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Dinner Mate: Episode 9-10 Live Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 9-10 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our recap for Dinner Mate!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





We open with Do-he’s mother peeking from behind a tree to look at her husband cheating on her with another woman, inside the restaurant. She takes a photo of it and steams.

Mom – I am not going to live stupidly anymore. This year, whatever happens, I will make my Do-hee get married and I will end my marriage.

Elsewhere, Do-hee and Ah-young go shopping for fruit outside. Do-he jokes that she would marry Ah-young if she were a man. Ah-young says she is glad she is not a man so she doe not have to marry her.

Ah-young mentions that she heard Do-hee did not show up to meet Jae-hyuk. Do you know the common theme when you pick a produce and date a man? She picks up an apple. Then she tells Do-hee, you have to check to make sure that the thing is the same on the inside and the outside.

She breaks the apple in half and sees a rotten part. Then she tells Do-hee, see, I new it, for a man you should not have to only see the outside. Do-hee asks, eunnie, have you never dated anyone? Ah-young asks, what about it? Do-hee says, she is just asking. So Ah-young calls her ungrateful and walks away angrily which makes Do-hee run after her.


Later on, Do-hee is at home when her mother comes by. Though her mother brings Jae-hyuk by as well. Do-hee is super annoyed by that. Jae-hyuk mentions he can come by later and leaves. The mother happily pats him away.

Then the mother tells Do-hee that she has a bad temper. Do-hee says, of course I am angry! the mother tells her that she is really getting a divorce. So they start to talk about Do-hee’s boyfriends and how she has broken up with them. Do-hee tells her that the other guy had an affair. 

The mother starts to talk about how she never liked that other boyfriend, Jae-hyuk is much better. he is nice and friendly. You need to marry someone like him.

Do-hee asks why she is talking about him and why she is with him? Her mom asks why she just doesn’t take him again? You were with him for 6 years. But Do-he is annoyed with this conversation and tells her mother to have him. She storms out.

She walks up the street, with no money, and sees Keanu sitting happily and reading. So she asks him if he has any money. They have playful banter back and forth as he asks her if she is robbing him and why she needs money. He says he has 50c. She asks, how can you not have $5? He tells her that he is a professional homeless person.

She asks if he would like to have a drink? He tells her that she is mistaking homeless, I have no money. She repeats, so do you want to drink or not?


So they go to her favorite place for soup and soju. He asks if she is fearless? I told you I am a conman. She tells him that she feels like he is a good person. She pours him a drink.

Keanu – Hey, you should grow up since you still judge people with your feelings. 

He pours her a drink.

DH – How do I judge people, job or education or family? A lot of bad people have good jobs. A lot of people with bad education are not proper people.

Keanu – You are right.

DH – Those people who you don’t know about but want to be friends.

Keanu – It seems like you are not talking about me, do you have that kind of person?

DH – ….Yes….

DH – I will just be friends, following my feelings.

They start to eat. Then he starts to laugh crazily and says Kaktoogi (a type of kimchi – diced radish kimchi)


Hae-kyung leaves work and drives off somewhere.

Back at the restaurant, Do-he is still there. Ah-young shows up so she calls her over to her. Ah-young asks if she is having fun without money? She playfully hits Do-hee on the shoulder with her purse.

AY – Am I a walking ATM?

DH – *drunk* No, you are a bank, I will pay you back, just sit down and drink.

AY – Ah, was someone here?

Keanu comes back so Do-he introduces that this is her eunnie who will pay for the drink.

Ah-young and Keanu look at each other. It is comical, lol. She lowers her big yellow shades to get a better link. Do-hee says this is her friend in her neighborhood and introduces them. But she notices that they kind of know each other possibly? So she asks if they do?

Cut to the three of them sitting at the table awkwardly. Then Keanu tells them that he will leave. Goodnight! He heads out.

AY – Now you are meeting homeless people?

DH – He is not a bad guy. he is actually kind of smart.

AY – NO, Don’t ever meet him. Do you have no friends so you are dating homeless men now?

DH – Well, you almost became homeless! Um…well, I am just telling you that being homeless is not a bad thing.

AY – You never know if he has killed someone or is running away from something.

