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Dinner Mate: Episode 7-8 Live Recap – Part 2

Dinner Mate: Episode 7-8 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Dinner Mate!

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Shorthand Character Chart: Dinner Mates Character Chart

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hae-kyung drives to the hole in the wall chigae place that his friend Gun-woo recommended. It is the stew place that Do-hee loves to go to and took Hae-kyung there before. As soon as Hae-kyung sees the place, he calls Gun-woo and tells him that he will not eat here. 

Gun-woo is inside and asks him, why? I already ordered. Hae-kyung tells him to come to his studio with it and hangs up. Gun-woo complains, why? And calls Hae-kyung a sociopath.

But when Hae-kyung turns around, he sees Do-hee there. They both look at each other and are really only a few feet away from each other. But he remembers her telling him, if I see you, don’t be surprised and don’t recognize me.

So he blinks a few times and then gets in his car and drives off quickly. She thinks, ah, I should have been the one to walk away first. Did he come here to see me and pretend like it was a coincidence? Why did he run away. Is it really a coincidence again? Really?

Hae-kyung drives off and thinks, Ah! Chincha! She will think I went there to see her. But it was a real coincidence. Ah, it was really a coincidence, ah, this drives me crazy. It was really a coincidence. He revs his engine and drives quickly up the road.

Meanwhile, Do-hee goes inside and sings to the ajumma owner that she has her money to pay her. But the ajumma says that she should have seen Jae-hyuk by now, he paid for what you owed me and took your business card.

She thinks for a moment and sighs.


Gun-woo and asks why Hae-kyung wanted to eat here. Jae-kyung says they can order food here, I don’t want to go out. 

HK – Lets order delivery. *he drinks a beer*

GW – How come? You don’t like eating take out.

HK – Just in case I see someone.

GW – Who?

HK – Just someone. A crazy woman.

GW – A woman? What kind of crazy woman?

HK – Someone I say anything to.

GW – You???? You say anything to her? That is a dangerous woman for you.

HK – Don’t worry about it, just order some food with soup.

Hae-kyung keeps drinking the beer quickly.


Do-hee eats alone at the soup place. Jae-hyuk sits at her table and tells her that he thought he would see her there. PD Park told me that you went out to drink, I thought you would go here.

DH – Yep, that’s right, this is our go to place.

JH – I like this place because it is the same. It has not changed at all.

DH – I have changed. 

JH – I have not changed, so it is okay.

He is about to pour her soju for her but she asks the ajumma if she can have the side dish to go. She gets up, he asks if she would like him to take her home? But she ignores him and leaves He stays and eats.



Gun-woo asks Hae-kyung if he met PD Woo? Hae-kyung is drinking even more.

HK – Don’t talk about her, I am sick of that person.

GW – If she can’t have you as a guest then she will have to close her program.

HK – That is good, that kind of spoof program should be closed.

GW – But if it closes then my work is gone also.

HK – Hey, you should make money at another place

GW – Ah, but that pays well and I like her.

HK – What the? Hey, she is super crazy, wake up.

Another voice says, who is crazy? They both turn their heads around and see Noeul standing there.

NE – Who is crazy? Is this about me?

GW – Of course not! *stands* Um, I need to pick up something.

HK – Stay here.

NE – You go.

HK – Stay.

NE – *gives Gun-woo a look to leave*

Gun-woo hesitantly walks out.

NE – Why don’t you pick up my calls?

HK – Because I have nothing to say to you. *takes a shot of soju*

NE – you know why I left, you can understand me

HK – I understand you.

NE – So what?

HK – But I can’t forgive you.

HK – I can’t forgive a person whose self-esteem is more important than me.

NE – You are the same, oppa. You can’t forgive me because your self-esteem is more important than me.

HK – Yep, now I think my self-esteem is more important than you. *stands up and walks past her* Goodbye.

She turns to look at him leave a moment then turns back and sits on the couch. She starts to drink his soju. Gun-woo comes back into the room and sit on the couch as well.

She keeps drinking but he stops her. Her face starts to flush and she tears up.


Do-hee leaves her house, determined, and walks up the street with purpose.

