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Drama Milk is a very small, independently owned site that was created to share our love of Korean dramas and entertainment with an international audience. After we started live recapping Korean drama translations, we noticed that our viewership was increasing rapidly (Hello, Hwayugi). To support the extra love on our site, we have upgraded hosting companies, accordingly.

In order to help pay for our hosting company, we decided to open our site up to ads and sponsored posts. We hope to partner with companies that are a good fit for our readers. We also hope that the ads are not intrusive to our readers experience in enjoying all that our site has to offer.

We are also happy to use affiliate links on our site where we may make a small commission from sales purchased through that link with no additional cost to the purchaser. Affiliate links help keep our site looking clean while affording us the opportunity to recommend something we believe our audience cares about. Honestly, if we could keep our side ad free and do everything through affiliate links, then we would. The cleaner the site the better!

Thank you for visiting our site and please consider supporting the companies that help keep Drama Milk operating!