DH – Then why did you buy him mandu?

AY – Huh?

DH – Why did you buy manduuuuu? And why do you think he walked all the way to the main street?

AY – because he was scared.

DH – Hey, he escorted you there. That street has no lights and is a little dangerous. He does not have to be a very nice person, but at least he is not a bad person. At least I know that much.

AY – anyway, don’t meet him.

She starts to point at DH, but then DH blocks it and they get into a mini Jeet Koon Do match until Do-he tells her to just pay for my drinks! She walks out.

Do-hee walks up the road alone and sees Hae-kyung standing by his car almost as if he is waiting for someone. 

DH – Do you really walk around all day over here?

HK – *a bit embarrassed* I just waited here just in case I did not see you if I walked around.

DH – Whyyyyy *she is still drunk*

HK – For this *shows ring*

DH – Ahhhhh, I lost it there.

HK – Yes, you dropped it there.

DH – Why didn’t you give it to me when we meet next time? Did you really wait for me only to give it to me?

HK – I was just passing by, haha

DH – Ah, you don’t look like it~

HK – Really, it is not like that, it is true

DH – Whatever, I will just take it like that. Goodbye.

HK – You look like you are drunk, are you okay to leave? If you live nearby then I~

DH – *leans in super close and shh, him* No personal information, okay?

KH – *chuckles*

DH – Goodbye! We should not know each other at all! So I can tell you all of my secrets! I have a lot to say! This much! Goodbye!

He laughs a bit and walks to her apartment. He laughs as he watches her walk off and then looks up for a moment and back at her.




Do-hee meets with Ah-young and Jae-hyuk in Ah-young’s office to talk about their program. Do-hee opposes something to do with it so Ah-young asks her why she opposes.

DH – Noeul is popular and her pilates videos have a lot of clicks but it is too obvious.

AY – So you want to make her eat in an eating show?

JH – We can put it together with medical information and highlight Noeul’s attractiveness

DH – That is so boring. You give medical information and Noeul provides exercise information for that?

AY – Do you have a better idea?

DH – Will you do it if I have one?

AY – if you are talking about that spoof stuff again then I will kill you.

DH – it’s fun! If she is doing a spoof then peoples expectations will go up up up!

Ah-young lifts Dohee out the chair and starts to spank her with a rolled up magazine around the office until she chases her out.

Ah-young tells Jae-hyuk to do this video with PD Park. He tells her to just tell him to die already. I can’t do this with Park. Jin Noeul says that she won’t do it without Do-hee. I will convince her.

Ah-young tells him to go away and hits him as well with her rolled up paper.

Do-hee walks back to her desk. Jin-kyu mutters that he should do the Jin Noeul project. Do-hee is super into that and says, please do it! Then she grabs her things and tells them that she has an appointment, goodbye. Sora tells her that she should not leave, but Do-he is gone already.

Then Sora tells Jin-kyu that Jae-hyuk will not do this project with him. He created it to do it with Do-hee. But Jin-kyu is happy regardless.


Hae-kyung and Do-hee walk into this gorgeous outdoor samgyupsal restaurant. Do-hee asks how he knows about this nw place. Hae-kyung says his hubae told him. Then he sees a bouquet sign for the opening from their nephew Byung-jin. Hae-kyung chuckles, what the f?

Do-hee asks what he said so Hae-kyung tells her it is nothing, lets go in.

DH – you look like you are not cost effective, but you picked a cost effective menu. You are more humanistic

HK – Ah…haha

They walk inside. The aunt calls Byung-jin and tells him that his doctor came with a woman. Byung-jin is so happy to hear about it. He asks, a very pretty woman???? She says yes, a very pretty woman. He tells his aunt that he will be there right away! (She is his fathers sister).

He busts a u-turn and speeds to the restaurant while muttering, look at this you liar Kim Hae-kyung!

Back at the dinner, all the food has arrived and Do-hee takes a photo of it. He waits for her and tells her to enjoy. So they both dig in.

He follows how she eats samgyupsal, perhaps he does not eat it regularly. She is actually putting everything in her ssam roll. He asks, can you eat all of that? She nods happily and puts the entire thing in her mouth and chews.