Elsewhere, Byung-jin tells Hae-kyung that he has the patient chart. But Hae-kyung says he will check it later. Byung-jin asks if he is going somewhere? Hae-kyung says yes, Jeju island. I will call you. He hits him on the shoulder.

Byung-jin asks, Jeju island again?


Jin-kyu is watching that pilates person again, the pilates person is actually Noeul. Sora calls Do-hee and asks where she is and why she is not at work yet?

Do-hee is actually in front of Hae-kyung’s offices, but her back is turned so she does not see him leaving the office.

DH – I am in front of Hae-kyung’s office, I am going to break in as soon as he gets to work!

She hangs up and goes inside the office and immediately walks past the nurse to his office. BJ quickly hops up and tells her that he went to Jeju do! But Do-hee tells him he is lying, Ii did not see anyone leaving!

However, the office is empty. So Do-hee deflates and wonders how he got away this time? She goes outside and looks up and down the street then tells herself that she will just go to work.


the woman from the first episode is sitting in a chair with an IV. She wakes up and Hae-kyung is sitting there with her, adjusting her IV.

HK – Are you okay?

Patient – Doctor….I don’t know why I am doing this, I want to die.

HK – Well, calm down and listen to me. Do you know that gods even fail in their love and are in despair? Of course people will be even more. But it is not about you being weak, you are just sensitive. You are a little different than others but that does not mean that it is wrong. Okay?

Patient – Doctor

HK – yes?

Patient – Are you married? *Jaws music starts to play*

HK – ah, not yet….

Patient – Would you like to eat ramen with me?

Jaws music continues playing

Patient – I will add egg.


back in Seoul, Jae-hyuk meets with Noeul again and tells her about his YouTube venture. he tells her it is for a big broadcast company and is good advertisement for her, even though you are already a celebrity.

She smiles and asks if it is with him? he says yes, actually I will do it with my first love.

NE – What? You are using me to get points from your first love?

JH – No, not like that * chuckles* But please do it, it is my first try, I am still new to it.


The boss walks around and asks if there has been any contact with Do-hee? Sorea tells her that she is waiting for Hae-kyung to get back from Jeju.

Jae-hyuk tells Ah-young that she knows Do-hee does not give up that easily. Ah-yong asks him about the thing he went out for. Jae-hyuk tells her that it went well, she will come tomorrow.

Then they all turn to watch Do-hee walking in. Ah-young tells everyone to come out, Do-hee PD would like to say something.

Everyone gathers around and Do-hee stands at the front.

AY – Publicly, the spoof channel is closing. So, tell us something PD Do-hee.

DH – *stands there*

AY – *whispers and puts her arm around her* Hey, we should go nicely.

DH – Hey, my spoof does not die! *epic music starts to play*

AY – I will kill you

DH – *stands on something, epic music keeps playing* Be ready for my spoof forever! It will never die!!!!!

Everyone starts to cheer and chant for Do-hee and her spoofs. It is a moment y’all. Ah-young has to basically drag Do-he away as everyone continues chanting Never die! Never die!



Everyone goes to eat at Do-hee’s favorite soup place afterwards. The comedian in Do-hee’s program asks her if she is going to do that other program with her first love.

Jung-hwan  asks something about that show as well so they start to talk about it. Sora asks who the guest is.

DH – Even if the guest is super daebak, I am not doing it with him! Let’s form a crazier plan and get back together.

Epic music starts to play again.

DH – Spoof films forever!

They all toast but Jae-hyuk calls right then and ruins the mood. She doesn’t answer and they all eat and drink once again.


Do-hee walks in front of her house. Jae-hyuk is waiting for her there with food. He presents it to her and says that he bought the thing you like. Are you not happy?

They both sit on a bench and eat what he brought, which is ice cream.

JH – Tomorrow is my birthday. 

DH – So you wait for me with ice cream only to tell me that?

JH – It is kind of weird to eat alone only on my birthday.

DH – Last year, the year before that, three years ago, we never ate together on our birthdays, so just go away.

JH – That is why I don’t want to do that anymore, ever.

He kneels in front of her.

