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Dinner Mate: Episode 7-8 Live Recap – Part 1

Dinner Mate: Episode 7-8 Recap - Part 1 #DinnerMate

And we are back with this lovely show that brings me so much happiness. I absolutely love this mistaken identity set up and Hae-kyung/Do-hee basically kind of falling for one person and absolutely hating the other one. I think I am going to love the reveal of who each other really is.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




VO – If we see each other again, that is not a miracle, that is fate.

Hae-kyung catches up to Do-hee in the alley and lightly grabs her jacket. She turns around. He is awkward and the plum blossom petals are falling all around them like snow.

HK – Would you like to eat dinner together?

HK – Well, it looked like you had to leave the restaurant you didn’t have a seat in the restaurant.

DH – Okay, I didn’t eat anything all day so I should eat dinner. 

HK – Let’s go.

He motions for her to walk with him and they both start to talk and walk away together.


They go to a diner like restaurant. She orders a rare tenderloin steak. He orders the same and adds a potato soup. When the waitress walks away, they sit awkwardly and look around everywhere but at each other. Do-hee is the one to talk first.

DH – How do you think people will see our relationship?

HK – Um, well, just eating dinner together relationship.

DH – You know that is something big.

HK – We ate dinner together three times so that is not wrong.

DH – Oh yes, it is already the third time.

HK – For two times, we followed your pick, so today I will pick

DH – I like steak also.

HK – Oh, right….yes.

The soup comes out, it is just one soup. Hae-kyung tells the waitress that it is for her. Do-hee says, I did not order this. 

HK – You said it is your first time eating today so you shouldn’t just eat steak right away, for your stomach. You can eat slowly.

She starts to eat the soup.

When she starts to eat the steak, Hae-kyung stops her for a moment.

HK – The food taste changes depending on how you start eating. So follow my lead today. First, you smell the food. *he takes a big whiff* Ah, butter, rosemary….

She is all like, what the heck?

HK – …..*another big sniff* Red wine….

He motions for her to try. She looks kind of uncomfortable and sniffs a little then says, ah, smells good. Then is about to eat. But he stops her again.

HK – Wait, wait, wait, next, you have to eyeball the searing and how well it is cooked and imagine the taste.

DH – …I am about to die….

HK – Huh, why are you about to die.

DH – *starts cutting vigorously* If I don’t eat now then I will die by starvation

She cuts a piece and eats it. He laughs and says they can stop there today. But then he looks to the side and sees a man sniffling over his meal and not eating anything. He thinks in this mind that this man didn’t eat anything today or last time.

Then we see Ha-kyung eating with the stylist, Gun-woo, who is the same stylist that Do-hee knows. The man is also in the restaurant looking depressed and not eating. 

VO – He can’t eat or he doesn’t want to eat. I suspect that he has severe depression. It is a high warning sign.

In the present, Do-hee notices Hae-kyung looking at the man who is crying over his food.

DH – maybe he likes steak a lot. But not enough to cry. 

She takes another bite. Hae-kyung starts to eat as well.

DH – Ah, now I feel better, I had such a hard time today because of a crazy guy.

HK – A crazy guy? What kind of crazy guy? Did he have some kind of behavior disorder or personality disorder or something.

DH – Are you a psychiatrist….

HK – What?

DH – going…(like do you go to a psychiatrist)

HK – Ah, no no no, I am just interested in those things.

DH – Okay…well that crazy guy is like adding all those symptoms [behavioral disorders].

HK – Okay, *chuckles* this reminds me of a crazy woman.

DH – What kind of crazy woman?

HK – She is sarcastic and pretends to be educated and curses but pretends like she is complimenting and has defamation of character not based on any truth. Ah, I do not even want to think about it.

DH – Ah, that crazy B* woman.

HK – The worst thing is she is still around me.

DH – *gasps* you should be careful with those women, just ignore her, that is the answer.

HK – Right, I am so scared that she will be in my dream

DH – Ah, I have goosebumps

The old man doesn’t eat anything and leaves. Hae-kyung notices him leaving. Hae-kyung thinks it is a danger sign. So he excuses himself from Do-hee fror a moment and leaves.

Do-hee goes to the bathroom and comes back out, she wonders why Hae-kyung is not back yet. Then he comes back in and looks disheveled and out of breath, his hair is even messed up. He apologizes for having a long phone call and breathes a lot like he was running.

He tells her to eat, she says I already ate, you should finish yours. So he starts to eat a bit and get his breath back.