He does the same thing and has the hardest time chewing. He keeps repeating all that she does. If she puts one thing in her mouth then he puts it in his mouth as well. he tries to drink water, she drinks soju and they toast.

Cut to a table where they ate everything. She also asked for even more food so she is eating noodles. He happily looks at her and smiles. Then he starts to voice over.

VO – Obsessive compulsive personality disorder and Narcissistic personality disorder leads to delusional disorder. It is all mixed. There is a big possibility.

He laughs at how happy she is and happily smiles along at her talking about the food.

VO – But possessiveness would be the key world.

They both look to the side where it looks like a big event is happening. 

DH – Maybe they are having an event.

HK – It looks like it. Before it gets too noisy, would you like to leave?

DH – Okay, one more bite.

He tells her to enjoy and happily waits.



Meanwhile, BJ has driven up. He is on the phone and asks, sogeting? I am busy right now….Hello *deeper voice*. Lol, he starts to talk to the person and tells them that he is Lee Byung-jin and will be there right away.

So he has to drive off right now to his date and is actually really happy about that.

Hae-kyung and Do-hee start to walk out, but Do-hee becomes mesmerized with this event because it has a big penguin doll at the center of it. She mutters that she really loves penguins and wants to have it. 

Cut to her challenging everyone to get this penguin. The MC says that they have a new challenger, it is a female! When you are ready then punch!

She jumps a few times and then hits the punching machine really hard with both fists. It shoots her to the top so she is #1. She happily jumps up and down. But someone says, WAIT!

Everyone turns around and a big thug looking man stands there ready to try his hands at it.


Cut to Noeul as a personal trainer in her gym when someone yells for her to come out. Then a good amount of people walk up and angrily talk to her. One of them is a very well dressed woman.

The woman asks where her mother is! Noeul asks if this is about money? They ask where her mother is? Noeul says she does not know, she has not talked to her in years.

They all talk about how she is the daughter of a con artist so she can lie so well. Noeul asks why they gave money to a conman? They tell her that she needs to apologize.

The well dressed woman attacks Noeul and a commotion gets started where she pulls her hair. The workers try to stop it and one of the patrons or employees films it and then calls someone.


Back at the restaurant, the bug thug hits the punching bag and breaks Do-hee’s record. The MC says this is the biggest record ever, it is game over, let’s end it. But then Hae-kyung yells WAIT!

80s gangster music kicks (from this famous tv show called Rustic Period) and the wind blows in slow motion and everyone turns their head to Hae-kyung who is walking up like the hero at that moment. He is back lit and stares with his body half cocked to the side. Everyone gasps.

The MC says they have a new challenger from far away! A super handsome challenger! 

She looks at him shocked. He winks at her and then gets ready to hit it. He takes off his jacket and smirks and everyone watches to see if he can break the record. He throws his jacket to Do-hee like she is his girlfriend and then stretches a few times and does a lot of stretches actually lol.

Do-hee laughs and so does everyone else. Then he steps up and punches the punching bag with super force. The wind blows shooting through everyone and the numbers go up until he see that he is 1 point higher!!!!

Rocky music starts to play and Hae-kyung picks up Do-hee like she is Adrian and they just won the championship. Everyone cheers. But then he drops her quickly because they remember themselves. But the MC still yells that this is the power of love! KISS!!!!

They both say, Nononononononono. We are not in that kind of relationship. Then he gets a phone call and excuses himself. Do-hee asks for the doll, please?

Gun-woo is on the phone and tells Hae-kyung that Noeul’s mother debtor came to Noeul and is hitting her. All that is going on right now. I am out of the city right now, can you go there?

Hae-kyung says he will be right there. So he quickly tells Do-hee that he has to leave right now, sorry.

So he runs off but she is all like, um…wait…who pays?

He runs all the way to the gym and breaks up this fight. The lady is still pulling Noeul by the hair so he stops them. he also punches one of the thugs who is stopping them from and pulls Noeul away. The employees and some of the patrons help keep the thugs away so they can get away.