JH – I dont’ want to be alone without you anymore. Gangnam steakhouse, I will have a seven o’clock reservation.

He tries to touch her hair but she retracts and avoids his hand. So he puts his hand down. So he stands and tells her he is leaving. he walks off.

She looks at him walking away and thinks about the swallow or migrating birds.

Cut to a taxi where a radio program is on and the host is talking about the author that they invited. It is Lee Moon-jung who is Hae-kyung’s mother. Hae-kyung is in the backseat and asks the taxi driver if he can turn off the radio, please. Then he looks out the window.

But when he gets home bright and early, he sees that his mother is there in the kitchen taking out side dishes for him. She tells him that he did not change his password yet. He asks why she is there. She asks if a mother needs a reason to eat dinner with her son.

He tells her to leave and eat alone. he gets a water from his fridge. 

Mother – Hey, if you keep doing this then I will come in and live with you.

HK – Now?? When I begged you to live with me you abandoned me so how can you say that?

Mother – I never abandoned you, I just left a little bit.

HK – When umma leaves, that means the kid is abandoned. 

HK – You can eat and leave.

HK – And never come back.

He walks out and goes to work. Noeul is at his workplace. 

NE – Are you going to ignore me? It is childish.

HK – Are you free recently?

NE – I changed my plans, if you keep ignoring my phone call, I will keep coming here everyday. if you want to see me then keep doing it.

HK – I am busy, I have to go to work.

NE – This is a sandwich for you, you like my sandwiches. Eat it with carrot juice. People who use their brain a lot should –

HK – no, your sandwich actually didn’t taste good. I only thought it taste good back then.

NE – *stands* Lets eat dinner together.

she starts to walk out.

NE – I will text you, please come on time.

She leaves. He watches her leave and sighs, then he looks at her lunch she made for him on his coffee table.


Noeul, Jae-hyuk, Do-hee, and Ah-young sit in AY’s office for a meeting. Do-hee says, sorry, but this is too high quality for me.

AY – Hey! You are not in a position to choose!

DH – I recommend PD Park.

PD park is eavesdropping with Sora and pumps his fist.

DH – He is a fan of Noeul so it will be good.

NE – I am only doing this with you, PD Woo.

DH – I am sorry, please excuse me.

Do-hee leaves. 

Jae-hyuk watches her leave and sighs. 

NE – Reporter Jung, it does not look too easy.

JH – Excuse me for a moment.

He follows Do-hee to another meeting room.

JH – Do-hee, don’t you distinguish work and personal life?

DH – *scofs* I do it so well, I have never made those programs before. I refuse it because I am not confident. Don’t think that you are somebody now.

JH – I am not, Do-hee, I just think we are fated. it is the fate where we will never be separated.

DH – Fate? DO you even know what fate is? Me being somewhere where you should never go and still we meet in a condition where we will never be able to see each other. So you think, is this a miracle, that kind of thing. That is fate.

JH – Listen, Do-hee, we were like that *holds her arm* Don’t you remember? Do-hee, can’t you just give me one more chance? Then I can get your forgiveness. Look at me, I beg of you.

Cut to Jae-hyuk working in his office. He gets a text to go to the Gangnam station steak house at 7 o’clock. He closes his phone and thinks.



Do-hee is sitting at a restaurant, it looks like it is the steak house restaurant where Noeul wants to meet Jae-hyuk. 

Ah, yes it is because Noeul walks in. But Do-hee walks to the bathroom and does not see her.

Then Jae-hyuk walks in and sees Do-hee’s purse and cell phone at the table, so he sits there. 

Noel waits in the upstairs eating area.

In the bathroom, Do-hee thinks about her conversation with Hae-kyung about first loves. She tells him it is like that, how can you be okay when it ends. Not going crazy is the strange thing. it is a miracle that you are still alive. He looked at her contemplatively and tells her that it was not a miracle, it seems like it was not a miracle, it seems like you tried so hard.

They both look at each other, he continues and says, you tried hard. Then he looks down. She has a drink in her hand and calls her boyfriend that swallow guy that she will never see again.

But then we go back to the present and see that she is actually meeting with him. She leaves the bathroom to go back to the table.