Elsewhere, Jae-hyuk and Noeul talk in a bar. She asks why [he] does that? Jae-hyuk asks, what?

NE – The reason [he] is not accepting me back?

JH – Because that person does not seam sorry about leaving without notice. 

They are both talking without subjects and presumable about their own situation of leaving their girlfriend/boyfriend, though they are talking to each other.

She asks what it maters to come back shamelessly. He says it is like that person is not sorry about that situation. She tells him, if you are so sorry, then you become shameless. he says, I know but you are sorry. She tells him it is cowardly to give up love when you are sorry.

He chuckles and says he came back but it was not easy. She tells him she is definitely not leaving. He says he is definitely not letting her go.




Hae-kyung asks her, your first love came back? Hae-kyung says yes, he wants to date me again because he is sorry about what happened. That is nonsense right?

HK – *thinks* It is not.

DH – it is not right! he comes back all of a sudden and tells me to start over so he wants me to say, “ah, okay, let’s get back’ could you do that?

HK – No, I couldn’t also

DH – See, it is normal that it could not work out. Did your first love come back also?

HK – *nods*

DH – *scoffs* Are they like swallows that go to a warmer place and come back in the winter. *almost curses but stops herself*

Cut to Jae-hyuk saying goodbye to No-eul as she drives away in her mustang.

Back to the dinner, Do-hee says she locked herself in her house after the breakup and thought it was her fault, but then she was angry and wanted revenge, then she accepted it and did it again and again.

HK – Do you sing popular songs on the street and laugh exaggerated like you are not sad and your first love does not even accept the phone call and but you say things on the phone anyway, you didn’t do that, right?

Cut to Hae-kyung getting home looking horrible and clumsy and falling into his apartment then crawling to the kitchen and drinking and going out of his room with tissue paper to cry and sleping on his couch and sleeping on his chair and throwing up and drinking some more with Gun-woo and laughing exaggeratedly and drunkenly walking on the street and singing popular songs loudly, lol, this entire scene is hilarious. Then he calls his ex and she doesn’t answer and he passes out on his bed.

Back to the present.

DH – I sing up to the first verse and pretending was just a little bit at the begining.

HK – Okay *chuckles*

DH – Hey, that is not bad, you can do worse than that if your lover betrays you. Whatever you do, I can be forgiven, especially if it is the first love.

Cut to Jae-hyuk hurrying into 2N BOX to talk with Ah-young. She says he came quickly. he tells her he was in the area. They both sit and she tells him to start a program with Do-hee. He is a bit startled and asks if she is sure?

She says Do-hee will definitely say no. He asks why, then? Ah-young tells him it is because she needs him.

JH – I was thinking of coming on with medical content that people will follow. If we do a good job then it can be very helpful for your company.

AY – Not bad.

JH – I am confident, sunbae, about the program and Do-hee.

Cut to Do-hee at home, getting ready for bed and mutters to herself, just meet him one more time. Then I will show how to properly ignore a person.

But the we cut back to Hae-kyung and her eating at at the diner again. Her and Hae-kyung are both red faced drunk. But not stumbling drunk yet.

DH – I don’t know anything about your name or anything and you look like you have a very normal face that I will forget after three days of not seeing you.

HK – What? Me?

DH – Yes you. If I see you again, I will be like, who are you. So if I don’t notice you, don’t be too surprised. And just don’t recognize me.

HK – Okay, okay, we won’t see each other but if we see each other, whether it is fate or a miracle, don’t be soleda.

Cut back to Do-hee in her room putting nighttime lotion on her face. Her bangs are in a roller.

DH – What? Fate? A miracle? F-you, you cannot trick me anymore….but he was comfortable because he was a stranger. But no no, I won’t see him again.

Meanwhile, Hae-kyung is laying in his own bed and thinking about dinner. So we go back to dinner.

DH – If we meet again, then that is bad fate.

HK – That is what I am talking about. Bad fate (like a bad fate that pretends to be a miracle). 

DH – So our confusing relationship ends here.

HK – The unsure miracle ends here.

They both toast and drink their wine.

But in his room, he looks like he really doesn’t like it. He shakes his head and sits up thinking, this does not make any sense, but it makes sense.


Da-hee screams from her apartment because she is late again so she runs all around quickly to get ready. Though she is happy with how her bangs turned out.