Meanwhile, Do-hee is left at the restaurant with her huge penguin. She checks her messages int he app. But he has not messaged yet. She thinks he is a bad guy, how can you leave me alone here? She pours herself a soju and toasts to the penguin.


Hae-kyung takes Noeul to Gun-woo’s studio. She sits on the couch and he gives her a water. He also sits on the side chair. Her hand is shaking a lot, which shakes the bottle but she is pretending to be calm about the entire thing.

Gun-woo runs in and asks if she is okay? She says she is okay. You two can leave. Gun-woo does not think she should be left alone. Hae-kyung tells her not to go home for a few hours.

She tells them to just go. I can take care of myself. Gun-woo tells Hae-kyung that she can go to his place, don’t worry. Hae-kyung looks at her and then takes a deep breath and looks away.


Do-hee is super drunk right now and has turned three soju bottles into little people with a spoon sticking out the top of them. They all represent her recent men. She is super drunk.

DH – The first one who I thought was fate, left. *flicks it*. The second one I thought was fate to get married *flicks it*.  The Third one I thought was a coincidence like fate but after experiencing him, you are not! *flicks it*. And in addition, this sibelom guy!

She holds her hands up at the penguin and then the sky and asks for God to tell her why everyone else has good fate and not meeeeeee. All the bad fate comes to me. Whyyyyy. Did someone slap you when you made me? *hits her own face* Ah, it hurts. Why are my relationships all like this? Why? Why?

Hae-kyung comes walking back up to her. She starts to talk to the bottles again, and the penguin, and asks if they know the reason why?

HK – Excuse me.

DH – Who…..

HK – How much did you drink?

DH – Don’t you see….I drank a lot

He tries to help her stand up, but she is a drunken mess and says she is going alone. But she does stand up. However, she stumbles and falls on his chest.

HK – Are you okay?

DH – I waited to see if you would tell me to wait for you. I waited for that.

They both look at each other.

Fade Out


Thank you for being patient while we got part 2 up! We hustled to finish it in time for everyone’s lunch break (if you are in the States).

I love how old fashioned this show is and I love how they have modernized it and are making fun of several of the tropes that they are using. Ah, it is just so pleasant to watch!

My only gripe is that I want to see more of the couple together! I understand that he doesn’t like his mother but I feel like we have had enough of her story point for the time being. I also get that we have a side story with Keanu the homeless man and Ah-young blossoming, which I am all for, but lets just not make those scenes too long. Lets get the focus right back on the main couple!

I really cannot wait until tomorrow so I can get another taste of Hae-kyung and Do-hee and their funny dinner dates that have not turned out normal yet.


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English Translation

JK – Why? Is your love life not going well?

DH – NoOoOoOo

HK – You are drunk, what did you….sorry, cancel

DH – Of course I am concerned about it because I showed a stranger everything

HK – This is good for your immune system

DH – Are you really a doctor?

HK – We should not wonder about ourselves personally, that is our rule.

DH – In your first show, I will make it have a million hearts!

DH – How?

NE – Jin Noel and Kim Hae-kyung.

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  1. tsutsuloo
    June 8, 2020 / 12:49 pm

    These two … <3

    Thanks again for your thorough recap! Watching Hae-kyung and Do-hee not-date is deliriously funny. (And the callback to recommending your own family's restaurant never grows old.) Our OTP on-screen ratio needs to be 9:1. Looking forward to HK's voice overs that just express warm feelings for DH without the psychoanalysis.

  2. WPB
    June 8, 2020 / 2:57 pm

    I like the two main cast. Do you know where can I watch this show in US? I have Netflix and Viki but none of them are showing it. 🙁

    • tsutsuloo
      June 8, 2020 / 3:39 pm

      You can watch legally at https://www.iq.com/play/19rrhlt9jt. The VIP account gives you access to the latest episodes but, if you don’t mind being one week behind, you can watch for free. I think they’ve also got a free month’s trial. It’s $6.99 USD/month.

      • WPB
        June 8, 2020 / 4:08 pm

        Thanks! The link works. I have no problem being a week or two behind. 🙂

    • Jessy
      June 8, 2020 / 5:49 pm

      Just type in Dinner Mate ep. 1 eng sub on google and you will find free websites where u can watch them

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