doctors and the patient survived and how this doctor had super aura. How did he know that? That patient was almost dead in front of a hundred people.

She starts to get something from the vending machine while still talking but Woo-jin is behind her and starts to get something as well which makes Eun-jae pause and remember that he almost kissed her once.

She hangs up with her mom and starts to talk to Woo-jin again. he asks her how she has been. She asks what he has been up to. He asks her if she has heard the rumors? Just follow the rumors.

Cut to her asking a sunbae about Woo-jin. He says that he was a whistle blower to a sunbae that abused surgery. (We see on Woo-jin’s locker that he has all these post it notes that tell him to leave and that he is the enemy of the hospital). 

All the other doctors talked bad about him even though he is a sunbae. All the doctors and alumni boycott him. it is a big issue because he betrayed his fellow doctors. No hospital wants to accept him.

Eun-jae asks how he came back then? The sunbae says that he is only a night shift for the weekend because general surgery does not have enough people. So, are you two still in that kind of relationship? You know, everyone knew about you two in school. Whenever you had eye contact.

Flashback to then telling each other to shut up in class and competing with each other on who is #1 or #2 in the class. They went back and forth as to who was the best. it was a serious competition that everyone knew about.

Meanwhile, Woo-jin gets his assignment from the other doctors which are all hemorrhoids. They ask him if he doesn’t want to do it? He says he will do it, he likes hemorrhoids. 

Then they ask him what he has been doing? Didn’t you work at a gigolo bar? Pouring alcohol is a lot easier than surgery. Woo-jin asks him if he wants to find him a good place to drink?

Then he tells the doctor that he did not do anything right but he also did not do anything wrong. The doctor says that because of him, Hyung-joon is almost bankrupt, his home is possessed and his wife wants to divorce him. You destroyed him. But you think that you didn’t do anything wrong?

Woo-jin tells him, if you need a discount on drinks, then let me know. he walks off. Eun-jae watches him leaving.


Back in the emergency room, the doctors are trying to get a handle on all these patients, but they are overwhelmed. AR asks where the other doctor is? But the nurse says that he is not accepting the call.

Sa-bu comes up and tells them that if the other guy does not accept the call, then call your boss. They ask who he is. He shows his ID and then starts to give a lot of orders. AR sighs as she wonders who this guy is now?

But it looks like the nurse knows him? Or maybe not, she calls someone to come to the ER right now.

The doctor heads downstairs angrily and says that Kim Sabu is there acting crazy. He thinks he is a genius. The doctor from the surgery earlier is in the elevator and repeats that name, Kim Sabu.


The doctor gets to the emergency room and starts to tell Kim Sabu to get away from the patients. Kim Sabu tells him that he is 30 minutes late, you came so early. There are several emergency cases here.

Sabu says that he just guided the traffic. There is a 4th year resident with 2 interns taking care of all these patients. Then another doctor runs up and apologizes for not being here because he had trouble with his lunch.

Sabu laughs and says that the other doctor went to poop. I was right. You need to focus. He tells the doctors some more things and then sighs and tsks and he heads out. But he tells the 4th year that she did a good job and heads out. But he puts his jacket dramatically on before he does.

Cha Eun-jae runs up to him and says that she is the doctor that ran his memo to the surgery room. She has a question for him, how did you know that it was a pneumothorax? The surgeon did not even know. How did you know by looking at the screen?

He starts to ask her about the patients cases and if she read about all of them and how she has so many emergency cases. She can’t waste her time here. you need to prepare for them. Pneumothorax? You need to do your job first.

He tsks and walks away. She is a bit angry and watches him as he walks away. Park Min-kook is also angry as he watches him walk away.

Then we see a flashback of a bus accident where the bus flipped over. All the patients start to hop out. But there is a person who is performing CPR on a person inside the bus. it is Kim Sabu. 

Min-kook sees something about to fall from the ceiling onto Sabu, but he does not tell him, he just leaves. Then the thing falls and hits Sabu on the shoulder.

Cut to the present where Sabu grimaces and touches his shoulder as he waits in the rain.