Meanwhile, Hae-kyung is outside looking at the building. It looks like he can see Noeul sitting upstairs at the window. He starts to think of a time when they ate together in his place.

She asks, so what is the meaning of eating dinner with me? He says he is giving her his precious time, fully. But then he starts to think about his dinner with Do-hee where they were both drunk. He tells Do-hee that that was all meaningless. She told him that she is eating dinner with a guy who she does not even know his name and is eating so happily. So why did I put so much meaning on that other thing?

Hae-kyung thinks about all of this while standing outside.

Then we cut to Do-hee going to her favorite chigae place, she asks if Halmoni came by? (halmoni is Hae-kyung). She walks up the street thinking about him and walks to the rooftop where they ate and thinks about him and walks up another street they walked and thinks about him.  She walks everywhere and thinks about him. It looks like she left the bathroom of the restaurant and started walking around from there. She left her purse and cell phone at the restaurant.

She keeps walking and goes up some steps, she is starting to walk across a pedestrian bridge. But then she stops and looks in front of her and pauses. Hae-kyung is on the opposite side of the bridge and he is looking at her as well. 

VO – Meeting at a place you will never meet and meeting in a situation you will never meet in, those things you think would be a miracle, that is fate.

She starts to slowly walk towards him.

He starts to slowly walk towards her.

They meet in the middle and look at each other.

Dh – We ignore–

HK – don’t do that….

DH – This is a coincidence, right?

HK – No – it is fate

Then we cut and see him walking around and looking for her at all the places she was looking for him. He goes to the chigae place and he food cart place and the rooftop and just barely missed her at all the locations. 

He walks up the street aimlessly and she was walking up the other side of the street aimlessly but they did not see each other until they stood in front of each other on the bridge.

Fade out


AHHHHHHHH, LOOOOOOOOVE…..This TV show is giving me 80s Joh Hughs vibes and I love it so muuuuuuuuuch. Ah, this is the kind of show that brought me into Kdrama obsession in the first place. I love all of the tropes they are showing because they are doing them so well and it gives me a kind of homie warm feeling when I see them and see them handled with a funny and adorable touch and I love all the acting and all the colors and all the locations and all the characters. Sigh, this is a love fest y’all. Stay tuned for next week where I hope I gush myself into a geyer.



English Translation

DH – You know those people who want to be friends and meet even though I dont’ know anything about him.

Keanu – Kagdoogi (it could be kimchi or it could be an added person if you have a certain number of people)

BJ – Did you find a woman you like enough to eat dinner together at a good restaurant that you found with effort and you want to share your time and heart?

HK – You are writing a novel. 

SR – Did you give up on Dr. Kim Hae-kyung?

DH – Psycho

HK  – Is someone maybe talking bad about me? *touches his ear*

DH – Why doesn’t our heart go the way we want?

DH – I thought I forgot everything

NE – Not forgiving me easily is proof that we loved each other so much

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  1. tsutsuloo
    June 2, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    *clutching my invisible pearls* Faaaaated loooooove! This show really knows how express *yearning*! I’m dead. Just dead. My ghost is typing now. Thanks again, @V!

  2. V
    June 3, 2020 / 2:53 am

    YAAAAAS! A fated love story that I am so in love with! They are pulling everything together so well in this show. I did not expecct her to just walk out of that restaurant and I did not expect him to just walk away from it either! I thought he would see her go back to the table from the window or something and then go inside or something so consider my mind blown and very happy!

    I love how they showed them both going to all the places they thought the other might be and just missing each other and then walking slowly and aimlessly thorugh the streets, but actually walking really close to each other without knowing it. It was just perfection in a tea cup.

  3. Anonymous
    June 9, 2020 / 12:06 am

    like this drama

  4. Anonymous
    June 9, 2020 / 12:10 am

    I’m new to this site and I must say, good job to maintain this. honestly speaking, I am checking this page before I proceed to begin my new drama adventure. 2 cents from me… I find it difficult to memorize the cast, perhaps it is good to have a thumbnail of the pics of the Acronyms/cast. Korean names are a bit difficult to follow… good job overall.

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