She goes to the local convenience store and runs into the bum (whose name is Keanu) again. He asks her if she worked all night and just came home? You look kind of…

She flicks her hair and tells him she is going to work. You have a luxurious breakfast. he sits back and says, fried pork is the best. Then he talks in detail about this particular style of food. She mutters, ah, we have a food critic here. (he might be eating her mothers food leftovers, lol)

She starts to walk away. Keanu tells her to tell her mom to order food from Hoon yong gang restaurant next time (lol, so it is her mothers leftovers!). Do-hee looks at the food and sees that it is a leftover box. She asks, so is that my moms! he calmly says yes, it is your mothers leftovers.

DH – But my mother threw it away!

Keanu – She did not throw it away, it is leftovers

DH – That is the same!

Keanu – It is different, if it is thrown away then you cannot eat it, but you can eat leftovers.

He starts to eat it. She asks, did you just…uh…my mother gave it to you, she gave it to you. She starts to walk away, he tells her that dipping it is the best and waves goodbye.




Do-hee hides from her boss’ eye as she sneaks to her desk. But he boss spots her. Ah-young tells her to look at her clothes, are you coming to a PC bang?

Do-hee feigns having a hard time after getting dumped. Ah-young holds her firmly by the arms and says, even though this is difficult for you, you need to maintain the basics.

So Do-hee tries to make up an excuse. Ah-young tells her to wash her face and add bb cream and come to my room. Do-hee asks, why bb cream and sings, Do-hee’s face should be shiny why only washing her face. She says this is aegyo. Ah-young covers her mouth and tells her to brush her teeth as well.

In the bathroom, Sora looks guilty about something so Do-hee asks, do you want to tell me something.

SR – Well, actually, your first lo–

But she remembers that Ah-young told her not to say anything about it. Zip your lip.

SR – –no, nothing, you should just go and see.

DH – What?

SR – *starts to leave but comes back* Do-hee ya, I am sorry! I am just an employee….*wines herself away*

Do-hee keeps brushing her teeth, not thinking too much about that. Then she goes to Ah-young’s office and starts to mutter that she dropped toothpaste on her because of Sora.

Jae-hyuk says good morning which catches her off guard. 

DH – What is going on here?

AY – Sit down.

DH – What is going on?

JH – Just sit down please, let’s talk.

DH – Eunnie, tell me. What is this?

AY – Your b rated programs are closed. I am going to make more professional videos for the company image and create a medical program with Jae-hyuk.

DH – I am going to get Kim Hae-kyung.

AY – That is all done, since he came and got angry in our office, its all over.

DH – I will do anything to get him

AY – You cannot, it is done just listen to me

DH – Boss, I am doing it.

AY – Why?

DH – If I bring Kim Hae-kyung here, then remove him.

AY – What if you fail?

DH – You can close my program, I will do it.

AY – Okay, I will give you two days. You have until tomorrow okay? Call?

DH – Call.

Do-he walks out. Jae-hyuk says he knew that would happen and doesn’t feel too happy about it. Ah-young tells him to shut up. Five years ago Do-hee did not expect what happened. Now go away.

Do-hee goes to her desk and angrily sits and kicks it, waking up Jin-kyu who actually changed his clothing. He hops up and starts to talk about when he was in middle school then apologizes and says he will not sleep.

Do-hee keps kicking her desk and yelling that jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! 

Jin-kyu starts to mumble, why are you cursing, and walks away.


Do-hee goes to Gun-woo and tells him that she wants to do the Pretty Woman strategy so he cannot refuse me.

Gun-woo asks, who are you goin to seduce?

Do-hee tells him, there is someone…shi bel homme (or sibelom). So Gun woo asks, which si-bel-hom? He chuckles. 

She asks, can you do that or not? He says of course we can. Do you think it will work? Who am I after all, just trust me.

So he starts to make her over in his studio. There is a make montage where we see Gun-woo smiling happily at his work.

Then we cut to a stunned looking Byung-jin asking, are you the P-P-PD?

Do-hee flips her hair around and shows us all her fabulous new look in a red dress.

DH – is the doctor here?

BJ – No, he is out for a consultation.

DH – Aiy *curses*

The pretty woman look drops. 

DH -When does he come back?

BJ – he is out for a consultation and he has a class to teach and then he will be back.

DH – Well, can I wait over here then?

BJ – Y-Yes, whatever you want to do.

She thanks him and sits in the waiting area. BJ quickly texts Hae-kyung to tell him that Woo Do-hee PD is in the office.

He texts back, if I see her then you will have to quit.