Suddenly a mans starts to dance like Michael Jackson in a bathroom.  This man is Jang Gi-tae. he tells himself that he is perfect and does a spin and pose. But then he has to straighten up as Do Yoon-wan comes out of the stall to wash his hands.

Do Yoon-wan is chairman of the board and Jang Gi-tae is the general manager of Doldam hospital. They talk to each other briefly but Do Yoon-wan is definitely  in the higher position as they speak. 

Gi-tae tells him that with all his support, they are upgrading the hospital. But Yoon-wan mention that all the young doctors have left due to Sabu’s personality. Gi-tae says that the young doctors didn’t leave, one of them went to military service on an island and one went to the US on an exchange program. The other guy came back.

Yoon-wan tells him that he needs a proper surgeon since Doldam is a trauma hospital. Gi-tae says that Sabu is doing all the work, so there are no problems. Ha ha ha. Yoon-wan tells him okay and leaves with a pat on the back.

They leave the bathroom and go into a swanky party that might be a fund raising get together or a doctors meeting or something. It looks very Ivy League cigar room. 

Gi-tae comes out and taps one of the men, Nam Do-il, on the back to tell him that he just met with that person. They both turn their heads and look at Do Yoon-wan as if he just parted the seas.


The doctor who didn’t want to meet with Sabu from earlier finally meets with Sabu and asks him why he is at his hospital causing troubles. Sabu asks why he is ignoring him. So the doctor says that he is the center leader! I am a busy person! I just delayed our meeting a little bit but you caused that much trouble. The ER chief is super angry right now.

Sabu chuckles and ays that those guys that don’t work well always get angry. Then he asks about his request. He needs a general surgeon. But this doctor says that he also does not have enough surgeons. Plus, no one will want to go to that countryside. And even if they do, they will not survive under you. 

These young kids will put everything on SNS and everyone will know about you. Sabu asks if there are none at all? The doctor tells him to just quit everything and come there. Doldam hospital has no hope. So just come here. We have a new chairman of the board.

Sabu asks him what he is talking about. The doctor asks him, you don’t know who became the new chairman of the board?


Cut to Do Yoon-wan speaking with everyone at this Ivy League like get together in a drawing room as he talks about how he is back after that misunderstanding and how he will work hard and all those things. He asks for their support and bows.

Everyone claps, but Nam Do-il and Jang Gi-tae look like someone just slapped them and their trying not to cry.

They drive away and call Sabu with the news. Sabu thinks about the last chairman of the board who supported Sabu. He has passed away. But we see a flashback that shows the old Chairman telling Sabu that Do Yoon-wan will not give up. 

He also remembers a conversation with Do Yoon-wan who also told him that he will not leave too easily. He talked to Sabu about righteousness and how people will forget about that when they start to make a living. That is how humans are.

Sabu starts to walk away. Yoon-wan asks if he thinks that people are on his side right now? The world and people do not change easily. I will be back. Eventually. You will see.

Sabu hangs his head as he thinks about this in the hospital. But then he hears some of the doctors talking about how they should not give him any more breaks, Seo Woo-jin is causing too much trouble.

They go meet with Woo-jin and talk to him about being a part-timer at a bar in a not so good place. The other doctor says that this guy said that he pours tips and can introduce a good place to drink to them.

Seo Woo-jin tells him that it is a misunderstanding. Min-kook tells him to find another hospital. Seo Woo-jin tells him that he should use him as surgeon. Stop talking about dignity or whatever.

Park Min-kook tells him that he has no dignity and does not honor seniority and does not have any fellowship among the other surgeons. You just want money. You can finish todays work. Goodbye.

Sa-bum hears all of this and thinks.


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  1. gcarlberg
    January 8, 2020 / 10:32 am

    Do I need to have watched the first season before watching season 2 of Dr. Romantic?

    • Anonymous
      January 9, 2020 / 11:30 am

      No. But the first season is really good. It won’t disappoint. You can watch it while you wait for the next episodes to air.

      • V
        January 12, 2020 / 9:24 am

        I am really enjoying it and I did not see season one so I think you can!

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