Byung-jin gulps and then tells Do-hee that they only see patients in the morning today so we are closing now.

She throws her book at him and stands, saying Si-bel-hom. That si-bel-homee jerk. Where can I find him? She walks out.

Byung-jin starts to ask why she doesn’t see another psychiatrist but she has already left. He mutters to himself, I feel like I just met my boss.

Hae-kyung calls right then so Byung-koo tells him that he took care of her. But then the camera zooms in on Byung-koo’s startled face, he says EMERGENCY?

We cut to Hae-kyung sitting with the restaurant patient. Hae-kyung tells him that he made a good choice.

Then we go back to a flashback where we see that the restaurant man was about to jump off a building but Hae-kyung grabbed him right before he was going to fall and pulls him off the side. He tells him, no no, don’t do it! Wait!

The man pulls Hae-kyungs hair and tells him, you will die together with me! Hae-kyung screams in pain. The man tells him he wants to go to my wife. Hae-kyung says he doesn’t know what happened, but your wife would not want this. What about your other family members? They should nto want this.

The man starts to cry, Hae-kyung helps him back over the side and tells him its okay. The man asks, who are you? Hae-kyung tells him that he is a doctor. The man cries even more and pulls himself back over the railings.

back to the present, the man tells Hae-kyung that the steak was served but his wife did not show up yet so he told her to hurry. Maybe that is why….she tried to cross the street while the light was turning red….when I went to the hospital, I realized it was all my fault. If I didn’t make her hurry because the steak was about to get cold. That steak getting cold is nothing.

HK – Steak tastes best when it is hot. Maybe you wanted to feed your wife the best steak.

Man – That is true. My wife really loved steak from that place.

HK – The married couples happiness is higher for couples who eat dinner together everyday than couples who sleep together everyday. That is how important it is to look at each other and eat dinner together. Your wife should be the same and know how you think.

Man – Do you think she really knew it?

HK – Yes, your true heart delivers even though it is late. Three years past so your true heard should be delivered to your wife.

Then Byung-jin comes in dressed like a waiter at a fancy restaurant and serves the man a sizzling steak. The man is a bit taken aback. Byung-jin might be speaking Italian, he also pours the man a wine and tells him bonapetite and leaves.

Hae-kyung awkwardly explains that Byung-jin went to Italy for 3 weeks as an exchange student. Please eat.

So the man eats and sniffles and eats. Hae-kyung tells him not to feel guilty. The car accident is not your fault. The man thanks him.

Later on, Hae-kyung walks him out and both Hae-kyung and Byung-jin bow him out the door.

Byung-jin asks Hae-kyung if they should do this every couple weeks for him? Hae-kyung says it might take a few weeks. Byung-jin asks, what about the fee? Hae-kyung tells him he just ate steak today, don’t worry, I won’t ask you to pay for it.

But then he asks him what the Italian he said means. Byung-jin explains that bonapetito means enjoy your meal.


Meanwhile, Do-hee sits with Ah-young in her office and says that she hasn’t given up yet. It is after hours. Ah-young asks, why don’t you just give up and work with Jae-hyuk?

AY – you can work with Jae-kyung and end you abandonment trauma with him. You were too into the other guy because of your trauma with getting dumped by Jae-hyuk. You should start to date again and you should leave this time. Do whatever you want to do and dump him. if you do that then you can overcome your trauma.

DH – Do you think so?

AY – *nods*

DH – Eunnie, thank you…..DO YOU THINK I WOULD SAY THAT!

Ah-young hops back in her seat.


She storms out.


Gun-woo calls Hae-kyung and tells him that he is almost done with work, would you like to have the dinner that we could not have before?

HK – Are you with Noeul?

GW – Noeul, what about her? Did she say something to you?

HK – Nothing. Where would you like to meet?

GW – I will text you, I found a super restaurant. it will also be nice to drink.

HK – Okay, see you.


At the same time, Do-hee tells Sora and Jung-hwan that they should go drinking. I really want to drink today. Sora tells her she is sorry, I have a free facial today. She looks at her apologetic. Do-hee tells her she has to go to that, okay.

Do-hee asks Jung-hwan, but he cannot go since it is his grandfathers memorial day. Do-hee says he has to go to that as well.

park Jin-kyu, the stinky one, tells him that he can drink with her. Everyone will look at you like you are cool! You will be with a cool person! Okay, only you and me tonight, lets go PD Woo!

He turns around after his monologue and everyone is gone.


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